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Reviewers utilize HubSpot as an all-in-one platform for inbound marketing tasks. Some features are more popular than others, but HubSpot integrates with other software to optimize the experience. Check out what users said below.


HubSpot review by Tobias P.
HubSpot fanboy & his honest opinion
By Tobias P. on May 26, 2015
Inbound Marketing Consultant at One4Marketing

These are the 5 things I love most about HubSpot: 1. The User Community is awesome! 2. The HubSpot COS is the best CMS I have every worked with. 3. HubSpot works super intuitive and it is very easy to learn how to use the tools. 4. The constant roll-out of product updates makes sure you are always working with the latest and greatest tools available. 5. The connectivity is great. I can connect HubSpot with pretty much anything I would want to connect it to. Read more >

HubSpot review by Jake P.
Easy to learn, easy to use, very capable piece of software with great customer service
By Jake P. on Nov 10, 2016
Senior SEO Executive at Ph.Creative

I love Hubspot's CMS - I run a blog of my own on it, and the CMS stands up really well against WordPress. It has more than enough features for me to alter my website with. The lead management feature is also amazing, and I have touched upon this in this review Read more >

HubSpot review by Lois J.
HubSpot is the ultimate "all in one" package
By Lois J. on Apr 26, 2016
Marketing & Communications for growing business

Be prepared to dive head-first into the inbound marketing methodology to get the most out of HubSpot. The tool will work best for you when you are feeding the marketing engine with great content and offers that your market will love. If you have the option to build your website in the HubSpot CMS I would recommend that you do it. While you can integrate the tool with wherever your website happens to be hosted/managed, the big benefit of Hubspot is it's 'all in one place' Read more >

HubSpot review by Yodhi K.
Easy to use and Reliable Marketing Automation Software
By Yodhi K. on Dec 19, 2016
Professional Digital & Strategic Marketing, Communication and Creative Works

I like the best from Hubspot is the easiness of using it. It was made to decrease the complexity of doing marketing automation and CMS. In this era, there are lot of aspects for that, such as email marketing, content marketing, seo, social media, etc. And Hubspot simplify lot of things about that. Other than that, Hubspot is not only about selling the software, but also help us guide through the process. The Customer/Technical service is always ready to help us whenever we need their... Read more >


HubSpot review by Gray M.
HubSpot is the best single platform for the bulk of your online marketing activity
By Gray M. on May 01, 2015
Inbound Marketing Agency Owner and HubSpot Partner at GuavaBox; SaaS Co-Founder at DoInbound

HubSpot is rapidly improving on their CMS/Sites/COS package - which is great, but also demonstrates the fact that it needs improvement. There's no built-in eCommerce functionality, multi-lingual functionality, etc. Read more >

HubSpot review by Brandon P.
A Slick System With Proven Results
By Brandon P. on Dec 22, 2015
Brand Manager/Designer

There has been some minor issues in getting the software setup properly when combining it with our open source CMS or with a client's existing site. Thankfully they have a great support team that has been willing and able to assist us with any issues that came up. Always polite and willing to hear us out, you never feel like you are on the back burner with HubSpot. Read more >

HubSpot review by Matt L.
Good Comprehensive Marketing Automation Software
By Matt L. on Nov 25, 2016
CEO at Oz

While their core software is great (Marketing Automation workflows, Emails, Contacts, etc.) they have some weaknesses around the edges of their main offering. Their Keyword tool is only good for very basic keyword research, and they don't have a robust feature set for any MOFU/ MT attribution In addition, their CMS just didn't work for us-- we tried it and found it too buggy- and went back to using Wordpress. Overall, however the strengths have far outweighed the weaknesses. Read more >