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Customer relationship management, is an umbrella term for many related sales, marketing, and customer service technologies. They improve the productivity of salespeople, marketers, and customer success managers, and they automate communications between an organization and customers and prospects. Every CRM sub-category is listed below, but some key software that falls under the CRM umbrella include:

CRM Software

CRM software, also known as sales force automation systems improve sales. These tools are what most people think of when discussing “CRM.” These products record interactions between sales and their prospects and report on which prospects are engaged or which are being missed. By automating sales tasks and prioritizing their work, SFA systems can improve salespeople’s productivity and success rates. These solutions can range in scale and price. Smaller teams and companies on a budget should look to the best free CRM solutions to find the best tool for their needs.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation products engage potential customers. These suites are designed to help marketers execute, manage, and automate campaigns across the many channels through which prospects experience their brand. Tracking and nurturing prospects, marketing automation can help increase leads for salespeople and convert more prospects to paying customers.

Customer Service Software

Customer service products improve customer satisfaction. Customer service software helps businesses communicate, identify, and respond to questions or issues raised by customers or provide resources to set customers up for success. Customer service technologies improve customer retention and the value of customer relationships.

CRM All in One Software

All-in-one CRM products combine less robust versions of the technologies above for small and mid-sized companies. For organizations that don’t need complex or customizable sales or marketing solutions, these tools provide that functionality at a lower, bundled price and in one product used across the sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Suite products provided by companies like Salesforce, Oracle, and Zoho are not considered all-in-one CRMs because their modules are developed and sold as separate, standalone products. All-in-one CRMs develop prospective relationships, log sales activities, and address customer needs, managing the customer-vendor relationship in one product.

Dozens of technologies can improve how your organization interacts with the outside world, depending on your size, industry, and sales or marketing strategies. All these categories of software comprise CRM technology, and each of them is listed below.

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