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    Automatic Call Recording is a call recording software that enables automatic recordings for inbound and outbound phone calls.

    17hats is a client management software that help entrepreneurs do the work anytime, anywhere from sending contracts to payment reminders, accepting signatures and credit cards online and it integrates with calendar and email.

    Salesflare is the intelligent CRM that small businesses selling B2B love to use. It's a zero-input sales pipeline tool that thinks and works for its user, not the other way around. No more manual data entry. Salesflare fills out your address book and keeps track of all interactions with the people you're in contact with. It takes data from social media, company databases, phone, email, calendar and hands it to you in automated customer timelines that tell you everything you need to know. You ju

    Government agencies are among the largest buyers of products and services in the world, collectively spending more than $1 trillion annually. Yet, pursuing government business can be complicated given the unique procurement processes and regulatory environment. Organizations seeking to find, manage, and win government business turn to GovWin IQ for critical opportunity intelligence, teaming and competitive intelligence, and market insight. GovWin IQ’s market leading intelligence — backed by th

    Smart client management software designed specifically for small businesses, Keap helps you turn incoming leads into satisfied clients. Our platform organizes your customer information and daily work in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks so you have more time to focus on delivering consistently great service, with less stress.

    Callnote allows to record Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Google Meet, Viber, FaceTime and Facebook conversations, as well as meetings on GoToMeeting and WebEx.

    LinkPoint360, the leading provider of email to CRM integration, is dedicated to delivering software solutions that enhance productivity and increase system adoption for CRM users. LinkPoint360 has succeeded in simplifying the CRM user experience by eliminating the need to switch constantly between email applications and CRM systems. LinkPoint Connect streamlines data entry and access by enabling users to instantly view, create, and update CRM data within their email client. The software suppor

    SalesPath is a free extension that allows you to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn and web searches - No more cross referencing between Salesforce and LinkedIn or worse... adding that lead in twice, after your colleague just closed them... Current features... 💥 Basic LinkedIn/Salesforce connection (Forever Free) 💥 Auto-lookup / cross reference of website URL's as you navigate online 💥 Highlight text search Salesforce anytime/anywhere in Chrome with "Right Click Search" 💥 Create a

    Rocket Notes integrates with your CRM platform to send personalized gifts & cards to leads, contacts, existing clients and more. Rocket Notes makes account-based marketing simple and highly personal. Rocket Notes' catalog includes golf balls, water bottles, coffee mugs, gourmet food, apparel, accessories, and much more. All gifts and cards are fully customizable and can be sent directly from your recipient's CRM platform. Leverage Rocket Notes with CRM to nurture relationships, handle emp

    Adsoup is the ultimate Unified inbox, combining Facebook messenger, Line, Livechat, A shared email inbox, Whatsapp, Twitter direct messaging and more into a single team focussed dashboard. Assign your leads as they come in from any channel to yourself or team members, and keep the conversation in the same place as your sales pipeline and CRM.

    The LunaSoft™ Platform saves businesses time and money by allowing them to manage their website tools in one place. No hassle moving data from one platform to the next when you can manage your website, contacts, email, social media, shopping cart and so much more - from one simple login.

    SlideModel provide slide, diagrams, templates and shapes for PowerPoint presentations

    Cliently is the premier SaaS application that helps companies of all sizes find sustainable sources of leads. Our focus is not just on finding leads but using automation to create opportunities without hours of prospecting, to make sure your Sales team always has clients filling up their pipeline.

    Connect instantly with leads generated through your marketing efforts. Receive a phone call, text message, and email when you receive a lead. ClientTether can immediately connect you to your customer, calling, texting, and/or emailing them within seconds instead of minutes, hours, or days! Convert leads effortlessly through our automated follow-up and scheduling technology. Schedule call, texts and emails to your customers according to your desired time frame and frequency. Create long-term re

    Relax, update your CRM from your Gmail and Professional Networks with Ecquire.

    Passage Technology is a business software that provides easy to use apps and custom solutions for Salesforce customers.

    SalesTrack is a sales forecasting engine that helps sales leaders validate their pipeline and create more accurate sales forecasts. SalesTrack analyzes existing sales and communication data to identify risky deals in the forecast. These risks are then fed into a forecast engine to calculate the odds of winning each opportunity.

    Work smarter with Breezz, a powerful cloud-based CRM system for small to medium sized businesses. Breezz was designed to be extra flexible so that you can use its for any type of business, in any industry. Customize the app to suit your needs and start improving your sales process, managing your team, and connecting with customers more efficiently. With integrated email and agenda, you can manage your sales without leaving the CRM. Analyze your data with dashboards so you can make more smarter

    Collabspot is an Enterprise Sales communication platform.

    eWay-CRM is a tool that extends Microsoft Outlook with CRM features like Bulk Emails, Business Opportunities, Project Management, History of Communications, Auto-Reminders, Reports to help companies manage their sales leads and projects more efficiently.

    Platformax is a platform that organize an effective sales process, manage customers in one place, use valuable productivity tools and sophisticated reports and analysis to generate truly outstanding results.

    CallidusCloud’s Territory and Quota provides the simplest way to plan territories and quotas, reducing cost and maximizing revenue. This end-to-end solution offers sales operations a collaborative way to align sales territories, calculate quotas, and distribute them to the field. You can leverage rules to manage your territories and a quota recommendation engine to set quotas automatically based on both forward-looking as well as backward-looking metrics of your choice. You can also easily distr

    View + Extract Object SFDC Metadata. EasyDescribe provides quick and easy access to the object and field setup details of your Salesforce environment.

    Imprezian360 is a business software solution add-on for Quickbooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise customers, it compliments Quickbooks by providing sales-lead, opportunity tracking, customer-service automation and inventory control features with the QB integration on the market.

    MeGet.Email provides you with the contact information for thousands of retail buyers. Designed with the startup product developer in mind, search or browse through the names & emails of high level buyers at everything from large corporate brick-and-mortars to game-changing e-retailers to mom & pop shops.

    Oreka TR total call recorder includes all of the call recording capabilities you will need, at about half the cost of competing call recorder solutions, including screen recording, mobile phone recording, live monitoring, on-demand recording, multi-tenancy, multi-site recording, audit trail, call exporting, retention management, auto tagging (for speech analytics and phrase spotting) and so much more.

    Outstand is a web-based software suite of tools, specializing in the follow-up and relationship building stages of the sales process.

    SaleSphere is a valuable addition to any sales pitch. With SaleSphere, you can not only quickly and easily create innovative product presentations, but also live data directly into the sales pitch.

    StoryPad allows to integrate all of your promotional materials including PDFs, PPTs and other formats to your tablet which you can later on present to your customers and knowing real feedback from those presentations. What StoryPad is about: - Content flexible: into StoryPad you can incorporate all of your content like presentations, videos and other promo materials - Presentation feedback: After presenting you know exactly what customers where interested in what slides, materials, duration o

    Strongpoint is designed to be a safe, fast and compliant way to do documentation, change management and compliance for NetSuite and Salesforce systems.

    A101SFA (Sales Force Automation) is an FMCG/Pharma software for sales designed to support field sales staff in performing their day to day activities.

    Actimizer is a cloud-based sales dialer application that boost & retain proactivity, ensure and retain sales efficiency in outbound sales team and with channel partners.

    Antideo is an API service that helps in identifying disposable/temporary email address, know spam or scam emails, email health, free or a company domain, IP health check, location detection and phone number validation services. Our clients are able to ensure that they are able to ensure the quality of their inbound leads from their online forms and their sales team spend their effort on the right leads

    MagneticOne Mobile Business Card Reader is a contact management software that instantly exports all card data directly into Hubspot Contacts.

    Calabrio Call Recording is a call recording software for the digital business. It records every call, every time and transforms customer interactions into a trove of highly usable data.

    Call Corder is a software-only computer call recorder. This phone recorder uses customers voice modem to record phone conversations.

    eCairn maps the social web and make it actionable for brands.

    Elioplus for Resellers enables to have a 360 degree view of the vendor relationships and create a single source to receive and store the marketing and sales material. IT resellers can manage and collaborate with the vendors in one single dashboard.

    Eloquant is a SaaS software for online surveys and Feedback Management that measure customer satisfaction and collect their feedback through their preferred communication channel.

    Footprints Mobile Data is a cloud-based enterprise application for any-sized field organization.

    Free Address Book is a contact management software

    GnomGuru is a contact management & customer tracking aplication designed to to engage customers, simple accounting of services and materials.

    The InStore Execution Suite is a collection of applications focused on account execution, broker optimization and data implementation. InStore brings value back to retail by generating smarter store calls and ensures a better shopping experience for the customer.

    MailSwift helps you send newsletters and personalized promotions using Amazon SES with zero coding efforts. You can also clean your subscriber list by weeding out invalid, duplicate and disposable emails at no additional cost.

    MARSWeb complements MARS as a secure extranet site that provides key service functionalities.

    MerchantAdvantage is an eCommerce tool-based solution for data manipulation, feed managment, analysis and distribution.

    Channelinsight is a cloud-based, Salesforce-integrated, channel sales management solution to collect data from your partners in a timely manner, address POS data quality and provide tools to manage and control your business.

    NAVIK SalesAI is an AI based sales guidance designed to improve sales performance.

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