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Sales compensation software automates the accounting and administration of commissions and incentive plans based on several customizable rules such as employee role, tenure, or sale type. It also allows salespeople to view their quotas and progress while enabling management to generate reports to gain high-level insights into sales performance.

Sales compensation software is utilized by sales, accounting, and administration teams. Because sales compensation structures often differ from those of the rest of a business, these tools promote less time-consuming and error-prone accounting practices. This software is usually implemented as part of a broader compensation software infrastructure. This might include payroll, accounting, or billing software. Many sales compensation tools also integrate with other sales tools such as sales performance management, sales analytics, or sales gamification.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sales Compensation category, a product must:

  • Enable the customization and administration of sales-based compensation plans
  • Produce reports for sales performance analysis
  • Integrate with sales, administration, and accounting tools
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    CallidusCloud’s Commissions is an end-to-end configurable solution that manages the incentive compensation process from sales order to payment for direct and indirect sales forces. It reduces errors, motivates sales teams, aligns sales to corporate goals, and helps you spend your money wisely. Commissions includes pre-configured compensation plan logic, reporting and analytics, and a robust set of APIs so you can easily connect to the system of your choice, be it a CRM, ERP, HR, or order billing system.

    NetSuite's incentive compensation management functionality lets you quickly deploy sales commission programs aligned with the needs of your business. Sales teams gain visibility into current sales incentive programs, while getting a clear view into where they stand for actual and projected commissions. Accurate sales compensation calculation ensures that the sales team spends more time selling and less time double-checking their commissions. Flexible sales compensation management frees up the sales operations team from time-consuming sales incentive plan construction as well as time spent researching and resolving sales disputes. Dashboards and reports provide comprehensive visibility into many organizations' largest coststhe sales commission budgetallowing you to optimize sales commission spending and effectiveness. And because NetSuite incentive compensation management is integrated with all other NetSuite functions, closed sales orders flow automatically into the incentivecalculation engine, and approved payments flow through to payroll as a seamless business process, eliminating manual processes and the risk of errors.

    Xactly Incent
    (159)4.2 out of 5
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    Xactly Corporation is is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. The company’s flagship product, Xactly Incent™, gives enterprise companies robust features and capabilities to successfully design, implement, and manage their compensation programs. With powerful functionality and an extensive module suite, Xactly Incent lets organizations increase ROI with optimized plans, improved efficiencies, and greater accuracy. Xactly Incent’s intelligent automation lets organizations apply best practices to incentive compensation plans, while speeding routine processes to save time, reduce errors, and lower shadow accounting. With a powerful calculations engine, Xactly Incent manages the most complex formulas with flexibility and ease. Xactly Incent increases system efficiencies with integration of compensation data with existing ERP, CRM, or HCM solutions. Xactly Incent provides fully native Android and iOS support, giving reps instant access into their commission results from any mobile device. Managers can easily view individual and team performance quota – anytime, anywhere.

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    OrOracle Workforce Rewards Cloud delivers the ability to create both straightforward or complex and highly differentiated pay programs while providing simplified decision-making and consistent messaging to your workforce.

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    Performio (previously PerformanceCentre) is the standout SPM / ICM product for companies who are serious about driving a high-performance culture. Our team has decades of experience, data, and insights designing and delivering sales compensation and incentive programs to help create significant growth through pay for performance. Design, development, and implementation in weeks, not months. We deliver the fastest time to value and supported our clients like business partners, not a software vendor.

    Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) is a global variable compensation application that automates the design, administration, and analysis of transactional pay-for-performance incentive programs to align sales behavior to corporate goals.

    Sales Cookie is an easy to use, cloud-based solution to manage all aspects of your commission program - from participant enrollment to incentive plan design and personal dashboards. Sales Cookie provide capabilities found in enterprise solutions with an SMB-friendly cost and user experience. From incentive plan design to multi-currency support or user enrollment, you'll find all the features and flexibility you need.

    Commissionly is the first cloud-based sales commission and sales compensation management web app that is 100% focused on small to medium business. Our uncomplicated data import tools, wizard-based target and compensation plan and commission setting tools mean you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. Our feature rich product serves all your commission needs, no matter how complicated. We have the ability for you to create revenue or product based commissions, flat or tiered commissions, recurring commissions, split commissions, step up and step down commissions and even matrix commissions. We also customise to your needs should you have a unique compensation plan. You and your payees can access their information through our web dashboard from anywhere, and you have easy to produce reports to quickly generate commission payout amounts. Sign up today!

    * Integration with * Integration with QuickBooks US, Canada, UK & Online Editions * Sales reps/manager can view commission statements online using intranet * Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations * Calculate Commissions, Bonuses and other incentives * Calculate flat, tiered and threshold based bonuses * Pay commissions on Sales, Gross Profit and Units * Pay commissions on Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and other frequencies * Commissions can be specific to Product, Customer, Payee and others

    Iconixx is a sales compensation solution that automates commission plans. We eliminate sales downtime and aggravation that's caused by trivial administration and errors. With Iconixx you are able to "unleash the beast" within your sales people. - Consistently accurate payment of commissions - Measurably improved sales performance - Lower administrative costs - Real-time visibility into commission data for the sales team and executives - Insight into the impact of commission adjustments - Flexible enough for the most complex compensation plans and processes - Scalable to meet heavy transaction volume of an enterprise organization

    SimplyComp is an out-of-the box, scalable, incentive compensation management solution for organizations of all sizes. The first DIY ICM solution of its kind, SimplyComp provides built in, best in class comp plans to standardize manual, spreadsheet based incentive compensation programs. Minimal implementation time coupled with a familiar look and feel helps deliver increased accuracy and speed of commission payouts. SimplyComp is part of Xactly’s product suite, with an overall focus on planning, execution and optimization of sales performance management.

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    Spiff takes the manual labor and complexity of your current commission processes and completely automates it. No more spending hours modeling, updating, and managing complex spreadsheets or old enterprise software to pay commissions. We connect to your current systems (CRM, ERP, Payment Processors, etc.) to reduce the work and amount of errors. Spiff also gives powerful, real-time data and insights to reps, managers, and executives about their commissions.

    Vistex provides enterprise solutions that manage pricing, incentive, rebate, royalty and channel programs to enhance business performance while reducing labor and infrastructure costs. Our software and services empower enterprises with unprecedented visibility into program performance to gain deeper insights and enable fact-based decisions that drive revenue, control cost, minimize leakage, and streamline processes. As business becomes increasingly global and interconnected, companies are challenged in formulating and executing Go-to-Market programs while obtaining a holistic view of program success. Vistex brings back balance, providing exceptional visibility into the breadth and depth of Go-to-Market programs, enabling businesses with more insightful information.

    IBM Sales Performance Management (SPM) provides tools and information for your sales reps - ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Managers and administrators can take control of their operations, eliminate surprises and make better strategic choices for their variable incentive programs . Do more with Incentive Compensation Management: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales teams with a tool that lets you manage territory definitions, assignments, and rules; plan, approve and distribute attainable sales quotas; and use dashboards to monitor key performance indicators. Territories and Quotas: Your ability to define and manage territories and crediting by multiple sales criteria starts here. Our flexible and collaborative workflow processes for territory and quota management allow you to align territories and incentive compensation to motivate sales; use a single source of truth for territory masters and hierarchies; and increase top line revenue and sales margins. Analytics and Optimization for SPM: Compensation management and sales coverage models need to evolve as market conditions and business requirements change. IBM Sales Performance Management provides the analytical tools that allow you to make better strategic choices through scenario modeling, reporting and analytics, and data visualizations.

    At CaptivateIQ, our innovative platform empowers companies to manage and tailor their mission-critical sales incentive compensation programs for their workforce. Many of the fastest-growing high technology companies use CaptivateIQ to deliver these compensation programs across their teams. We're backed by leading SaaS investors including Amity Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, S28 Capital, and Y-Combinator.

    Iconixx Incentive™ is a cloud based compensation management software application (SaaS) that simplifies incentive compensation management for your business. Easily create and manage: discretionary pool bonuses, MBOs, rewards and non cash payouts, promotions, and other complex bonus structures. - Increase Accuracy of Payouts - Real-Time Visibility for Employees and Executives - Establish a Culture that Rewards Performance - Insights into the Impact of Incentive Compensation Adjustments - Integrated Internal Workflow - Bonus Worksheet and Management Approvals - Forecasting and Accrual Budgeting - Reporting and Analytics

    Obero SPM helps organizations streamline their Sales Planning, Execution and Optimization processes by providing the required tools to effectively manage sales performance. Our comprehensive functionality provides organizations with a solution that supports the end to end sales performance life cycle; automating processes for the Offices of Sales, HR and Finance. Functionalities include: - Sales and Revenue Management - Territory and Quota Management - Workforce Management - Incentive Compensation Management - Profitability Management Key Benefits - Increased sales effectiveness by aligning incentive compensation design with overall sales strategy. - Decreased administrative and over-payment costs by automating the end to end process. - Increased sales productivity by reducing unproductive “shadow accounting” time through enhanced transparency.

    Of course, there are now many other sales and marketing software packages our customers can choose from. So why do they continue to buy ZS software? It۪s because our software has been built by sales and marketing experts for sales and marketing professionals. ZS software encompasses the firm۪s deep expertise in sales and marketing, unique knowledge we۪ve accumulated over nearly three decades. Based on industry best practices, our applications help clients markedly improve critical sales and marketing operations.

    Easy-Commission is an easy-to-use sales commission application. It can calculate sales commissions in a simple and easy manner. It takes sales data you enter, then it applies commission calculations you have set to produce commission statements. It is completely web-based and allows your sales reps to have direct access to their commission statements!

    Handles the most complex commission plan requirements featuring an industry-leading Formula Builder that handles splits, overrides, bonuses, draws and all aspects of quota management. Automate those sales commission payments!

    In today's competitive global economy, companies of all sizes challenge their sales force to deliver results critical to business survival and growth. NetCommissions helps all companies, from Fortune 500 enterprises to emerging businesses, meet this challenge by ensuring that your sales force is focused on, and rewarded for, success. Providing sales performance feedback that rewards excellence and ensures sales action that is aligned with corporate goals, our scalable on-demand solutions enable any organization to maximum results and deliver on your business plan.

    Oracle Sales Compensation allows a salesperson to receive sales-related incentive compensation including direct salespeople, managers, external agents, distributors, VARs, and customers.

    Increase performance by implementing the best sales commission tracking software. It allows you to automate your compensation process and achieve better performance in your sales teams by letting them know every step in the commission calculation process. Having Blitz in your company will encourage more sales and business growt

    CloudComp is a Native Salesforce, Certified Compensation App which provides unparalled click-to-configure setup for Standard and Custom Objects and Fields.CloudComp supports Multi-Quota, Mult-Plan, Multi-Tier, Multi-Currency Compensation.

    CommissionCalc will compute your commissions and rebates automatically, slash time, eliminate errors, and supercharge salesperson motivation.

    CompenSafe offers automated incentive compensation & performance management platform for mortgage lenders

    We empower commission plan admistrators to publish and manage individualized commission statements for teams of 10 to 1,000+ in a single centralized system. Compgun can be set up in less than an hour and is free to try for companies with more than 10 sales reps. The system is built for Excel users, so if you can build your plan in Excel, you can build it in Compgun—guaranteed.

    Glocent is a sales compensation management software.

    Incentive Computation Management solution from ACT21 Software is an effective problem solver for BFSI majorly. It vanishes all your problems related to commission computation, disbursement, complex formulas, Variable, Clawbacks, Holdbacks, DSA support, etc. It is a one stop solution to Effectively manage and execute actions related to incentives/commission for any lending business. It is powered by a supreme Rule Management Platform. It can seamlessly Integrate with your existing IT environment & core business applications for Sales/Collection Information and downstream application such as accounts-payable or payroll application for disbursement. Key Features: Policy Creation: Create and amend policies without a single line of code, with a few clicks Drag and drop design console One click policy deployment Payout Manager: Easy management of cumbersome payout process Simplified Clawback and Holdback payouts Centralised control for variety of payouts Simulation: Simulate policies with expected and actual outcome comparison Select from multiple commission and incentive structures One click select-apply-simulate policies Reports and dashboard: Intuitive Reports & Interactive Dashboards Display options for Historical payouts, holdbacks and clawbacks Individual assessment of agencies Support module: Web-login module for Agencies Historical payouts for Agencies and banks Query Resolver for Agencies

    INCENTIVES-Pro is an advanced, holistic solution for performance-oriented organizations.

    Improving the way you do your business is Our business.

    LoanWorks Enterprise Commissions is a proven, world-class commission processing software system which enables you to validate, process, and distribute commission payments.

    Run new or existing non-cash incentive & employee loyalty programs natively from salesforce.

    Synygy transforms sales and channel performance through sales strategy enablement, sales force motivation, sales channel effectiveness, and sales performance insight.

    ThinkSmartOne is an incentive app which runs inside Salesforce. It allows you to implement strategies to measure and improve performance, usage, knowledge and engagement.