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Chetu is a US-based software development company that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. As an application development company with over 1,500 skilled software developers, Chetu combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. Chetu is a true and seamless backend technology partner, helping your business accelerate the development of desktop, mobile & web-based apps with on-demand developers that focus on moving your business forward.

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Chetu Profile Details

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"Overpriced and Unprofessional"

Describe the project or task the provider helped with:

This company is extremely overpriced for the service you get. The customer service is nonexistent and the CEO is extremely rude. The only conversation they will have with you is when will they get their money. Remember that you are paying for time which includes their mistakes which were many. Oh, they have themselves covered in the contract, so be very careful. they list their services as a consultation that they hold NO liability for. I ended up spending $100k on a system that did not work and had so many glitches. They even tried to get me to pay for the errors and sent me the files with the wrong access codes. I could not even get in my own software. Had to hire a professional to hack into it. I got the same amount of work done (higher quality) in a 16th of the time and a 16th of the cost. The worst was how the CEO and his team (by order), handle the situation as if I was in the flea market spending $10. I was so stressed thinking I had lost everything. NEVER AGAIN!

What do you like best?

The Project manager communicated well and provided a clear work timesheet unfortunately that the didn't stick to

What do you dislike?

Everything else, CEO kept threatening to take my money and software when I started questioning the project and cost. I started to ask for an extension because we had gone $60k over budget but all he was interested in was being paid right away. no one else was allowed to communicate with me until that was done.

Recommendations to others considering the provider:

Don't do it! I lost over $60K making this mistake. I did eventually get the software but it did not work and they wanted me to pay them to gain access.

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Junior Helpdesk Analyst
Hospital & Health Care
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"Chetu Software Review"

What do you like best?

I enjoyed the level of detail and effort put into the Mobile and Tablet services. Quality work.

What do you dislike?

The experience overall left little for me to dislike.

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