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Amplitude is an analytics solution built for modern product teams.

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What is Amplitude Analytics?

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Amplitude Analytics Details Provided by: Alicia S.

Amplitude Analytics Details Provided by: Alicia Shiu

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About Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude is a product analytics platform that helps companies understand user behavior, ship the right features fast, and drive business outcomes.

Whether you want to understand how users are navigating through your application, which features engage them the most, or how to improve long-term user retention, Amplitude helps you answer questions critical to your product development strategy.

It’s also the only analytics solution built to meet the needs of modern product teams, with real-time analytics, cross-platform tracking, powerful behavioral analytics, and Enterprise-level security and customer support.

Customers include Microsoft, PayPal, Hubspot, Autodesk, and Twitter. Amplitude launched in 2014 and is backed by IVP, Battery Ventures, and Benchmark Capital.

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How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Most product teams cobble together reports using legacy marketing tools like Google Analytics, which only track vanity metrics and were never meant for analyzing product behavior. These tools can’t tell you why users come back to your product or help you visualize complete user journeys, slowing down product strategy and execution.

Amplitude is the only analytics solution built ground up for modern product teams. Powerful behavioral analytics give you a complete picture of user behavior and product health so that you can grow your product KPIs. The flexibility of analysis allows you to dig several levels deeper than other self-serve analytics platforms — while these can show you what your users are doing, Amplitude helps you figure out why they’re doing it. Most importantly, Amplitude helps you find actionable insights so that you can drive product development strategy and business outcomes.

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