Best Customer Communications Management Software

Customer communications management software provides companies with a single view of customer interactions across multiple channels. Whether the contacts come from phone calls, emails, social media, or other channels, customer communications management tools maintain a clear record of all relevant data. This software is critical to providing consistent service across all dealings and channels, given that multiple departments and job functions interact with customers.

Customer communications management tools share some characteristics with marketing account management software, such as data quality, automations around the segmentation and delivery of communications, and the creation of landing pages. However, customer communications management is more tightly focused on the delivery and exchange of information, rather than the outcomes, and provides more value around inbound communications.

To qualify for inclusion in the Customer Communications Management category, a product must:

  • Provide comprehensive records of every customer interaction
  • Track inbound and outbound communications
  • Unify contact records from multiple communications channels
  • Allow assignment of customer contact-related tasks to employees
  • Integrate with the company’s systems of record and engagement

Compare Customer Communications Management Software

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    Adobe Experience Manager helps you create, manage, and optimize digital customer experiences across every channel, including web, mobile apps, digital forms, and communities.

    Takes ambitious eCommerce customer service reps and transforms them into super-productive kick-ass teams that ultimately helps build an amazing customer experience for your retail brand.

    Ecrion provides Customer Communications Management software (also known as CCM) that helps business line managers oversee the personalized document production and distribution flow in a company. Using large-scale personalization, omnichannel delivery, and rule-based automation, your company can connect with customers and promote loyalty, retention, and advocacy.

    EngageOne Interactive makes it easy for staff members to efficiently engage customers in ways that are accurate, personalised and totally compliant.

    FICO Customer Communication Services deliver intelligent, scalable, two-way, automated voice, text, e-mail and mobile app notifications, with a human touch. FICO Customer Communication Services works alongside existing systems and processes to help organizations reduce fraud, collect more debt, improve customer service, and drive service renewals and product upsell.

    With a unified platform that eliminates the need for multiple document generation and output management tools, Kofax Customer Communication Manager enables you to better engage with your customers, in the manner they prefer. Now you can produce and manage personal, accurate and high-quality communications that meet and exceed customer expectations.

    Messagepoint is a hybrid cloud-based content management platform serving the customer communications management needs of large enterprise customers. It provides a secure environment for business users to directly own and control touchpoint messaging content and business rules.

    Browser-based software solution for customer communication via the most popular messaging apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Viber and Telegram. With our platform, you can resolve incoming customer inquiries over one central platform with an intuitive interface and automation options. Start reducing support costs, raise productivity, and increase your customer satisfaction.

    Napersoft CCM Document Platform 7 is our latest distributed platform solution for Microsoft Windows servers. It was developed for todays wired world and offers browser-based computing with many new and advanced features.

    Newgen OmniOMS Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite offers a unified communication platform that allows enterprises to enhance their customer experience by delivering personalized, targeted and consistent communication through various channels. The suite enables organizations to streamline their digital communication strategy and grow market share, mindshare, and share of customers’ wallet. It enables organizations to acquire customers, retain them and cross-sell/ upsell across various

    OpenText Exstream helps companies optimize customer engagement through the design and delivery of ultra-personalized, consistent, compliant, communicationsdelivered anytime, anywhere.

    Save yourself the paperwork! Automate and digitise your communications thanks to our AR solution.

    CCM solution, Quadient ® Inspire, enables our customers to design, manage, and deliver high-volume and on-demand personalized communications, from one centralized platform - across the entire customer journey.

    SmartCOMM helps businesses become more efficient internally, more compliant with regulators, and more relevant to customers, all while reducing IT costs.

    SP Customer Service is a next generation business-to-business SharePoint customer service template that is part of a Digital Workplace. Track and manage support issues with a robust Helpdesk system. Drive customer self-service with a knowledge base, documents, forum, announcements, and more, available on the Customer Portal. Manage customers, products, and services throughout the customer life cycle. Measure success with Power BI Dashboards.

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