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Transcription service providers produce typed transcriptions from audio recordings of meetings, interviews, hearings, and most other occasions. Generally, providers bill per-audio-minute and can often complete work in 24 hours or less. Transcription service providers typically guarantee a level of confidentiality, and in some cases offer HIPAA-compliant solutions. Providers often employ transcriptionists with wide-ranging backgrounds, including those with court and medical experience. Businesses that require transcripts of meetings or other occasions can benefit from working with transcription service providers. A number of providers offer translation solutions or interpretation solutions, in addition to transcription services.

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    We provide premium closed captioning, transcription, subtitling, and audio description services done 100% in the United States. We serve more than 2,000 customers and process more than 7,000 hours of videos each month. Our goal is to simplify the process by providing a user-friendly account system, flexible API’s, and integrations with a multitude of video players, platforms, and lecture capture systems. We also provide video search plugins and a suite of tools that save time and cut costs.

    Rev provides premium on-demand transcription, closed-caption, and translation services, and processes more audio and video every year than any other provider. Pricing is simple at just $1 per audio minute with 99% accuracy. Rev also has the fastest turnaround on the market with average turnaround times of: <2 hours for files < 10 min in length <5 hours for files 10-30 min in length <12 hours for files 30-60 min in length <24 hours for files 60+ min in length With 100,00+ custom

    One Hour Translation, around since 2008, is the world's largest online translation agency. With 17,000 certified translators located in 100 countries across the globe, you are guaranteed to have your translation order filled immediately. One Hour Translation reviews show that users find us to be professional, easy, affordable and fast. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our translators are proficient in 75 languages, 2500 language pairs, and are certified in the art of translating

    Speechpad provides services for captioning video, including subtitles and closed captions.

    TranscribeMe delivers a suite of high accuracy human readable transcription products at the lowest cost. Using both the latest in AI speech recognition technology paired with expert human transcriptionists, we are able to consistently provide transcripts for any use case and at scale. Our enterprise solution also enables for team account functionality, so companies can manage and oversee all speech to text needs from a single platform.

    Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) has been providing closed captioning services for over 15 years, producing more than 5 million caption files for over 5,000 customers. In 2003, AST was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the United States Department of Education, providing the company’s initial funding. Founders Kevin Erler, Ph.D. and Brent Robertson then worked in collaboration with a team of expert advisors to develop the most cost-efficient, high quality, closed ca

    ClickForTranslation is a platform that offers free quotes and bulk order discounts, it utilizes human translators and also provides notary service specializes in providing translations of legal documents as well as transcription services, closed captioning and voice-over services.

    Experienced professionals combine a perfect command of the language (or languages), with the ability to decipher difficult messages and the strongest of accents to create a flawless transcription for all your video and audio files. Not only will you reduce costs and avoid errors but you'll receive complete documents with no sections missing quickly and accurately.

    Dynamic Language is a service that specialized in providing enterprise-level language translation, interpretation, and localization services to clients around the world.

    Easy2Transcribe is an easy-to-use audio recording and transcription app, downloadable on your mobile device for free. It has a very user-friendly interface and functionality: all you need to do is to record and upload your audio files for transcription by the company transcriptionists — all from your mobile device! Three Easy Steps to Get Your Audio Transcribed: 1. Follow a simple one-time registration process through the app* 2. Record your lectures, focus groups, interviews, memos, meetings,

    Enright Sten-Tel Transcription Services is a leading transcription service provider specialized in providing fast, highly accurate voice to text transcripts and reports to the medical, legal and insurance industries.

    Transcribing audio/video for attorneys and insurance companies as well as the medical field. We provide quick 8-24 hour turnaround with a 99% accuracy rate.

    Fenton Transciption is a provider of transcription services to a wide range of end users, including the medical industry, government and law enforcement, and private enterprises. Highly efficient and well trained personnel perform transcription services from within the United States of America.

    Foreign Translations provides a rrofessional translations services that specializing in foreign language translation, interpreting, website translation, and multimedia desktop publishing.

    Global Language Solutions (GLS) provides a service for legal and financial translation and interpreting services for leading law firms, global companies, financial institutions, and government agencies.

    Globalme is a language technologies platform that provide translation management solutions which help manage global publishing and communication needs, it can translate web sites, media and desktop and mobile applications to different languages.

    Global Transcripts is dealing with hardcore finance of the healthcare industry in the United States. Its mission is to help the healthcare providers manage their revenue cycle and offer patients a convenient transaction with the doctors.

    Advanced cloud based transcription service powered by artificial intelligence

    Take Note is more than just another Transcription Service with an online platform and an ISO certification. We embrace technology, take care of our typists, and have honest upfront prices. What We Do: Take Note offers bespoke Transcription Services worldwide via our Secure Online Portal; from brief, concise Summaries to Verbatim legal documents, and YouTube video Captions in between. For an instant quote, or simply some advice on Timestamped Transcripts or video SEO, just go to our secure po

    A standalone platform for transcription, captioning and subtitling requirements.

    JMS Transcription is a leading service provider of transcription, translation, captioning and subtitling services at affordable prices. We boast a proficient team of transcriptionists, captions, subtitling editors, and quality analysts that pays attention-to-detail towards each aspect to deliver 100% satisfaction to the customers.

    Language Connect is a platform that delivers fast, accurate language translation services to national and international clients across multiple sectors and time zones.

    A Boston-based Language Services provider specializing in CRO, life sciences, and legal translations.

    Language Scientific global translation and localization platform that specialize in providing medical, engineering, and technical translation services in all the major European, Asian, and American languages.

    Languages Translation Services (LTS) is a platform that provide language and other services for more than 250 languages for public and private organization and individuals.

    One-stop solution for all your language services needs

    Linguistic Systems is a platform that provides language translation services (conversion) for all media in over 115 languages, it focuses on the translation of legal, medical, business, institutional, academic, government and personal documents.

    mLingua Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest and the most dynamically growing translation agencies in Poland.

    Nibity mixes a dedicated team of enthusiastic, energetic and smart people with voice to text technology solutions. It's simply the best transcription service out there. You reap the benefits and advantages of the newest technologies with a well-honed team of transcribers trained to transcribe the most accurate transcripts.

    Preferred Transcriptions is large enough to handle any transcription assignment, yet flexible enough to conform to your organization's needs. Preferred Transcriptions is one of the largest providers nationwide providing quality transcription services for states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York, Arizona, Hawaii and California.

    Smartlings Global Fluency Platform is a global content platform that enables brands to translate content as its created.

    Speech-to-text in 74 languages, batch and real-time, cloud and on-premises.

    Provides accurate, on-time reports that exceed our customer's expectations for service, reliability and quality.

    Providing accurate, reliable, cost effective typing solutions to companies and individuals across the globe

    Transcription HUB is a new-age transcription services company dedicated to providing cost-effective, accurate and secure audio/video transcription and translation services. Leverage advanced technology and intelligent manpower to deliver value to our clients across the globe.

    Transcription Panda provides high quality audio and video transcription services to universities, corporations, hospitals, media companies, students, law offices, municipalities, individuals, and more. All transcripts are typed by their 100% human-based transcription team, rendering 99%+ accuracy with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours. Pricing starts at just $0.79 per minute, with additional options such as timestamps, strict verbatim transcription, foreign language transcription, and audio t

    Translated is an internet based translation service in 120 language combinations that allow web site translation, manuals, and multimedia.

    Language and Technology Solutions for Global Businesses.

    Trusted Translations provides an English to Spanish translation service specialized in complex and high-volume English to Spanish translations.

    Verbatim Solutions is a leading provider of translation services to companies worldwide including the Fortune 500, Government and other multinational organizations. With over 4,000 professional translators around the world, Verbatim Solutions will provide your company with the highest translation quality for the most cost-effective rates and service available.

    Verbit brings Artificial Intelligence to the transcription and captioning industry. By incorporating AI with its proprietary automated speech recognition technology, Verbit provides a record breaking speed. The intelligence is doubled by incorporating human intelligence into the final product, providing results with the highest accuracy available for any kind of publicly available online content.

    Video Caption Corporation provides closed captioning, subtitling, and audio description services.

    At Translation Company in Dubai, certified transcribers are professionally trained and native speakers of the source or target language and hence are able to provide high-quality transcriptions at competitive rates and within the time period stated. Besides, they adhere to strict standards of confidentiality and hence are great to work on complex legal, corporate and medical recordings as well as normal recordings including speeches, interviews, conference calls, seminars and discussions among o

    Voxtab's transcription and quality control team is comprised of language experts who are qualified in fields from academia to medicine to business. Its experts, along with our 3-Tiered Quality Check process, ensures that your transcript will be delivered at a 99% accuracy rate by your specified deadline.

    WaveScribe is a document library and content management platform that allows you to control important sectors of your business or personal life including filecreation, access, editing, storage and topic.

    WebShuttle is a web-based dictation and transcription platform. Dictators can dictate from any phone, handheld recorder or iPhone. Transcriptionists can access dictation and transcription files securely from anywhere.

    Transcribes legal documents, interviews, depositions, medical (specializing in physical therapy, occupational therapy, general patient notes), also do a lot of transcriptions for the entertainment world, interviews, scripts. Can transcribe from audio files as well as video file. WeScribeIt stores your completed documents for 1 year and the audio transcription files for 15 days for your convenience.

    ZacXo Transcript offers professional services for Translation, Transcription, Captioning & Subtitling world wide. It uses the latest and premium technology in the industry to serve customers only best and relevant content according to the subject matter. Its services are exponentially extended towards rendering to customers' needs and requirements

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