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    Decision-making software, also called decision support software, facilitates processes around effective decisions. These tools help businesses come to informed conclusions around decisions and share results with relevant stakeholders. While many types of software offerings can guide businesses when making important decisions, decision-making tools are dedicated products that provide multiple avenues for assistance in the decision-making process. Typical features of decision-making software include scenario analysis, cost-benefit analysis, consensus tracking, and previous decision tracking. Users can even pull in or input relevant data for analysis to help guide their decisions. Decision-making software can be leveraged by any kind of team, but can be especially helpful in physical group settings or for remote teams coordinating from disparate places.

    Specific features within decision-making software can be found within meeting management software and board management software, particularly consensus tracking. However, dedicated decision-making tools host features that assist in both the decision-making process and in sharing results with stakeholders. Additionally, decision-making offerings are not specifically catered to C-suite executives or board members as is the case with board management software.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Decision-Making category, a product must:

    Analyze and visualize input data related to a decision at hand
    Provide scenario analysis
    Offer tools to collect group feedback
    Engage and share decisions with internal and external stakeholders

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    (53)4.4 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$24 1 user/month

    airfocus provides an easy to use prioritization and roadmapping platform, helping teams collaborate on strategy, make informed decisions, and build outstanding products. The solution integrates with Jira, Trello, Asana, Zapier, and many more tools that enable teams to track and evaluate progress all on one platform.

    (40)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    FlowForma is revolutionizing the traditional Business Process Management space with an innovative approach to developing award-winning process automation and workflow products. We're recognized for disrupting this space because: - Our tools are trusted by IT but give the power to the business experts - Our tools are the only 100% no code process automation tools on the market - We’re the only provider linking workflow with decision making and collaborative work management - Our customers are

    (2)4.5 out of 5

    Loomio empowers organizations and communities to turn discussion into action, wherever people are.

    (2)3.8 out of 5

    ThinkTank is a cloud-based Digital Engagement system that transforms how leaders engage and align distributed teams.

    D-Sight’s Collaborative Decision-Making platform offers a structured approach that supports these complex decisions.

    0 ratings

    1000Minds Decision-Making Software allows to make decisions involving multiple criteria efficiently, fairly and transparently.

    0 ratings

    Cloverpop is a enterprise decision-making platform based on behavioral science.

    0 ratings

    Comparion allows you to measure and manage the risks you take, helping you deliver decisions aligned and optimized to your objectives.

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    Reinventing decision making

    0 ratings

    MakeItRational is an easy to use decision-making software for making important choices in groups and individually.

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    Powernoodle helps leaders make better quality decisions by quickly and effectively engaging the collective wisdom of stakeholders. Powernoodle is the most powerful, yet easy to use, Decision Engagement Platform. Cloud technology is fused with 50 years of cognitive, behavioral, and decision science to focus stakeholders, and minimize the biases, barriers and dysfunctions typical to most organizations that get in the way of making quality decisions. With Powernoodle, leaders can quickly and easily

    0 ratings

    Prenario lets teams quickly and easily make sense of difficult risky decisions, using intuitive visual decision planning and insight tools.

    0 ratings

    Reasoning, prioritization and delegation driven decision and management system.

    0 ratings

    Prioritization Helper is a tool to help enable your critical business decisions inside of Salesforce. And it’s better than sending out a poll or holding a real-time vote because the truth is, people are imperfect beings. There are plenty of obstacles that get in the way of rational reasoning such as cognitive bias or sunk cost fallacy.

    0 ratings
    Entry Level Price:17 user/month

    Uptrader is a decision making suite that helps you make smarter, less biased decisions during common business functions - such as hiring, investing, and supply chain management. When you do so, you can reduce your error and loss, and your business profits.

    0 ratings

    Valid Eval is an online evaluation system for organizations that make and defend tough decisions. It makes decision-making visible, outcomes defensible and feedback actionable.

    0 ratings

    Visyond is a cloud-based platform designed to enable users to build financial and business models, collaborate, and present numbers in an intuitive and visual way.

    0 ratings

    WinQSB is platform that aids in business-oriented decision-making.