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Bookmark manager software saves and organizes web content and websites so users can refer to it later. Bookmark managers will either work alongside, or inside of, a web browser, allowing users to save web content and return to it later without opening another application. Often, bookmarks are also presented at the forefront of the browser to ensure saved content isn’t forgotten or misplaced. Professionals from all backgrounds use bookmark managers to save and store content, putting it at their fingertips when they need it.

Some bookmark managers are intended for specific browsers, but many will either offer browser-specific extensions or are completely browser agnostic.

To qualify for inclusion within the Bookmark Manager category, a product must:

  • Provide users with a button or widget to instantly save web content
  • Save and organize bookmarked web content
  • Allow users to search for previously tagged content
  • Work alongside or inside of a web browser
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    Pocket is an application that allows users to save and retrieve documents and videos from websites. offers a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager. securely hosts your bookmarks and provides quick access from any PC, smartphone or tablet once you perform syncing.

    netroStation is a visual bookmark manager to save & organize hundreds of links.

    Diigo is a bookmarking tool. It allows you to manage information through highlighting, sticky notes, or tags. Bookmarks can be password protected for user security.

    GGather is a bookmark manager with just the right mix of features and the most intuitive user experience.

    Access your bookmarks on any device (desktop, notebook, mobile) in any browser. All bookmarks are private by default, sharing is available optionally. Import your current bookmarks from your browser or any other bookmark manager. Quick access support for frequently used bookmarks. Support for handling and organizing large number of bookmarks with advanced tag management. Clean and simple UI for a user friendly experience

    With booky you can store your favorite links online on your private and customizable bookmarks page. All your bookmarks can be organized into categories and dashboards.

    Curate valuable content for yourself, your team, clients, and followers

    A cloud based service to curate and share your bookmarks.

    The creative desktop for all things that matter.

    Dropmark enables users to share links, files, and notes; organize them into collections;and manage the audience visibility for them.

    Mojave is primarily a bookmarking tool that helps to save, retrieve, and share bookmarks on the desktop browser.

    Toby surfaces key resources from every tool onto every new tab page.

    Thinkery is a lightweight tool for storing notes, bookmarks, todos, organized through hashtags and bookmarks are stored in full-text runs on Android and iOS app.

    Basket is your place to quickly save and organize stories you find interesting on web

    Hypershoot is a bookmarking tool for designers.

    Linkman is a bookmark manager that efficiently organizes large numbers of bookmarks. Linkman directly integrates with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera browsers, and supports many other browsers.

    Browser extensions lets you save images, text, videos and webpages with one click. Easily drag and drop bookmarks from the category to a another category or sub category. Myfavs features a special viewer (and reader for articles) that allows you to have seamless experience.

    Tagpacker is a free tool to save, organize, and share your favourite links.

    TeamSync Bookmarks enables users to share and manage bookmarks across a team or friends in real-time. Share, manage, and sync anything with a URL in group folders that you create. Then, invite friends, family, coworkers, or teammates to your shared bookmark. How can you use TeamSync Bookmarks? Here is how some people are using it * Onboard new team members so they have immediate access to the most important online websites and tools * Keep team members current with new tools and sites by immed

    Delicious is a social bookmarking service.

    Markme is a site where it is easy to create bookmarks that are stored online to a profile. People are able to easily follow your links, while interacting with them in many ways.

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