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Board management software provides a workspace for board members, chief executives, and other professionals in charge to stay organized, make timely decisions, and plan progress in a cohesive manner. These collaborative tools allow access to agendas, documents, notes, calendars, and contacts that can be used to inform and fortify the corporate meeting process. Files can be uploaded within the workspaces, and users can then be assigned access according to their roles and clearance levels. These tools are most commonly executed among leadership teams, whether that be a parent committee or board of a large corporation. Board management software can be used alongside structured or team collaboration tools that are open to involvement from employees or participants at varying levels of authority.

To qualify for inclusion in the Board Management category, a product must:

  • Be intended for use by board or committee members, or similarly ranking directors
  • Enable the creation and storage of material such as agendas, meeting minutes, team notes, and more
  • Allow for communication and engagement between members
  • Enable features to collect group feedback
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    OnBoard Board Portal
    (56)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Passageways' OnBoard is next generation board management software, engineered to drive good governance and improve meeting outcomes. A board portal with the tools every director needs to focus on strategy during their next meeting. OnBoard makes meetings more than operational presentations, it turns them into strategic working sessions. With OnBoard, meetings become more productive, board book access becomes amazingly intuitive, archives are readily accessible, votes can easily be taken, and m

    BoardPaq Board Portal
    (62)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    BoardPaq board portal and board management software has empowered boards to be great since 2011. Trusted by over 12,000 Boards and Committees, BoardPaq is an affordable, easy-to-use, secure board portal on iOS, Windows and Web for planning, running and managing paperless board, leadership and committee meetings. BoardPaq has an Agenda and Minutes Builder to assist administrators and board secretaries. BoardPaq is the leading board management SaaS vendor for small-medium enterprises including fo

    Diligent Boards is a tool for the preparation, distribution and review of board meeting materials. Diligent Boards is used by 100,000+ directors and senior executives at 3,500+ companies in 60+ countries. This includes 40% of both the Fortune 1000 and FTSE 100. Diligent Boards is designed to be a flexible tool, with a robust set of features that are designed to reflect how board members, executives, and administrative teams actually work. Diligent also offers several capabilities that are not fo

    (36)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Starting at $49 a month, Boardable is board management software built for nonprofit organizations but suitable for businesses and groups of any kind that want to improve engagement. The software is meeting-centric, helping groups schedule meetings, build and share agendas, draft and finalize minutes, vote digitally, and securely store and share documents. Boardable also centralizes all board content and communications, integrates with existing email, file-sharing, and calendar platforms, and str

    As the industry's most secure document collaboration solution for enterprise and government, our clients tell us they are more efficient, more secure, and their teams more engaged when they use Huddle! With Huddle, you get an easier way to collaborate and co-edit documents, control file versions, collaborate with clients, and organize team tasks. Built-in approval workflow means you'll never miss a deadline again, and our free mobile app keeps you connected even when you're on the road. Hudd

    BoardBookit is a secure board portal software, architected by corporate governance professionals to transform the way companies engage and collaborate with their board. By providing a unified solution for preparing and managing board meetings, file sharing, electronic voting, eSignatures and more, companies increase efficiency and save time. Trusted by more than 10,000 board members worldwide, BoardBookit ensures a streamlined and persistent partnership between organization executives and their

    BoardEffect is a board portal software designed to drive efficiency, effectiveness & engagement, allowing easy management of board information while enhacing performance.

    Directors Desk is an online board portal designed to provide public, private, and non-profit boards and leadership teams with greater governance management, engagement and insight throughout the organization.

    A meeting platform that integrates with your Outlook and is accessible on your mobile device. Digital meeting management will improve meeting outcomes and productivity. It can help lead digital transformation in your business by harnessing the power of your SharePoint or Office 365 account and integrating it with your Outlook calendar. MeetingSquared has an interactive agenda to keep you on track and digital actions and notes to build in accountability and followup.

    Convene, the board management software used to compile and distribute papers, generate minutes and, carry forward actions items for meetings. Award-winning usability makes it the choice for listed companies, SME, banks, governments, healthcare & non-profits in more than 70 countries. Developed by Azeus Systems, with over 25 years of experience in IT development, Convene is a certified secure platform for your organization. Available on-cloud and on-premise for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Andr

    CCH Company Secretarial is a comprehensive cloud solution for managing all company secretarial requirements.

    ARALOC provides Cross Platform / Multi-Device support, digital rights management (DRM), and remote content management technology to secure confidential and proprietary content from leakage, piracy and misuse, without impacting collaboration between stakeholders.

    BlueSky Meeting Software is a board management software for creating, coordinating and conducting board meetings.

    BoardMaps is a decision management system for boards and executive teams designed to ensure strategic and tactical alignment before, during and after business meetings.

    Boardvantage offers purpose-built tools for boards and leadership.

    Decisions is a board management platform designed to save time in planning and management of meetings, support leaders in running a better team decision making process and give leaders an instant overview of progress on all decisions and action items throughout the organization.

    The DiliTrust Exec’s board portal provides an efficient and secure method for board members and executives to collaborate ideas and information. Thus, organizations can implement board recommendations swiftly while ensuring a high level of corporate governance. Data security is the #1 priority for DiliTrust Exec and the whole service is ISO 27001 certified.

    Directorpoint is comprehensive board software built to simplify, streamline and enhance the way your board communicates. It features a “One View” interface that places all the information every member of the board need and demand right at their fingertips. Directorpoint is loaded with premium tools such as Votes, Surveys, Committees, RSVPs, and Annotations to mention a few. Board administrators find it easy to prepare for any meeting with their fellow board members. The software lets them creat

    eSCRIBE provides endtoend, cloudbased meeting management solutions that help councils, board and committee members and staff, boost transparency, stakeholder participation and efficiency. It's more than agenda management, it's meeting management, and that's better.

    Nasdaq Boardvantage makes every aspect of board meetings and collaboration among directors and leadership teams simpler and easier to manage. The platform's intuitive interface and robust security features allow directors and leadership teams to work together far more efficiently, productively and strategically.

    NovusAGENDA is electronic meeting management software designed to help create, approve and track items for past and future board meetings.

    Admincontrol offers web-based solutions as well as a separate iPad and iPhone app for secure collaboration and easy sharing of documents in business processes such as board and management work, due diligence, capital injections and stock exchange listings.

    BLISS (Board Leaders Integrated Software Solution) is a cloud hosted software for company secretaries and is designed to be an e-repository for secretarial records and provide timely alerts to ensure compliance and good corporate governance.

    Board Director is a board portal designed to make communication between the Management team and the Board easier and more efficient, a central location for all vital financial, legal, policy, and governance documents, and improved collaboration between directors, staff, and guests.

    BoardDocs nextgeneration, cloudbased services alleviate the enormous task of assembling, printing, distributing and revising board packets.

    Axar Digital provides paperless board meeting software for simplifying board meetings and routine tasks associated with meeting development.

    Board Intelligence enables your board to make smart decisions, driving better outcomes for shareholders, employees and society. Board Secretaries can plan effective agendas, Management can write concise reports, and Board Directors can read all their board packs. All in one ultra-secure place. It’s an end-to-end software designed to address poor quality board information, and help your board see what matters.

    Board Management is a Software designed for board of directors and board members.

    BoardMax is a web-based board portal designed to boost board member engagement, drive good governance and simplify board administration.

    BoardPAC, is an award-winning paperless Board Meeting governance automation software, which fosters an easy to use and convenient platform for conducting board meetings and other high level senior management meetings via iPad & tablets. With both on-premise and cloud storage options, supported across platform that includes Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. BoardPAC is offered with the highest data security management certification by ISO 27001 and with unlimited 24x7 support and training.

    BoardPacks is a board portal software tool designed to improve productivity.

    BoardPad is the industry-leading meeting and document collaboration solution that transforms directors’ devices into highly secure digital board and meetings packs. Accessible on a range of platforms, with hosted and self-hosted options available, BoardPad gives directors access to their most time-sensitive and confidential information online and offline.

    Board Papers is a board management software designed to create agendas, control, annotate, and sign documents using touchscreen devices.

    BoardPortal Plus is a board management software that is an easy-to-use, comprehensive portal for boards with signatures, email, board books, governance assessments, communication and learning resources.

    boardPro makes easy to use software for board workflows, responsibilities and documents.

    BoardSpace is a solution helps boards of directors and managers of condos, HOAs, and non-profits automate and simplify the board management.

    BoardSpot lets nonprofits fully leverage the expertise of their board members, and staff, by providing tools to simplify management of crucial documents, notes, agendas, and attendance.

    BoardTRAC offers secure online board portal software with customised applications to conduct meetings with full access to board documents.

    BoardWorks is a board management software that provides document approvals, integrated document annotation, electronic signatures, survey and voting modules.

    Brainloop BoardRoom - the digital platform for the professionalization of board and committee communication in a demanding compliance environment.

    Brainloop BoardSuite - The all-in-one platform for all board and committee communication, ensuring not only the creation and distribution of meeting records, but also their secure and compliant delivery.

    BoardSync offers Agenda and Meeting Management solutions.

    CUBoardMembers provides online Board Packets, built-in video conferencing, private discussion boards, online Board voting, automatic tracking of Credit Union Policies, compliance monitoring, and many other features. The system was designed specifically for Credit Union Boards and addresses issues that are unique to the Credit Union industry as well as issues shared by all Boards.

    Decision Time Meetings is the paperless meeting solution that simplifies formal meeting management for organisers, makes participants more effective and reduces costs.

    Dess Board Portal is asoftware solution that allows the boards of companies to collaborate with ease and leads to effective and efficient board meetings.

    Efficient Paperless Board Meetings on Microsoft Office 365

    eConvene is a paperless online board meeting management software.

    eHorizon eBoard simplifies the entire process. eHorizon eBoard has a comprehensive security infrastructure based on managing a multitude of tactics, from preventing unauthorized access and virus control to legal protection and physical security

    Global Governance’s SCM platform is the SaaS product on the market to offer a broad suite of corporate governance tools and services that can be customized based on an organization’s needs and resources.

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