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    Pamela for Skype offers many usefull features to control and customize your Skype - record calls, manage chat histories, do not miss birthday dates and many other features.

    Connected space for product teams- It's all about the details. Handoff designs and style guides with accurate specs, assets, code snippets automatically.

    MightyText enables users to send or receive SMS/MMS through computer/tablets.

    Abstract is a version-controlled design workflow management system that enables seamless and open collaboration between design teams and organizational stakeholders. Abstract is your team's version-controlled source of truth for all design work. We believe that design shouldn't be locked away in folders and proprietary code. Design work should be accessible. Decisions should be captured in a single place. And teams should be empowered to work together, not silo’d. Our approach paves the way for designers to spend less time searching for files and other“workaround work,” and more time on craftsmanship and innovation.

    ActiveWords is a semantic interface for Windows. It's a productivity tool that dramatically increases your productivity. ActiveWords lets you name computing events with your own language, i.e. text expansion, open documents, navigate to websites, by typing a a letter, a word or an acronym, in any app, any time, anywhere. It gives you back 10-60 seconds a hundred times a day.

    MindNode provides a mind mapping solution for visual representation of the ideas.

    Create and edit f​iles online​, securely​.

    WiseMapping is an online mind mapping editor for individuals and business.

    Issuu is where the world's most innovative and growth-oriented content creators publish digitally.

    Weekly Update collects short status updates from your team each week. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Each week, your team gets an automatic email with a link to a form 2. Each person shares their plans, progress and problems 3. Updates are automatically emailed to the team BENEFITS: - Have shorter, more productive meetings - Identify problems before they turn into fires - Hold everyone accountable for accomplishing goals FEATURES: - Customizable questions - Automatic reminders to submit updates - Lightweight dashboard - Customizable reminder and due dates - Ability to send updates as PDF attachments or email text Use it free, or upgrade for additional features and team members.

    Cadac Organice Suite is an engineering collaboration solution based on Microsoft SharePoint and Autodesk Vault.

    CollaBoard is a digital whiteboard that brings real-time capabilities to your large touchscreen and on any Windows 10 device to digitally transform your way of working. CollaBoard is a subscription-based, real-time virtual workplace using an external commerce system. It is optimized for small and large touchscreens as it uses natural input methods such as inking, touch and voice commands.

    Firefly is a design management and collaboration tool for teams.

    MindLink is a highly secure chat enabled collaboration (CEC) platform for enterprises. Its messaging & collaboration app encourages employees to stay connected, reduce email usage and build a more agile business.

    MindMaple will increase the productivity and creativity by visually organizing the ideas and thoughts onto a mind map.

    MatchWare proudly introduces MindView 7, the FIRST choice in mind mapping for business and educational use.

    Novamind enables users to quickly organize your ideas and thoughts by putting them in an interactive visual map.

    Unlock the benefits & potential of OneNote with the biggest free collection of Templates & Solutions. All designed to help make your life simpler & work more productive; Save time & money.

    The fastest online storyboard creator. Write your script, add images & invite collaborators; plan your next video project in just seconds. Create Storyboards in 4 Easy Steps: 1.) Add text. Outline your video in seconds. Just paste your script and quickly break it into scenes. No more copy, paste and repeat; now you can focus on more important things, like your story. 🙂 2.) Add Images Upload pictures or copy them from your favorite websites. No drawing necessary. Intuitive brushes, a font library and other flexible options make image creation easy. 3.) Collaborate Share your work with unlimited colleagues and clients; they can review, add comments and edit with ease, no matter their experience. Getting approvals on storyboards has never been faster. 4.) Export Download a PDF or print for offline viewing. Layouts work in landscape and portrait to get your storyboard just right. Plot is designed with everything you need—and nothing you don’t—so you and your team can focus on what’s most important: your story. Plot keeps onscreen elements and buttons to a minimum to give you (and your collaborators) a distraction free work area. The simplified look is welcoming to those that aren’t as familiar with the storyboard process so they can make reviews in confidence.

    Protected Trust provides secure hosted Exchange compliant with HIPAA.

    SocialCompare is a collaborative comparison engine, the community creates and shares comparisons tables about everything.

    Bring digital products to life faster and easier

    Velocity helps users create easy, powerful Asana reports to understand where your team spends time, improve velocity, find opportunities for improvement, and make accurate estimates. Visual reports can show insights and progress for projects.

    ActivShare is a new way to quickly and intuitively collaborate and share information with one or more network-connected users, and even to one or more large scale video walls, using any application or content found on your desktop, and all with just a three clicks of the mouse.

    Bizplexus is a feature-rich system designed to boost productivity, manage collaboration, and automate key operations in your business.

    Share internal news and knowledge, boost collaboration, and improve team communication.

    Features that boost your project kick-off, save you time, and engage stakeholders.

    Clariti's focus - a Quicker, Smarter YOU!

    Collabchat is a collaboration tools for teams.

    CollabWorx provides an extensive suite of solutions including a Secure Real-Time Collaboration (SRTC) platform.

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a next generation mind mapping tool that has the power and flexibility to increase productivity for individuals and teams. CD MINDMAP is designed to assist in organization, learning, planning, writing, and presentations for individuals and teams. CD MINDMAP allows for the rapid gathering of critical information and organizing it; as well as the capability to re-purpose content saving time when working on critical tasks. CD MINDMAP imports and exports to a wide variety of file formats that extend its capabilities as a productivity tool. ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports both PCs and Mac computers, provides no-charge technical support (phone and web tickets). The product can be used alone or in conjunction with its ConceptDraw OFFICE suite mates (a bundle of products that also includes ConceptDraw DIAGRAM – business graphics and diagramming; ConceptDraw PROJECT – project management). ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be purchased from CS Odessa or one of our worldwide sales partners. A free trial of any of the ConceptDraw products is available on our web site. Uses of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Note taking Boundary grouping Topic Pin Building presentations (has its own presentation capability) Writing Map Minder Tool Project planning (topics can be configured as project elements) Meeting management Requirements gathering Brainstorming (has built-in brainstorming tool) Task management (topics identified as tasks can be sent to Microsoft Outlook for following assignment assignment) Electronic white board Instruction tool Use and share map contents directly to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote Tweet directly from mind map Organization tasks (work and personal) File types that can be imported to ConceptDraw MINDMAP as a mind map Microsoft Word Microsoft Project Microsoft PowerPoint ConceptDraw PROJECT OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) Text Indented Outline Text Numerated Outline Mindjet MindManager FreeMind XMind File types that ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be exported to: Adobe PDF (hyperlinks are preserved in export) Microsoft PowerPoint (1. all map text is organized and exported as a presentation, or 2. map images are assembled into a presentation) Microsoft Project (mind map is exported as a project) ConceptDraw PROJECT (mind map can be opened as a project) ConceptDraw PRO (mind map can be exported as various diagrams) Web page map image (exports map image with live hyperlinks) Web page outline view (exports map in outline format in web view) Export map as graphic image in any of the following formats (PNG - supports Transparency, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF) OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) RTF (Rich Text Format) Text Outline (configurable) ConceptDraw MINDMAP is designed to save time as well as help with organization on work and personal tasks. ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides a flexible mind mapping tool that provides a wide range of task attributes that can be used in 100’s of different ways. ConceptDraw products have a history of innovation, and have been serving our customer’s needs since 1993.

    CTX is a search tool that indexes in Trello, JIRA, Slack, Google Drive, email and Github and helps to find data faster.

    Cuepin is an easy-to-use design collaboration web app that helps designers, agencies, project managers and clients, communicate effectively and efficiently.

    Dialogg Box provides automatic briefings powered by artificial intelligence so that you can focus on work without worrying about finding relevant info about threads, topics, and people.

    Enabling multiple users on-screen OVER any application, data or system you may have running there.

    Moving confidential board communications out of personal and corporate email systems. Diligent Messenger integrates with virtual board meeting software, like Diligent Boards, to enable secure messaging and real-time collaboration.

    Group decision making software

    Semi-synchronous communication to unify email & chat — empowering people through transparency and knowledge.

    Capture content automatically. Securely share live with anyone.

    MAF ICIMS gives you 360-degree insight into the use of your Unified Communications. Information can be viewed via the self-configurable dashboard or via the extensive reporting.

    Manipulist is the digital text toolkit. Manipulist allows you to manipulate text and lists in a more productive way, by giving the opportunity to apply multiple actions to the same input text at the same time.

    Maquetter is a convenient platform that helps design studios, designers of all kinds and especially web designers to structurize their projects and present layouts to clients.

    Rally Teams Around Winning With Sales Motivation Software and Internal Communication Software

    Vivinet Assessor helps you quickly determine how well Voice over IP (VoIP) will work on your network prior to deployment.

    The Vivinet user guides provide information to help you measure, analyze, and diagnose issues that can affect the routing, connections, and performance of VoIP telephone calls on your data network.

    Brainstorm sessions with multiple users simultaneous on screen

    More productive and convenient workplaces with NUIA Eye Control

    Enables shared workspace operators to manage their business from lead to cash and everything in between.

    OpenMTC is a reference implementation of the oneM2M standard, for conducting applied research and developing innovative M2M and IoT applications.

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