Officevibe measures employee satisfaction and provides tips to improve based on the results.

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Officevibe Details Provided by: Rose F.

Officevibe Details Provided by: Rose Francois

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About Officevibe

We help companies become People-First by empowering managers to be better leaders as their actions and influence are the most critical in making their people thrive.

Our solution allows each manager to see in real-time how their teams are doing and get recommendations of actionable tips on how to address the challenges they are facing. As business leaders, you will also get to see the state of engagement of teams across your organization to fuel your People Strategy.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

At Officevibe, our priority is to help managers become the best version of themselves and spend their time where it really counts…on their people. This is why we built the simplest tool and most comprehensive reports for them to use and maximize their impact. We make it our priority to give an awesome experience to employees who interact on a weekly basis with the survey.

Our surveys are visual and interactive and get the highest participation rate (85%) from employees as they see it as a fun and easy way to give feedback.

We also guide managers on the path to self-growth by giving them based on their results simple and actionable tips on how they can improve personally as leaders and increase their team's engagement.

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