Best Talent Management Software

Talent management software covers a wide array of tasks related to the oversight of a workforce. Because the needs of companies and employees are so diverse, talent management software can range from recruiting to career management software. When assessing the talent management ecosystem, it makes sense to view it in a chronologically linear fashion. Recruiting software is the first step in acquiring qualified candidates and is useful in bolstering a company’s workforce. From there, an organization may use video interviewing and pre-employment screening followed by onboarding and career management. Performance management and compensation management software rounds out the talent management category as they are applied to every employee in an organization, no matter how long their tenure. By investing and effectively implementing talent management software, HR can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus more on the talent.

What You Should Know About Talent Management Software

Talent management software enables the automation of all talent management processes. These solutions provide businesses, HR personnel, and managers with a wide range of solutions to manage all employee lifecycles from recruitment through offboarding. Talent management systems are often divided into four main subcategories: recruiting, training and development, performance management, and compensation management.

Why Use Talent Management Software?

Talent management software helps small business owners, HR personnel, and managers automate and streamline all processes associated with the talent pool. These solutions can help reduce the time HR personnel must spend on the administrative side of recruitment, improve the candidate experience and talent pipeline, expand employee engagement and onboarding, and streamline the process of offboarding.

Who Uses Talent Management Software?

Talent management software systems provide businesses, HR departments, and various personnel with a process-oriented approach to recruiting, training, performance management, employee engagement, offboarding, and more.

Kinds of Talent Management Software

Talent management software is divided into many software categories that cover solutions ranging from recruiting through offboarding. The following is an overview of the talent management categories and subcategories.

Career management software — Organizations use this type of talent management solution to support their employees’ career development and for strategic succession planning and management.

Compensation management software — Businesses, HR personnel, and managers use this type of talent management solution to manage salaries, plan employee bonuses, and recommend pay increases.

Employee engagement software — This talent management solution helps organizations keep a pulse on their organization and employees with pulse surveys that collect employee feedback, gauge employee sentiment, and promote employee achievements.

Employee recognition software — Businesses, HR personnel, and managers use this talent management solution to monitor employee progress and incentivize employees with rewards.

Exit interview software — This category of talent management software streamlines the exit interviewing process and provides users with actionable insights.

Offboarding software — Businesses, HR personnel, and managers use offboarding software to coordinate the offboarding process and track all forms and paperwork necessary to process employee exits and terminations.

Performance management software — Organizations employ this talent management solution to establish employee performance standards and evaluate employees via 360-degree feedback.

Recruiting software — These talent management solutions help businesses facilitate recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of new talent. Recruiting solutions are further divided into the following subcategories: employee referral software, job boards software, job description management software, preemployment screening software, recruiting automation software, talent acquisition suites software, and video interviewing software.

Relocation management software — These talent management solutions provide HR personnel with relocation solutions that help track, administer, and manage relocation management programs.

Training eLearning software — These talent management solutions help businesses and HR departments facilitate the training, education, and professional development of employees or customers. Training and eLearning software is further divided into the following subcategories: corporate learning management system (LMS) software, course authoring software, eLearning content software, learning experience platform (LEP) software, mentoring software, microlearning platforms, and training management system software.

Software and Services Related to Talent Management Software

Core HR software store employee information and documents and often integrate with various talent management solutions to streamline HR processes.

HR services providers offer businesses a variety of HR solutions including benefits administration services, health and safety providers, HR consulting providers, training and development companies, and payroll service providers. Small businesses with small or nonexistent HR departments typically outsource some of these solutions to HR service providers.

Benefits administration services providers equip businesses with outsourced HR solutions focused on employee benefits including health insurance, vacation, pensions, retirement, sick leave, and more.

Training and development companies help companies implement training and development courses onsite or online.

Recruitment agencies help organizations find qualified passive or active candidates to increase their talent pipeline and fill open positions.

Popular Talent Management Software Categories

Recruiting Software

Companies use recruiting software to facilitate the hiring and onboarding of new talent, including tools for creating and distributing job posting, managing and tracking applicants, organizing applicant data, and managing other recruitment tasks.  
Popular Recruiting products used by Talent Management professionals

Training eLearning Software

Training eLearning software facilitates the training, education, and development of employees or customers with corporate learning management systems (LMS) and course authoring tools.
Popular Training eLearning products used by Exam professionals

Performance Management System

Performance management software organizes and tracks performance evaluations for employees and improves communications between employees and managers regarding goals and performance.
Popular Performance Management products used by Talent Management professionals

Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement products help employers solicit and track feedback from their employees, reward employees, and promote positive activity.
Popular Employee Engagement products used by Talent Management professionals