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Best Task Management Software

Task management software assists users and teams in managing individual tasks and organizing a user’s daily workflow. Task management products accomplish this by creating to-do lists that indicate start dates and end dates, outline components for larger tasks, categorize tasks, and separate individual tasks. Individuals typically use task management software to track their progress separate from large team and project goals. These products can be used in virtually any industry that requires individuals to track their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Users usually have the ability to create, update, and edit the tasks assigned to them. Administrators use this type of software to assign tasks and monitor progress.

Task management software is closely related to project management software but differs in scale and scope. Project management software allows users to manage a team of individuals, balance projects, and analyze productivity. Task management software simply outlines individual efforts, breaks down components within a project, determines due dates, and allows for self-management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Task Management category, a product must:

Create individual tasks and assign them to employees based on their role
Manage interdependencies between tasks based on predefined rules
Create start and end dates, which can be adjusted manually or automatically
Allow employees to manage their tasks and report on their progress
Edit task activity statuses such as open, closed, pending, or on hold
Focus on single assignments and collaboration, not entire projects

Top 10 Task Management Software

  • Trello
  • ClickUp
  • Airtable
  • Todoist
  • Wrike
  • Teamwork
  • Microsoft Planner
  • MeisterTask

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(11,179)4.4 out of 5

Spreadsheets, emails, and never-ending notifications are major teamwork blockers that affect today’s business teams—no matter their size. Project assignments, tasks, and daily to-do’s get lost, transparency gets trumped, and people lose productivity in the shuffle. Not only do teams need to manage this constant overflow, but they also need to build projects, track progress, and achieve major business goals. What’s needed is a clear view of the entire process to keep everyone on the same page.

(2,303)4.7 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$0

ClickUp is one app to replace them all. It's the future of work. More than just task management - ClickUp offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, and even an inbox. Fully customizable, ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate. ClickUp’s core mission is to make the world more productive by removing friction caused by using so many different applications. Built for teams of all sizes and industries, ClickUp’s fully customizable

(1,415)4.6 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$8 seat / month Work OS is an open platform where anyone can create the tools they need to run every aspect of their work. The easy-to-use, visual interface includes building blocks like Apps and integrations, allowing teams to seamlessly build or customize the work solutions of their dreams. Whether you need to streamline your sales pipeline, want to create a marketing campaign process, run a robust CRM, or build a project management tracker – provides a collaborative space for your team

(943)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 / user / month

Airtable is a software platform that empowers people to build the solutions they need to drive innovation and increase agility within their teams. Airtable puts the power of a flexible database into the hands of creators. We've raised over $170M in funding and have over 170,000 organizations running mission-critical processes and workflows on Airtable. At first glance, Airtable looks a lot like a spreadsheet, but we are much more powerful. Our building blocks enable teams to model the things th

(622)4.4 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free

Todoist is the world's #1 to-do list & task manager to organise your life and work. Regain clarity and calmness by getting tasks out of your head and into Todoist, no matter where you are or what device you use. It's a simple yet powerful to-do list app ranked best-in-class by Apple, Google, The Verge, Forbes, and more. Since 2007, over 25 million people have used Todoist to organize work and life, completing more than two billion tasks along the way.

(1,361)4.2 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$9.8 user/month

Wrike is the leading enterprise-grade collaborative work management platform that helps companies do their best work — no matter where their employees are based. With many companies moving to a remote work environment for their employees, Wrike is the best platform to ensure collaboration and deliver efficiencies for teams across the enterprise. Over 20,000 customers and more than 2 million users use Wrike to connect geographically dispersed teams and to make sure their entire organizations are

(741)4.4 out of 5
Optimized for quick response

Teamwork is work and project management software for people who want to own the big picture. With all the features you need to plan, collaborate on, and deliver your work, it takes care of the details so your teams talents are freed to achieve the results that matter to your business. Use Teamwork to manage everything from delivering client projects, to executing marketing campaigns, to sprint planning and product launches.

(83)4.0 out of 5

Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you're working on, and get updates on progress.

(158)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:€20.75 per user/month

MeisterTask is a beautifully designed and highly intuitive task management software whose visual project boards perfectly adapt to your team's workflow. Using smart task automations and integrations with popular tools such as Slack, Zapier and GitHub, the collaborative online tool ensures that you work more consistently and get more done together.

(182)4.2 out of 5

A Task Management App, At Your Fingertips & On The Web

(23)4.3 out of 5

Your day in focus

(465)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0

Paymo is a modern work management application mainly dedicated to small and medium businesses from industries like Web Design & Development, Creative Agencies, Software & IT Services, Marketing & Social Media or Business Consultants. The main focus of the app is helping teams with collaboration, timesheet management, project accounting and it basically allows you to manage projects from start to finish: - split projects into task lists and tasks and assign them to your employees or

(58)4.6 out of 5

Employee Scheduling. Time Tracking. Task Management. Payroll Reporting.

(19)4.4 out of 5

On-Line and mobile task management tool

(49)4.6 out of 5

Quire is a new-generation task management and collaboration tool. Whether it's for developing a cool app, launching a new product, or making a masterpiece film, Quire is there to help boost productivity for you and your team. Quire is currently available for FREE

(248)4.0 out of 5

The Now Platform delivers a System of Action for the enterprise. Using a single data model, it makes it easy to create contextual workflows and automate business processes. The platform's Intelligent Automation Engine combines machine learning with automated actions to dramatically reduce costs and speed time‑to‑resolution.

(48)4.6 out of 5

Your Life, In Perspective

(67)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$10.99 per user per month

Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, Taskworld packs visual project management, team messaging and performance reports into one robust software.

(31)4.9 out of 5

Stackby is a collaborative spreadsheet-database hybrid that empowers anyone to create their own workflows and automate it via third party services. It brings together the familiarity of spreadsheet-style interface, functionality of databases and best business APIs (YouTube, Google, MailChimp, Facebook, Clearbit, etc.) on a single new customizable canvas. No coding and training needed. You can start by choosing from 100+ pre-defined templates across various domains like Sales, Product, Marketi

(63)4.7 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$0

GuideCX® is a client onboarding and project implementation management platform that keeps your clients at the center of every project by providing complete visibility into the work. Start a free trial to: • Invite everyone to the project—internal resources, customer teams, and third-party vendors. • Guide each step and stay on track with automated tasks, reminders, and updates. • Engage teams by enabling them to interact with the project in the way they prefer. They can complete tasks, view st

(15)4.3 out of 5

WorkFlowy is a web-based task management app.

(88)4.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:From $34.97

Kanbanchi for G Suite is an online project management / task management / collaboration software with Kanban Board, Gantt Chart and Time Tracker. Project boards with lists and cards visualise a workflow of all your tasks and activities. Collaborate with your team in real time and manage your projects visually! Kanbanchi is the only app of its kind built specifically for G Suite – you sign up with Google account, manipulate your project boards as files in Google Drive, give flexible access permi

(21)4.5 out of 5

If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux.

(26)4.6 out of 5

TickTickis a cross-platform to-do list app & task manager helps you to get all things done and make life well organized.

(32)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:Free

GQueues is the leading task manager built specifically for G Suite and Google Accounts. Collaborate with your team and keep work moving forward with its intuitive design and familiar interface. GQueues has deep integrations with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts and Chrome making your team more efficient, less stressed, and more organized.

(126)4.4 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$49/month

Ryver enables you to organize your team’s communication IN ONE APP with group chat, task management, and voice & video calls.

(68)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:0 Free for up to 5 users

Hitask is a unique project and task manager for teams. It helps to focus on team collaboration, getting tasks done and manage an entire project. Benefits of using Hitask - Create and assign tasks with Hitask's intuitive drag & drop UI. - Store documents and files by attaching it to tasks. - Set up deadlines for time-sensitive projects. - Collaborate via in-app chat for specific tasks. - Keep track of everything, anywhere with any device. - Move beyond with 3rd party integrations like Googl

(13)4.2 out of 5

SmartTask is an online task management and collaboration software for productive teamwork.

(11)4.1 out of 5

Google Cloud Tasks is a fully managed service that allows you to manage the execution, dispatch, and delivery of a large number of distributed tasks. Using Cloud Tasks, you can perform work asynchronously outside of a user or service-to-service request.

(98)4.4 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$25 user/month

TaskRay: Customer Onboarding Success TaskRay helps organizations onboard customers faster and more efficiently, getting the relationship off to a good start and providing ongoing metrics for customer success. By using TaskRay’s templating and automation functions, high tech, SaaS, Wealth Management, Manufacturing, Franchising businesses and more can build systems that scale whether you have 100 customers or 10,000 customers. -TaskRay is built on the Salesforce Platform to enable seamless custo

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Learn More About Task Management Software

What is Task Management Software?

Task management software is an effective way for companies to reorganize overarching goals into a series of individual tasks. This enables companies to break down monthly and annual goals into daily and weekly tasks, which helps workers ensure they are contributing to key performance indicators on a daily basis.

Task managers can extract valuable data from task management software, as it will display how long it takes to complete certain tasks and how many resources are needed. This allows task managers to budget and forecast more accurately, which can improve the effectiveness of future projects.

Why Use Task Management Software?

Task management software can drastically improve the efficiency of your company. Workers that are able to visualize their daily tasks within a project hub are able to stay on track with their work and claim ownership over deadlines. Task management software can also save workers time by attaching all relevant documents and files within each task so workers do not have to spend time searching for them.

Besides saving plenty of time, task management software can also keep company employees happy. By analyzing how long certain tasks take to complete, task managers can better assess how much workers can handle. This way they can evenly distribute tasks among workers. This way, no worker feels overwhelmed, and every worker only takes on as much as they can handle.

Who Uses Task Management Software?

Task Managers and Project Managers — Task management software is beneficial to any task manager that operates on a team. The software allows them to create and assign tasks, set due dates and reminders, and set priority levels on tasks. On a more grand scale, project managers will use task management software to break down long-term projects into daily and weekly tasks. This helps to make project work more manageable for employees.

Employees — Employees across all teams will benefit from using task management software. Whether you’re an employee in engineering or sales, it is valuable to visualize your daily tasks and ensure that you are staying on track. Employees within a team can also collaborate on certain tasks within the software, which can help mitigate any roadblocks that may be preventing workers from completing a task.

Team Managers — Team managers can extract data from each task and analyze how long it takes and how many resources are needed to complete each task. They can then use this data to consistently improve the overall efficiency of their workers.

Task Management Software Features

Within task management software are a variety of task management tools that will allow you to optimize task and project efficiency. Some task management apps will focus on certain features over others, so make sure to assess your company's needs before settling on a task management solution.

Task Creation and Assignment — Task creation and assignment features allow users to create task lists for individual users with details and due dates. This is the main function of task management software, as it helps companies achieve deadlines, set to-do lists, and set priority levels on certain tasks.

Email Notifications — Because task management software can get cluttered with a barrage of tasks, employees can sometimes overlook certain tasks that may be buried beneath other tasks. With this in mind, task management software includes email notification features that remind you at the beginning of each day which tasks have a high priority and must be completed by the end of the day.

Collaborative Project Planning — Task management software allows multiple users to collaborate on the planning and execution of a project. This feature includes a comments section where users can share their ideas and improve communication on certain projects. Users can also access an upload feature, where media can be uploaded, associated with projects or tasks, discussed, and annotated.

Baselining/KPIs — Task management software allows users to set and track key performance indicators within the software. This feature allows users to track key performance indicators or baseline assessments throughout a project lifecycle or across multiple projects. Key performance indicators ensure that the tasks that are being assigned are contributing to the overall success of the company.

Kanban Boards — Task management software helps users map out the entirety of a project with a project management tool called a kanban board. A kanban board maps out projects with milestones, due dates, deliverables, and interdependencies. This provides users with a better visual on how they are pacing throughout a project, which ensures that they complete the project.

Portfolio Management — Task management software often includes features that help with portfolio coordination and budgeting. Portfolio coordination allows users to organize, prioritize, rate, and score projects to best understand your business' progress and initiatives. This helps businesses keep track of goals and metrics they are trying to achieve. Portfolio budgeting allows users to allocate budgets between departments and projects and allow users to control portions for their projects.

Resource Management — Resource management features help with the overall management of time and assets used for certain tasks. The feature allows users to maintain a database of resources that contains employment details, skills, and availability. This provides a better visual into which team members can be deployed to complete certain tasks. Users can also monitor workload capacity and track resource workloads in order to dedicate the man-hours of your workforce most effectively. Resource management also includes a time tracking feature where users can associate effort with tasks, including planned versus actual time allocated, and determine global or specific hourly rates for contract work or value to internal man-hours.

Mobile Access — Mobile access offers a mobile app or mobile-optimized website to manage projects and tasks on the go. This helps employees keep track of their tasks, even as they are travelling without a computer or commuting to the office. Being able to see your tasks on the go is a great way to be mindful of the amount of work you must complete within a project.

Potential Issues with Task Management Software

Micromanaging — Task managers may assign goals that lead workers to become hyper-focused on certain areas. This can lead teams to forget about other goals and not be able to shift priorities in the middle of a task.

Not Setting Effective Goals — A task manager’s main function is to assign tasks. That being said, they may feel the pressure to assign tasks just for the sake of it. This can lead to task managers not setting goals that directly contribute to key performance indicators and the overall success of the company. The best way to alleviate this problem is for task managers to routinely meet with management positions that understand which tasks are the most important to complete.