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Remote support software allows IT departments and administrators to connect to and control a device from a remote location via an internal network or the internet in order to resolve technical issues and automate routine tasks. Businesses use remote support software to solve technical problems and bolster security without requiring technicians to have physical access to the device in need of support.

Remote support solutions allow IT professionals to access and fix technical problems without being on-site; this type of software also provides the ability to monitor systems and run diagnostics remotely. Remote support software may also include functions designed to help maintain regulatory compliance as well as provide audit tools, granular permission settings, identity management functions, and more.

Remote support solutions are used by IT departments to solve clients' technical issues and save organizations time and money on IT support. IT support staff do not have to travel to the physical device or waste time on the phone deciphering the non-technical language of an uninformed user. Instead, they are able to access the device, diagnose the problem, and implement a solution unimpeded.

Remote support software should not be confused with remote desktop software, although the two share the basic principle of allowing access from a remote point via the internet or an intranet. The defining difference between these types of software is the expanded functionality offered by remote support solutions.

Remote support software can be used as a standalone application, but most solutions typically offer integration with an IT management or a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. IT professionals use remote support software as part of their technology stack to enhance their capacity for helping clients.

To qualify as a Remote Support solution, a product must:

  • Generate detailed session reports
  • Complete administrative tasks remotely
  • Allow full remote unattended and attended access to and control of desktops, servers, and laptops
  • Allow connection over the internet or an internal network
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    TeamTeamViewer provides easy-to-use, scalable, and secure software to connect to and monitor any device, anywhere in the world. From desktop-to-desktop, desktop-to-mobile, mobile-to-mobile, or to unattended devices like servers and IoT devices, TeamViewer allows you to service and support the widest array of platforms and technologies. TeamViewer offers instant, secure access to any device, anywhere in the world. We’ve developed solutions that are as simple as possible for both support technicians and end users. No pre-installed, IT-administered software needed to receive help No complicated steps for people receiving support Enjoy cross-platform connections with support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry Manage settings of your devices centrally, and use secure access controls to connect to unattended devices No port configurations or firewall hassles By cutting out unnecessary steps and complex configurations, your support team can focus their energy on solving problems and increasing productivity instead of struggling to connect with a customer in need. Seamless Integration Pre-built integrations with the world’s top IT-enablement platforms for simple, seamless deployment and continuous improvement. Amazon WorkSpaces Avira Freshdesk/Freshservie IBM MaaS360 Jira Microsoft Active Directory Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Intune MobileIron Ninja Salesforce ServiceNow Synology NAS Devices ThingWorx Zendesk Bank-Level Security Cybersecurity is a constant concern, and your help desk is the hub of all security activity. Your remote sessions are secured by RSA 2048 public/private key exchange, AES (256-bit) end-to-end encryption, and configurable options like two-factor authentication, trusted device approval, master whitelists, and more. Manage Devices & Users Seamlessly Take control of your devices and users from one central dashboard that allows you to easily assign and revoke permissions. Install updates, assign licenses, and configure settings on any device, regardless of whether it’s attended or not. Any Device, Any Platform, Anywhere TeamViewer’s remote access solution supports all devices across your enterprise where connections are needed, whether that’s desktop-to-desktop, desktop-to-mobile, mobile-to-mobile, or unattended devices like servers and IoT devices. Work with any device, regardless of operating system or device status. Multi-User Remote Support Sessions Collaborate with other technicians to solve complex IT issues, with bi-directional desktop sharing and fast file transfers up to 200 MB/s. No lag, no stuttering, no telling users where to click so you can focus your energy on offering the best solutions. Simplify Ticketing With Servicecamp Enable seamless ticket intake and troubleshooting with custom intake forms, internal team notes, simple escalation, and the ability to launch a TeamViewer remote support session or video conference directly from the ticket. The best part? Servicecamp is included with TeamViewer Premium and Corporate accounts.

    Support remote customers quickly through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Setup and manage remote computers effortlessly with unattended remote access. Completely secure and reliable.

    ConnectWise Control, formerly ScreenConnect, is a fast, reliable and secure remote support, access and meeting solution. Connect instantly to provide on-demand remote support or establish unattended access to repair computers, provide updates, and manage machines. ConnectWise Control includes the same features as competing remote control solutions.

    FixMe.IT is a fast and easy-to-use remote support application built for delivering on-demand and unattended technical assistance to clients located anywhere in the world. Starting at just $25 per month per seat, FixMe.IT allows you to provide unlimited on-demand support and manage up to 150 unattended machines. Other key features include branding, multi-session handling, multi-window control, drag-n-drop file transfer, multi-monitor navigation, whiteboard tools, session recording and reporting, reboot & auto-reconnect, and much more.

    Solarwinds® Take Control™ (formerly SolarWinds® MSP Anywhere™) is web-based remote control software for IT service businesses who need to solve client problems, fast, with minimum disruption to users. It offers live 2-way chat, typically less than 8 second connection time, responsive remote sessions and great remote support tools like windows event viewer and command line. Solarwinds® Take Control™ is 100% cloud-based and is easy to try, buy and use. With Solarwinds® Take Control™ (formerly SolarWinds® MSP Anywhere™), you can assign techs or whole departments to specific customers or individuals so that support tickets get handled efficiently and on time -- a happier experience for your employees and your customers. Technicians can access the system via the bash shell, transfer files silently, and call the system manager to view CPU usage or kill processes. Better yet, the system is lightweight and agile, providing a seamless and interference-free support experience for your clients. Benefits: Open system control console for your customer’s workstation to easily diagnose computer and network issues, check event logs, review or kill processes, and more. Use the remote command line to perform operations in the background, including issuing PowerShell commands. Silently upload files, including scripts that fix issues seamlessly in the background. Easily pass sessions to other employees to escalate tasks or take a break from a tickets, or employ multiple technicians on a single remote access session without affecting performance. Live 2-way chat, typically less than 8 second connection time, responsive remote sessions and great remote support tools like windows event viewer and command line.

    Goverlan Reach
    (145)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Provide remote IT support, automate your IT management, network and system admin tasks with the industry's most secure on-premises remote access software Goverlan Reach enables you to seamlessly support all your users and their machines, no matter where, and without the need for a VPN. With Goverlan you have: . Secure access to your users machines no matter where they are . Enterprise-class Remote Control . Active Directory administration and Password management . Behind-the-scenes systems reporting and management . Software and patch distribution . IT workflow automation . Compliance and security management

    VNC Connect
    (43)4.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    VNC® Connect is screen sharing software that lets you connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it.

    BeyondTrust Remote Support (formerly Bomgar Remote Support) is the #1 solution for organizations that need to securely access and support any device or system, anywhere in the world. Technicians using Remote Support can quickly connect to, view, and control remote systems and devices, chat and collaborate with end-users or other technicians, all while improving remote access security. Organizations in all vertical markets around the globe use Remote Support to deliver superior support services and reduce threats to valuable data and systems. BeyondTrust is privately held and headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices and channel partners around the world. Connect with BeyondTrust at, the BeyondTrust Blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get a free trial of Remote Support at

    (12)4.9 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    NinjaRMM is the world’s first security centric remote monitoring and management platform. Ninja touts an amazing user experience, 360-degree monitoring, an IT marketplace and tight integrations with products used by MSPs as well as IT professionals.

    Designed for MSPs, IT, and service providers to remotely support clients' computers and servers. Includes both unattended and attended access. Better alternative to LogMeIn Central, TeamViewer, and GoToAssist. Splashtop Remote Support Premium is designed for IT professionals and MSPs who need a solution combining remote control, alerts monitoring, Windows updates, and remote command features. It provides top requested features at a low cost. The Premium edition adds remote management and monitoring features including: + Configurable Alerts allow users to set up alerts in customized combinations to monitor computer status, software installation, memory usage, and more + Windows Update Management helps technicians ensure that their computers are up-to-date + Remote Command enables users to execute commands on a remote computer + System Inventory displays system, hardware, and software inventory + Event Logs show the computers’ key events/warnings that technicians can use to troubleshoot issues Add-on: + Endpoint security system helps to keep your computers clean and safe

    SecureLink for Vendors
    (24)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Third-party (or vendor) remote access is the greatest threat to enterprise network security. SecureLink is designed and built for one purpose -- to provide the best possible third-party remote access solution. For highly regulated enterprise organizations, this means securely managing vendor remote access while controlling permissions, ensuring industry compliance, and creating audit trails. For technology vendors, this means efficiently providing remote support to customers while decreasing time to resolution, scaling to meet demand, and reducing liability.

    LogMeIn Rescue is a powerful, easy-to-use remote support solution for PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and more. Rescue is built to serve teams of all sizes, from small helpdesks to the world's largest support organizations, and everyone in between. Rescue helps you provide technical support to your employees, your customers, or both, with a solution that is fast, reliable, flexible, and easy to use.

    ISL Online is remote support & remote access tool with a rich set of features and very high-security standards. ISL Online allows users to securely access and control remote Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as mobile devices to provide ad hoc technical support and remote management. Rich customization options allow you to rebrand the software to your own corporate identity and apply advanced security measures. ISL Online offers a cloud or on-premises service with a unique licensing model, which doesn’t limit the number of devices or clients you support.

    Wayk Now is a flexible, easy-to-use and lightweight remote desktop access solution that reduces implementation time and increases security. When integrated with Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager, it enables easy management, scalability and increased efficiency through a single, unique platform for all remote sessions. Wayk Now is an ideal remote desktop access solution that delivers the best of both worlds for IT professionals and executives alike: efficiency, security and control on one side, and affordability and investment protection on the other! Wayk Now comes in two editions: Free and Enterprise. The Free Edition can be used for both personal and commercial purposes while the Enterprise Edition delivers a complete feature set including unattended access, concurrent sessions and remote execution. You can compare both editions here:

    Kaseya VSA
    (38)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Kaseya VSA is an integrated IT systems management platform that can be leveraged seamlessly across IT disciplines to streamline and automate your IT services. Kaseya VSA integrates key management capabilities into a single platform. Kaseya VSA makes your IT staff more productive, your services more reliable, your systems more secure, and your value easier to show. VSA capabilities include: Remote Monitoring, Remote Control, Patch Management, Monitoring, AV/AM, Process Automation, Backup and more.

    (25)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Top rated all-in-one software solution for managed service professionals (MSPs) and IT Professionals. Atera includes everything you need including Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM), Professional Services Automation (PSA), Remote Access and more for a low monthly flat rate. Atera's affordable pricing model helps your business grow with no extra costs. Now you can monitor unlimited devices and endpoints without any price hikes. It’s THAT simple. Try today for free!

    GoToAssist Remote Support is the choice of IT professionals demanding robust, easy-to-use remote support. With GoToAssist Remote Support, you can resolve technical issues by instantly delivering web-based support to customers, end users, unattended computers and servers. Key Features: Unattended Support Collaboration File Transfer Remote Diagnostics Security (2FA, SSO, and AD Sync)

    (34)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Addigy provides the leading cloud-based IT Management Platform specifically for managing your Apple ecosystem, including all Macs and iOS devices. Our extremely intuitive platform empowers Apple IT administrators to deliver real-time service to their users regardless of geographic location while providing a robust administrative framework at scale. Leveraging Addigy, Apple IT administrators can provide: Asset Management, Monitoring, Automated Remediation, Maintenance, Software Deployment, Profile & Configuration Management, and so much more.

    Remote Support from the cloud for the Customer Service Revolution. ScreenMeet makes it fast and easy to get on your customers devices and fix them all from within the context of your existing CRM and ITSM platform. All data is written back to the ticket autotmatically.

    Managed Workplace is a complete remote monitoring and network management platform with powerful, integrated security tools and services. With Managed Workplace, service providers can quickly assess vulnerabilities, secure weak points, monitor anomalies, and seamlessly recover data in the event of an attack — all from a single dashboard. Managed Workplace brings a cost-effective, multi-tenant security lens to remote monitoring management — enabling MSPs to grow their business, differentiate their services, and build customer loyalty.

    Keep your systems running smoothly with access to highly-trained support teams and quick response times

    The free Cireson Self-Service Portal for end users is a complete replacement of the Microsoft Self-Service Portal for Service Manager. Empower your end users to perform everyday self-service tasks by providing an easy to use, personalized experience when reporting incidents, searching the knowledge base, and requesting services from the service catalog. Use this app along with the free Analyst Portal Community app to provide Analysts with web-based Incident Management capabilities.

    Radmin allows establishing a secure connection between computers over the internet as if they were connected over a LAN.

    BMC Client Management optimizes your service management solution to provide comprehensive, automated endpoint management, delivering great service to end users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risk.

    Cloud Management Suite is a Predictive IT Management solution, delivered from the cloud, that enables the IT Department to manage all devices inside or outside the network without the need to deploy agents. Cloud Management Suite provides patch management (Microsoft and third-party), remote control, inventory, reporting, and software distribution features.

    ScreenMeet is cloud-native, web-based screen sharing and remote takeover. Used by leading SaaS and mobile app developers, hardware manufacturers and IT help desks. Contact Number : 865-657-8408 Contact Email :

    ShowMyPC provides Remote Support and Meeting services for all users. Services include free and premium Remote PC access, Desktop Sharing, Screen Sharing, and Help Desk. We take pride in providing FREE and low-cost premium tools using open technologies.

    Comprehensive remote support software for end-user support and system troubleshooting.

    Surfly is a co-browsing chat solution with video chat that allows two or more people to share a browser simultaneously in real-time through the world wide web. Surfly is a simple cost-effective collaboration tool. It can be used for webinars, customer support and sales. Our chat solution has helped companies to improve customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates and lower support costs. Moreover, it is easy to set up, no downloads.

    Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) provides a powerful remote support solution for IT professionals to access nearly any platform or device to solve issues quickly. It delivers clear visibility and communication capabilities to solve technical problems fast and delight end users. Packed with all the features of premium, expensive solutions, DRE offers powerful tools, reporting, and session monitoring at an affordable price.

    dualmon provides an advanced Software-as-a-Service solution that will keep you connected to your computers from anywhere in the world.

    Glia creates digital-first customer engagement solutions that enable companies to identify and segment high-value website visitors, communicate through live chat, audio, and video chat, and leverage visual context through CoBrowsing and Live Observation - creating deeper, more meaningful conversations that lead to increased sales and improved customer support.

    Remote support software for IT Pros. XP/Vista/7/8/RT. View & Control any PC or Mac through firewalls from anywhere.

    No-IP Remote Access to remote access the computer, DVR, webcam, security camera or any internet connected device. Without worrying about monthly hostname confirmations.

    Provides Toshiba technical support for all series of laptops and netbooks that need online assistance to fix various types of issues.

    Agentless Remote Control is a remote support software that allows users to remote control any systems in their organization from any browser without deploying a remote control client.

    Augmented Support is a remote support software that allows users to communicate worldwide with voice and video.

    Optimized for quick response

    CenturyLink® Adaptive Network Security is a network-based layer of protection against an increasingly complicated threat landscape. The CenturyLink network acts as a sensor, giving you the visibility and control needed to monitor, block and report attempts to break into your network. Delivered as a combination of service chained functions in the cloud, CenturyLink Adaptive Network Security can quickly adapt to new threats without requiring huge customer investments and new expertise. By moving protection physically closer to the origins of threats, we’re able to neutralize threats more efficiently and effectively. Adaptive Network Security is carrier-agnostic, allowing customers to protect internet connections with CenturyLink, hybrid environments, and third-party networks. • Next-generation firewall • Intrusion detection • Anti-virus • DDoS Mitigation Services • Web content filtering / URL Filtering • Application awareness and control • Anti-malware (sandboxing) • Data-loss protection (DLP) • Secure Remote Access • Logging and reporting • 24/7 Security Operations Center support • Centralized policy management and visibility in the customer portal

    Cisco Webex Support is a software that Provides real-time support and customer service to customers anywhere in the world.

    Manage and Control Devices from a Central, Secure Platform

    PC Remote Control & Presentation Software

    CrowdStrike® Falcon® Device Control™ allows administrators to control USB devices used in their environments and reduce associated risks.

    HelpWire is a unique remote assistance tool based an advanced port virtualization technology. The solution is designed to help reduce the cost of technical support and time invested in handling customer issues. HelpWire makes it simple for engineers to control and support their customers’ equipment remotely. With the software, technical specialists are able to get full access to a malfunctioning device by connecting to it over network (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, the Internet). The device located far away will appear in the expert’s computer as though it were physically attached to the specialist’s machine Major benefits you get with HelpWire: Fully customized solution The software is offered with a custom GUI and a set of advanced features uniquely designed to meet client’ needs. Any specific feature can be added to the solution on your request. The simplicity of use Easy to use, this efficient remote support solution requires no additional hardware or software. A simple HepWire installation on technician’s and clients’ computers will be sufficient for getting remote access to a malfunctioning device over network. Quick response The remote assistance solution eliminates the need for onsite services which allows experts to significantly increase the speed of response to customer need. Issues can be resolved faster as a specialist is able to immediately address the situation. Cross-platform compatibility HelpWire supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Thanks to this cross-platform connectivity, users can create client/server connections in different combinations. Secure messaging channel Provide your customers with immediate attention and quick responses via efficient communication channel - HelpWire Chat. Use cases for HelpWire range from diagnosing remote equipment (phones, computers, printers, CNC machines, vehicle ECU, etc.) to providing prompt online support and repair service. Find more information on the product page

    Junos Space Service Now is a remote, automated troubleshooting client that enables Juniper to quickly identify a problem in a customer's network and achieve a 40% increase in Day 1 issue resolution.

    Remote Access Plus is a secure and comprehensive enterprise remote support solution that lets you remotely govern computers anywhere on the globe. With the powerful remote desktop sharing and over a dozen of robust diagnostic tools you can instantly rescue remote computers at the comfort of your desk.

    Monflo brings remote control user experience to a whole new level. Control your Windows desktop, show presentations and access files from your personal computer with your Android mobile device or from another PC computer. All in lag-less performance and up to 4K quality

    Support end users and unattended devices with remote keyboard, video and mouse control, integrated file transfer, and a variety of remote management capabilities. Automate routine tasks with built-in scripting and improve collaboration with the ability to run multiple concurrent connections to a single device. Improve incident resolution with Netop Remote Control. Cross-platform and multi-device support allows organizations to consolidate remote support tools and improve efficiency while complying with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and others. Netop Remote Control is a scalable solution for organizations with 5 or 500,000 devices who need high security and want improved efficiency. Features REMOTE CONTROL Real-time, seamless control over an end user’s screen, mouse and keyboard; Intel VPRO operations FILE TRANSFER & SCRIPTING Full-featured drag and drop transfer, automated file transfers and inventories with easy scripting REMOTE MANAGEMENT Manage services, command prompts, registry events, software & hardware information WEB-ENABLED GATEWAYS Connect quickly beyond your LAN and allow secure third-party access into selected network segments SECURE ACCESS Multi-factor authentication, customizable security parameters, and complete session recording LOGGING Complete screen recording, log over 100 events, manage logs centrally, at the client or at the supporter

    Enable Support Teams to provide instant and secure remote support to end users and customers with Remote Support apps. Designed to leverage Microsoft Configuration Manager with the ability to integrate natively into your ITSM solution, these apps streamline customer support by providing valuable insights into users, devices, processes, and deployments. Gain control by securely performing remote troubleshooting actions such as deploying software, initiating remote control, and evaluating real-time performance from anywhere, any time. Maximize productivity, deliver faster problem resolution, and increase end user satisfaction with our modern web-based support tools.

    Remote Support and Meetings is a remote support software that provides remote support, online meetings and demonstration tools offering website integration, screen sharing, audio, and desktop recording.

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