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Address verification software aims to verify, correct, and standardize residential and corporate addresses and other physical identifying data. Businesses use address verification tools to verify mailing lists, customer addresses, and other data that relies on correct mailing addresses. Sales and marketing teams typically find the greatest use out of address verification solutions as the software can check address data acquired by lead generation software. E-commerce channels also benefit from address verification software by confirming customer shipping addresses are valid. With verified physical addresses, mailing, shipping, and customer location data are more reliable.

While tangentially related to data quality software solutions from a functional standpoint, address verification software is set apart by its distinct use cases, focus on physical location data, and reliance on authoritative location data sourcing to verify correctness. This leads address verification software to be distinct products from data quality solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Address Verification category, a product must:

  • Automatically check addresses, both incoming and existing, against an authoritative database
  • Standardize address data to a universal format
  • Purge or update askew data through fuzzy matching or other corrective processes
  • Integrate with industry solutions or address databases
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    Since 1985, Melissa has been providing enterprise data quality tools with wide capabilities including data profiling and standardization, cleansing, enriching, linking and deduping. Our mission is to provide organizations with best-of-breed solutions that deliver trusted, reliable, accurate information for greater insight. Our multiplatform products, services and integrations work seamlessly in .NET, SQL Server and Excel to help you: • Achieve better insight with clean, accurate customer data

    The Loqate Platform
    (17)4.6 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Loqate, a GBG solution, is the world’s most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses of all sizes and sectors. By combining our leading address verification and geocoding technology with the richest data we give businesses anywhere in the world the precision and reliability they need to give their customers the best possible experiences. From one, simple-to-use source, our customers can access our global data and knowledge repository for hyper-local insights, helping th

    Improve end-to-end business performance with a single platform that integrates quality data, location intelligence and decisive customer insight.

    AccuZIP provides solutions to manage contact data quality, address hygiene, USPS Postal presorting and compliance and mail tracking and reporting.

    ArcGIS Data Reviewer helps you to make data quality a component of your overall data management strategy.

    Fully CASS Certified by the USPS®, SmartSoftDQ’s AccuMail solutions provide the most powerful industry-leading address verification software that standardizes, validates, and corrects information at point-of-entry or in batch mode across an entire database. AccuMail frameworks provides a wide array of valuable features designed to save you and time and money: • Cuts waste with advanced duplicate detection technology • Is easily integrated into virtually any application housing customer data • I

    Anchor Computer Software provides postal processing, data quality, and document design solutions for the direct mail/marketing industry with tools to create personalized documents, maximize postal discounts, and keep data files in good condition.

    Secure the benefits of real-time postal address verification across all business-critical systems, databases and applications. Available as REST or SOAP services, SmartSoftDQ’s AccuMail address verification API deploys rapidly and prevents inaccurate or incomplete data from entering any system. Ensure each address is parsed, analyzed, verified, formatted with USPS® CASS certified data, standardized with ZIP+4® Codes, updated with DPV™, SuiteLink™, or LACSLink® information, enhanced with carrier

    Acme Data DQ*Plus provides solutions to cleanse data, verify addresses, find and consolidate duplicate records.

    Transform your messy, duplicate-laden data into clean, reliable and actionable data with the cloud-based Satori data solutions platform.

    We help businesses capture address data quickly and accurately. Our postcode & address lookup solutions improve the usability of address entry forms and boost address data quality. All address data is cleansed at the point of capture.

    Code-1 Plus validates, corrects and standardizes customer address data.

    Egon is a data quality software tool available directly by the web that provides all-round operations for international postal address verification.

    Cut costs, speed cash flow and increase customer satisfaction with timely delivery of communications.

    GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence.

    MemberPoint cleans and enhances your membership files with information from our vast public records repository which uses our proprietary LexID linking technology and HPCC computing platform.

    Lob's real-time address verification solution is CASS-certified by USPS for over 169 million domestic addresses to ensure your product gets to its final destination.

    DEYDE is a 100% Spanish-owned company specializing in Data Quality (DQ).

    You cannot afford to run your business on questionable data. With SAP® Data Services software, you can access, transform, and connect data to fuel your critical business processes. Together, these enterprise-class solutions enable data integration and data quality, providing the right level of insight across your business so you can make better decisions and operate more effectively.

    Since 2001, Service Objects has provided real-time data quality services that verify and improve the quality of your leads and contact records. Our DOTS Lead Validation is a real-time API combining our validation expertise in contact, business name, email, address, phone, and device verification into a single, robust solution that corrects and appends contact records and provides an actionable lead quality score. Our service cross-validates five critical lead quality components: name, street a

    Saves time and money by reducing the overhead and costs associated with NCOA processing.

    WinPures Clean & Match with Address Verification is a secure, on-premise address cleaning & geocoding solution which uses a powerful Global Parsing Engine (GPE) to parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format address data. From a simple click it will automatically correct and add all missing address elements by comparing it to the very latest country datasets. The solution is fully on premise and requires no online connection.

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