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E-commerce analytics software tracks the performance of online retailers. This type of software helps companies identify its most- and least-performant products, monitor buyer and consumer behavior, and determine which issues impact the business. E-commerce analytics tools are commonly used by e-commerce professionals to improve both sales and the customer experience, but can also be used by inventory managers for fulfillment and by accountants to track costs and profitability.

While most e-commerce platforms provide reporting and analytics features, e-commerce analytics software is usually delivered as a standalone solution. Some analytics software providers include features for e-commerce in their offerings. Since generic analytics software isn't always a good alternative to e-commerce analytics, these types of products are not included in this category.

To qualify for inclusion in the E-Commerce Analytics category, a product must:

  • Provide KPIs and analytics that are specific to e-commerce
  • Integrate with e-commerce software out of the box or through APIs
  • Deliver dashboards that display e-commerce KPIs and analytics
  • Analyze e-commerce sales on multiple channels
  • Utilize web analytics to monitor user behavior
  • Track the performance of campaigns and promotions
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    Woopra is a Customer Journey Analytics solution that is redefining how companies understand, analyze, engage and retain their customers. The platform is designed to fuel optimization and growth throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Leveraging individual-level data to aggregate analytics reports for full lifecycle insights that bridge departmental gaps. Woopra’s proprietary tracking technology tracks usage across your website, product and mobile applications. In addition, the platform offer

    Metrilo helps ecommerce brands grow by making marketing and customer data actionable, and focusing on retention and higher CLTV. The tools include real-time reporting, customer database, segmentation, email marketing and automation. Integration for major ecommerce platforms is seamless. Free 14-day trial available.

    Magento Business Intelligence module is to acquire, convert, and retain more buyers through BI.

    Streamline with our pre-built commerce integrations.​ Connect systems, sync data, automate processes, grow your business. * Inventory Management * List products on multiple channels from a single catalog. * Order Management * Sync orders from all channels into ChannelApe. * ERP Integration * Customized connections to keep your single source of truth in sync. * Rate Shopping * Make sure you always ship via the best shipping method. * WMS Integration * Send orders to warehouse for shipment

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    Mixpanel is helping the world learn from its data by translating user behavior into actionable knowledge. As the leading user analytics platform, Mixpanel tracks interactions to surface information that provides valuable insights which enable businesses to make smarter decisions, break down knowledge silos and drive data-informed innovation. Mixpanel is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Seattle, Salt Lake City, London, and Singapore. With over 26,000 customers worldwide

    We help manufacturer brands monitor key e-commerce data on Amazon, Walmart, and other major retail sites. Our software will track the following information daily on a per SKU level: * Product reviews on Amazon and most other major retail sites * User questions on Amazon and most other major retail sites * Buy box (merchant, availability), 3P prices, and sales rank * Product content (title, images, bullet features, A+ status) * Search rank position Once signed up, you'll be able to access the r

    CAKE provides performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing that enables advertisers, networks and publishers to manage, measure and optimize marketing performance in real-time. Affiliate Marketing: Manage and measure partner marketing programs, optimize performance for the highest profitability and attract valuable partners. Lead Generation: Maximize lead generation efforts through a holistic view into the management and o

    Bluecore is a retail marketing technology company that empowers marketers to launch any personalized campaign in 60 seconds through a single platform that connects real-time product and customer data. More than 400 retail brands, including Staples, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Teleflora and Best Buy Canada, use Bluecore to deploy triggered communications across email, social media, search and display. Bluecore’s AI-driven decisioning engine determines the timing and content for the next-best

    Glew delivers multichannel business intelligence and analytics for ecommerce merchants, digital agencies, retailers and B2B sellers. With 40+ integrations, Glew lets you see all your data in one place - and get meaningful insights to grow your business through beautiful visualizations, scheduled and automated reports, alerts and more.

    OWOX BI is your personal marketing analyst that helps you grow faster and achieve your marketing goals. With marketing analytics by OWOX BI, you will find growth areas and identify your risks, get an AI-powered forecast of your marketing plan performance, receive actionable reports for every employee and create your data-driven marketing strategy. OWOX BI will show you how your marketing plan can be fulfilled, where your growth areas and weak points are, and how your market share is changing.

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for WHMCS implement Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce features using Google Tag Manager on WHMCS. With this module you now can track all orders in Google Analytics and Goals Conversion. Optimize your Adwords Campaings with informations about sales orders, revenue and CPA.

    Plerdy is a SaaS solution for your website and/or online store conversion rate increase. The product consists of tools for collecting and processing data, complete analysis and analytics.

    Powerful eCommerce Analytics for Growth MonkeyData is the best analytics solution for your online store. It gives you the perfect insights on how all areas of your business are performing - in one place. This must-have app will change your attitude towards data analytics forever. We’ve made this tool both sophisticated in terms of analysis and easy to use, just the way you need it! Gain Deeper Insights Go one deeper with MonkeyData and truly understand your business. Use all the information w

    Putler analyzes billions of dollars for people who want freedom, clarity and results.

    Springbot is an eCommerce marketing automation platform.

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    TrackStreet™ monitors what’s happening with your brand across the Internet and delivers actionable sales intelligence to protect + grow your brand.. **What TrackStreet Does** TrackStreet is a true brand partner. We leverage deep industry expertise and artificial intelligence to help automate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy Enforcement to give you a significant competitive edge. Our platform saves you time and money and helps protect your established resale channel from unauthorized or un

    Algopix provides ecommerce merchants with actionable purchasing insights. By analyzing products automatically, Algopix reduces the time merchants spend on tedious manual processes to determine what to buy, where to sell and at what price. No more wishing, no more hoping - just smart, data-driven analysis to help merchants make the best business decisions possible.

    Content Analytics is the only end-to-end eCommerce solution combining analytics, content management and reporting all in one platform.

    Custora is a retail marketing platform that makes it easy to learn about your customers and automatically leverage those insights across marketing touchpoints. Simply put, our software powers sustainable growth by driving revenue from repeat customers. Custora is the only software that identifies, prioritizes, and automates repeatable programs to increase ROI - all with a focus on enabling marketers to more effectively collaborate with their merchandising, finance, CRM, and creative teams. is an AI-driven cross-channel marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. The platform provides detailed analytics for dollar-level insights, and intelligent suggestions for optimized performance.

    RJMetrics consolidates all your data into a single warehouse and allows you to perform sophisticated analysis.

    Second Measure transforms credit card transactions into actionable insights for investors.

    StackTome is a tool designed to automate customer management for eCommerce businesses.

    YoGrow is a growth accelerator for e-commerce sites. They help store owners understand their data, set targets and find experts that can grow their revenue. Forget the data overload of other analytics packages and clumsy spreadsheets. Their monthly service makes it simple and effective to grow your business.

    Assortify is a software that provides actionable, competitive intelligence that focuses on product assortment comparisons within the online retail industry, it help online retailers to measure the effectiveness of the product assortment by comparing it to their competitors and analyzing trends in the marketplace.

    CanisHub uses advanced machine learning engine to analyze millions of data points to recommend most accurate and relevant products to each customer consistently.

    Centarro Insights is a plug and play sales and analytics dashboard for Drupal Commerce stores. It gives merchants immediate visibility into sales trends, traffic by channel or campaign, conversion rate, top selling products and customers, and more.

    Channel Software provides a powerful, Saas based, Console for your company to manage and measure all of your ecommerce data and activities. Take command of your ecommerce site and data. With easy-to-use admin "panels" you can quickly manage changes and updates across your sites.

    Clicksco analyzes data from a wide range of sources, on and offline, to precisely understand who these people are and what they’re interested in buying.

    DataFeedWatch enables merchants and agencies to optimize product data feeds for Google Shopping and other shopping channels in different countries.

    Datagram is an e-commerce analytics solution.

    Profitero's Digital Shelf 360 eCommerce analytics provide a unique, 360-degree view of your eCommerce performance, from sales & share measurement to product page content, pricing, search rankings, and reviews. Target the retailers and products that matter most, prioritize the actions with the highest ROI based on Profitero's causal analytics, and measure your improvements.

    Downstreamadvanced analytics and machine learning enabled application provides a 360 degree view of your entire Amazon business. Built specifically to meet the needs of large Amazon Suppliers, we empower brand's to quickly scale growth while improving ROI and operational efficiency.

    E-commerce analytics is your ground floor window onto the answer. With the SellPoints solution, you get the best reporting tools available, with insights into add to cart rates and the resulting conversion lift, so you can make smart choices with your marketing dollars.

    Using E Fundamentals' insights and tools, brand owners are able to gain significant competitive advantage by optimising online ranging, pricing, positioning, promotion and from executing their category strategy with real-time insight.

    Elevar surfaces insights across your marketing and analytics data instantly. Specialists in eCommerce and marketing analytics. Insights: Analyze and Share Data.

    InsiteAnalytics for eCommerce combines analytics data for sales, customers, users, and sites, creating a dynamic perspective of how your online presence is performing alongside your traditional sales.

    Littledata provides a seamless connection between your website, marketing channels and Google Analytics. Integrate Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for even more marketing data.

    Mamaya is an easy way to promote your products on Facebook and win back lost customers.

    MarginDriver is a user-designed suite of multi-channel ecommerce reporting and analytics tools that provides meaningful data on margins and profitability while efficiently delivering the results to popular accounting software. It offers critical business intelligence and eliminates countless hours of data manipulation and bookkeeping work. All without the need for a developer or any technical expertise.

    Metorik is an analytics solution for WooCommerce stores, unifying store's orders, customers, and products through reports.

    Metricstory is an intelligent platform that discovers unrealized revenue opportunities in your Google Analytics data. It is the only solution to provide innovative, actionable alerts and analyses across every combination of your data. Metricstory gives your eCommerce business the horsepower of Fortune 50 companies without the overhead so your team can make fast, data-driven decisions with huge revenue impact.

    Miipharos is an in-store analytics and marketing platform.

    With MOVEX Analytics, provides a flexible tool that brings structure and meaningfulness to large data quantities behind the omnichannel processes.

    Order Metrics is a Profit Analytics for E‑Commerce that Monitorates profit & marketing and allow clients to make profitable decisions.

    Plytix Scope is a product based e-commerce analytics platform that accurately tracks product performance across domains on one centralized dashboard.

    Rakuten Intelligence lets you zoom into your online retail strategy. Get a closer look at the online shopper, faster.

    SavvyCube provides you with simple yet powerful insights into your past, present and future business performance based on data from Magento, PayPal and Google Analytics. SavvyCube is a division of Webtex Solutions, a Minneapolis-based software development company.

    Seg provides the ability for an online retailer to understand their customers preferences automatically and then connects this data to email

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