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Best E-Commerce Personalization Software

E-commerce personalization software creates experiences tailored to consumers who shop online using e-commerce tools. This type of software captures user behavior in real time across multiple channels and provides personalized messaging to help users discover and buy products or services. E-commerce personalization software is used by marketers and e-commerce professionals to increase online sales.

E-commerce personalization software is usually delivered as a standalone solution that integrates with e-commerce platforms, shopping cart software, and product information management (PIM) software. In addition, some vendors combine e-commerce personalization software with e-merchandising software or multichannel retail software.

To qualify for inclusion in the E-Commerce Personalization category, a product must:

  • Monitor user behavior on channels such as mobile, web, or email
  • Provide features to create personalized messaging and product recommendations
  • Target visitors with custom messaging based on behavior and history
  • Define and implement personalization campaigns to target segments of buyers
  • Analyze the efficiency of personalization campaigns across multiple channels
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    At Nosto, we acknowledge that every customer is unique. In fact, that’s what we’re all about! Nosto automatically predicts and delivers the most relevant shopping experiences in real-time to every individual customer. All this to increase your customer engagement and maximize the revenue potential for your business. At the core of it all is our Ecommerce Intelligence Engine™ that uses advanced machine learning algorithms, which unlike other personalization technologies, have exclusively been trained on ecommerce-specific data for the past 7 years. We here at Nosto are also renowned for our professional and friendly customer success managers and their mastery of the ecommerce industry. Their expertise and understanding of your specific business goals ensures that you not only have cutting edge technology at your fingertips, but also the ongoing support on how to leverage it most efficiently! And the results speak for themselves... Customers using Nosto’s full suite see 10-30% average increase in revenue & 7x average return on investment

    AB Tasty
    (17)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    AB Tasty is a SAAS application created for e-marketers that enables them to optimize their websites and conversion rates without technical knowledge. They can test several versions of their website to identify which one has the greatest impact on their business objectives, e.g. click-through rate on a call to action button, add-to-cart rate, global conversion rate. Specialized knowledge no longer required Thanks to our graphical editor, you won't need any technical knowledge to make adjustments to your website. Make any changes you want in just a few clicks. Create any and all testing scenarios You can create all of your tests from the same interface: A/B tests, A/B/C tests, etc., as well as tests on pages behind logins, multi-page tests (tunnel) and multivariate tests (MVT). Precisely define the pages and visitors to include in your tests Combine unlimited criteria, whether by URL, content type, navigation behavior, device type... You can also use your own data for test targeting purposes. Measure everything Define your business indicators, whether it's your visitor engagement, conversion rate, the turnover generated, or average cart value. Put your faith in the figures We save your business indicators for each variation and compare the performance differences with the original. A statistical reliability indicator tells you whether the differences are significant and from what point you can rely on the figures for your decision making. Identify the most effective messages Use the advanced analysis feature to identify the most relevant message for each type of visitor. Deliver the right message, to the right visitor, at the right time Easily personalize the customer experience for different user segments based on information gained from testing. Pricing Information: Our short video on

    (36)3.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Emarsys Marketing Platform is a Fully Integrated Marketing Platform, one platform, all the tools you need. Analyze, optimize, personalize. Use the Emarsys Marketing Platform to create a unified profile for each of your customers. Then, automate personalized messages across all channels, optimize for performance, and measure results - all from a single integrated platform. Move beyond segmentation to true one-to-one personalization. Anyone can collect data, but without the right tools to interpret and use it, it’s useless. The Emarsys Marketing Platform goes beyond data collection and segmentation to create unified profiles for every customer. Identify important audience segments and opportunities for repeat business you never knew existed. Then reach out to buyers through truly personalized 1-to-1 interactions with the right message at the right time across the right channel for each individual to drive optimal results. Other marketing platforms and point solutions pressure marketers to become more like data scientists and encourage the addition of more fragmented tools and technologies to their marketing tech stacks. But Emarsys is challenging this way of thinking. Why? Because regardless of your level of technical expertise or the number of point solutions you may have, human-driven personalization doesn’t scale. It never will. But Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing does. It’s time to take a stand. Powered by AI, the Emarsys Marketing Platform leaves the data science to the machine. Our single, integrated platform delivers truly personalized interactions to your customers - at scale - all while allowing you, the marketer, to focus instead on what you really love: strategy, content, and creative.

    Optimizely is the world’s leader in digital experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its best in class experimentation software platform. By replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely enables product and marketing professionals to accelerate innovation, lower the risk of new features, and drive up the return on investment from digital by up to 10X. Over 26 of the Fortune 100 companies choose Optimizely to power their global digital experiences. Optimizely’s impressive customer list includes eBay, FOX, IBM, The New York Times and many more global enterprises. To learn more, visit

    (13)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    iZooto is a retargeting and engagement solution that leverages web push notifications for e-tailers and publishers drive traffic and conversions. iZooto is a catalyst that helps marketers convert users faster and better with personalized push notifications. iZooto is best suited for mid-size retailers and publishers. iZooto also helps publishers with monetization using native content ads.

    Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimization platform which allows marketers to deploy A/B tests, surveys and personalization experiments with minimum help from the IT The platform has been built with the conversion optimization process in mind: 1. Run on-site surveys in order to find out specific barriers the website users might have (eg. lack of trust, bad UX, no purchase intention etc.) 2. Based on the survey results, create a hypothesis about what can be done in order to improve conversions 3. Create experiments using the A/B Testing tool or the web personalization engine - advanced segmentation (segments from CRM, GTM, weather API, etc) on the webpage or through exit-intent overlays. 4. Easily track KPIs or events such as cart abandonment rate, page engagement, number of clicks on certain links or page elements. 5. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn: get the knowledge or keep the winning experiments. 6. Save the reports 7. Repeat

    Pure360 was founded in 2001, we are a UK-based email & SMS marketing provider who specialise in understanding our clients and getting the very best results from their campaigns. We work with over 1,400 organisations including brands such as Wagamama, innocent drinks, The FT, Bravissimo, PayPal and Occam. Our company vision is “redefining email to transform our customers’ digital marketing results”. We allow marketers to send clever, results-driven campaigns without over complicating things. The Pure360 suite of solutions including PureCampaign, PureTargeting, PurePromotions and PureIntelligence empower and bring cutting edge technology and intelligence to the hands of some of the world's leading Ecommerce businesses.

    The Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform delivers best-in-class, highly engaging, predictive, and individualized shopping experiences across all online touch points so brands and retailers can drive more revenue and delight every visitor. A scalable, modular architecture delivers experiences for Search, Recommendations, Category, and Landing Pages, Content Personalization, and Email, all made smarter with E-Commerce AI that’s continuously uncovering hidden relationships across broad and growing combinations of products, attributes, visitor interactions, and their subtle preferences. Breakthrough 1:1 Customer Engagement Technology. Finally Within Reach. No hodge-podge of on-premises and hosted tools. No custom coding. No reliance on developers and data scientists. We built the Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform in the cloud, so any marketing and merchandising manager, at every brand and retailer can deploy plug and play visitor experiences that drive behavior, realize the benefits of real self-learning AI and configure it all with clicks, not code—and see the impact of it all with visual analytics and executive reports. Reflektion easily connects to any existing E-Commerce platform, using JavaScript or API so any online retailer can enhance their current site with the latest hyper-personalization technology, quickly and efficiently.

    Bluecore is a retail marketing technology company that empowers marketers to launch any personalized campaign in 60 seconds through a single platform that connects real-time product and customer data. More than 400 retail brands, including Staples, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, Teleflora and Best Buy Canada, use Bluecore to deploy triggered communications across email, social media, search and display. Bluecore’s AI-driven decisioning engine determines the timing and content for the next-best communication based on insight into individual shoppers’ onsite behaviors and how specific product shifts influence their actions. All of this drives relevance for shoppers and increased revenue with less effort for brands. Learn more at

    Here at Personify XP, we have a passion for making everyone’s digital experiences personal. Josh and Ben started Personify XP because we recognized that 95% of people who visit a website are anonymous and receive a generic experience. That’s just not good enough. That’s not because companies haven’t recognised how important these visitors are – it’s just that there has been no great way to do it. For so long companies have focused on ‘knowing the customer’ before they can personalise to them. With GDPR and people becoming much more cautious over sharing data it has become harder to personalise to website visitors as companies know less about their visitors. Even when there is a lot of data available on customers it still takes considerable time within a company to segment their visitors and then manually create the user journeys for each of these segments. Personalisation takes a lot of time and a lot of decisioning – why couldn’t all of this be automated? The Personify Anonymous Experience platform is the first platform to focus exclusively on anonymous visitors. Our AI platform connects great products with shoppers you know nothing about through automating how content and products are shown to which shoppers and when. We provide unique insight into how your anonymous customers shop whilst ensuring your customers data is private and we are GDPR complaint out-of-the-box. We drive 15% additional revenue and 35% higher conversions through our AI technology. We are a privately funded business with significant funding from angel investors. We are delighted to partner with brands such as Hawes & Curtis, Finery London, Ghost and Interhatch to provide incredibly personalised experiences to their anonymous visitors.

    #1 Content Management System in the industry, Sitecore® Experience Management™ empowers content curation by: • Separating content from presentation promoting content reuse. • In context editing and designing makes authoring intuitive and efficient • Preview capabilities with device simulators to ensure consistent messaging across your visitors • Multisite and Multilingual capabilities • Enterprise-class search • Content scheduling, asset management, workflow, versioning, validation • Content targeting based on device, geo-IP, and actions within the visit • Multichannel support and the Sitecore® Mobile SDK

    Improve user engagement with an easy to use newsfeed and changelog. Use Beamer to announce relevant news, your latest features and updates. is a leading Social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores onto Facebook, having them fully customized to fit both the Facebook arena and the original brand's look & feel.

    YFret is a "marketing assistant for ecommerce". It enables online retailers to showcase their products to the right target audience on the website, social media, email, text messages and browser notifications. The unique value proposition is that it supports personalized 1-1 content as well as curated promotional content, across multiple channels. It also enables a combination of automatic lifecycle campaigns, and campaign suggestions that can be executed in 3 clicks. for the marketers that like control over their campaigns and concerned about automated campaigns looking too "machine-like"

    Certona, the leading real-time omnichannel personalization solution and pioneer of AI-driven individualization, powers 73 billion unique experiences each month. Trusted by more than 600 brands in over 70 countries, Certona’s patented technology leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver a fully-orchestrated experience with optimized content and messaging to increase engagement and conversions across all customer touchpoints.

    Create content, the right way. Collaborative cloud-based content and data solutions to empower your brand.

    Use Socital Media data to personalize recommendations and email campaigns at your e-shop. Average customer results include: 1. Up to 150% email campaign open rate, 2. 10x faster email database collection, 3. Up to 9x improvement of conversion rate, 4. Decrease of 10-20% of cart abandonment rate, 5. Save up to 25% of your digital marketing spend through better segmentation of audience.

    We believe the future of digital commerce will be defined by businesses' ability to collaborate digitally - and therefore build loyalty - with their shoppers. Currently, the tools don't exist to take businesses into the next realm of collaborative commerce by connecting omnichannel technologies. Luckily, we have engineered the modern digital commerce platform to make collaboration not only possible but efficient and effective for every sales associate in an organization. Here's how it works. 4-Tell gathers rich customer and product-centric data through 4-Tell's search, recommendations, and integration of shopper history. 4-Tell's Cognitive Commerce Engine enriches this real-time shopper data and displays it in visual, user-specific profiles through our Collaborative Commerce Platform. In showcasing shopper behavior and buying signals, we inspire sales to collaborate more effectively, online and offline, with every shopper – driving loyalty, inspiring confidence and, ultimately, boosting business results.

    AnnounceKit is a changelog service with fancy in-product widgets you can use on your website.

    Augen App uses machine learning to understand consumer behaviour and to show real time, dynamic e personalized recommendations, adding artificial intelligence to shopify stores to understand consumer behaviour in real time.

    Conversational Customer Engagement for E-commerce

    Automat Conversational AI lets brands have two-way conversations with consumers that provide the guidance, recommendations and personalized responses they need to move through the sales funnel. Conversational advertising reaches consumers where they are and prime them for downstream conversion while website virtual advisors help consumers navigate a sea of choices and make more confident buying decisions. Powered by a world-class conversational cloud platform, proprietary AI capabilities, and expert delivery and success teams, brands can have one-to-one interactions with consumers at scale and utilize Connect Conversations to improve consumer engagement, insight, and conversion at all points in the customer journey.

    Barilliance helps eCommerce sites of any size to increase sales and conversion rates by providing visitors with a personalized omnichannel shopping experience. The Barilliance eCommerce personalization suite includes cross-channel personalized product recommendations, behavioral triggered emails, real-time onsite personalization, and Live social proof notifications.

    BrainSINS provides personalization technology to more than 100 online retailers all around the globe, including large multichannel retailers such as PhoneHouse and MotherCare, and solely online retail companies such as TradeInn and E-Tasker.

    Bunting is a website personalisation tool that improve visitor engagement and boost e-commerce conversions it promotes sales growth by allowing websites to personalise content around each individual visitor, based on their browsing habits and a powerful set of analytics data.

    Care Cart is an abandoned cart recovery system that converts Shopify stores' lost revenue through intelligent tracking, automated emails, and robust reporting.

    A set of unique features to help you recover up to 5x more online orders than with any other tool or built-in solution.

    Cognilyze offers psychology based product recommendations for e-commerce sites.

    Communicator is email marketing software that powers marketing automation for our customers so they can achieve breakthrough results.

    By combining software solutions and statistical methods, we make every internet presence more effective. This means: measurably more satisfied customers, higher conversions, more turnover. Our Predictive Analytics Platform epicAi examines complex and dynamic behavioral data in real time for similarity structures, cross-connections and trends. It automatically identifies different clusters of users and recommends Quick-Wins for the implementation of machine learning algorithms. The key components are an independent tracking solution (epicPIXEL), a special set of modern statistical methods and a user interface that actively detects new opportunities.

    Forma is building photorealistic avatars that are a dynamic and deeply personal form for people's online identity.

    Formisimo is the Form Analytics market-creator and leader, and our patent-pending software helps thousand of companies improve their online forms and checkout processes. Get incredible insight into how users engage with your forms, and find conversion bottlenecks and customer frustration points. Use Formisimo as part of your UX tests and find new ways to delight your customers with an even easier process. 67% of people who start filling in an online form don't complete it. Reduce abandonment and increase conversions by making your form the best it can be.

    The FORTVISION Lead-Gen Interactive Content Suite helps you amplify your message through awesome, engaging, interactive formats and unique placements that enhance, not distract, the user experience. No coding required! With our plug in, you can create endless interactive content on any page of your site, within any post, sidebar, or pop-up, and in any format—all that matches your specific branding. We offer a wide range of fully responsive and well-designed interactive content and lead-form templates. Forget static content. Express yourself in animated, interactive, and engaging formats. Quizzes (personality, trivia, true/false, multiple-choice, etc.) Polls Interactive Videos Story-formats Image and Text Carousels Flipboxes Product Sliders How it Works: Choose from awesome, interactive formats. Create your message with a variety of interactive elements. Add form to capture leads. Amplify your message with a small, non-intrusive call-to-action visible on your homepage (or anywhere else you want to direct your traffic to!) Check on your analytics to understand your users better: Where your leads are coming from, what devices are they using, if they are new or returning users, and a slew of other behavioral data points not available in other analytics providers. Features Personalization and Triggering: Show awesome content according to each visitor’s unique behavior, including exit intent trigger, display after time spent on the website, scrolling trigger, display after X pages visited, display after X clicks, URL targeting (page level on-site targeting), device targeting, geo-location (by country), IP block lists, days and hours, new vs returning visitors (based on cookies), traffic source (Facebook, Google, Google Adwords Youtube, Reddit, Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and any site you want), on-click popup display Customization: Add custom images and backgrounds, HTML elements, entry effects, CTA, change the height and width of your popups, control the display location (header and footer, all sides and corners). Integration: Integrate with your email provider, CRM or marketing automation platform. Lead-Generation Landing Form Pages: Each has its own unique landing page link that can be sent via email, message or post it on social networks. Mobile-Friendly: Content is responsive and mobile friendly, which means that users will experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones and tablets alike. FAQ What are the different formats and elements you offer? There are tons of ways to show off your message that guarantees more engagement (quiz, poll, story-format, animated flip boxes, image and text carousels, interactive video, + more added weekly!) How much control do I have over how the interactive content looks? 100 percent control. With our premium plan, you can customize every single element (you have control over every single layer in your design). How can I contact you with more questions? Hit us up any way that is most convenient for you! We’re around on linkedin, facebook, twitter, or you can email us directly at

    GroupBy Inc. transforms the way retailers interact with their consumers online through data-driven commerce, media, and knowledge management software solutions. The company supports the online retail efforts of many of the world’s leading online retailers by driving more targeted site traffic and increases in revenue through its platform Searchandiser. GroupBy’s solutions provide industry-leading features for data enrichment, search, navigation, merchandising, search engine optimization (SEO) and search as you type (SAYT).

    HiConversion provides enterprise e-commerce optimization solutions for sustainable revenue growth in real-time.

    Instant offers integration of content management systems to the websites.

    The leading Real-Time Personalization platform utilizing Augmented Intelligence to help enterprises transform their customer experiences across every touch point. Leveraging powerful machine learning algorithms, LiftIgniter helps clients deliver end to end real-time personalized experiences and true customer centricity. We empower Marketing teams by combining massive machine learning processing power and scale with human insights for continuous A/B testing through Augmented Intelligence. - Real-time marketing and personalization platform leveraging powerful and dynamic machine learning models to continuously process billions of signals at any point in time. - Augmented Intelligence for real-time personalization at scale that transforms the customer experience across every touch point - Continuous A/B testing platform that pairs machine learning with human intuition. CI/CD for the Marketing team. - Our integration is easy and lightweight with no need to port over years of historical data to be successful. - Flexible solution that works well for sparse data sets, recent user behavior, as well as a cold start or new site users.

    The marketAgility platform was built for speed, scale, and efficiency while providing an exceptional level of value for an enterprise class software solution. For over 15 years, marketAgility has been the go-to name for brands experiencing explosive growth.

    Maropost simplifies customer engagement with a unified platform that connects companies with their customers at every step of their journey. Providing a single customer view, Maropost creates personalized experiences across any channel for better engagement and higher conversion. Pairing white-glove service with industry-leading technology, Maropost makes customer engagement easy.

    The all-new is an ultra-cool AI platform that enables personal conversations. Enterprises can now unlock the wallets of millions of customers. Understand and engage them personally. And do so with never before agility and speed.

    Monotote is an e-commerce platform that enables viewers of inspirational content to purchase displayed products from pictures and videos.

    nToklo creates a more engaging experience for every person bringing to them the products they want.

    Nuukik provides a personalized recommendation engine for online and multichannel retailers.

    Optionizr has developed a global system for options that allows online merchants to easily offer options for their products to give online shoppers time to decide.

    Peerius is an intelligent omnichannel personalisation solution.

    PureClarity is an online e-commerce website personalization tool that offers intelligent site search, merchandise recommendations, and reporting capabilities. The solution enables e-commerce organizations to create a website that is optimized for accessed from any device, including smartphones, and tablets. PureClarity offers buyers a personalized experience and helps B2C and B2B online retailers improve sales, engage with lost customers, and increase the purchase frequency of buyers.

    Qubit Aura curates products and categories for every visitor. As people shop, Aura instantly adapts based on their actions and predicted preferences.

    ReachMobi is a push notification software that enables users to engage their subscribers even when they're not on the website.

    Lifecycle email marketing software for online retailers. The easiest way for online retailers to turn abandoned carts into customers.

    RetailRocket offers personalization and product recommendation engine for eCommerce.