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Best Diversity Recruiting Software

Diversity recruiting software enables companies to automate the process of manually sourcing qualified applicant pools for current and future openings. These tools help HR personnel, hiring managers, and recruitment professionals remove unconscious bias during the recruiting and interviewing process. Recruiting diversity solutions employ artificial intelligence to improve job descriptions, identify qualified candidates, and export full candidate profiles, among other tasks.

Diversity recruiting solutions often provide tools for redacting any information that might inadvertently be used against a candidate including name, background, gender, and education. These inclusive hiring platforms often include features that create and distribute unbiased job descriptions, manage and track applicants, and organizing applicant data. Diversity recruiting solutions are most commonly implemented in HR departments and often integrate with applicant tracking system (ATS) software, job boards, and recruiting automation software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Diversity Recruiting category, a services provider must:

  • Be designed to improve diversity throughout the hiring process
  • Eliminate unconscious bias from the candidate funnel
  • Identify candidates from underrepresented groups

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    Blendoor uses data-driven technology to enable companies to make better hiring decisions based on merit, not molds.

    Employ Diversity helps employers post jobs and internships and attract diverse candidates.

    Entelo Diversity empowers your organization to reap the benefits of building strong, diverse teams. Surface top candidates from under-represented groups based on gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status, and recruit a strong, diverse and innovative team.

    Building uncommon solutions for Talent Acquisition and HR using process and technology hacks.

    HiringSolved uses artificial intelligence to automate candidate matching, increase diversity, reduce time to fill jobs, analyze the social web, and unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data, increasing efficiency by 10X or more.

    Noirefy is a digital platform designed to connect diverse talent, specifically from underrepresented backgrounds to corporations.

    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Plum's mission is to help companies hire, grow, and retain top talent with the power of AI and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. By measuring talents such as adaptability, innovation, and communication, Plum hosts the single largest database for quantifying human potential at every stage of the employee journey — predicting successful hires, and informing professional development, strategic workforce planning, and emerging leader capability.

    pymetrics uses neuroscience games and bias-free AI to predictively match people with jobs.

    The Talent Recommendation Graph Cut 94% of sourcing costs, improve diversity, and double retention.

    TalVista provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive talent pool and workforce.

    Work as a team to write job descriptions that are proven to attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

    Textio Hire unlocks the language that engages them, using real-world hiring outcomes from millions of job posts and recruiting mails. Augmented writing puts this language at your fingertips, letting you draw the most qualified, most diverse talent pool from the city where you're hiring and type of role you're filling.