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Package tracking software, also known as delivery management or mailroom management software, tracks personal packages and deliveries in an office space, shared building (e.g., coworking space), or residential building. Package tracking software streamlines the process of tagging delivered packages, notifying employees or residents of delivered packages, accepting digital signatures, and releasing of those packages. Package tracking software can provide asset and inventory tracking along with management capabilities, as well as create a history of delivered signatures and transactions. Ultimately, package tracking software ensures accountability of mail and packages throughout the entire delivery lifecycle. Package tracking software is specifically not for courier delivery management or supply chain management, and while the solution streamlines package operations, it does not organize delivery logistics or operations. Package tracking software can integrate with property management systems as well as with existing hardware, such as barcode scanners or label printers.

To qualify for inclusion in the Package Tracking category, a product must:

  • Log the status of delivered packages
  • Send out notifications about the status of delivered packages
  • Provide inventory tracking capabilities
  • Accept digital signatures
  • Store package or client data relevant to transaction or signature history
  • Remain separate from courier delivery management or supply chain management
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    Notifii Track is a cloud-based internal package tracking software for buildings and corporate offices, university mailrooms and apartment communities. Quickly and easily log packages in as you receive them and automatically alert the recipient via email/text message. Capture signature proof-of-pickup/delivery on any tablet or iOS/Android Device. Notifii Track saves your team time and increases package accountability. 14-day free trial available, no credit card info required!

    SendSuite Tracking Online is a package receiving and tracking cloud-based solution designed to provide accurate status and chain of custody of your inbound packages. With our innovative package tracking software, time-wasting searches are eliminated. Plus, you'll increase customer satisfaction.

    TekTrack, the industry-leading, Internal Mail & Package Tracking Software System for your inbound tracking demands.

    TURN PACKAGES INTO A COMMUICATION TOOL Recipients want their packages and you want to get rid of them. This package logging software with automated notifications will help you to leverage packages to better communicate and build better relationships, by including important information within each package alert. IT DOES ALL OF THE HEAVY LIFTING Simply manage packages, while notifying recipients of events, news or activities included within each of their package notifications. Or, use our parcel

    ParcelAlert is a package tracking system that helps you stay organized and get the right package to the right resident. The system is designed to streamline package logistics and decrease the time a package waits in the office by sending automatic email or text notifications to alert or remind residents that they have a package waiting in the office. ParcelAlert is also integrated directly with LobbyDisplay.

    BCC Mail Manager slices through ever-changing USPS® red tape to provide dependable mail processing performance—easily adapting to changes in your business, and in the industry itself—while always delivering optimal mailing efficiency and economy. Unbeatable CASS certified presorting and list management mailing software with unrivaled economy and value. With end-to-end mail-processing features (presorting, address standardization, de-duping and more), USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ certified BCC Mail Mana

    Designed to automate away mundane workplace management tasks, our products bring delight to everyday interactions.

    QTrak turns virtually any Apple or Android mobile device such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, LG Tablets, iPad Mini or iPod Touch into a high-speed scanner and transfers package tracking information to our secure cloud database in real time via your wireless or cellular connection. It even stores a digital copy of the receiver’s signature for guaranteed verification.

    Zoom2u is an on demand courier service for business.

    EZTrackIt’s package logging software tracks in-bound packages, such as flowers, dry cleaning, UPS packages and other accountable items quickly and easily. The EZTrackIt package logging software not only logs packages in when they enter your facility, it tracks their movement from department to department within your building or organization.

    Package Zen is a mobile application that offers delivery and package receiving services for offices, apartments, and condominiums.

    Support sustainability initiatives, reduce labor hours, minimize paper usage, and improve delivery times.

    Trackingmore is a parcel and courier tracking tool.

    DeliveryPoD Mailroom is an off the shelf Tracking System for tracking inbound mail and parcels within an organisation.

    Track your deliveries and reduce customers calls with automatic real-time notifications when their orders are delivered using just our free iOS / Android app.

    We store your tracking and delivery data so you can easily pull up documentation of delivery and signature.

    DynamiScan allows you to easily scan offers being redeemed from your plastic postcard mailers at the point of sale and identify statistically which demographics are responding to your advertising, which offers perform best, and which demographic/offer combo drives the highest average ticket. Additionally DynamiScan also collects the names and addresses of each respondent.

    GigaTrak is committed to delivering superior barcode-software solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients. By evaluating individual situations, personalizing two-way communications, and building solutions specific to your needs, GigaTrak has taken a unique approach to reaching excellence in the software industry.

    IMayl Allows You To Improve Visibility And Stop Wasting Time Receiving And Tracking For Internal Mail Packages Once A Carrier Has Delivered Them To Your Facility Like Mailroom / Warehouse / Stockroom.

    IntelliTrack software helps a wide range of organizations track their packages, including government agencies, universities, hospitals, and corporations manage large numbers of packages, multiple mailrooms, and loading docks.

    iOFFICE's mailroom management software provides full accountability of mail & packages through delivery to the recipient.

    Automated mailroom processing as a service. Processing analog and digital mail requires utmost precision right from the start. ITyX quite possibly offers the most powerful processes for understanding and processing documents in mailroom and back office — available as transaction-based service.

    Mail Labs virtual mailbox service allows to save time while managing postal mail remotely.

    Sagar Mail Room Solution is the one which ultimately saves your business time and money. It is a full-featured, powerful and advanced system that will make your mailing operation quite productive.

    With the intuitive Mobile PacMan Web interface and our powerful mobile terminals, any business can now leverage a full-featured tracking and proof-of-delivery solution. Mobile PacMan supplies all you need to route, capture, and analyze every detail of a delivery easily, securely, and cost effectively.

    Maximizes technology to help you execute and track online communications.

    Notifii Connect provides a powerful centralized communications hub to deliver community-wide messages for multifamily communities, student housing communities, and COAs/HOAs. Managers can now communicate efficiently with a specific resident, groups of residents, or the entire community via email, text message, and/or push notification.

    Let your customers know when their driver will arrive.

    The OmniPost solution is a post room system designed to provide accurate real-time proof of receipt and proof of delivery for virtually any item type being delivered to and from your mailroom (internal track and trace). The process substantially increases the speed and accuracy of inbound package management, as a web-based system it is accessible and intuitive to use.

    Package Tracking from Mail and Parcel Centers, Mail Rooms, Residential Concierge, and Front Office to Your hands, and everywhere in between.

    We help retailers manage the after-checkout experience, reduce customer service costs and improve their logistics setup.

    Receiving Room provides the simple and effecient way to track packages for condo buildings and apartment complexes.

    sortedREACT is AI-powered technology that pulls all delivery tracking data into one place. Is possible to track shipments, discover actionable insights in real-time and notify customers with branded communications.

    SphereMail is a cutting edge mail management cloud based platform that's used by coworking spaces, executive suites and large enterprises. It enables users to access and manage their postal mail online or on a mobile device.

    Track-Real is a last mile delivery enabler which creates a complete eco system between service provider, delivery agent and end user.

    USZoom provides a cloud-based technology platform that enables shipping stores and mail centers to deepen client generate new revenue stream

    Package Tracker tracks packages from the time they arrive at your door, until they are delivered and signed for by the intended recipient, eliminating lost packages and wasted time searching for packages.

    Western Integrated transforms the traditional high-volume, centralized paper mail opening and routing process to enable the capture and routing of images and information in a digital format to provide a more accurate, timely and lower cost solution, especially for invoices.

    Winn Item Tracking System (WITS) tracks any accountable item's movement within an organization throughout its lifecycle using barcodes and scanning devices. WITS is designed to simplify the often overwhelming process of organizing, delivering and tracking of mail, packages, supplies, records, inter departmental transfers and all manner of high value assets.

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