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E-CIM stands for Emergency Communications Information Manager. The E-CIM system enables you to take immediate control of your site’s existing communications devices in a crisis—and broadcast urgent, actionable voice instructions that give your people the information they need to protect themselves. The E-CIM system is powered by Metis Secure emergency communications software, connected to your site’s existing computer screens, IP phones, PA systems, email servers, digital signs, and almost any other analog or digital communications device. When you’re confronted with an emergency, you can instantly take control of the communications devices throughout your building or site, send to personal devices, and surround your people with urgent, impossible-to-ignore emergency directives:

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Metis Secure Solutions, Inc.
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Chatham, NJ
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"Modern Technology Built with the Customer in Mind"

What do you like best?

The Metis Secure Command Center software was particularly useful for our company with its easy-to-use and comprehensive control and integration. The emergency communications and monitoring provided an intangible value of peace of mind and allowed greater overwatch remotely to our interests. The mobile functionality was definitely a plus, and that made access virtually possible from anywhere in the world.

What do you dislike?

While the functions are great, our administrators struggled during onboarding. Perhaps this is just our unique problem with staff that are not as tech savvy, but it feels like Metis could create some helpful guides for integration and use, in layman's terms.

The cost was higher than some of the competitors we evaluated. Though the cost was higher, the functions were still overwhelmingly valuable.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Some simple to use startup guides would be particularly helpful. It's definitely not difficult by any means, but less than tech savvy staff may struggle.

The notifications are great. An options to customize certain design interfaces / layouts would be a huge plus.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We needed a system that could alert us to emergencies from anywhere. The instant communications Metis provided allowed us to stay alert 24/7 on all of our interests. Remote access allowed our teams around the globe to instantly access and communicate with each other, and the emergencies monitoring allowed us to operate more freely knowing that our interests are protected.

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