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Emergency management software provides businesses, organizations, and emergency response professionals the tools to prevent, prepare for, and manage a variety of emergencies or incidents in the workplace. Any emergency management personnel or agency can utilize this type of software to simulate possible emergency scenarios, operationalize procedures, and coordinate notifications and messaging. Emergency management software helps develop business continuity plans and adapt them according to post-crisis feedback and analysis, ensuring organizations quickly and effectively return to normal operations and levels of productivity.

Emergency management solutions are more comprehensive than the mass notification and alerting functionalities of emergency notification software solutions. Emergency management software differs also from incident management software products, the latter of which provides IT teams the tools to proactively investigate, respond, and curb IT emergencies, rather than public safety emergencies.

To qualify for inclusion in the Emergency Management category, a product must:

  • Configure to the mission-critical and operational needs of a variety of industries
  • Gather and leverage data from tools such as GIS, weather channels, or disaster status systems to power emergency plans and strategies
  • Communicate with and relay information to industries and departments such as hospitals, public health, and state governments
  • Analyze the reactions to implemented emergency plans for future "what if" scenarios
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    DLAN simplifies emergency response by providing a unified, mobile-friendly platform for secure communication, multi-agency collaboration, and real-time situational awareness. DLAN balances the convenience and affordability of a COTS solution with the flexibility of a custom solution tailored to your specific workflows and needs.

    Safety and security starts with knowing who is on-site. WhosOnLocation is cloud-based people presence software that allows you to track and manage visitors, contractors and employees. Visitors can sign in and out using either the kiosk or via the reception desk. Live reports show who’s currently on-site, making it faster and easier to account for people in an evacuation. In the event of a security incident, you can report on and filter historical data to view people movements within a specified period of time. Use all the features or just those that are best suited to your business. Take a free no obligation 30 day trial today.

    ArcGIS for Emergency Management includes a set of freely available maps, apps, and best practices that support mission-critical activities in emergency management. As an ArcGIS user, you deploy this solution to provide a common operational platform to mitigate, respond to, and recover from threats and hazards.

    Designed to give you instant access to the information you need (like safety manuals, protocols and SDSs), when and where you need it, from the one device you take with you wherever you go your phone.

    Esri provides a complete solution suite for the most mission-critical operational challenges. When incidents occur, you will be ready to respond with a set of integrated tools for situational awareness, impact analysis, damage assessment, operational briefings, and public information. Esri solutions enable mission-critical decisions that can help you save lives.

    IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management is an incident and emergency management software solution for daily command and control operations as well as crisis situations. It integrates, correlates and analyzes operational information to create a dynamic, geospatial, common operating picture and analytic-based insights to help speed decision making for normal and off-normal incident management.

    With Veoci on your team, you can prepare for, respond to and recover from any crisis or emergency your organization may face. Veoci is an end-to-end platform that helps you manage a wide range of responsibilities from daily tasks to special events. Veoci offers a fully integrated platform with a comprehensive suite of communication tools that keep the end user in mind and help expedite connections. Veoci offers a variety of solutions in emergency management, business continuity, daily operations and resource management. Serving a wide range of industries spanning Airports & Airlines, Enterprise, Finance, Government, Health Systems & Hospitals, and Higher Education.

    The New WebEOC features a fresh interface to improve your organization's incident management capabilities. Built to support the mission of crisis management, public safety and emergency response personnel, the solution has evolved to provide simplified information access promoting intelligent incident response and business resiliency. The enhanced user experience provides organizations of all sizes with a platform for daily operational and emergency management support through a uniquely customizable set of utilities for complete situational awareness.

    We have developed a proactive emergency response system called BeSafe®, a tool that helps first responders during an emergency who have limited prior experience or knowledge of a site.

    CoBRA is an emergency management information system that provides you with features and capabilities needed to manage any crisis at the tactical, command, strategic, State, and Federal levels.

    Priority 5's Core Command and Control System (CoreCCS) is a collaborative, enterprise-wide incident management solution. It integrates data flows into a real-time common operating picture to maintain situational awareness, monitor operations and implement decisions. It serves the entire organizational structure (field personnel, operations center and senior executives) using most electronic computing devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones).

    Crisis360 supports standardized incident action plans and ICS best practices, but eliminates the inherent miscommunication, out-dated and missing information that comes along with paper-based systems.

    The Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform is built on the most secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure with multiple layers of redundancy to provide real-time threat detection, situational awareness, integrated response, and collaboration capabilities all with a single, enterprise-wide view.

    D4H Technologies is an information management software for emergencies and incidents worldwide.

    DataWatch911 is a comprehensive 911 system management solution that provides real-time Emergency Medical System (EMS) analytics, reports and actionable insights into resource performance, incident response and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system performance.

    Dynamis' risk-based tools and capabilities assist customers identify disaster preparedness strategies and tactics that will be effective across a wide spectrum of potential hazards so that the best approaches to managing consequences are implemented before a disaster occurs.

    Our web-based monitoring, visualization and alerting platform shows you current weather conditions in one intuitive and easy to use interface—on your computer or mobile device. Sferic Maps combines the best of Earth Networks patented weather and lightning observation metrics with powerful data representation, visualization and alerting capabilities.

    Manage Healthcare Response Effectively During Emergencies

    NC4's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) software solution E Team is ideal for large and/or cross-jurisdictional emergency management organizations. It provides a common operating picture so organizations can respond quickly to any crisis situation and execute a coordinated response based on real-time and historical information. The information in E Team can be simultaneously shared among emergency response teams, decision makers, and other agencies during the planning, response and recovery phase of an emergency.

    Everbridge Crisis Management provides mobile collaborative capabilities where information, recovery plans and crisis event checklists can be shared and reviewed.

    ICO Emergency Measures offers software solutions designed to simplify and automate the management of operations in the areas of emergency, security and management.


    irms|EM Emergency Management is a scalable, flexible, adaptable and mobile multiagency solution for emergency preparedness and response, including public health interoperability for wide-scale communications, and incident management from the EOC to the field.

    Knowledge Center software and services are extensible into any industry, improving Situational Intelligence by enhancing planning, coordination and delivery of support that saves lives, reduces suffering, protects property and assists in recovery from all hazards

    The LiveSafe Solution is a mobile two-way safety communications platform and risk mitigation tool used by businesses and universities. It is designed specifically to light up dormant human sensors to help manage risk to the campus, capital, earnings, and people, and drive prevention of costly incidents. It gives companies and universities an immediate path to communicating safety information to constituencies. And it delivers peer-to-peer and self-service tools to help everyone in the community stay safe, in everyday and high risk scenarios.

    Mission Mode provides emergency management software for simple, effective emergency response and management of crisis, disasters and incidents impacting business and government.

    Easily create your own, or choose from an array of plans in our crisis plan library. Noggin has extraordinary dashboards, data configuration and workflow tools that allow you to match the system to your business process.

    OpsCenter is an enterprise software application specifically designed to allow organizations to respond to emergencies.

    ReadyOp is a web based emergency management, command and control application designed to handle the fast-paced, demanding communications challenges of Incident Command Response, or daily exercise and response activities with ease and efficiency.

    RTEAM is a real-time solution that provides a powerful user-managed tool to create alerts and exceptions.

    SafePlan' Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) enables users to manage all aspects of their emergency planning within one cloud-based application. ERIP includes the following modules: - Emergency Plans - Drill Scheduling/Tracking - Digital Site Mapping - Security Assessments - Anonymous Reporting Tool - eLearning Courses

    Sahana's free/libre/open-source codebase provides a flexible, modular platform for rapidly deploying information management systems for disaster management and humanitarian use cases.

    Smartlog is Safesmart’s versatile online fire and health & safety software. Our advanced and affordable software allows organisations to manage and regulate all their fire safety and health and safety requirements quickly and easily. Smartlog acts as your complete fire and health & safety management tool.

    SMARTPLAN Software is the most innovative response planning and emergency management software system on the market. Whether you need one plan type for a few locations or multiple plans types for every site, TRP's proven web-based, database-driven approach will enable you to streamline and customize your company's preparedness program based on "best practices", company protocols, and regulatory requirements.

    Priority 5's Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS) provides a real-time dynamic common operating picture with the power to aggregate information from any internal or external data source, and manage, interpret and display this information enabling decision makers to achieve a more comprehensive and instantaneous situational awareness.

    Venuetize is an All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management System that securely stores and shares emergency operating procedures and response plans used by facility staff and first responders to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency.