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Best Time & Attendance Software for Enterprise Businesses

    Products classified in the overall Time & Attendance category are similar in many regards and help companies of all sizes solve their business problems. However, enterprise business features, pricing, setup, and installation differ from businesses of other sizes, which is why we match buyers to the right Enterprise Business Time & Attendance to fit their needs. Compare product ratings based on reviews from enterprise users or connect with one of G2's buying advisors to find the right solutions within the Enterprise Business Time & Attendance category.

    In addition to qualifying for inclusion in the Time & Attendance Software category, to qualify for inclusion in the Enterprise Business Time & Attendance Software category, a product must have at least 10 reviews left by a reviewer from an enterprise business.

    Top 10 Time & Attendance Software for Enterprise Businesses

    • UKG Workforce Central (formerly Kronos Workforce Central)
    • Ceridian Dayforce
    • UKG Ready (formerly Kronos Workforce Ready)
    • Paycom
    • EPAY HCM
    • SAP SuccessFactors
    • Replicon
    • Vantage HCM
    • Rotageek

    Compare Enterprise Business Time & Attendance Software

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    Purpose-built for your industry, UKG Workforce Central™ (formerly Kronos Workforce Central) is a suite of workforce management solutions for time and attendance, absence management, scheduling, and more. The UKG Workforce Central suite of tools has been created specifically for industries to help manage the entire workforce on a cloud platform that is scalable, secure, and mobile.

    (555)4.2 out of 5
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    Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific Japan. Our brand promise –Makes Work Life Better™ –is the commitment we make to our employees, our customers, their employees, and to the communities we operate in around the world. Our modern technologies help our customers adapt, evolve, and win as we reimagine the future of work. Our award-winning Dayforce pla

    UKG Ready™ is a flexible and seamless HR solution that provides a connected people experience to easily manage the entire employee journey, from a single solution. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, UKG Ready combines the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time to deliver a personalized, people-centered experience that cuts out busy work, increases efficiency, and helps you maintain compliance.

    (754)4.2 out of 5
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    One System Matters Paycom offers the only full HR solution contained in one database. So, the technology you use to hire new employees is the same tech you use to pay your workforce, comply with regulations, train your people and much more. It is all there – all of your workforce data – in one system, and that is important. We help businesses streamline their employment processes from recruiting to retirement and everything in between. Our Talent Acquisition, Time and Labor Management, Payroll

    (106)4.7 out of 5

    EPAY Systems seamless human capital management solution will ease the HR burden right off your shoulders, while reducing your admin costs and—this is important—helping you get more from your workforce. Our unified suite of HCM technology and professional services streamline your HR processes. They include: -Recruiting and applicant tracking -Onboarding -Human resource management -Benefits administration -Time and attendance -Payroll and tax management -ACA compliance -COBRA benefits administrat

    (436)3.8 out of 5

    SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite helps you completely reinvent the entire employee experience. You can shift from traditional HR transactions to engaging, end-to-end experiences, using intelligent technology to make each interaction simpler and more meaningful. And by linking employee feedback to operational data, you’ll understand what’s happening and why, so you can continuously deliver unexpectedly exceptional experiences that keep your business growing. The Success

    (474)4.2 out of 5

    Replicon provides end-to-end Time Management software and services to enterprises of all sizes. Capture, analyze, and optimize time, your organizations most critical asset, to improve profitability, productivity and employee satisfaction. Salaried & hourly workers alike love using Replicon because it is simple and easy to enter their time, attendance, vacation, and expense information--via web browser or mobile app. Hiring managers use Replicon to optimize the types of workers to hire, wha

    (212)3.9 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    ADP Vantage HCM - How Real Work Gets Done As the world of work undergoes fundamental changes, it’s more crucial than ever that organizations adapt quickly. For decades, ADP has been helping organizations succeed today and be prepared for the future. Our accumulated expertise and insight can help pave the way for your success. Put our experience to work for you. Why not consider changing to a provider that can fully support you in every aspect of your business? Large organizations of all kinds t

    (436)4.2 out of 5 is a user-friendly and affordable employee time tracking solution for businesses who want to save on payroll costs or increase billing. Employees can track their time with our mobile site or admins can restrict where employees clock in to just certain office locations. Our DCAA compliant system has a full audit trail and permissions architecture ensuring security and accountability. Reports can be exported to a number of payroll and accounting software platforms including QuickBoo

    (24)4.6 out of 5

    At Rotageek, we help enterprise businesses perfectly predict and meet demand by using data-driven tech to effectively and fairly schedule staff. We use personalised algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed -providing best-in-class business forecasting and workforce management.

    Discover the power of a global leader in workforce management with UKG Dimensions™. Built on an intelligent platform, UKG Dimensions provides operational insights and elevates your greatest driver of success: your people. The automation of critical workforce processes such as timekeeping, scheduling, and leave management is at the core of this UKG solution.

    (181)4.0 out of 5

    Start Anywhere. Add Anytime. Ascentis’ industry-leading a-la carte full suite human capital management (HCM) technology platform and workforce management solutions are supported by an ongoing commitment to delivering an unsurpassed client experience. Ascentis’ technology modules work independently or together to meet the needs of each client, wherever they are in the HCM journey.

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    High Performers
    SAP SuccessFactors
    UKG Workforce Central (formerly Kronos Workforce Central)
    UKG Ready (formerly Kronos Workforce Ready)
    Ceridian Dayforce
    Vantage HCM
    UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos Workforce Dimensions)
    Market Presence

    Learn More About Time & Attendance Software

    What is Time & Attendance Software?

    The times of manual punch card systems are long outdated thanks to time & attendance software. Currently, time & attendance tools help monitor logged employee hours, time off, sick days, and breaks, which helps reduce unnecessary labor costs like overpaying workers who are not actually clocked in. It also helps businesses follow labor regulations compliance by providing proof of attendance. All of this is done digitally, improving accuracy and ease of use, while also streamlining payroll tasks and scheduling tasks.

    Time & attendance software delivers a few key features. One of the core features includes employee hour tracking. Employees have the ability to clock in and out when their work shift begins and ends, logging the number of hours each designated employee works each day. These systems also have the capability of tracking employee breaks and absenteeism when an employee fails to clock in on a scheduled work day. In addition to tracking absenteeism, these tools track planned days off and provide a visual schedule that managers and other employees can reference to note which employees will and won’t be working on a specific day.

    Key Benefits of Time & Attendance Software

    • Easy and transparent employee scheduling
    • Time theft prevention
    • Improved regulatory compliance
    • Fewer timekeeping errors

    Why Use Time & Attendance Software?

    Time & attendance software helps businesses ensure properly tracked billable hours. This proves to be an asset for many reasons:

    Visibility and transparency — Managers that monitor the metrics within their solution are able to identify potential overtime hours, attendance issues, and other discrepancies that would normally be hard to pin down. Employees and managers can also view which employees are designated to work during a certain day and time, as well as see who plans on taking time off in the future.

    Workforce metrics — Time & attendance software delivers key insights into the performance and billable hours worked for each employee. This is especially helpful when reviewing employee performance and pinpointing successful employees.

    Improved payroll accuracy — By allowing employees to track their hours, payroll is much more precise. With time clocks, employees clock in the moment they begin work, and clock out the moment they leave work. The billable hours are precise to the minute, preventing overpayment.

    Who Uses Time & Attendance Software?

    The benefits provided by time & attendance software mostly cater to businesses that employ hourly employees and are required to track their billable hours to pay them correctly. Freelancers and human resources departments also both benefit from time & attendance software. Freelancers can track their own billable hours and human resources departments can track paid time off requests.

    Businesses with hourly employees — Any business that solely employes hourly employees, or even employs some hourly employees, can use time & attendance software as a way for employees to clock in and out, track their hours, and schedule days off.

    Businesses that track billable hours — Even if a business only employs salaried employees, time & attendance software can still prove useful in some cases. For example, a business that needs to track billable hours to make an accurate invoice or track the amount of time spent on a project benefits from the features time & attendance software provides.

    Freelancers — Self-employed workers greatly benefit from time & attendance software as it’s their primary way of tracking their own work and payroll. While many freelance platforms include built-in time tracking solutions, many freelancers opt for time & attendance software to ensure they are accurately tracking and billing clients.

    Human resources departments — HR departments often rely on time & attendance software to track paid time off requests and scheduled days off for their employees. These tools can automate schedule-related tasks, which can be useful for companies with a large workforce.

    Time & Attendance Software Features

    Time & attendance software features a vast variety of benefits that relate to timekeeping, scheduling, and tracking.

    Time clock — One of the main features that caters to businesses with hourly employees is the time clock feature. Hourly employees can use this feature to clock in and out on a scheduled work day. Employees clock in at the start and end of their scheduled work day, as well as for unpaid breaks. This tracks the exact amount of hours each employee has submitted each day. Many time clocks require a password or identification check before the employee is able to clock in or out.

    Time tracking — The time tracking feature highlights the amount of time an employee spends on a particular task or project. This gives managers an idea of where time is being spent and how long certain tasks take. This feature also helps freelancers record and gauge the billable hours for a job or project.

    Employee time off — Time & attendance software offers employees the ability to submit time off requests that can later be approved by a manager or human resources department. In addition, this feature allows businesses to track time off requests to plan ahead for employee absence. Managers can also check the available amount of time off an employee has and accept or reject requests when necessary.

    Scheduling — Alongside the time clock feature, businesses can showcase the employees scheduled to work on a designated day. Businesses can use this schedule to plan out the day and assign projects and tasks to specific employees.

    Reports — Many tools feature reporting capabilities that highlight employee work hours, absences, and tardiness. Other reports may include financial summaries and time off summaries. These metrics can also be used for performance management.

    Automation — A useful feature that helps managers and human resources departments is the automation feature. Automation helps streamline manual tasks associated with tracking employee hours.

    Potential Issues with Time & Attendance Software

    The potential issues related to time & attendance software involve the employees using the software, and not the software itself. Employers or administrators should take time theft and time clock adjustment incidents seriously and communicate the consequences to employees or users clearly.

    Time theft — One drawback involving time & attendance software is that it’s possible for someone to be able to clock in for another employee. Most tools offer password protection or require at least one form of identification before the employee is able to clock in. Enhanced biometric security is trending, which will help improve this issue.

    Time clock adjustments — It’s common for employees to forget to clock in and out. Businesses should be prepared to occasionally adjust employee hours when this happens.