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Retargeting software helps companies serve display ads across the internet to users who have previously visited their website. Cookie-based retargeting tools track website visitors via pixels, which are added to a company’s website using JavaScript; these cookies do not impact a website user’s experience or a site’s performance. Once the visitor leaves the website, these pixels notify retargeting platforms to serve certain ads based on the pages that person visited on the original website. These tools help marketers focused their advertising budget on people who are already familiar with their brand and have engaged in some way.

To qualify for inclusion in the Retargeting category, a product must:

  • Attach pixels or identifiers to website visitors
  • Use cookies to serve a company’s ads to those website visitors across other sites online
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    Criteo Dynamic Retargeting
    (154)3.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    OVERVIEW Trusted by 18,000 marketers worldwide, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting delivers the right ad at the right moment in the shopper journey. Criteo Dynamic Retargeting consistently wins 90% of competitive performance tests and generates an average 13X return on ad spend at significant sales volume. With Criteo, you can re-engage shoppers throughout their path to purchase with tailored video and display ads, delivered across the world’s best publishers. Criteo is designed for measurable perfor

    Since 2007, AdRoll has been on a mission to help businesses compete online and grow revenue. Ambitious commerce brands use the AdRoll E-commerce Growth Platform to make their display, social and email advertising work together to accelerate business growth. Powered by industry-leading automation and personalization, brands are better able to structure, measure and sync their marketing efforts. Built for performance, our Growth Platform sees 37,000 customers generate more than $246 billion in sal

    Discover What’s Next. We bring great content to audiences wherever they are.

    Justuno is a suite of website conversion tools used to turn daily website traffic into email subscribers, sales, and social fans. Convert a higher percentage of your visitors using website pop-ups, sign up bars, exit pop-ups, and timely on-site messaging. So much time and money is spent on driving traffic to your website but the tough reality is that, on average, only 2% of traffic converts into a lead or sale. This is frustrating and you should have more control over your conversion rates. He

    SteelHouse provides software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives brands worldwide everything they need to run retargeting, prospecting, and branding campaigns across all devices and channels — including Connected TV. Brands can view their audience data in real time, create unlimited segments, build beautiful dynamic creative, and track their performance with the most comprehensive, fully-customizable reporting suite in the industry. To learn more,

    Perfect Audience is an enterprise-class, self-serve platform for cross-channel retargeting that enables marketers to create, manage, and optimize their retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and the Web. Unlike other retargeting platforms, Perfect Audience offers transparent reporting, powerful list segmentation options, and Partner Connect, the first partner retargeting marketplace, giving marketers all the tools they need to drive incremental ROI.

    (11)4.1 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Jabmo is the ABM platform for global manufacturers. The company provides the whole solution to capture anonymous target account buyer activity and execute personalized account-based marketing programs. Jabmo account-data platform and account sensing technology powers personal and relevant account-based IP Advertising, Retargeting, Website Personalization, Analytics and Sales Enablement. Jabmo integrates with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics. Glo

    OptiMonk is an Onsite Retargeting platform that helps user increase the conversion rate of site, and get more leads by recovering lost visit.

    URL shortener for savvy marketers. Add a retargeting pixel in any link and retarget all the people who click on them!

    Comprehensive display advertising and retargeting solutions.

    TargetBay lets you personalize eCommerce experience through reaching out to targeted customers with tailor-made messages. Improve conversions, customer loyalty and ROI with TargetBay tool which helps you understand how a shopper navigates through your website and personalize their shopping experience.

    A no-coding alternative to Google Tag Manager and Segment. Set up tracking on your website or applications without writing code, and unify your customer data across all the marketing tools with a few clicks. Manage tags, conversions, forms, e-commerce events, add to cart, purchases, customer traits, product data without writing any code.

    Skyrocket profits with an automated 384% conversion boost on your offers. Retargeting is the easiest, most cost effective way to get your message across. It gives you another chance to get in front of your visitors and stand out from your competition.

    Generate leads and personalize on-site marketing campaigns for your business

    Gitt is a Link Management SaaS built-in with URL Shortener, Traffic Analytics, Retargeting and Targeting, Custom Branded URLs, and Powerful API.

    Kritter Software Technology Kritter's ad trading stack enables organizations to run their own campaigns, manage publisher inventory, and integrate demand and supply partners of all kinds. Our highly customizable, white-label, on-premise software platforms are deployed on-location (on our partners' servers) to help our partners completely in-house their programmatic advertising in as little as 2 weeks, versus white-label solutions from other companies that host the software on their own servers (

    Match2One is a Programmatic Advertising self-service platform. Making it easy for small and medium size advertisers to grow their sales!

    Automatically determines the perfect moment, to show the perfect ad, to the perfect person.

    Retargeting is an eCommerce marketing automation and personalization platform. This add-on tracks every action that your visitors are doing on your website in order to provide personalized messages aimed towards closing more orders, faster. This add-on provides user level analytics and enables key decision makers to improve each aspect of the buying funnel and discover pain points. You can uncover which of your site categories is more popular, which are your most loyal customers, and how long i

    Retargeting is the solution to converting cold traffic. This simple software makes it easy to embed a tracking pixel on any website to allow retargeting and tracking through your own custom cloaking link. The software is provided as a SaaS app that is hosted on our cloud, so there's nothing to install, allowing for you to quickly start using the app.

    Vizury is a global multi-channel marketing platform and its personalized retargeting stack is used by digital companies to grow marketing ROI and enhance transactions. Vizury’s retargeting platform is unique as it offers an integrated proposition to target and engage with interested consumers over Programmatic, Social and Display channels in the form of dynamic personalized ads & Videos. Vizury’s Multi-Channel Retargeting helps you to Activate, Convert, Engage & Retain customers at sca

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