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A creative management platform (CMP) combines a variety of display advertising tools utilized by marketing and advertising professionals into one cohesive, cloud-based platform. These tools include ad design builders capable of making dynamic creative in bulk, cross-channel publishing, and marketing data collection and analysis. Creative management platforms employ dynamic creative optimization (DCO) to automate the optimization of ad content by differentiating users and tailoring the creative. This makes for a more personalized and powerful ad experience while increasing an ad campaign’s overall performance.

Creative management platforms enable designers and marketing representatives to collaboratively create and manage full-scale marketing campaigns from one software solution. This allows a marketing campaign to live its lifecycle, from design to publishing, inside one platform, ensuring collaboration from all sides.

While most CMPs can be used to create and deploy full marketing campaigns on their own, many provide functionality or integrations that allow users to concurrently utilize another cross-channel advertising software or demand side platform to provide extra channel coverage.

To qualify for inclusion in the Creative Management Platform category, a product must:

  • Include built-in ad design functionality which can be produced en masse
  • Provide collaborative functions for ad design
  • Produce live, data-driven dynamic creative
  • Publish dynamic creative through multiple channels
  • Collect and analyze marketing campaign data
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    Google's DoubleClick™ provides ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create, or sell digital advertising. The world's top marketers, publishers, ad networks, and agencies use DoubleClick platforms as the foundation for their digital marketing. With deep expertise in ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video, and mobile, DoubleClick platforms help customers execute digital media strategies more effectively.

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    Celtra's Creative Management Platform is a cloud-based, self-service software for managing the entire creative lifecycle of digital advertising - improving advertising effectiveness while reducing operational costs. It offers cutting-edge features for making unique brand experiences for display, video and native formats, and deploys them flawlessly across all channels and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). The platform offers detailed data for analysis and sophisticated tools for testing and opt

    (242)3.7 out of 5
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    Sizmek creates impressions that inspire through its people-based creative optimization platform. In the digital world, creating impressions that inspire is vital to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your customers. Sizmek provides powerful, integrated solutions so creative and data work together, optimizing campaigns across all media. When your messages resonate, your impact amplifies, and your business reaches new heights. Sizmek operates its platform in more than 70 countrie

    The Media Optimizer is a digital marketing optimization solution that helps you forecast the best mix of search, display and social ads based on your budget and automates the execution of your media plan.

    Founded in 2010, Bannerflow is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) that enables in-house marketing teams to take control of their display advertising. Bannerflow is a software solution that empowers teams to design, scale, publish, analyse, personalise, and optimise display campaigns. The Bannerflow CMP allows brands to manage the entire campaign lifecycle, improving workflows across languages, formats, and markets – with full transparency over cost and performance. Headquartered in Stockho

    Flashtalking is an independent ad serving and attribution technology company, providing best-in-class digital advertising products, service and support for advertisers, media buying and creative agencies. We facilitate the management, delivery and analytics for all digital advertising channels across desktop and mobile.

    SteelHouse provides software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives brands worldwide everything they need to run retargeting, prospecting, and branding campaigns across all devices and channels — including Connected TV. Brands can view their audience data in real time, create unlimited segments, build beautiful dynamic creative, and track their performance with the most comprehensive, fully-customizable reporting suite in the industry. SteelHouse Conn

    For brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, Balihoo software tackles the daily administrative tasks of local paid search and display so that you can focus on optimization. Leveraging innovative technology, rather than spreadsheet uploads, the Balihoo engine runs continuously, ensuring that your campaigns stay relevant, active, and data-informed, long after setup. Imagine combining your location list with creative templates to produce thousands of localized display ads in minutes. Combi

    Bonzai Digital is a cloud based do it yourself creative management platform that allows you to build high impact & engaging programmatic creatives. Make digital advertising smarter, better and faster with Bonzai's rich media formats & features. Deliver bigger & better across devices with our range of standard and customised high impact formats like TruSkin, ScrollX & Portal. Get complete measurement metrics with Bonzai's analytics; improving effectiveness & reducing time and

    Flite offers a technology platform to empower professional advertisers to deliver ads that live up to the expectations of their audience

    Mixpo is a digital advertising company that combines technology with human expertise to improve how publishers sell, produce and manage superior digital ad campaigns. Our technology makes it easy to create video, mobile, social, and rich media ads that engage audiences and deliver more value to advertisers. Our people provide the tools and expertise to streamline campaign management and boost digital sales so our customers–which are among the world’s most influential publishers–can continue to

    Thunder Creative Management Platform (CMP) is a digital marketing solution for cross-channel creative development. Thunder CMP enables brands to better personalize ads to customers wherever they spend their time digitally.

    Adacado works with brands and their agencies to create and deliver personalized, relevant ads at scale

    Adaptive Campaigns offers real-time data-driven creative advertisement campaigns.

    The ADEX marketplace is our solution to actively distribute various of your data without inventory enforcement by having just one central point of contact: our platform. Use standard segments or customized audiences you want to share.

    AMR is an independent mobile mediation tool to maximise the ad revenues of mobile app and games.

    Admotion Marketing Platform is a cutting-edge optimization system developed for reaching the best ever possible return on performance ad spend through science, technology and infrastructure.

    AdPushup is an ad optimization solution to optimize ad layouts and stack setup forhigher CTR, viewability and improved visitor experience

    Adtile enables advertisers to create motion and video advertisements.

    RhythmOne connects advertisers with audiences across devices at scale.

    In understanding the growing demand of different campaigns, ADVANTAGE DIALER provides all the features needed to successfully run any campaign.

    Adverticum AdServer is an ad serving solution that minimizes the campaign administration and maximizes the inventory monetization.

    Adzymic is a dynamic creative management platform that provides end to end solution for media agencies, advertisers, the creation of ad units to campaigns set up, launch and optimization.

    Agil Technologies provides agility, a collaborative platform that manages all marketing activities and connects all players and technologies

    Airtory enables you with a powerful Ad toolkit, which allows you to amplify your branddigital advertising game. Produce innovative and interactive ad experiences, which tell brand stories like never before and help connect with users on a deeper level.

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