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Now more than ever, you need board & leadership meeting management software that’s comprehensive, secure, and simple to use. Streamline meeting preparation & provide your leaders with accurate timely information with an unlimited repository, across all devices. Remote ready for you to govern confidently from anywhere, OnBoard enables action-driven meetings with built-in votes, approvals, surveys, and e-signatures. OnBoard is the only leading board management software that offers a no s

OnBoard does everything we need it to do and has the features we require. Users have noted it's user friendly and intuitive to learn and use. ... Read review
Access and ability to manage various committees. Also to have a repository for all of our board documents. Read review

Boardable is board management software built for nonprofit organizations but suitable for businesses and groups of any kind that want to improve engagement. The software is meeting-centric, helping groups schedule and hold virtual meetings, build and share agendas, draft and finalize minutes, vote digitally, and securely store, share, and sign documents. Meetings with Video gives your organization the tools needed to have an organized and engagement-boosting meeting experience whether you’re mee

The best part about Boardable is that it allows me to do everything Board related on the same place. From organizing a meeting, and creating the... Read review
Anne R.
Boardable was very easy to set up and has been really useful as a centralized location for our board communication. The team at Boardable is really... Read review
(23)4.8 out of 5

BoardPAC facilitates remote and virtual board meeting management; for board directors, Chairpersons, CEOs, CXOs, Executive committee members and senior management members, board secretaries, company secretaries and general counsels. BoardPAC fosters an easy to use and convenient platform for conducting board meetings and other high-level senior management meetings via iPad & tablets. Both on-premise and cloud storage options are supported by BoardPAC across all popular platform including A

Amazingly simple to use while having the highest security and confidentiality built in. BoardPAC iPad application has a easy access to meetings and... Read review
BoardPAC offers high security and confidentiality for the banking sector. Some of these practices are encryption AES 256 end to end. Trusted device... Read review
(11)4.5 out of 5

BoardBookit is a secure board portal software, architected by corporate governance professionals to transform the way companies engage and collaborate with their board. By providing a unified solution for preparing and managing board meetings, file sharing, electronic voting, eSignatures and more, companies increase efficiency and save time. Trusted by more than 15,000 board members worldwide, BoardBookit ensures a streamlined and persistent partnership between organization executives and their

I love how effective and productive it is to have boardroom meetings. You can use it on any device Read review
(8)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$50 a month

BoardSpot is an online board portal built to facilitate the management of nonprofit committees, meetings and documents in a single location. Take BoardSpot for an instant test drive. We have designed BoardSpot to be the easiest and most effective way to engage your board. Sending out meeting announcements, and receiving RSVPs has never been simpler. Governing documents are one of the most important resources that a board member needs to govern effectively. We've des

central repository for documents and information Read review
We looked at numerous products for our Board portal, and BoardSpot was the top choice in our evaluations. It offers a full menu of features and is... Read review
(5)4.6 out of 5

Convene is the board management software used to compile and distribute papers, generate minutes, and assign actions items for meetings. It's award-winning usability makes it the choice for listed companies, SME, banks, governments, healthcare & non-profits in more than 100 countries. Developed by Azeus Systems, a CMMI Level 5 company which has over 25 years of experience in IT development. Convene's network & document encryption is provided by a SOC2-compliant security system that ensur

I really like the live-presentation tools such as the laser pointer and page synchronization, that allows our board members to actively follow the... Read review
(3)4.8 out of 5

BoardMaps drives board processes before, during, and after meetings. BoardMaps is the only issue-centric software on the market that allows managers to raise issues and include them in meetings. Decisions are documented, monitored, and tracked through their implementation to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved. Assigning action items is a snap because BoardMaps transforms agenda items into action items and then tracks their progress.

Ivan G.
The BoardMaps process avoids unnecessary surprises and revelations that occur at subsequent meetings because of a lack of progress or negative... Read review
(2)4.5 out of 5

Software for boards, management and key stakeholders providing secure and efficient access to information, discussions and processes. We deliver a smart and secure digital collaboration platform for decision makers like boards, management teams and legal and financial advisors. Market leading Board Portal provider in the Nordics. Admincontrol is owned by Visma, and is among the most successful companies in the Visma group. Our headquarter is based in Norway, with local offices in UK, Denmark,

Eva E.
Intuitive, secure, useful, flexible, responsive customer care Read review
user-friendly - excellent customer service - less printing - secure - electronic signing - App Read review
(2)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:£15 / month Per User

One shared space for meeting prep, document sharing, communication & followup. Helping everyone save time and get more out of meetings. More and more organisations are making the switch to iBabs to manage their board meetings. Cheaper, faster and more reliable, iBabs gives users complete control to manage their account in a way that works for them (like adding or removing users month to month as they see fit). Use iBabs to: - Make meetings paperless by sharing agendas, presentations and ot

The system is very user friendly and people are finding it easy to navigate. Read review
iBabs is a really good board portal that is easy to use and has more functionality than some of the big names in the market at a much better price.... Read review
0 ratings

Board Intelligence enables your board to make smart decisions, driving better outcomes for shareholders, employees and society. Board Secretaries can plan effective agendas, Management can write concise reports, and Board Directors can read all their board packs. All in one ultra-secure place. It’s an end-to-end software designed to address poor quality board information, and help your board see what matters.

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$ 8000 per enterprise

Volody Board Meeting Software lets your Board Members free from the papers of Board Meeting Discussions with significant responsibilities. -CREATE ANNOTATION AND FREEHAND HIGHLIGHTING OF THE DOCUMENTS. A simple solution to create an annotation, comments and freehand highlighting of the documents sent across the board and committee members. These can easily be shared with fellow members and the secretarial team. -VIDEO CONFERENCING, CENTRALIZED DATA REPOSITORY, VOTING, ATTENDANCE RECORDING AND

0 ratings

Easy Board saves time and is the easy way to manage documents and keep track of all important board and committee issues. You can organize meetings, reminders, file access permissions, board terms, contact info, and more.

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Designed with Board members in mind, FlexxBoard is a flexible cloud-based solution that makes meetings, task management, documentation and communication simple and secure from any mobile device. Empower, protect, and manage Board activities with modern, mobile and flexible tools that make the complex, simple.

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Entry Level Price:$65 Per User per Month

ForesightBoardOps. We believe better boards: - Build more strategic companies - Align more effectively with management on goals - Value better human capital management - Employ more reliable financial controls and reporting - Generate more profits And advance a company’s commitment to: - Ethical, compliant cultures - Embrace inclusion and celebrate diversity, free from harassment - Safe workplaces and products - Consideration of environmental and social impacts in operational and strategic deci

0 ratings

In HETIKUS Boards & Committees you can accomplish everything from creating your governance body to signing meeting minutes with a fully customizable structure, integrated task management, real-time visibility and advanced collaboration features. Easily create and fully customize your boards and committees, assign roles and responsibilities to each member, and define the policies for the meetings: adjust the frequency and margin days, how long in advance to send the request, permitted absenc

Knowa is a unique board collaboration and governance platform delivering secure communication and meeting packs functionality to senior level teams.

Very user-friendly, taking 10minutes maximum to on-board and understand its functionality. Robust audit-trail captures all information and... Read review
0 ratings

Loomion makes your Board communication and meetings efficient and secure - wherever you are. Accessing business-related information anytime and anywhere in a safe manner is essential for members of the Board of Directors and Executive committees. They need flexibility of access, whether at the office, at home, on a plane, or on their tablet or smart phone. A Board Portal is a secure service based on internet technology enabling meeting management, communication and collaboration between Director

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:100 user/year

Mjlsi is a system that creates and manages meetings of boards of directors in all stages by preparing for the meeting, discussing the topics, documents, presentation, participation, decision making, assigning tasks and preparing the minutes of the meeting

We created a new strategic planning methodology based on the widely known and recognized principles of agile. This method is adapted to the new reality of speed. Agility and velocity are not only necessary but critical to stay ahead. Our platform helps companies move faster at the strategic level. By focusing by continuously learning and adapting, our clients have been massive performance gains in their organization. Live collaboration. Real time participation of key leaders well adapted to t

Top 10 Free Board Management Software in 2021

  • OnBoard Board Management Software
  • Boardable Board Management Software
  • BoardPAC
  • BoardBookit
  • BoardSpot

Learn More About Board Management Software

What is Board Management Software?

Board management tools, also called board portals, are used to organize board meetings and crowdsource executive opinions and ideas on financial, directional, and product decisions within a company. Tools with survey features make it simple to gather various types of feedback without the pressure of delivering it in front of a crowd or within the timeline of the meetings. These surveys can help gather thoughts on how a meeting was run, gauge unanimity on decisions that were made, and allow employees an outlet where their input will be heard.

Board management tools simplify aspects of managerial meetings, the planning of which requires communication. Some tools will integrate with a team’s calendar, email, and contact settings to make this planning process easier. The solution can ensure those required at a meeting receive email notifications about possible meeting times and automatically send out calendar events reflecting the final decision.

Key Benefits of Board Management Software

  • Spend less time working around schedules by integrating work calendars
  • Conduct better-organized meetings
  • Notify users of document, meeting, or agenda changes
  • Send users summaries and other meeting notes
  • Search through content to locate former agendas, documents, comments, etc.

Why Use Board Management Software?

Company leadership can make or break a company. One of the most straightforward methods to achieve strong company leadership is to guarantee that the top of a company is efficient with their time and has relevant materials exactly when they need them, including content like briefings and internal data.

Centralized Information Hub — Searching for documents across disparate content management systems is frustrating for anyone. The cost of the time spent looking for shareable documents is much higher in the context of executive board meetings. Board management software offers a singular, integrated portal where directors can find all the materials they need.

Meeting Management — Meetings without direction waste valuable time and energy. Executives don’t have time to spare, so ensuring that meetings are efficient and informative is imperative to the success of an organization or company. Board management tools provide features available before, during, and after meetings that keep everyone on track and on topic. This can include features such as meeting agendas, note-taking, and document viewers and editors that can be accessed from one board portal.

Remote Collaboration — Board members cannot always be in the same place at the same time and are sometimes dispersed into locations that do not have quality internet connections. For this reason, a team of executives might prefer a board management tool that allows users to view documents, agendas, notes, and more offline. In this way, a CEO who cannot physically attend a meeting could still look at the meeting’s agenda on their tablet on an airplane.

Preparedness — Many board management tools allot storage space for the various documents and board materials that teams require in meetings. These meeting documents can be uploaded prior to meetings so team members are able to consult them in advance to prepare questions or comments. Many tools also offer version control for these files and documents so there’s no confusion as to the most recently updated version.

Who Uses Board Management Software?

As the name implies, board management tools are intended for executive boards. However, any high-level group within an organization can find use in board management tools since their base features have broad applicability to any meeting setting. This can include middle management within a company, such as managers or coordinators who meet with one another often. However, the base functions of the software will look the same regardless of what level of management is handling it.

Some board management software is intended specifically or has functions tailored for specific types of executive boards, most notably those for nonprofit organizations. Extra features could provide lists of donors and integrate with other types of nonprofit software. Board meetings will look different across disciplines, and board management software can offer specialized features based on use case. It’s crucial for a board to ensure that board portal software provide all the discipline-specific features they require if they want an effective solution.

Board Management Software Features

Document Storage and Sharing — Documents can be shared and stored within most board management portals. These documents can be pulled from an outside content management system or uploaded and stored in the portal itself. Documentation can then be viewed by board members in the portal or attached to agendas and meeting notes later.

Meeting Agenda — One of the staple features of board management software is meeting agenda creation. An agenda can be set and viewed by board members before the meeting takes place, which can help them stay on track. Documents related to meeting talking points can also be attached to an agenda for easy access.

Meeting Notes — It can be inconvenient to move to a separate application to take notes during a meeting, so many board management tools provide note-taking capability. Notes can either be private or shared with other members in the portal. Some board management tools will even automate the note-taking process and send meeting minutes to members once a meeting has ended.

Surveys — Surveys are an excellent tool to streamline decision-making during a meeting, and board management solutions will sometimes provide a survey function within their offering. Survey results can be attached to a meeting’s minutes or stored elsewhere in the portal to be referred to later.

Additional Board Management Features

Comments and Annotations — Users can record notes publicly or privately throughout the meeting to be shared with team members or attached to documents. These notes help users remember details of the meeting and can be used later for reference. These features are helpful for team members who like to have a record of their individual perception of meeting details.

Offline Availability — For board teams that are frequently able to gather in full, offline capabilities might not matter as much. For those that are often operating from separate corners of the globe, this feature could help keep members in the loop.

Integrations — Some board management solutions won’t offer some of the features listed here and instead integrate with outside software to provide them. This can actually be beneficial in the case of calendars or content management systems, since most businesses already have these in place.