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A headless CMS is a back-end only content management system. This tool allows businesses to manage, store, and track content projects from creation to publication, just as a traditional CMS does. Unlike web content management software, the front-end delivery layer of a website is removed from a headless CMS. Developers can use any front-end tool they want to present the content that has been created. This content is stored within a cloud and provided as a service through an API. This means that businesses can deliver content beyond websites and apps onto platforms such as smartwatches and virtual reality headsets. This solution also often offers the option to translate content into different languages.

Despite the open-source nature, a headless CMS should not be confused with business content management software (BCM). An API allows content from a headless CMS to be published on any platform, while the open-source aspect of a BCM ensures that users across multiple locations can edit files. A headless CMS should integrate with WYSIWYG editors.

To qualify for inclusion in the Headless CMS category, a product must:

  • Offer content modeling
  • Allow for the creation, reading, updating, and deleting of content
  • Facilitate content production workflow
  • Organize content in a cloud-based repository
  • Give businesses the opportunity to repurpose content across multiple channels
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    Kentico Cloud is the API-first headless CMS that lets you manage your content and deliver omnichannel experiences across all devices with focus on powerful content collaboration. Kentico Cloud represents a comprehensive cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform that allows companies to focus on creating great digital experiences for their clients without having to tackle the technical challenges of running a CMS. Kentico Cloud provides a complete platform in a true multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) model: • allowing content writers and editors to manage structured content for multi-channel delivery from one place in the Cloud. • delivering the ability to publish that content to any website or device. It is an API-first CMS (also called a headless CMS) that provides dynamic content through an extremely fast content delivery network anywhere in the world. Kentico Cloud helps customers avoid the pains typically associated with a CMS, such as upgrades, performance, and security. And, with 24x7x365 support provided by 20+ in-house support engineers on three continents, online or on-site training, consultation packages, and detailed documentation, Kentico Cloud gives you everything you need to deliver on time and on budget. Enterprise ready product with features like Custom Roles, Customizable Advanced Workflow or Secured access to API. On top of that, add an extra layer of security with Multifactor Authentication and control user access against your enterprise identity provider with Single Sign-On (SSO). Kentico Cloud offers SLA-Guaranteed Uptime, Premium Support, 24/7 Back Up, Choice of data centers, Dedicated infrastructure, GDPR compliance or OWASP security review standards. Unlike other CMS and digital marketing products, Kentico Cloud is the first cloud headless CMS focused on collaboration.

    Contentful enables professional developers to build their applications on top of a content infrastructure. Contentful provides developers with a powerful set of APIs to manage, integrate, and deliver content to any device or service. Unlike monolithic web or self-baked CMS, we boost developer productivity and innovation on new platforms by making your content programmable.

    API-first CMS + blog platform built for developers. Integrate your app with Butter's API in 60 seconds.

    (31)4.2 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    More than a CMS, the Agility Customer Experience Cloud empowers you to create, customize and manage your website, ecommerce, and ticketing solution from a Central Hub, and deliver personalized content across multiple channels. Agility helps organizations turn digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences by empowering them to create amazing customer solutions that bridge the online and offline worlds. Agility is a Headless CMS built securely as a true SaaS multi-tenant application that seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms. We offer you guaranteed up-time, great performance, security, and globally availability. As with the best SaaS platforms, we offer a subscription-based payment model, continuous improvements, and excellent customer service with support from a dedicated customer success team. Headless CMS Cloud first and API-based, Agility's combines all the benefits of a Headless CMS (Speed of development, constant improvements, flexible development environments, multi-channel publishing) with the benefits of having Traditional features as well! By delivering page-driven content and offering modern integrations, our system empowers both editors and developers. Our Customers Agility currently works with customers in a wide range of industries including higher education, media & entertainment, retail, and more. If you have a unique case, we can solve it. If you need ease of use, we can solve it. If you have lots of integrations and big management teams, we're great for you! Our customers extend globally with a large focus on Canada and the USA. Some of our current customers include Visit Orlando, Pepsico, Polaroid, Hockey Canada, Kansas City University, California State University Long Beach, CPA Ontario, Cineplex Entertainment, Soul Pepper, Canadian Opera Company, Scotiabank and many more!

    (14)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Contentstack™ – the pioneer in API-first, headless CMS technology – accelerates and simplifies content management across today's and tomorrow's digital channels, including web, mobile and IoT. Contentstack's award-winning technology has been recognized by leading industry analysts as a catalyst for a new generation of digital customer experiences and for its ability to power omnichannel content management. From desktops to smart phones, from kiosks to smart watches, from billboards to jumbotrons, from dashboards to VR headsets – content is delivered with the push of a button and optimized for every screen, device and channel. Learn more at and follow us @Contentstack.

    dotCMS offers an enterprise-level, open source Java web content management system (CMS) and digital experience platform (DxP). dotCMS software is used by Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and digital agencies alike - empowering today's digital business with a rapid development platform for commercial-grade, multi-tenant, multi-channel content driven web applications. dotCMS, out of the box, meets today’s user expectations. Also, since dotCMS is Java based and standards-driven, it makes enterprise customizations and integrations simple for web development teams to implement. Privately owned and headquartered in Miami, Florida, dotCMS has an active open source community that has generated more than 300,000 downloads and has an expanding global network of certified development partners. dotCMS customers include: DirecTV, Hospital Corporation of America, Standard & Poor’s, Constant Contact, Thomson Reuters, TELUS, and more.

    Craft CMS is a focused content management system for developers, designers, and web professionals that blends flexibility, power, and ease of use for clients.

    Ingeniux CMS
    (12)4.1 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Ingeniux CMS is the only agile web experience management platform for websites, portals, communities, and intelligent content delivery. Built on the latest ASP.NET MVC technology, Ingeniux CMS has a uniquely agile, mobile-first architecture. This provides a complete platform to manage and deliver content to any channel or device, while ensuring proper governance and compliance of your content. Ingeniux CMS is used by hundreds of businesses, organizations, trade associations, higher education institutions, government organizations, and non-profits worldwide. It is available as a hosted service (SaaS) or an on-premise application. To learn more, visit

    Evoq is a Content Management System (CMS) with powerful features, including page management, workflow, granular permissions, localization, caching and search. We have an Open API (Application Programming Interface) that customers have used to extend the functionality of their sites via custom-developed modules. We also manage the DNN Store (, which provides hundreds of commercially available (and supported) modules from third-party vendors. If you need to a feature on your site, look first to the DNN Store before building it yourself.

    (5)4.7 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Experience Flow. Whether you're a Content Manager, Content Contributor, Developer, or IT Professional, Mura was designed with one goal in mind: To allow you to deliver the digital experience without friction, distraction or worry. Key Features - Content Personalization - Content as a Service (CaaS: Headless or Decoupled) - Flexible & Robust API - Docker-Ready - Highly Usable with Minimal Training

    Core dna is a world-class, true multi-tenant Digital Experience Platform (DXP) - giving digital teams all of the developer tools, hosting, scaling, performance, personalization, innovation and automation they need to build world-class digital assets.

    Cockpit was born out of the need of building a simple dynamic site.

    Netlify CMS is built as a single-page React app. Create custom-styled previews, UI widgets, and editor plugins or add backends to support different Git platform APIs. Netlify CMS is based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs and prebuilt Markup. Compared to server-side CMS like WordPress, this means better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience.

    XOOPS CMS is an object-oriented, dynamic web content management system (CMS) written in PHP. is an API-based CMS backend that manage and publish content into websites.

    Designed for MSPs, IT, and service providers to remotely support clients' computers and servers. Includes both unattended and attended access. Better alternative to LogMeIn Central, TeamViewer, and GoToAssist. Splashtop Remote Support Premium is designed for IT professionals and MSPs who need a solution combining remote control, alerts monitoring, Windows updates, and remote command features. It provides top requested features at a low cost. The Premium edition adds remote management and monitoring features including: + Configurable Alerts allow users to set up alerts in customized combinations to monitor computer status, software installation, memory usage, and more + Windows Update Management helps technicians ensure that their computers are up-to-date + Remote Command enables users to execute commands on a remote computer + System Inventory displays system, hardware, and software inventory + Event Logs show the computers’ key events/warnings that technicians can use to troubleshoot issues Add-on: + Endpoint security system helps to keep your computers clean and safe is the headless content management system trusted by startups, enterprises, and everyone in between.'s cloud platform for brand marketing teams to build content-rich websites, or syndicate content across applications, IoT devices, and more. Successfully deployed for omnichannel content strategies by global customers like Sony Electronics, Astroglide, and Rocket League, the SaaS platform is a low-risk opportunity for mid-market and enterprise brands to speed, scale and secure global distribution, customer engagement, and website management of digital content. Founded in 2010 by Randy Apuzzo and Andy Fleming, is VC-funded and headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information about, please visit, and follow on Facebook/Zestyio, LinkedIn/Zesty-io and @Zestyio. Key Feature Highlights: * MARKETER autonomy to design and publish * FREEDOM of CONTENT to work with any content * INTEGRATION with any technology * SPEED website builds in less than 30 days * ENGAGE customer with Social Curator tool * SCALE content globally in a single ecosystem * SECURITY meets enterprise IT standards

    Directus is an open-source suite of software for managing content in projects of any size. Instances of the Directus API allow you to easily connect SQL database content anywhere (websites, native apps, wearables, IoT devices, kiosks, etc) while the Directus App allows non-technical users to intuitively manage that content. You can easily install a build of the full Directus Suite which includes the App, API, and all dependencies. No Assumptions. That’s our motto, and we mean it. It’s your content, your workflow, your stack, your servers, and your database – Directus stays out of the way. Pure, decoupled content. Directus stores all your data unaltered, in SQL databases designed by you. Connect to your data from anywhere everywhere. Directus is a simple toolkit, not a one-size-fits-all behemoth. Every aspect of the framework can be tailored, extended, or even bypassed if needed. Truly limitless. Full internationalization. Manage multilingual content in as many languages as your project needs. And for international teams, the Directus App itself supports translations.

    Sanity is a fully customizable, headless CMS.

    Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS based on Node.js for all your developers content management and API needs. In minutes, you have a working API and can concentrate on developing software without the hassle of CMS complexities. All your data is made available through a 100% customizable API to be a perfect fit for your needs. We take care of the backend for you so you don't have to. Companies of all sizes are already using Strapi in production.

    A Cloud Content Management System for creating, managing and publishing amazing content to mobile and web apps.

    Contenta is an API-First Drupal distribution. It provides a standard platform that is API ready along with demo content and example front-end applications. Contenta intends to ease the pain of using, or simply trying, decoupled Drupal.

    Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS for building content-powered apps in any programming language.

    Cotonti is a powerful open-source web development framework and content manager with a focus on security, speed and flexibility.

    Crownpeak DXM
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Crownpeak provides the leading, enterprise-grade, cloud-first Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform. The Crownpeak DXM platform empowers Fortune 2000 companies to quickly and easily create, deploy and optimize customer experiences across global digital touchpoints at scale. Besides featuring content management, personalization, search, and hosting, it is the only digital experience platform that includes built-in Digital Quality Management (DQM) to ensure brand integrity, best practices, and web accessibility compliance. Recently, Crownpeak acquired Evidon, the leading provider of simple technical solutions to complex digital Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) challenges, including a new Universal Consent Platform, designed to help companies comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Recent Awards & Distinctions: * Listed as a “Visionary” in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management * Listed as a “Visionary” in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management * Listed as a “Visionary” in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management * Listed as a “Contender” in the 2016 Forrester Wave * EContent 100 2016 Named In a List of Companies that Matter Most in Digital Content Industry

    Open source headless CMS, complete with multilanguage support, versioning and roles & permissions.

    GraphCMS enables developers to build powerful content APIs in a matter of minutes, while it gives content editors all the tools they need to manage their content.

    HelpWire is a unique remote assistance tool based an advanced port virtualization technology. The solution is designed to help reduce the cost of technical support and time invested in handling customer issues. HelpWire makes it simple for engineers to control and support their customers’ equipment remotely. With the software, technical specialists are able to get full access to a malfunctioning device by connecting to it over network (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, the Internet). The device located far away will appear in the expert’s computer as though it were physically attached to the specialist’s machine Major benefits you get with HelpWire: Fully customized solution The software is offered with a custom GUI and a set of advanced features uniquely designed to meet client’ needs. Any specific feature can be added to the solution on your request. The simplicity of use Easy to use, this efficient remote support solution requires no additional hardware or software. A simple HepWire installation on technician’s and clients’ computers will be sufficient for getting remote access to a malfunctioning device over network. Quick response The remote assistance solution eliminates the need for onsite services which allows experts to significantly increase the speed of response to customer need. Issues can be resolved faster as a specialist is able to immediately address the situation. Cross-platform compatibility HelpWire supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Thanks to this cross-platform connectivity, users can create client/server connections in different combinations. Secure messaging channel Provide your customers with immediate attention and quick responses via efficient communication channel - HelpWire Chat. Use cases for HelpWire range from diagnosing remote equipment (phones, computers, printers, CNC machines, vehicle ECU, etc.) to providing prompt online support and repair service. Find more information on the product page

    Softtware Development Environment in the Cloud

    Quintype is a data-driven publishing platform for digital publishers. We work with digital content creators across the world to ensure a seamless experience of creating and publishing content across channels and devices. Digital media is currently going through a lot of disruption due to vast changes in the technology landscape, and publishers are struggling to keep up with it. Quintype abstracts all of these changes in a simple, easy to use interface for content publishers, so that they focus on creating great content without getting overwhelmed by technology. Some benefits of our publishing solution - Create once publish anywhere - Intelligent editorial workflows for better operational efficiency - Real-time insights into the content consumption patterns - Gather audience opinion through reactions, polls, and comments - Monetize content with frictionless payment options and innovative ad units Some of our clients include BloombergQuint, TheQuint, and FortuneIndia to name a few.

    Scrivito is a visual headless CMS for Digital Teams. It is maintenance-free, user-friendly, and secure. Powered by ReactJS. Powerful features • Headless CMS • 100% cloud-based • Zero maintenance • Extendable & flexible • Powered by ReactJS • Collaborative editing • User-friendly WYSIWYG • Customisable permissions • Enterprise-grade security Scrivito is a complete Web Content Management solution for your business. It provides a highly flexible, reliable and secure foundation for your business websites, wherever you or your customers are. Our cloud-based CMS service scales as you and your business needs do. It’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to create scalable websites on the market today. Scrivito’s lean development approach uses reusable components which keeps projects on time, on the scope and within budget. As Scrivito is the only 100% native cloud CMS, you don’t need to worry about security, scalability and availability. It just works. Business websites perform better on Scrivito - and this is the reason why leading digital agencies around the world rely on us to power their client’s websites. If the best agencies trust us - shouldn’t you too?

    An OpenSource Headless CMS, a CMS with an API.

    The Headless CMS with a Visual Editor for Marketers. The Problem: Managing digital content with a headless CMS can be a difficult task. Without a visual preview editors are often lost and need instruction even for simple changes. The Solution: Storyblok has the user experience of a page builder with a modern headless architecture behind. This gives the developer freedom and the editor a self explaining intuitive interface.

    Superdesk is a state-of-the-art digital newsroom system. It combines headless CMS functionality with powerful workflow features for an end-to-end news creation, production, curation and distribution platform. Built alongside journalists in the newsroom, it has a modular, API-centric design that enables news organisations to add and adapt the functionality most relevant to their business. Superdesk is open-source web-based newsroom software that integrates easily with legacy systems as well as third-party applications.

    A stress-free Headless CMS, GraphQL API, and Static Site Generator to help you get your projects done.

    We offer a content management system that "lives" in Googles App Engine. It is highly scalable, extremely fast and versatile. You want an app or offer mobile web solutions to your visitors, guests and users?

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