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Popular Executive Information System Software Categories

Core HR Software

Core HR software offers human resource teams a centralized database through which employee data can be accessed and maintained.
Popular Core HR products used by HR professionals

Benefits Administration Software

Benefits Administration software employees choose from benefits plans provided by their employers using a dedicated employee portal, and allows HR managers to organize the plans they offer with benefits dashboards.
Popular Benefits Administration products used by HR professionals

Talent Management Software

Talent management software covers a wide array of tasks related to the oversight of a workforce. Because the needs of companies and employees are so diverse, talent management software can range from recruiting to career management software. When assessing the talent management ecosystem, it makes sense to view it in a chronologically linear fashion. Recruiting software is the first step in acquiring qualified candidates and is useful in bolstering a company’s workforce. From there, an organization may use video interviewing and pre-employment screening followed by onboarding and career management. Performance management and compensation management software rounds out the talent management category as they are applied to every employee in an organization, no matter how long their tenure. By investing and effectively implementing talent management software, HR can spend less time on tedious tasks and focus more on the talent.
Popular Talent Management products used by HR professionals

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