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Whistleblowing software is a type of issue management solution that provides employees with anonymous options to report issues related to fraud, harassment, theft, embezzlement, corruption, and so on, giving organizations the ability to uncover these workplace problems. Whistleblowing solutions are sometimes referred to as helplines, hotlines, or case management solutions and are designed to deal with issues such as misconduct, fraud, and unethical behavior that are not aligned with an organization's policies or values. These issue management solutions provide online or mobile platforms that enable anonymous two-way communication. They also provide tools for organizations to receive reports and investigate the claims, along with analytics tools to determine where misconduct is prevalent.

Some vendors provide a secure website platform, while others offer a platform and additional services to help organizations intake the initial reports. These additional services might include a phone hotline, text messages, phone or fax, a mobile app, email, online chat, or whistleblowing consulting. Whistleblowing solutions might be provided in tandem with HR case management software, GRC platforms, or ethics and compliance learning software, to name a few.

To qualify for inclusion in the Whistleblowing category, a product must:

  • Provide employees with a confidential compliance reporting system
  • Enable secure and anonymous reporting regarding fraud, misconduct, and other violations of company policies
  • Facilitate secure reporting via solutions such as website, text messaging, phone or fax, email, online chat, mobile app, or whistleblowing consulting
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    As the leading global provider of ethics and compliance cloud software, Convercent connects ethics to business performance by weaving ethics and values into everyday operations in over 600 of the world’s largest companies. Convercent Applications: Convercent Helpline including - Whistleblower Hotline & Case Management Increase employee engagement and issues reported with the industry’s easiest-to-use helpline and case manager. Convercent Helpline offers global 24x7 phone, web, proxy, mob

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    NAVEX Global delivers the most comprehensive and integrated ethics and compliance platform on the market. Our suite of solutions help you identify, assess and mitigate risks at any scale and for any industry across issues such as harassment, bribery, conflicts of interest and data security. From defining and distributing your code of conduct and critical policies to training key audiences, delivering 24/7 hotline and incident management analysis to extending your risk management and compliance p

    Canary® Whistleblowing System the most effective fraud detection tools. Canary® is a third-party ethics hotline provider that enables the safe, secure, and anonymous reporting of activities involving misconduct, fraud, abuse, and other violations of company policies. Canary® also offers case management service, which provides clients with notifications, analysis and reporting management. We are committed to create a safe, secure and ethical work environment. The reports made in the hotline and

    Deloitte Halo is our digital whistleblowing solution. It equips your organisation with secure and confidential reporting channels that help you strengthen governance and internal controls.

    Ethicontrol's outsourcing service is: - a dedicated team within our contact center; - a whistleblower's web-portal to register all anonymous messages within a protected cloud or your own infrastructure; - online software for quick incident management and internal investigations case management. Your independent and professional whistleblowing hotline from Ethicontrol is ready and does not require any implementation costs Main features: - Proprietary contact-center focused on business conduct a

    Promote an ethics and compliance culture through whistleblower hotlines based on Integrity Programs, with an effective report management.

    Save you time, centralise your case administration and provide a full case audit trail.

    GAN Connect is your one-stop-shop for all your compliance technology needs. With six robust modules, GAN Connect can power your entire compliance program with ease.

    Got Ethics provides solutions to fight unethical behavior in private businesses, organizations and public authorities.

    The unique features of Grapevine and Grapevine + help shine a light on every corner of your organisation, giving your staff and customers confidence that their complaints won’t fall on stony ground.

    Hello Ethics is a software for reporting unethical, illegal, or violation of company professional standards.

    ICO Solutions specializes in designing and implementing integrated custom applications. Whatever the nature of the organization or the scope of the project, our solutions are perfectly aligned with your business requirements. A platform allowing companies to build a relation with their staff, based on trust and safety. - It ENSURES full process and whistleblower confidentiality.

    Riddle Compliance provides organizations with outsourced compliance solutions that fulfill responsibilities held by ethics and compliance officers, compliance managers and analysts, and other auditors and governance professionals.

    SAI Global offers customers an integrated suite of proven risk and compliance solutions to manage and assess their operational and strategic risk and compliance obligations. We bring innovation to integration; combining transparency, accountability, risk agility and ethics to improve your future business outcomes and build your organizations risk culture.

    The most effective way to identify risk is through your people. When employees can easily and anonymously report fraud, harassment, discrimination, and unethical behaviour, they help uncover blind spots in your organisation. Whispli provides a secure, anonymous, and cost-effective whistleblower platform & case management solution. Our easy-to-use platform lets your people speak up safely and without fear. When employees speak sooner, you identify risks before they are a threat to your organ

    WhistleB is a global whistleblowing service provider and ethics & compliance expert, helping customers foster a safer and more transparent working climate. A fast-growing company and the WhistleB service is currently used in more than 150 countries.

    WhistleBlower Security has created a system that is considered the absolute authority on corporate ethics and compliance issues. It enables companies and enterprises to mitigate risk, deter fraud and anonymously gather and document information by providing fully integrated report management software and multi-lingual hotlines.

    Whistleblowing Solutions is an innovative start-up with a social vocation born to satisfy the growing request for software support to fight corruption. It realizes, experiments, diffuses, innovative open source software technologies, constantly operating in the field of research, organizational, legal, management and technological consulting, allowing the development of methods, techniques and anti-corruption organizational procedures.

    Your Call plans, launches and manages best practice 24/7 external whistleblowing programs across hotline, online, email and post.

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