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Best Equity Management Software

Equity management software facilitates the administration of a company’s equity, or its assets minus its liabilities. Businesses use equity management software, sometimes referred to as cap table management software, to track and manage the complex processes involved with issuing equity, maintaining compliance, receiving 409A valuations, and staying on top of capitalization tables.

Equity management solutions are used by finance teams and management as a centralized location for all equity-related activities. The use of equity management software eliminates the need to involve legal teams for every issuance. These solutions can also help drive investment and expansion decision-making by providing management with a solid understanding of their cap table at any given point.

To qualify for inclusion in the Equity Management category, a product must:

  • Provide cap table features
  • Allow equity issuance and governance
  • Model potential growth and exit scenarios
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    Streamlines and simplifies how businesses TRACK, MANAGE, and REPORT EQUITY COMPENSATION. - visibility into real-time equity compensation data - financial reporting to meet all SEC and proxy requirements, including FAS123R/ASC718 - flexibility to choose your own broker and integrate with other platforms - detailed audit trails - employee portal to view and accept grants, exercise options - transition from private to public company reporting without changing systems - SSAE16 certified. When you need the best in equity compensation management, the choice is Certent. Our consultants are experts in tax and accounting issues. We can help you address and resolve questions about complex accounting, reconciliation, and methodology issues. And we back that with robust customer support, extensive online resources, regular software updates, and a commitment to ensuring you derive the maximum value from your investments through an unwavering focus on innovation, simplicity, and service. Maybe that’s why more than 1,300 companies rely on Certent.

    Carta is building the global ownership management platform, and in the process, mapping the ownership network for companies, investors, and employees. Founded in 2012, Carta started by helping private companies manage their cap tables. Since then Carta has expanded into valuations, investor services, and public markets. We now support 8,000+ companies, 500,000+ unique stakeholders, & have valued over $200B in private assets.

    Capshare is a web application that helps businesses manage their stock and assets on one organized platform.

    This web-based cap table management software helps you administer your company’s equity plan, comply with regulations, unify information silos and replace spreadsheets.

    Gust Equity Management (GEM) is a Software-as-a-Service platform simplifying the process of managing the evolution of enterprise capitalizations from startup through sale/IPO. Managing an enterprise capitalization table via Excel as well as the related documentation becomes a time-consuming and difficult process as a venture evolves, raises money, and grows. If early-stage startups trivialize or ignore their cap tables, mismanagement can cause significant expenses down the line when lawyers come in to clean it up, can create shareholder disputes, and might even kill an M&A deal. To put this into perspective, as an enterprise moves through its funding stages and development, it will typically deal with hundreds of equity issuances, option grants, exercises, forfeitures, transfers, vesting dates, board approvals, etc. All of these events must be tracked along with the underlying legal documentation in order to be auditable by shareholders and other interested parties. Because this kind of administrative work usually falls to legal counsel, it traditionally costs $200-500 an hour. To minimize costs and time investment, GEM corrects this inefficiency with tools that make the process easier, faster, and cheaper than traditional means. At its core, the GEM platform empowers internal or external administrators of the capitalization table by providing powerful and intuitive tools to track all the required documentation of any equity issuance, in one easy to use interface. In GEM, administrators can issue equity grants directly to employees / advisors through the platform, so there is no need to contact legal counsel every time they hire a new employee and need to issue grants. Through GEM, users can also request 409A valuation reports so they can issue option grants at a fair market value, avoiding tax consequences for both employees and the enterprise. GEM also handles ASC718 calculations (stock option expensing), a time-consuming and expensive exercise for GAAP-compliant financials. GEM also includes round modeling to see dilution impact on future equity and convertible note financing rounds, a time-hop feature allowing users to view the capitalization at any point in time, views for employees to track their equity vesting in real time, and other value-adding features. is a free tool for cap table management and insights.

    Capyx is a Cap table management that enables users to track equity, easily collaborate with shareholders and manage portfolio.

    CyndX Owner is a simple and efficient cloud-based Cap Table Management tool. Issue shares and automatically update cap table and ledgers to keep track of any share transfer, repurchase or cancellation. Built specifically to provide the infrastructure to manage your equity ownership, while saving significant costs (legal fees + administrative time) associated with security issuances, option exercises, and cap table management. Analyze funding scenarios and create Waterfall analyses against exit opportunities in real time for any potential issuance. Creates vesting schedules and stock incentive plans for employees.

    With Eqvista, you will be able to effectively manage your company with our cap table software and leading valuation services. Eqvista will help you develop the most efficient cap table for your company, and its user-friendly approach will save you time for your company. You can choose from a wide range of services, from basic cap table management to full services with company formation and 409A valuation.

    Ledgy helps founders stay on top of vesting schedules, options, phantom plans, and convertible loans. They get fast insights for financing rounds or exit negotiations using the built-in modeling tools.

    IFRSTRACK is the answer for small and medium sized businesses searching for a solution to guide them through the intricacies of GAAP conversion. IFRSTRACK allows a firm to move quickly from establishing a conversion plan through the use of pre-defined templates to assigning responsibilities and monitoring the conversion process through real-time workflow and reporting tools.

    TruEquity is a cap table management software designed to track and manage shares, convertible notes, warrants, options and secondary transactions.