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Sales training and onboarding software helps newly hired salespeople learn the ins and outs of their organization’s sales processes and gradually ramp up their selling abilities. When a sales representative is brought on board, sales managers can provide access to sales training and onboarding software with a customized learning path based on various assessments. As the team member progresses, additional learning can be achieved through microcourses, virtual role-playing, and certifications in relevant areas of expertise. These tools are primarily used across sales departments and administered by sales managers—for continuous learning among established representatives in addition to the initiation efforts of new hires. Sales training and onboarding platforms eliminate the need for printed materials and dedicated in-person lessons, and can expedite the journey from recruitment to autonomous selling and success. These tools can also provide a dispersed sales team with centralized and easily accessible learning or coaching on complex selling scenarios or preferred messaging.

Some sales training and onboarding tools provide a repository of learning materials and video lessons, which complement the sales and marketing collateral content accessibile through sales enablement software. Sales training and onboarding software may integrate with sales coaching software, which provides detailed breakdowns and feedback on sales calls and helps reps master their pitches. Sales training and onboarding software may integrate with or share features of course authoring software for the design and administering of structured learning content or assessments. Sales managers can track the success of new hires with sales performance management software, which can also help identify pain points for continued learning. Sales training and onboarding software may offer similar performance analytics tools for tracking ROI of training efforts and the effectiveness of different training content. Sales training and onboarding software may also integrate with or offer features of sales gamification software, which can keep the sales team engaged with their progress in relation to others and reward various success milestones.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sales Training and Onboarding category, a product must:

  • Offer assessment tools to determine skill gaps and optimal learning paths for new sales team hires
  • Provide structured learning materials, practice modules, and progress tracking in regard to sales readiness
  • Integrate with or offer features of sales performance management tools to identify problem areas for customized lessons and assessments
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    MindTickle is defining what great Enterprise Sales enablement looks like. By leveraging the most comprehensive data-driven Enablement platform on the market, you will gain the ability to develop, coach and improve the performance of your sales reps independent of their location. Reduce sales ramp by 60%, double competitive win-rates & increase deal sizes w/MindTickle. This solution correlates sales capabilities to business outcomes, so you can directly tie sale enablement impact to revenue.

    Showpad Coach
    (134)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Showpad Coach (formerly LearnCore) delivers onboarding, sales training, and video coaching solutions for a fully-trained sales team that exceeds quota. Leading companies like Box, Verizon, RSA Security, and CDW use Showpad Coach to onboard and retain sales reps,certify their sales teams, identify top performers, share best practices, and ensure consistent communication across geographically dispersed teams. Showpad Coach is part of the Showpad Sales Enablement Platform, combining industry-leading sales coaching with interactive selling experiences, Showpad empowers the modern consultative seller to engage with buyers as a trusted advisor. Learn more at

    (65)4.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work. We are used by over 2 million learners at more than 600 leading companies including Trunk Club, Ibotta, U.S. Cellular, and Zendesk to share knowledge, develop skills, and reinforce best practices. The result is faster onboarding, higher NPS scores, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience.

    (79)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Allego provides an intuitive sales learning platform that boosts sales performance by harnessing the power of mobile devices to transform enablement and training through video content sharing. With Allego’s mobile-first platform, organizations can create and curate the best content from the field and corporate office to better train and collaborate with sales teams, without the time and expense typically associated with in-field coaching or on-site training. Users can easily access relevant, quality content, anytime, anywhere, allowing them to capture their best ideas, master their pitch and accelerate their performance. Tens of thousands of global users across a range of industries have adopted Allego to improve sales success.

    (114)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    LevelJump is the sales enablement and readiness solution that reduces ramp time of new sales hires and proves impact on revenue by attributing sales enablement programs, training and coaching to metrics in Salesforce Sales Cloud®. - Quick and easy program builder inside Salesforce - Video coaching rooms + just-in-time coaching tips directly in reps workflow - Automated program metrics tied to sales process + revenue in Salesforce - ROI reporting that proves Sales Enablement Manager success Our team has extensive expertise in sales onboarding, training, enablement, and Salesforce, delivering superior customer service and innovative product development aligned with how sales reps and Sales Enablement Managers work every day.

    Brainshark sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching and content authoring capabilities to achieve sales mastery and outsell the competition. With Brainshark, companies can: prepare sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed; validate readiness with sales coaching that ensures reps master your message; and empower sales organizations with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly and accessed anywhere. Thousands of companies – including more than half of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark to identify and close performance gaps, and get better results from their sales enablement initiatives.

    Qstream is the only scientifically proven microlearning platform that quantifiably improves employee behavior. Short, purpose-built challenges and video scenarios reinforce critical information and identify knowledge or skill gaps so managers know who, what and when to coach. Knowledge-intensive industries like life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and technology, and many other organizations operating in highly regulated markets trust Qstream to deliver an engaging, easy-to-use precision learning experience to help companies build high performing teams who innovate and excel. Today Qstream is used by 14 of the top 15 global life sciences companies, as well as leaders in technology, healthcare and financial services.

    Bridge by Instructure is an innovative, outcome-focused talent management platform for businesses. Bridge helps companies elevate people, their careers, and the organization with customer-driven solutions—so they can grow and retain a happier workforce. We do this by developing learning and performance management software that promotes forward-thinking strategies, actionable analytics, and employee and leader development. Bridge supports continuous innovation and offers white-glove customer service, enabling companies to achieve desired outcomes—like happier, well-trained employees. Invest in your employees and your company. Bridge is the human capital management platform that understands that people matter most. Find out more at

    (63)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    We help you create modern, high performing sales teams. SalesHood is the prescriptive, just in time, sales learning platform to elevate sales results. We use mobile, video, crowdsourcing and content creation to increase team productivity and revenue. We put collaboration and coaching at the heart of SalesHood, where people learn by doing and share what works with their peers. Our Expert System provides automated coaching tips, content, and guides for managers to develop and motivate their teams to exceed their goals. The SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers accelerates revenue attainment and productivity and focus with insights, workflows, and content recommendations learned through millions of videos, stories, and activities submitted on the SalesHood platform. SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers helps sales managers become great coaches and more effective leaders by enabling them with automated enablement tools and recommendations to develop their teams. Brian McGrath, Director Sales Enablement, SHI International Corp says “You’ve got to be in a position as a manager to observe your people and provide constructive feedback. SalesHood allows sales managers to move from being an armchair quarterback to being a trusted coach” Customers using SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers will benefit from the following features: Team Dashboard: Provide a concise summary of team progress, collective achievements, as well as simple click throughs to individuals on the team. Benefits to the Manager and the enablement team include: Intuitive visualization of team progress Correlate enablement activity completion to revenue attainment more easily Improved Manager engagement and focus on enablement activities Meetings in a Box: Access to a curated selection of sales enablement huddles that keep teams engaged, aligned and on target to the metrics that matter, both in terms of revenue attainment and personal skills development. Specific features include structured and unstructured team exercises such as role-plays and deal reviews and integrated video assets for call/meeting reviews and best practice sharing. Easily create custom recurring team meetings to provide team visibility, accountability and a culture of sharing throughout the organization. Coaching Workflows: Managers receive automated coaching summaries highlighting areas of development and completion data of their teams. The summaries are pushed to managers 24 hours and 48 hours before team meetings and one-on-ones. Library of Coaching Templates & Huddles: Managers can easily select from a collection of coaching ‘playbooks’ with prescribed workflows and activities to address common objectives or pain points such as: quota attainment, pipeline coverage, team engagement, QBR best practices etc.

    Blackboard Learn is a scalable, reliable foundation for a world-class learning experience. Our flexible learning platform enables you to extend online learning, increase employee engagement and optimize learning outcomes. Create and preserve institutional knowledge, retain top employees and drive business results with a better, more engaging learning environment. Intuitive new features make it even easier for you to manage content, personalize courses, foster collaboration, and connect with learners. Deliver instructor-led training and virtual learning that will keep learners engaged anywhere, at any time. Personal, intuitive, always-on, and connected.

    TalentLMS is a super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners and customers. It is fully customizable to your own needs, with simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your elearning environment. It offers strong support for SCORM & TinCan (xAPI), notifications, course selling, video-conferencing, gamification, extensible user profiles and more features than you can imagine. Plus, the web app is built from scratch to work with responsive design in mind to look awesome on all devices; native iOS and Android apps take this to a whole new level, with mobile-specific feature sets.

    Rehearsal is a video-based practice platform that allows people to practice their selling and communication skills, receive coaching, and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

    PointForward is a video-based sales training, practice and coaching tool that generates an immediate ROI by getting more out on-boarding and product launch process. Sales leaders and enablement professionals leverage the power of video to ensure that their sales teams are prepared to deliver consistent messaging. PointForward is built for the modern sales organization that's looking for a way to scale their approach to training.

    The Sales Bar is the only online subscription-based learning that's focused exclusively on insides sales. It helps onboard new reps faster, certify tenured reps, and build a sales management bench. The Sales Bar is available as a monthly subscription and is designed for individuals and teams. The learning is based on the award-winning Factor 8 curriculum that's known for getting FAST results. We publish new content every month so your teams always have access to tactical, on-the-job training.

    Mindmatrix is the only single, fully integrated platform offering complete sales and marketing enablement for direct and indirect sales. Mindmatrix combines PRM, Channel Marketing, Asset Management, Sales Enablement, and Marketing Automation for the complete enablement of your sales and marketing teams. This unified platform takes you through every step in the sales process from lead to revenue, enabling your sales channels to sell more, faster.

    CommercialTribe is solving the toughest problem in sales & enablement: how to get reps aligned and on message. Using video and associated content, reps can view and share peer best practices, practice by recording themselves, submit their scenario for manager and peer feedback, and refine until they have it right. Reps actually teach and learn from one another. We focus on four key areas of improvement: Onboarding, Upskilling, Product & Service Go-to-Market, and 3rd Party Message Development. The process of sales training hasn't meaningfully changed since Dale Carnegie introduced his approach in 1937. While billions of dollars are being invested annually, sales training effectiveness remains questionable with little measurable improvement in the metrics that matter. CommercialTribe tackles this problem head-on, giving teams a new way to truly learn and engage.

    Raven360 is an enterprise-grade LMS that helps organizations grow sales and increase customer loyalty through training and coaching. Our tool is a great fit for companies with complex products and distributed teams. Companies like Google, Pearson, Mondelēz International and Juniper use our LMS platform. Drive employee, customer and partner training and certification with Raven360. Keep your content free or monetize it. Your choice. Do it all from one single place. Employee Training: Onboard employees faster and keep them coming back for continuous learning Customer Training: Increase retention by showing new customers how to achieve their goals with your product Authorized Partner Training: Train and certify business partners with secure access to product documentation and resources Request the Concierge Experience from our Customer Success team. We’ll help you upload your current training library and make it effortless to start using Raven360.

    Xactly Quota and Territories bridges the gap between your financial planning and commission processes.

    Gitomer Learning Academyis an interactive sales training and personal development platform.

    Xactly Inspire simplifies sales coaching to improve rep effectiveness and get them to full productivity faster.

    ACTO is the only cloud platform for Life Sciences that combines field sales and marketing tools in a single app and field intelligence into a single dashboard. ACTO's front-facing app combines training, sales enablement, and coaching tools, while ACTO’s behind-the-scenes dashboard combines field analytics and KPIs of training impact, sales force competency, compliance management, and customer engagement to provide a holistic view of commercial strategy performance.

    Blackboard Open LMS enhances open source technology and builds on its capabilities to create a better learning experience. The Blackboard Open LMS experience is unique and compatible with learning analytics (IntelliBoard), virtual classrooms (Blackboard Collaborate), open source (Blackboard Open Content), plagiarism prevention (Blackboard SafeAssign), course content accessibility (Blackboard Ally), user management (Genius) and services as Office 365 portfolio, among other tools.

    CallidusCloud WorkFlow is a software optimize employee, partner, agent, and producer onboarding processes. Seamlessly integrate with third-party services for background checks, credit checks, continuing education records, licenses, and accreditations.

    Enable sales process alignment at scale. ClosePlan Sales Playbooks make it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy by guiding your team through a best practice sequence of events based on your sales methodology. These playbooks help best practices permeate throughout your sales organisation, optimising the Opportunity-to-Close process. ✔ Introduce repeatable processes and consistency to your sales teams ✔ Reduce end of quarter surprises and increase win rates ✔ Custom Sales Playbooks for different business lines ✔ Support any sales methodology

    Coach Simple combines innovative thinking with industry expertise and your best prctices to deliver the most comprehensive and customized coaching platform on the market.

    fourLetter is a sales acceleration as a service.

    The information shared via telephone conversations with clients and prospects is one of the most valuable assets that a company can leverage. To accommodate the growing need for sales team visibility, Gryphon developed a Sales and Marketing Effectiveness System, which provides sales managers actionable insights into the phone-based activities of reps from any phone, anywhere through a single pane of glass.

    Cloud based technology Sales and Channel Management Software platform.

    One Platform for Total Sales Mastery: Loop is the first Sales Training and Enablement Platform to support your entire sales force from new hire to Sales Mastery.

    Combines the sales and recruiter process, methodology, and assets with the most effective training platform that ramps up your new hires faster and coaches them more effectively than your competition.

    MX Sales Coach features 98 customized microlearning modules, which deliver a specific selling skills curriculum to mobile devices for on-the-go development.

    Oplift is a digital operations platform for non-desk workers that reduces costs and improves employee performance; through knowledge, compliance and culture. Do MORE for less. It helps you oversee and improve the performance of your entire business. This is achieved by giving you insight, helping you uncover weaknesses and actively working to resolve them through knowledge, compliance and culture. Knowledge - Grow a culture of confidence with a team who are in the know all the time. With notifications, news, comms, microlearning and gamification. Compliance - Get a 100% compliant team, Oplift lets your staff consistently capture data to give you insight into your business to make smarter decisions. Perfect for store audits, staff 1-on-1s, vehicle inspections or daily checklists. Culture - Create a winning culture with a happy and motivated team through 360 feedback, achievements, trophies and quick and easy performance reviews. Get insights across your WHOLE business Everything in Oplift compliments one another rather than working in silos so you get an ENTIRE view of your business, allowing you to see good and bad performance meaning you can act accordingly. Transform your business into an intelligent hub that knows who needs what, when and where. This ensures you run your business rather than your business running you! • 'Best use of technology' and highly recommended for 'best use of training' in employee engagement at the 2017 Engage Awards. • 'Best customer service programme'​ at the 2017 TJ Awards. • 'Overall Winners'​ & 'Technology Project of the Year'​ for the Retail Systems 2016 Awards. • 'App Design Winners'​ for the Design 100 2015 Awards. Customers have achieved results - A 10% boost in customer satisfaction/NPS scores - An 8% boost in employee product knowledge - A 100% compliant team - A 2.2% increase in sales month over month - 99% monthly usage across the ​entire workforce - Reduced the time to do audits and checklists by 80% - 65% of staff play our eLearning​ game in their own time

    Pilot is a Sales Acceleration Solution that helps firms build a predictable pipeline of sales leads utilizing dedicated humans & technology

    Meet Scrimmage, an award-winning mobile learning platform, built to take your learning to the next level through a smart, engaging and easily customizable interface. Made for onboarding, sales enablement, global training, talent development and corporate meetings, Scrimmage empowers users through its best-in-class integrated tools driving employee engagement, job performance and measurable business success. Learn More about Scrimmage with a Free Demo on our website.

    Selleration develops and markets UPtick, the Game-based analytics platform that predicts the likelihood of sales success and improves the selling judgment and sales productivity of salespeople.

    We have developed the leading on-demand gamification platform that is based upon brain science utilizing retrieval practice, micro-learning, and adaptive learning to make retention of information more lasting.

    uStudio is an enterprise video platform company. We help organizations tap into the business value of video (live and on-demand) across sales, marketing, learning, training, service, and support initiatives.

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