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Sales gamification software enhances the sales process by adding competition and recognition as additional motivation for sales representatives. Sales departments indicate the metrics by which their team will be judged, and the tool ranks employees based on their success against those metrics. Rankings are displayed publicly with employees’ scores based on data pulled from the team’s CRM system. Other departments, such as customer support or human resources, also use gamification platforms to enhance employee performance.
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    Hoopla’s motivational software combines modern game mechanics, data analytics and broadcast-quality video in a powerfully simple application that makes it easy for managers to motivate team performance and score more wins. Using Hoopla, managers can quickly create contests, competitions, and leaderboards around any CRM metric, and broadcast live performance updates to TV, web and mobile screens throughout the company. Hoopla’s dynamic, live video broadcasts engage the entire company in an exciting, play-to-win culture that delivers measurable gains in team productivity and performance.

    FantasySalesTeam helps sales managers run more engaging and higher performing sales contests. In the last year over 75 companies have launched hundreds of FantasySalesTeam games with thousands of sales reps globally. Our focus is less on 'gamifying' sales and more about solving the problems that cause traditional incentive programs and sales contests to fail. Learn more at

    (217)4.4 out of 5
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    LevelEleven is the leading Performance Management System for customer-facing teams to motivate, engage, and coach around key behaviors that drive results. Reps understand goals and activity. Managers coach with consistency using actionable data. Executives understand what's working, or not working. Motivate what matters with LevelEleven.

    Ambition is a sales management system backed by Google, Harvard Business Review and AA-ISP. The Ambition platform syncs data from your key systems (Salesforce, New Voice Media) onto a drag-and-drop UI that empowers managers to create flexible performance visualizations and insights across their entire sales organization. Sales leaders use Ambition to bring transparency, ownership and insight to sales performance metrics. The platform integrates all key data points from your CRM, phone system, and other major data systems under one roof. Using drag-and-drop interfaces, sales leaders can build sales performance analytics that suit the specific needs of their sales organization - complete with benchmarks, scores, goal trackers, TVs, leaderboards, competitions, coaching modules, and flexible on-command reporting into activities, objectives, and efficiency metrics.

    Zoho Motivator is a gamification solution designed to work with Zoho CRM to drive desired practices in sales teams & boost revenue while ensuring that sales teams have fun in the process. Zoho Motivator works alongside Zoho CRM and is aimed at helping users get the most out of their software. All basic CRM data such as potentials, leads, etc. are automatically synced from user's CRM accounts the moment that they sign up for Zoho Motivator. Based on this data, managers can establish contests and then display the results on large-screen TVs.

    Spinify leaderboards focus organizations on employee performance and progress against their business targets. Leaderboards provide immediate performance feedback to individuals and teams to increase productivity as they do more to reach the target and win the prize. Spinify applies a unique combination of motivational psychology and gamification principles to display meaningful and engaging leaderboards through a browser, mobile device or an office TV. High resolution visualization techniques mean the leaderboard can be viewed on a TV and understood from the back of the room. Sophisticated data analytics and real time updates engage the entire company in a healthily competitive environment that delivers uplift in performance and productivity. They also deliver the relevant opportunities to celebrate individuals and teams along the way, reinforcing recognition as a key component of company culture. Notifications ensure everyone is up to date with leaderboard changes, progress and company updates. Easy to set up in minutes, managers can create competitions and leaderboards on any metric. Spinify pulls data from a variety of popular data apps including Google Sheets, Slack, Zendesk, MyDesktop, Agentbox, Rex and Salesforce. Spinify changes work behaviors in target based staff by focusing them on the activities that you want increased to drive better business results. Get your Free Trial on the Spinify website

    (22)4.3 out of 5
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    Gameffective supercharges employee performance and learning using digital motivation, gamification and real time feedback. Gameffective has changed the way companies motivate their employees and the way managers align their teams with company goals. Gameffective’s solution significantly improves performance of sales teams, employees in call centers, learning, onboarding, and more. To top it all off, it is easily integrated into existing systems. Gameffective uses the power of real time performance tracking and goal setting to reach new records of employee engagement and improved performance and drive knowledge and learning growth. Predictive PowerDialer is an AI-powered sales acceleration application that aims to help SDR teams connect with the right people at the right times. The vendor's value proposition is that PowerDialer is designed to increase the focus, engagement and productivity of reps, with the goal of enabling them to generate more sales. The application uses predictive models to make recommendations on the next best prospect and best contact method. In addition to advanced list prioritization, PowerDialer provides single-click dialing, pre-recorded voice messaging, email, inbound call routing, etc. Users can gain insight into what works and what doesn’t by analyzing detailed call reports and capturing activities to the CRM automatically. LocalPresence displays a local number to the user's prospects, which the vendor says can increase contact rates by up to 38% using phone numbers local to virtually every North American and European metropolitan area. According to the vendor, quantity of dials is important, but not as important as having more conversations that lead to qualified opportunities. ImmediateResponse automatically places new incoming leads at the top of sales reps' lists, so that they can respond immediately to hot opportunities. The vendor says customers find that a lead called within five minutes of requesting information is over 10x more likely to answer, and is 4x more likely to qualify.

    Funifier is a gamification company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, founded in 2012. The medium, privately-held company focuses on creating customizable gamification platforms that businesses can use to increase their employees’ engagement. With a host of custom options, Funifier is great for businesses who are looking for more than an out-of-the-box solution. The platform gives you access to API’s, allowing companies to connect Funifier with other applications that they use. Triggers and widgets built into the platform also allow companies to add the game mechanics to third-party applications such as email clients, Microsoft Office, social media networks, and HTML. Applications that employees interact with on a daily basis can be integrated into the platform with widgets, and can be added to challenges and given point values for completion. Going beyond Point, Badges and Leaderboards, employees can also be engaged on the platform directly through the use of many of the 100 game techniques available within the Studio. Each user has an individual profile where they can track their progress on badges and challenges amongst others, as well as keep track of how many points they have accumulated through the various actions their perform on a daily basis. These profiles are also used on the leaderboards, where employees can see what other users are accomplishing, encouraging healthy competition. Challenges can be assigned to specific users, and can be rewarded with points or badges upon successful completion. Challenges can be assigned for any type of task, from something simple such as responding to an email, to more complex tasks with multiple steps and deliverables. One comprehensive administrator dashboard allows management to track and analyze the progress of each user. Funifier offers a complete platform for engaging employees, and with their API and social media integration, offer a solution that goes beyond most other simple workplace engagement tools.

    Increase sales by motivating more winning behaviours. Use intelligent coaching prompts to guide your reps. Engage your team with game mechanics that include competitions, levels, badges, rewards & leaderboards. ***SuMo is 100% Native & Lightning Ready*** COACH: Maximise the potential of your team with guided selling & targeted sales coaching. PREDICT: Boost forecast accuracy with automatic deal predictions based on behavioural insight. OPTIMISE: Fine tune your sales process based on winning behaviours exhibited by top performers. SuMo increases sales by uncovering your winning formula and motivating more high-value sales behaviours. 100% Native to and fast to get started, SuMo delivers results: LeasePlan experienced * 583% improvement in contact scouting * 454% increase in Chatter collaboration * 153% increase in sales activity G4S experienced * 60% increase in pipeline * 35% increase in new contacts * 98% user adoption rate SuMo delivers measurable results * Run SuMo in the background to baseline current sales activity levels * Identify the "winning way" based on your top performers * Deliver intelligent coaching prompts as users work * Engage reps with gamification that tap into the competitive spirit Broadcast achievement onto the big screen with multi-channel, interactive leaderboard displays similar to LevelEleven, Hoopla and Ambition.

    Hurrah!® Leaderboards is a productivity tool that blends gamification and live broadcasting to boost team motivation and outcomes, by recognizing outstanding work in real time across the department floor on one or more TV screens and web browsers. Its capacity to connect to multiple data-sources (including Dynamics CRM, SalesForce, Excel and other call center systems in the market) to pull team performance metrics as well as its flexibility to build completely custom metrics makes Hurrah! indispensable for some of the strongest sales-driven organizations such as Amway, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Mets, and Paylocity. With Hurrah!, you can grow revenue, track KPIs, encourage a healthy, competitive atmosphere, and share important milestones with your team instantly, and encourage other behaviors that drive sales.

    CallidusCloud’s MySalesGame serves up dynamic leaderboards, rewards, missions, and contests to drive recognition, competition, and mastery across your entire sales organization. This game-changing application connects to complementary CallidusCloud products to encourage more coaching sessions, faster quotes, bigger deals, and higher learning.

    Believe your Sales Team could be doing more ? We try to address one of the biggest and oldest challenges in Sales processes across the globe. How to keep your sales team motivated and performing to their peak potential every single day. It's something we all attempt to do in one way or another using excel files, sales contests and lots of email reports. However there's still a lot to be desired. Catalyst is a Sales Management System that makes it easy for Sales Leaders to build engaged, data-driven, high-performance teams. Think of it as the Fitbit for sales people. Transform your Sales Culture and get the most out of your sales teams by creating visibility, building accountability and driving motivation every day of the year.

    Bunchball combines behavioral economics, big data, and gamification to inspire loyalty that lasts. We empower businesses to motivate, engage, and generate true loyalty among customers, partners and employees. This is Loyalty 3.0. We motivate millions of people to take action every day. We know what gets people going: a goal that matters, recognition among peers, and a meaningful reward. We’ve built the best tools and assembled the most experienced team to help you to motivate and engage your most important audiences: employees, customers, online communities and partners.

    Active Community™ is the gamification app built on Salesforce for Salesforce, internally as well as externally such as Salesforce Communities.

    Sales Contest Platform for Inside Sales and Field Sales Reps

    Built on best practices and decades of research Engagedly Performance Management Platform, organizations can set and track goals, manage performance appraisals and 360 reviews, provide 1 on 1 feedback and recognize performance. Features include goal management, Manager and 360 Feedback, Peer Praise, Knowledge Sharing/eLearning, rewards, social performance. Engagedly is the most comprehensive tool available to drive Employee Engagement.

    It is an out-of-the-box ready made sales enablement tool which requires companies to upload their sales tracking data in a csv format. This is product provides separate dashboards for individual sales reps and managers to monitor their sales performances. Dashboard provides intelligent feedbacks to admins/manegers to monitor overall sales performances and instant intelligent performance feedbacks to sales reps which helps them enhance their performance.

    Our mission is to help build great sales organizations all around the world by making sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding. SalesScreen is a sales motivation software that helps organizations around the world to track progress on KPIs, reward completion of key activities and surpass their sales goals. Customers experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness on goals and increased activity on the metrics that drive revenue growth and success.   We believe that great culture is the key to driving great performance and that recognition and celebrations build great culture. So, we have created an entire sales management toolbox that allows you to recognize achievements, run sales contests, measure performance, track improvements and focus on what matters most. SalesScreen combines data visualization and reporting features with gamification in order to increase activity and performance on the metrics that matter most to revenue growth and success, in a fun and engaging way. It’s similar to the sales bell and whiteboard, but adapted for the 21st century, allowing you to celebrate in real-time, across offices and integrate with your favorite software systems to make data entry more fun. As a cloud-based system, SalesScreen connects all of your offices and makes feedback and celebrations instant. Key features: - Social chat feature to build collaboration with colleagues. - Data visualization that is fully customizable, beautifully designed and easy to understand. - Tons of TV slides to display and showcase your most important information and updates. - Real-time sales competitions: team, individual, or head-to-head mode. With varying goals, prizes and ways of winning. Not all just traditional linear, “winner takes all” competitions. - Hundreds of fully customizable rank levels and badges to unlock for completing qualifying activities that you determine. - Milestone event celebrations recognize reps for crushing goals. - Supported on web, mobile app and TV. - Live chat feature via Intercom to quickly solve problems anytime you need support.

    INCUBES offers salesforce solutions, gamification and microtrainings on demand.

    Mambo.IO is a leading option for an on-premise, open-source gamification platform. With gamified solutions for customer loyalty, employee engagement, and training / elearning, Mambo.IO allows both custom and off-the-shelf development for your gamification efforts. Customer Loyalty: When it comes to purchasing goods or using products, customers have a wide variety of choices, which is why more than 50 percent of customers will not hesitate to buy or use a competitors product after doing business with you. Gamification and the Mambo.IO Platform will help you drive long-term customer loyalty and user engagement with your products and services. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve user engagement or create unique marketing experiences, Mambo.IO can help. Employee Productivity: Only 30 percent of employees are engaged, this leaves 70 percent who do not care for their colleagues, your customers or business. Use the Mambo.IO platform to increase the knowledge, satisfaction and performance of employees. With gamification you can drive the adoption of all your enterprise applications and improve the overall health of your business. eLearning and Training: A majority of employees consider learning and training an additional burden on top of their existing work load. Use gamification to maximise the enjoyment and engagement of your audience by capturing the learners interests and inspiring them to continue learning. The Mambo.IO Platform can stimulate attendance, contributions and increase focus on meaningful activities. The platform’s main value propositions are its flexibility and extensibility; the open-source model makes the platform available to everyone and it can be easily customized and extended to work in almost any software environment. While it is one of the few on-premise gamification platforms available, Mambo.IO also offers a hosted solution for companies who don’t want to manage infrastructure or don’t have specific data handling requirements. The platform can define, track, and reward any behavior, and includes powerful analytics tools to help you design effective and engaging rewards, levels, missions, or points assigned to any number of custom metrics. It also includes leaderboards to boost competition and allow your users to benchmark their results against their peers’. It incorporates recognizable engagement strategies like coupons, activity feeds, and also offers several off-the-shelf widgets to help save time when designing your gamification strategy. Last but not least, Mambo.IO offers rich REST APIs, Java / PHP SDKs, and is built on the eminently scalable MongoDB database and Java engine. The platform can be deployed on both Windows and Linux environments.

    nGUVU offers an employee engagement platform for contact centers. Using game mechanics, recognition, and social media concepts, nGAGEMENT influences agents’ behaviors by leveraging people’s natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition to build intrinsic motivation and improve employee engagement. nGAGEMENT is an immersive experience that empowers agents to self-manage and makes it fun for them to accomplish tasks that are at the core of their responsibilities.

    Saleskick is a simple and user-friendly gamification software that helps you get the best out of your sales team by focusing on the metrics that matter the most. Having a motivated sales team is critical to the success of your organization. By visualizing performance in an engaging way we increase the productivity and the overall results. With smart features you no longer need to spend time on how to motivate your sales force, we will handle it for you! Examples of Features: • TV-dashboards. • Sales Competitions. • Goals & Budgets management. • Deep insights and reports • Engaging Leaderboards • Smart notifications for better decisions making. • Sales Forecasting and much more

    Arcade is a solution for sales teams that gamifies employee goals to measurably lift performance and retention (with proven results!). The software provides an all-in-one solution for rewards, recognition, contests, communication and staff training. Arcade is dynamic and works with customers across many industries in teams small and large across the globe. Game on!

    Amp up your team with FlowCRM's simplicity to use and improve customer engagement. Incorporate proven mechanics such as points, badges, missions and achievements. Inspire a go-and-win culture now!

    Engage sales, support and development teams with the leading gamification platform

    Gamivation is a points-based platform that combines training with sales incentives in a gamified environment.

    IActionable is an employee management platform designed to leverage gamification to increase employee performance, recognition, and engagement.

    Intelisale is AI based, B2B omnichannel sales solution enabling leading wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to steer entire sales process and improve individual productivity by 100% and overall productivity by 30%.

    Intelliverse's Sales Acceleration software dramatically increases sales results by delivering speed, accountability, efficiency and predictability to the sales process. By using data-driven insights & real-time analytics, Intelliverse’s sales acceleration technology empowers salespeople to sell smarter and faster— ultimately driving high performance sales teams that accelerate sales and grow revenue.

    It helps more the 30.000 users daily to achieve more in the working enviroment (in call-centers, sales-networks, IT companies etc.)

    A sales performance management solution for growing sales teams. By collecting real-time data from your key systems, the platform powers TV leaderboards, real-time milestone celebrations and a suite of performance management tools designed to save you time and keep your team motivated.

    RepTivity is the solution for sales management. Having real time leaderboard for SalesForce CRM. Organizers can participate in a fun and focused and social condition. With highlights, for features like KPI updates, singular notices, and identification grants, your sales reps are certain to be propelled to accomplish the most noteworthy deals rank.

    Inspiring performance & loyalty in today's workplace

    Velocify Pulse™ is a new kind of sales acceleration platform in the Salesforce ecosystem. More than just a dialer or email tool, Velocify Pulse is the only full featured, enterprise class sales solution that meets every sales team’s needs and optimizes every stage of the sales cycle – from prospecting to lead engagement to closing the deal. • Prospecting - Find and nurture leads faster and with more precision • Communicatoins - Intelligently power through sales calls with advance sales dialer • Optimization - Optimize workflows to significantly improve your conversions • Analytics - Drive continuous sales process improvement • Rewardification™ - Motivate your sales team with the rewards they really want