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Online proofing software allows creative teams to collect actionable feedback on various projects en route to their eventual approval and publication. These tools aid the creative workflow management process by ensuring all relevant parties are kept up to date and have their concerns or suggestions addressed, from concept to completion. Online proofing solutions are beneficial to design and marketing teams working on creative projects, enabling both colleagues and clients to view and annotate in-progress content and sign off when content is deemed complete. Teams who leverage these tools can eliminate back-and-forth email chains or constant phone calls for seamless, collaborative review that expedites content improvement and approval. Online proofing software can also provide version history and comparison of creative projects, along with comment and discussion flows, to ensure any and all feedback is acknowledged and considered toward the finished product.

Products in the Online Proofing category often integrate with or offer features of team collaboration and project management software, to ensure optimum conversations between project teams and accurately track and distribute projects and related subtasks. Users of online proofing systems can upload in-progress content from graphic design software, photography software, or other authoring and publishing tools to be opened up for feedback and markups using built-in hightlighter and annotation tools. Online proofing tools may integrate with digital asset management software or other content management systems for both import and export of project components. These solutions share features of certain business content management tools, and may be used in conjunction with these products for peak creative collaboration efforts.

To qualify for inclusion in the Online Proofing category, a product must:

  • Provide tools for highlighting and annotating feedback on content and media files, such as PDFs, images, and videos
  • Allow signin and proofreading access for external clients, in addition to coworkers and managers
  • Track design revisions and feedback threads for each project
  • Offer notification features for timely feedback and approvals
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    Wrike is the perfect project management tool for teams of 20+. It comes with enterprise-level security & scalability. Project Managers, Product Managers & Program Managers love these features: Gantt charts, Workload View for resource management, Custom Dashboards, structuring via Folders, Projects, and tasks & auto-assignment based on task statuses. On a marketing or creative team? Wrike for Marketers is a separate product with tailored templates, proofing tools & an Adobe extension. "Wrike makes 800-item task list a lot more manageable." - Hoon Kim, creative production manager at Airbnb. "With Wrike, I am able to track and monitor all of my projects in one place. If asked about one of my projects, I can instantly go into Wrike and give them an update within 30 seconds.." - Lisa Matthews, project manager at Hootsuite. "I like Wrike the best because I think it is the most intuitive." - Meredith Selden, director of process integration at TGI Fridays.

    Workfront helps your team stop the chaos, stay competitive, and provide visibility to stakeholders by offering an enterprise-grade solution for receiving, executing, and managing work. With robust resource, workflow, and project management tools, as well as a selection of fully customizable, built-in request queues and reports, Workfront enables everyone to plan, execute, track, and report on all their work. Workfront is trusted by thousands of global enterprises, like Adobe, Cisco, HBO, REI, Trek, Schneider Electric, and ATB Financial. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @Workfront_Inc.

    PageProof is an online review and approval platform that lets you gather feedback and approvals on your creative work quickly and simply. Use PageProof to send out proofs of: imagery, PDFs, brochures, video, audio, presentations, documents, websites, web banners, 3D content and more. Your reviewers all comment on the same file, in real-time – placing comments directly on top of your creative. Marketers, web designers and creatives rejoice! – no more sending out files and links by email for sign-off. No more sifting through emails of changes requests, feedback and opinions. No more deciphering what exact parts of your creative your reviewers are referring to. PageProof. The smarter way to review and approve. See a product demo now:

    Widen Collective
    (17)4.7 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Recognized as the G2 Crowd Leader for digital asset management, Widen serves mid-to-large organizations with a data-driven platform, the Widen Collective. Widen's five integrated applications encompass brand management, video management, and creative operations solutions, integrating with over 30 apps from creative suites to project management, AI, and marketing and sales tools. Power your content management needs with award-winning tools and service beyond compare. Request a demo today. == ABOUT THE WIDEN COLLECTIVE == Create, review, manage, distribute, and analyze your digital content with a suite of applications that work together in one powerful platform. Assets - Catalog, control, and deliver rich media assets from a central source. Insights - Track and measure assets and build performance dashboards. Portals - Curate collections and create personalized brand experiences. Templates - Create localized web-to-print collateral that’s on-brand on demand. Workflow - Manage work in process and streamline collaboration, reviews, and approvals. == WHY WIDEN? == 1. We step on the field with you. Some tech companies implement their software, wave goodbye, and wish you luck. The Widen customer experience is a total service approach that never, ever quits. Our experts are like blockers who step in the way of 300-pound problems so you can get to the endzone. 2. We’re DAM black belts. In 1997, we released one of the earliest digital asset management systems. To this day, we’re 100 percent focused on DAM. That kind of longevity and dedication is rare in the martech industry. We create, use, and dream DAM like it’s an art form (which we think it is). 3. We’ve been in business since 1948. From the peak of print to the rise of digital to the frontiers of immersive media, we’ve adapted to all the seismic shifts in communication. Because we’ve seen it all, we’re quick to spot the future – and driven to tap its full potential. We put value over being first. 4. We’re independent. Self-funded and stable, we can make the best long-term decisions for our customers. We have no venture capitalists to placate or growth metrics to chase. 5. Our customers rock. From Fortune 100 enterprises to world-famous universities, we serve over 600 organizations in 158 countries. We have customers in virtually every industry. 6. We get the content lifecycle. From the "eureka!" moment to the approval process to the day an asset retires, our digital asset management solution handles all the grunt work. Content has its own "circle of life," and we keep it turning here in our own Pride Rock of Madison, Wisconsin. 7. Culture is our rocket fuel. Widen is certified as a WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Workplace™. We employ people with developmental challenges in partnership with Madison-based Community Support Network. Our CEO (Chief Eudaimonia Officer), Matthew Gonnering, gives one heck of a TEDx Talk. And list the goes on. We think people who love what they do and where they do it will aim for the moon. 8. Then + now. We keep one hand in the past and one in the future. If you need original photography services, retouching, or a catalog product, we’re on it. If you want the most useful DAM system a company can own, we’ve got that covered, too. 9. We’re 100 percent cloud. Our customers deserve the best scalability, ease, and security a tech company can offer. That’s why we built the Widen Collective® on top-notch cloud infrastructure. No matter how fast you move and grow, we keep pace. 10. We’re obsessed with security. Widen bulletproofs your assets. We participate in regular security audits and penetration tests – and continue to pass with flying colors. 11. We make marketing flow. Some tech companies make fancy features for show. We design every function for your real marketing and creative processes. You’ll find everything you’d expect in a top DAM system and things you won’t get from anyone else. 12. Pay for what you use. We tailor the Collective to your needs. Pay based on the numbers of users and the optional features you choose. Request a proposal, and we’ll break down the pricing for you. 13. We play nice. A number of popular technology platforms integrate with the Collective. Our API makes it easy for you to take DAM anywhere you need to go. 14. We’re our own customer. We’re the primary test subject for our DAM software. Our digital content production, marketing, and creative teams use our tech and services to do their work. They give us sharp, real-world feedback. 15. We’re educators. Part of our mission is to turn you and your team members into DAM champions, advocates, and administrators. So, we provide oodles of resources to make that happen. Come to live Widen Workshops, learn online, or join us at the annual Widen Summit to get your DAM on. 16. We give a DAM. Marketing and creative people face many of the same challenges no matter where they work. That’s our tribe. We know your pains and aspirations. We measure our success by yours. 17. We love DAM wordplay. And we are aDAMant about funDAMentally changing the way your product marketing flows! Request a demo or sign up for a free trial at

    Create and organize your Label and Artwork projects. Assign tasks and monitor the progress. Upload, Review and Compare Artwork versions. Create annotations and real-time discussions. Keep track of every taken project step. Work with multiple companies under single account.

    ProofHub is a web-based project management software that helps to manage, discuss and communicate work with team members and clients at a central place.

    The leading all-in-one project management and workflow scheduling solution for creative and marketing teams. Manage and monitor the creative production process from start to finish with our project request portal, workflow scheduling templates, advanced workflow routing capabilities, role-based dashboards, online proofing and approval management, digital asset management, financial tracking, and robust reporting. Used by thousands including 3M, Allstate, Eddie Bauer, Merck, Sony, Staples, Yamaha, & more.

    ConceptShare streamlines the review and approval phase of creative production. We integrate online proofing with workflow automation to reduce the time and effort of approvals on text, image, audio, video files, web pages and HTML5 animation files. Founded in 2006 by three creative professionals seeking to solve their own collaboration problem, ConceptShare evolved into a solution that won the trust and confidence of tens of thousands of users around the world. Today the ConceptShare team includes a mix of creative professionals, technology innovators and business professionals. ConceptShare is integral to the creative operations process at companies within a range of industries. Broadcast and entertainment, consumer and retail, education, financial, media/advertising, pharmaceutical and video game production. We Integrate with enterprise DAM and MRM systems; open API

    Ziflow is an online proofing application for marketers. Ziflow streamlines the review and approval of creative content to deliver marketing projects faster by improving collaboration, centralising feedback and eliminating manual steps through automated workflow. Ziflow replaces email, printouts and other ad-hoc methods for reviewing creative content with an enterprise-ready, pure play online proofing solution.

    Online collaboration software for approving creative design work with colleagues and clients. Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud through a free add-on available from the Adobe Add-on Store. Also compatible with PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP file types.

    inMotionNow is a leading provider of workflow management solutions for marketing and creative teams, facilitating efficiency and productivity from project kickoff to final approval.

    ReviewStudio is a collaborative platform that, provides an easy, visual interface to view, markup & approve video and images.

    A Powerful Content Review Solution For On-The-Go Teams. Make your team’s marketing content review process faster, easier and more efficient with Approval Manager.

    Aproove is a complete cloud platform designed to smoothly manage the project Approval & collaboration process. Aproove is a modular solution capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements of visual professionals and corporate users.

    With BLUE Online Proofing, multiple team members can simultaneously view, compare, and annotate artwork for print, video, and online deployments.

    Cage helps thousands of creative teams to improve their work by better managing their projects, people, and collaboration.

    Ashore is an online proofing software for creatives.

    Online Proofing helps you streamline communication, collaboration and approvals of creative assets. This application will prevent rework through version management and associating discussions to your file or annotation that provide context for every decision made. Work gets done better and faster.

    GlobalSubmits approach to document management is a familiar one intuitive interface, easy implementation that appeals to the novice user, built-in templates and workflows, and integration with eCTD publishing systems.

    Letters is a drop-in solution which brings you distraction-free writing and real-time collaboration to your favourite CMS or a custom-made application.Letters allows you to edit, comment and discuss your content all in real-time.

    LiquidText improves upon the reading experience by allowing users to better synthesize, visualize and collaborate over digital text.

    Mfactor is intelligent project management and proofing built by marketers for marketers.

    myApproval links SAP and third-party systems tasks into a single approval interface.

    Streamlined publishing workflows with NewsEditPro

    Proofcafe is Online proofing software with all the tools you need to manage your content review and approval process.

    ProofStuff makes online proofing easy. Automate the proofing process: Create, send, and approve art proofs, invoices and virtually any other documents online. Email reminders, automated notifications and history tracking, makes the approval process easy for your customers and easy for you.

    QuickReviewer is a cloud based collaborative review tool for designs and creatives. A number of customers in a wide range of industries use QuickReviewer.

    Records Disposition Approval (RDA), the essential Records Management Module for OpenText Content Suite Features and Benefits: ✔ Simplified Sign-Off Process for Approvers ✔ Simplified Records Disposition Support ✔ Simplified Review Process ✔ RDA Integrated Reporting Framework Reduce Time & Paper when Creating Records Disposition Approvals ✔ Streamlining and automation of RDA approval process reduces time. ✔ Seamlessly integrated into OpenText Content Suite Platform. ✔ Improved Records Management Accountability via audited User IDs and Time Stamps.

    ScholarOne provides comprehensive workflow management systems for scholarly journals, books, and conferences. You can increase your profile among authors and speakers, decrease your time-to-market for critical scientific data, and lower infrastructure costs with ScholarOne.

    Vera is our platform for online proofing and custom workflows. Whether you're a marketing service provider collaborating on assets or a print service provider needing final approval for press, Vera streamlines the approval process with automated task routing and offers deep integration with Kodak Prinergy, Enfocus PitStop, and more. Vera is a flexible, high-performance Kodak InSite replacement.

    VisibleThread Marketing Suite is a readability & content clarity software tool for Communications Teams. It combines the key features of our Docs, Web and Readability tools to provide organizations with a comprehensive content clarity solution for Content Managers & Content Writers. Content Managers VisibleThread Docs & Web give you the content oversight & control you need to ensure quality, consistency & compliance across every piece of content produced for your organisation Content Writers As an author, technical writer or subject matter expert, VisibleThread Readability enables you to quickly score your content for clarity and plain language, prior to submission VisibleThread analyzes your content for clarity and generates actionable plain language scorecards using the following measures: - Readability: How readable is your content (Based on the Flesch Reading Ease) - Sentence Length: Sentences with more than 25 words become more difficult to understand - Passive Voice: Active voice will increase clarity & strength. E.g. ‘Quality is monitored’ vs. ‘We monitor quality’ - Education Level: What grade level would be required to read and understand your content?

    WebProof isn´t just an online proofing and collaboration platform, but also one of the world's most automated workflows.