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Best Ethics and Compliance Learning Software

Ethics and compliance learning software maintains a repository of learning content that companies use to train employees on compliance topics. This type of software helps companies ensure compliance with laws and regulations for safety, security, and financial fraud. Besides regulatory compliance, ethics and compliance learning software is used by compliance officers to train employees on internal policies and issues such as inappropriate behavior. Ethics and compliance learning tools are commonly implemented across an entire company, but can also be deployed in only one or a few departments where compliance is the most important.

Ethics and compliance learning software can be delivered as a standalone product or as part of governance, risk, and compliance suites. When provided separately, this type of software needs to be integrated with governance, risk, and compliance software and environmental, health, and safety software. Some corporate LMS software vendors also include this type of learning in their offering.

To qualify for inclusion in the Ethics and Compliance Learning category, a product must:

  • Deliver standard learning content for compliance purposes
  • Track certifications and make sure they are up to date
  • Manage courses and documents related to internal policies
  • Assign courses to employees and managers based on their roles
  • Alert compliance officers about policy and regulatory violations
  • Track the efficiency of the ethics and compliance learning activities
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    Inspired eLearning has built 15+ years of enterprise cyber security expertise into off-the-shelf and custom security awareness training solutions for businesses of any size. Each security awareness training solution provides organizations with integrated learning paths, anti-phishing simulation software, CyQ assessments to identify employees' strengths and weaknesses, and a dashboard that provides measurable tracking of program ROI.

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    NAVEX Global delivers the most comprehensive and integrated ethics and compliance platform on the market. Our suite of solutions help you identify, assess and mitigate risks at any scale and for any industry across issues such as harassment, bribery, conflicts of interest and data security. From defining and distributing your code of conduct and critical policies to training key audiences, delivering 24/7 hotline and incident management analysis to extending your risk management and compliance program across your third parties, NAVEX Global enables your program’s success. All of NAVEX Global’s ethics and compliance solutions – including code of conduct development, global hotline and incident management, policy and procedure management, third-party risk management and online ethics and compliance training – are delivered as a suite of solutions. With stand-alone capabilities to target core ethics and compliance topics, the combined platform lets our customers discover actionable information, proactively attack issues, and realize measurable business value through a comprehensive compliance program. Build and nurture a culture of ethics, integrity and respect while aligning to regulatory requirements and rapidly evolving behavioral expectations. Designed to automate and streamline critical functions and trusted by more than 13,000 customers, the NAVEX Global platform helps you protect your people, reputation and bottom line.

    ThinkHR is the leader in integrated HR solutions that leverage trusted knowledge, human expertise and innovative technology designed to help companies rapidly deploy HR best practices across their organizations. Our cloud-based technology platform provides first-class online training to ensure compliance, reduce risk, and drive employee engagement, while keeping up to date with ever-changing federal and state requirements to help companies stay ahead of the competition. ThinkHR solutions include online employee training, handbook and toolkit generation, live expert advice from a team of HR experts, and a comprehensive resource library of user-friendly compliance information created to save organizations time and money, including free webinars, guides and checklists. ThinkHR Learn, our LMS, is a training and learning management system for managing and tracking on-demand course attendance to ensure employees are productive and safe. Access over 200 courses in English and Spanish on topics such as Injury Prevention, PPE, Customer Service Skills, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Safety, and more. We also provide free webinars, guides and checklists to help employers ensure compliance and implement HR best practices as well as a Handbook Builder. For more information, visit or follow @RealThinkHR on Twitter.

    SAI Global Risk & Ethics and Compliance empowers customers to focus on developing an effective integrated risk management solution with a combination of software and learning content. Together, with our expertise, organizations can build and foster a strong risk and compliance culture, integrate risk management business process, and strengthen organizational ethics and employee behavior. SAI Global is a recognized leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, assurance, and property services. We help organizations protect their brands by proactively managing risk to achieve business excellence, growth, sustainability, and trust.

    Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning is a leading provider of ethics and compliance training, offering 800+ courses that are fully customizable.

    Traliant is committed to delivering broadcast-quality compliance training in a format that resembles something youd find on Hulu or Netflix.

    Beakon is a cloud-based eLearning system. It works to manage or improve safety in high-risk industries. Various management, auditing tools, and risk assessment features included.

    ComplianceLine provides clients with the industry's best tools to assist in the identification of possible unethical, illegal, or questionable behavior. ComplianceLine supports employees by providing a system to effectively voice concerns regarding potential misconduct on compliance concerns and other regulatory issues, free from fear of retribution, by assisting them with constructive independent means of identifying and resolving their concerns.

    The Compliance Science Cloud Platform is a software-as-a-service solution that provides a compliance framework to support any type of best practices and compliance programs. It is the proven cloud platform that enables you to rapidly effect change within your organization through compliance awareness and employee engagement.

    Diligend provides cloud-based software solutions dedicated to the Due Diligence of Asset and Fund Managers.

    eTHIC is an industry-defining solution that reshapes the way auditing & compliance management is executed in the BFSI sector.

    Tap into Safety develops customised, interactive cross-platform hazard perception solutions.

    Interactive Compliance Training (ICT) is a compliance eLearning solution trusted by multinational companies in the US, the UK, Europe and Asia to meet their regulatory workforce training. ICT covers more than 80 compliance topics from which you can choose such as "Sexual Harassment", "GDPR", "Conflicts of Interest", "Anti-bribery & Corruption", "Anti-Money Laundering", "Retaliation" or "Business Ethics".

    Manage Online Courses and Learners in an efficient way with this Free LMS Core Application. Increase functionality with upgrades that are readily available.

    The Riliance system breaks compliance down into small manageable components making it easy to implement and control.

    Skillport is the modern cloud-based content delivery platform that provides an unparalleled learning experience. Skillport quickly delivers highly targeted learning—when and where people want to learn. Skillport technology, in conjunction with Skillsoft’s unique combination of content, service and experience builds talent and delivers powerful business outcomes. Skillport offers a full learning experience as a stand-alone learning platform, or it can be easily integrated with your existing business and IT systems. Business & Leadership Skills Curated collections of multimodal resources are ideal for informal learning needs, and are also easily blended into more structured programs. For more immersive or formal learning, Skillsoft offers rich certification training to support critical business operations including project management, Six Sigma, human resources and business analysis. With thousands of videos, books, courses, mentoring and certification content, organizations can offer their learners many choices for continuous learning and leadership skills development. Content is ideal for busy managers both in their role today and as they plan for the next stage of their career – a critical issue facing organizations with growing millennial populations. Digital Skills The big challenge organizations face is how to develop and maintain the skills their employees need to effectively use digital technology. These skills include how to use various types of devices and the operating systems, and applications used by those devices. In other words, digital literacy. Your employees need to not only learn new digital skills for the first time, they also need access to short concise resources that can help them overcome problems they encounter in the course of their working day. IT Skills & Certification With the incredible pace of change in the world of IT, it is imperative that IT organizations institute “continuous learning” for all IT staff. This allows IT professionals to constantly update their skills to meet the changing needs of the organization, from on-the-job troubleshooting to the most pressing IT security concerns. Skillsoft provides the widest array of integrated learning types to continuously develop and maintain IT skills – including short expert-led videos, video-based eLearning courses, live web-based instructor-led training, free live mentoring services, certification test preparation, and access to tens of thousands of full text online books. Compliance Skillsoft is the global leader in compliance-based risk mitigation and safety training. Today, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions protects over 1,400 organizations, many of which are leading Fortune 500 companies. In the last three years, we trained more than 25 million users and have a satisfaction rating of 96% from our learners. Skillsoft partners with organizations whose goal is to use compliance as a differentiator, rather than a simple check-the–box model. When compliance is used in a positive way, as a differentiator, to develop a sound organizational value system, it impacts workforce agility, empowerment and engagement. The eLearning content provides one of the largest libraries of compliance training, with topics covering more than 475 critical risk topics in 26 languages.

    Syntrio is a leading provider of online ethics and HR compliance training solutions.