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Pre-employment testing software objectively evaluates candidates to help companies and HR departments make informed hiring decisions. These solutions provide organizations with tests that screen candidates for personality, aptitude, and skills, to name a few. They also offer soft skills assessments for skills such as organization, communication, problem solving, and motivation. Some pre-employment testing software includes industry-specific or position-based skills testing for roles such as sales managers, accountants, or technical writers. They might also provide general tests that businesses can adapt based on their industry, position, and company culture.

Pre-employment testing solutions often include premade and customizable tests that can be taken either remotely or onsite and provide real-time test results and reports. Pre-employment testing solutions often offer integrations with applicant tracking systems (ATS) or come as part of a larger recruiting package. Companies looking to test candidates’ technical skills, including IT, engineering, and coding, can opt to use technical skills screening software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Pre-Employment Testing category, a product must:

  • Help organizations build their talent pool
  • Provide tools that test candidates’ aptitude, personality, and skills
  • Include reporting tools that sort, compare, and analyze candidate results
  • Integrate with ATS solutions for ease of results management
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    Hire the right talent by evaluating on-the-job skills that matter most to your business.

    The Predictive Index
    (73)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Often business success is measured by outcomes. Organizations analyze revenue, performance ratings, and margins. But what drives that success? While there are many contributing factors, The Predictive Index is a B2B workforce assessment platform that has over 60 years of data that proves that the single most significant determinant of your businesses’ success is your people. A scientifically-validated, subscription-based workforce assessment platform, The Predictive Index empowers organization

    eSkill Skills Testing
    (80)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Our vision is to provide the most relevant, valid and fully customizable tests for any job or testing objective. We recognize that each role within a company is unique. To precisely measure a candidate’s fit, we believe assessments must be as realistic as online technology allows, and individual questions within each assessment must be customizable, according to our clients’ goals. eSkill’s assessment tests cover specific and core job requirements across multiple industries, including HR, I

    (52)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Plum's mission is to help companies hire, grow, and retain top talent with the power of AI and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. By measuring talents such as adaptability, innovation, and communication, Plum enables organizations to quantify human potential at every stage of the employee journey, building a predictive talent database to align people with business objectives. This talent data allows enterprise organizations to cut talent acquisition costs, mitigate bias, and predict succes

    Berke is a hiring and employee assessment tool that uses data-driven insights to predict hiring success. The customizable assessment measures personality traits and problem solving skills. Berke helps companies identify the best candidate for the job & culture.

    Interview Mocha is a premier pre-employment skill testing solution that helps companies of all sizes in hiring the job-fit candidates better & faster. Interview Mocha proves to be the world’s largest skill assessments provider with its ready 1000+ skill tests in IT, Aptitude, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc. We have successfully helped 1000+ clients with our skill testing/assessment solution. We have clients like: -Hexaware -SecurityBank -RxLogix -

    Discover The Best Talent, Faster with HireVue Hiring Intelligence Video Interviews and AI-Driven Pre-Hire Assessments Learn more:

    (13)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Transform Hiring and Development with Predictive People Analytics Video Interviews, Pre-Hire Assessments, Automated Reference Checking, Culture Analytics, Leadership Assessments and Simulations Learn more:

    Created by Criteria Corp, HireSelect is an online pre-employment testing platform that allows companies of all sizes to incorporate professionally developed pre-employment tests into their hiring process. HireSelect features a comprehensive suite of aptitude, personality, and skills tests, all rigorously validated by our scientific advisory board. The user-friendly software makes it easy for employers to select and administer tests, review intuitive score reports, manage their incoming candida

    talentReef is the #1 provider for Social Recruiting and Talent Management Systems specifically built for the hourly workforce. As the market leader with more than 55,000 sites under contract, including the world's best known and best run brands, the company streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, train, and manage their most valuable asset—talent. The Company's mobile-optimized HR platform (Social Recruiting, ATS, Onboarding, Training and Development, Performance Management, and Analyti

    OMG's Sales Candidate Assessments are legendary. Our customized, accurate and predictive sales candidate assessments are sales specific, not adapted for sales. We assess for every conceivable sales role including, but not limited to outside sales, territory sales, inside top of the funnel sales, inside sales, inbound marketing, major account sales, account manager and channel sales.

    Vervoe is a skills assessment platform that helps companies hire the very best by focusing on who can do the job, not who looks good on paper. Vervoe uses machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that are instantly auto-gradable, allowing companies to test candidates for any skill, and automatically grade their responses at any scale.

    skeeled is a unique technological solution that offers a modern and innovative approach to centralise and digitalise recruitment, aiming to help companies hire better and faster. Today skeeled positions itself as the only tool offering you a set of features that can be customised to your recruitment necessities: 1) Applicant Tracking System 2) Personality Test 3) Video Interview These features allow recruiters to learn much more about their candidates” profile than before and will save a cons

    Crystal shows you the best way to communicate with any prospect, customer, or coworker based on their unique personality.

    Designed for the complexities of today's hiring needs, Cornerstone Recruiting delivers an engaging candidate experience, streamlines your hiring and onboarding processes, and enables smarter hiring decisions.

    Hireology manages recruitment marketing, the hiring process and post-hire data, saving organizations of all sizes time and money so you can better focus on your team. By centralizing otherwise disconnected steps in the recruiting and hiring process, Hireology shows results and ROI through our powerful but simple analytics platform, Insights. With our recruitment CRM, organizations can more effectively attract higher quality applicants using our programmatic sourcing and career site tools, and m

    Wonscore from Wonderlic is a 100% online pre-employment testing platform built for growing businesses like yours. Wonscore assesses cognitive ability, motivation and personality, allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions, faster. Easily test for specific jobs in your industry. Wonscore is also mobile friendly, allowing you to start testing in minutes from any device. Start your FREE TRIAL today!

    EnterpriseAxis HR Information System is designed for companies of any size. It contains modules for public presence, recruiting, reporting, human resources administration, onboarding/offboarding, training/licenses/certifications, employee document distribution, payroll distribution, employee self service, skills testing, and marketing. All of these highly configurable features are tied together with strong data security. Payroll is performed through integration with QuickBooks Desktop, and time

    Founded in 1993, Select International is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with offices throughout North America and around the globe. We are dedicated to developing effective employee assessments and workforce solutions for all of our clients. Our workforce solutions are broken down into four main groups: Application Tools – An automated application process with industry-specific hiring tools. Screening Tools – Pre-employment tests to screen applicants and find the best fit. In-Dept

    CareerPlug provides talent management software that gives business owners, HR leaders and hiring managers the tools they need to Make Hiring Easier. CareerPlug's Candidate Sourcing tools enable leaders to build a Talent Magnet through attractive Careers Pages that highlight job opportunities with automatic job publishing on top job boards and simplified job applications that are automatically mobile optimized. CareerPlug's Applicant Tracking System gives hiring mangers the tools they need to

    Hire with confidence. IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments use behavioral science techniques to measure traits, skills, and culture fit of each candidate and employee. A team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of behavioral science expertise have ensured the portfolio—which can easily complement your existing assessments solutions—includes: - Job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance; - Functional behavior assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees; - S

    The English Quiz offers corporations a selection of ready-made or fully customisable online English tests for recruitment and in-house assessments.

    Using data science and a customised quiz, Weirdly helps you screen applicants by how well they fit your company culture, reducing your risk of a bad hire. We’ve combined organisational psychology smarts and decades of recruiting expertise to predict how well an applicant will complement your team (and help you create an awesome company culture). Need a creative risk-taker to balance out your team of reliable experts? Or an experienced get-things-done type to work alongside an energetic big-thi

    CallidusCloud’s SalesSelector harnesses the power of social web to rapidly reach the right sales candidates and fill the talent pipeline. You can hire sales superstars faster by evaluating candidates with embedded video interviewing, sales technique and temperament-based assessments, and full social profiles.

    Xobin is an online assessment platform with validated pre-hire assessments, video interviews and psychometric assessment. Screen and hire candidates 3X faster with Xobin. Never make a wrong hire again. Screen based on skills and culture fit with Xobin’s online assessment platform. With validated assessments and live Video Interview, Xobin lets organization automate the screening and shortlisting.

    Cloverleaf is on a mission for every team to be a thriving team with people doing work that energizes them. Cloverleaf’s SaaS platform provides data-driven insights to empower every person in the organization to increase their relational and communication effectiveness, ultimately improving productivity and engagement. Cloverleaf integrates with communication tools (email, calendars & Slack) to extend beyond the platform into tools employees use daily to provide contextually relevant insig

    D-Teck is a simple, quick and accurate on-line psychometric assessment solution designed to allow decisions to be made more easily and at lower cost.

    pymetrics uses neuroscience games and bias-free AI to predictively match people with jobs.

    9Lenses is a digital diagnostic platform that allows consultants to thrive in a data-driven market. Businesses expect better data. Survey platforms, spreadsheets and other manual business diagnostics no longer meet today’s digital expectations. To compete in a data-driven environment, consultants must deliver secure propriety digital solutions. 9Lenses is the only diagnostic platform that digitally automates the development, collection, organization, connection, and analytics, of the consultin

    Cangrade is a Talent Analytics company with the expertise in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning based Pre-hire Assessment and Workforce Optimization software. Our team of researchers from top universities together with our experienced engineering crew deliver unique HCM solutions that are more reliable, accurate, and cost effective than any commonly used methodologies. Contact us to learn more how to improve your critical business outcomes through Strategic Talent Management.

    Hogan has over 30 years of experience helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

    Humantelligence is a Culture Analytics platform that uses AI and people analytics to measure Team Culture and to hire for Culture Fit and predictive performance

    MANITOU offers an integrated management solution designed to interconnect business processes and transform them into vectors for growth.

    The online social career guidance solution provides a free assessment for individuals and a cloud-based framework for career and HR experts to scale and optimize effective job placement.

    Your business success depends on your ability to hire, manage, develop and retain top talent. At TalentQuest, we provide solutions that help you do that – manage the entire employee life cycle. From recruiting and behavioral assessments to performance and learning to compensation and succession – our Talent Management platform is an easy to use, everything you need, all in one solution. And like no other, it’s fueled by behavioral science and our proprietary Talent Insights™. It understands the

    The Devine Inventory is a behavioral assessment used to accurately evaluate talent for hiring, development, team review and succession planning. The assessment provides job specific, competency-based reports that are predictive and much easier to understand than traditional hiring and development tests.

    The world leader in assessment technology.

    AssessHub is an online assessment platform that helps organizations to hire, retain and develop talent.

    Large scale assessment software platform delivered as a SaaS.

    Assessment World is a one-stop resource for high quality on-line professional Instrumentation.

    We Strive For SUCCESS Through Innovation | Creativity | Better Management

    Assestant is an online assessment platform for hiring, education, training and competitive exams.

    Athena Quotient is a pre-employment testing software that measures judgment.

    Our Core Bundle is called the AVP (Attitude-Values-Personality), and it is our core assessment solution package. We’ve bundled our 4 most popular assessments into one easy-to-use survey, providing employers with deep pre-hire and coaching insights within minutes. The AVP solution helps to identify the personality traits and “default settings” which are correlated with successful workplace performance. We have a unique focus on Behavioral Risk, predicting the likelihood of people’s inherent “har

    Brillium offers solutions to create and manage all types of assessments.

    Bryq's pre-hire assessment allows you to objectively screen candidates, reduce time to hire and select the best talent for every position. Bryq is the best hiring tool for most companies, ensuring that you focus on the most suitable candidates.

    Bunch helps high growth companies measure, track, and manage their #1 competitive advantage, their culture. Using Bunch, leaders get a science-based toolbox for building and customizing a cultural roadmap. Bunch first measures your existing culture with a 3-min assessment and allows you to set cultural targets, track your progress, and navigate your team’s development and rituals. Bunch is based on the scientific model developed by Stanford GSB’s Charles O’Reilly that has been validated by ove

    Care Advantage is an online screening platform offering 4 assessments - Personality, Attitudes, Cognitive and Engagement - that show if an applicant has the right values, attitude and is a suitable fit for the role and your business.

    CASPer test is an online screening tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics that make for successful students

    ClickATest is an online skills and aptitude assesment solution.

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