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Reference check software helps employers and hiring managers get into contact with their potential hires’ professional references quickly and efficiently. These tools help knock out the back work of hiring and can be used to attract, as well as verify, qualified candidates. Reference check solutions can eliminate the need for manual phone calls and email conversations by checking on candidates through surveys or other digital methods. These tools are utilized by hiring managers, talent recruiters, and anyone else in the position to find or decide on a candidate. They’re often loaded with features in excess of reference checking, such as organization of interview feedback and overall applicant tracking. Some reference check tools can be used as a cohesive hiring software platform, whereas some should be integrated with external products.

To qualify for inclusion in the Reference Check category, a product must:

  • Contact a candidate’s references and provide a survey or other method of digital feedback for hiring purposes
  • Privately retain candidate information and reference results
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    SkillSurvey isn’t just about checking references and credentials, we’re about applying the science of human behavior and harnessing the power of data and insights to help organizations hire the right people for every role. SkillSurvey Reference® provides immediately useful insights so you can make better hiring decisions and SkillSurvey Source® offers new ways to build your talent pool. And for healthcare organizations, SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand® helps healthcare organizations onboard ski

    HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug testing, Form I-9 and employment and education verifications.

    HealthcareSource Reference Assessment is a predictive, online reference checking solution that makes checking references an easy and value-added step in your hiring process. This solution overcomes the traditional reference checking challenges on three levels: automation, accountability, and assessing a candidate’s fit.

    VICTIG Screening Solutions is the most innovative and widely integrated employment background check, drug testing, verification and i9 provider in the industry. VICTIG excels in ease of use, FCRA compliance and quick turnaround times. We are the best option to screen your potential applicants. Key Services Include -Nationwide Criminal Database -Sex Offenders Registry Search -County Criminal Searches -State Criminal Searches -Nationwide Federal Criminal Searches -Employment Verifications -Educa

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    Checkster is the leading global solution for digital reference checking. Using collective human intelligence, Checkster empowers talent and team leaders to make better hiring decisions, build high performing teams, and improve retention. For key talent decisions, from interview through reference check to onboarding, quality of hire, timely check-ins, and exit interviews, Checkster gives you a consolidated, real-time view into the quality and fit of your people. More than 500 global organizat

    Hireology manages recruitment marketing, the hiring process and post-hire data, saving organizations of all sizes time and money so you can better focus on your team. By centralizing otherwise disconnected steps in the recruiting and hiring process, Hireology shows results and ROI through our powerful but simple analytics platform, Insights. With our recruitment CRM, organizations can more effectively attract higher quality applicants using our programmatic sourcing and career site tools, and m

    Oleeo, formerly WCN, is an award-winning provider of innovative talent acquisition technology. Built using intelligent automation and machine learning, Oleeo’s platform helps companies discover unlimited sourcing potential to attract, engage and hire amazing, diverse teams that change the world for the better. Our mission is to help recruiters do that faster and more efficiently than ever before -

    Xref is a cloud-based reference checking platform for the secure collection of relevant candidate insights. With unlimited reference questionnaires, progress tracking, fraud detection, advanced reporting, and user-friendly design, Xref is the trusted provider for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2009, Xref is the product of a frustrated recruitment professional and an MBA-qualified technologist who teamed up to improve the efficiency, consistency and reliability of the reference checking

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    Transform Hiring and Development with Predictive People Analytics Video Interviews, Pre-Hire Assessments, Automated Reference Checking, Culture Analytics, Leadership Assessments and Simulations Learn more:

    CareerPlug provides talent management software that gives business owners, HR leaders and hiring managers the tools they need to Make Hiring Easier. CareerPlug's Candidate Sourcing tools enable leaders to build a Talent Magnet through attractive Careers Pages that highlight job opportunities with automatic job publishing on top job boards and simplified job applications that are automatically mobile optimized. CareerPlug's Applicant Tracking System gives hiring mangers the tools they need to

    HireFaster, a secure SaaS, cloud solution, is the first platform to provide real-time access to a 5-yr verified work history and all onboarding documents. All data is encrypted (data at rest, in use and in transit), the portal uses key-based, 2-Factor Authentication and is GDPR compliant.

    Checkmate is the easy to use reference checker that you've been looking for.

    Checks360 platform enables the entire background screening process -from acquisition of candidate data to verification of the data and then onto preparation and submission of the final case-report.

    Crosschq is an enterprise platform that reduces people risk by providing fast, transparent and bias-free data about prospective job candidates.

    Holistic approach and expertise to empower you on your journey towards Saving Money and Excelling in Business by making sure you hire and retain the best people.

    Our web solution, GlobalHiRe, offers industry-leading, innovative technology to our clients. Our solution allows for customized delivery of reports as well as user-friendly tools for client communication. In an effort to enhance client preference and workflow we offer a variety of options for receiving consumer reports for centralized and decentralized locations.

    Credential OnDemand is an applicant tracking software that brings the process online and speeds the credentialing process.

    RefLynk makes vetting your candidate's reference fast, inexpensive, and and easy by automating the reference checking process.

    Driving down turnover and increasing culture integration

    Simplify professional reference checks through the use of AI, Automation, latest web and video technologies.

    Vitay’s in-house recruitment platform for candidate reference checking, allows recruiters to gain more insight into their candidates on-the-job performance while bypassing all the repetitive administrative work that goes into collecting this information manually. This is facilitated by automating the process into just a few clicks through Vitay’s cloud-based platform for digital reference checking. Vitay helps to increase your internal sales activities through the passive generation of leads t

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