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A higher education student information system (SIS) stores and tracks all student data that faculty and staff need to manage their university campus operations. Information such as grades, attendance records, admissions information, and financial aid are tracked through these platforms. Faculty and staff can benefit from these portals. Many higher education SISs have a portal for students to obtain information that is vital to them, specifically their own grades. The ability for students and faculty to communicate with each other is hugely important in a higher education SIS, so that professors can answer questions regarding assignments and exams. These tools are not to be confused with a K-12 SIS, which typically offer a parent portal that is not necessary for a higher education SIS. A higher education SIS can typically integrate with a learning management system (LMS) and a classroom management tool, so that faculty have the ability to manage all aspects of student data.

To qualify for inclusion in the Higher Education Student Information System (SIS) category, a product must:

  • Monitor relevant student data
  • Streamline communication between staff and faculty members across multiple departments
  • Provide the ability to track prospective students through the admissions process
  • Offer a student portal so they can access relevant information
  • Provide reporting capabilities
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    Oracle's comprehensive Campus Solutions suite alleviates higher education's requirements for a student system, enabling the transformation to a global campus.

    An effective campus is a connected campus. As a versatile higher education ERP, Colleague® by Ellucian unites your entire institution to keep students, faculty, and staff productive and engaged. Colleague is a fully integrated student management system that provides secure, easy access to the information institutions need to manage assets more efficiently and allocate resources more effectively.

    Salesforce for Higher Ed is a CRM-based set of solutions that enable institutions to drive student success across the life cycle from prospect to alum. It includes the Salesforce Platform, HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture), solution sets for Recruiting & Admissions, Student Success, Advancement, and purpose-built products like Salesforce Advisor Link.

    Oracle Higher Education Cloud helps our customers make student success easier with complete finance, HR, and student software and a proven cloud platform.

    Boost your international ranking and reputation through improved student engagement, research outcomes, and financial processes. Drive leadership and learning with better student information systems and education analytics.

    Banner® by Ellucian is the world’s leading higher education ERP—the solution of choice for over 1,500 institutions in 40 countries. With the industry’s most comprehensive set of features and future-ready technology, Banner strengthens every major workflow in higher education, from student recruiting and retention to talent attraction and management.

    Workday Student is an end-to-end student and faculty lifecycle information system that is designed to work seamlessly with Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Payroll, and Workday Grants Management. It unites an entire campus under a single configurable, easy-to-use application that is delivered in the cloud.

    A Web-based beautiful application running on world's fastest distributed cloud server, auto provisions resources to take any kind of transaction load. All you need to do is click a button, and your own system is auto-provisioned. School Time is the most sophisticated yet easiest to use online School and College Management System. It disrupts the traditional installable solutions by putting the entire SIS on cloud and true SaaS. Just sign up and start using the system within 30 seconds flat. Integrated with more than 60 payment gateways, your school can start collecting online fee payments immediately. A unified communication system helps schools remain connected with all the stakeholders seamlessly. Try it without obligation today. Contact for migration from your old conventional systems.

    Institutions of all sizes must manage extensive processes, from admissions and financial aid to records, finance, and human resources. As a complete higher education ERP, PowerCampus™ by Ellucian helps small and mid-sized colleges and universities improve communications, simplify administrative tasks, and deliver better services across their institutions.

    Jenzabar SONIS is a powerful yet cost-effective student information system (SIS) that links academic and administrative functions. Students, faculty, and administrators connect through a user-friendly online platform which runs on all their devices. Students demand a high level of personal attention and service, SONIS keeps your operations running smoothly for your small and specialized institution.

    Jenzabar One gives institutions the freedom to choose a solution that meets their needs today and tomorrow. Jenzabar One gives you the ability to adapt as your institution changes and technology evolves. Built to be highly adaptable, the Jenzabar One platform easily integrates to other software systems - those you currently use and others you might use in the future.

    CampusNexus CRM includes an admissions process based on higher education best practices, which helps improve your recruiting results and maximize yield.

    CAMS Enterprise flagship higher education ERP solution automates the entire student lifecycle, integrating admissions, registration, student billing, financial aid, student services, and more into a single system, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

    GradSnapp is a comprehensive, cloud-based student management platform.

    Embark Campus provides online applications and advanced, end-to-end admissions software.

    Kuali is a suite of administrative systems and automated tools for higher education institutions.

    Open-School is a versatile and affordable School/College administration software used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for administration & management activities. We are more feature rich than an MIS (managment information system) but less complicated than an ERP.

    GradPro is a software system for post-secondary educational institutions. It combines the capabilities of an SIS (Student Information System) and a student records database to integrate administrative and academic departments on campus.

    Sycamore School is a 100% cloud-based SIS. Our 21st century pricing means you get one universal system, for one low price. No modules or add-ons. The most comprehensive system on the market, Sycamore has over 300 integrated features: a robust online admissions portal, integrated payment processing and a built in LMS. Our support response time is measured in minutes not hours or days. We are a great solution for you to worry about education and not have to worry about data management among multiple system.

    Working as one with Higher Education Institutions, their technology solutions and services drive improvement and help to maximise the educational outcomes for our future leaders.

    JumpForward is a comprehensive software solution that helps athletic departments communicate and operate more efficiently. First, JumpForward’s Unified Athletic® Department gets everyone in the department (student-athletes, coaches, staff, and the AD) onto the same platform where they can: access and share forms, communicate via text or email, design workflow processes, and securely connect to campus information systems. Then, JumpForward’s integrated solutions offer a suite of products for the day to day software needs of specific users. Finally, the Predictive Analytics Vault™ provides a data strategy for your program’s strategic plan.

    CampusAnyware Online gives your campus a nimble and effective conduit to unite students, faculty and administrators. This fully customizable platform gives you the option to expand current services, add new functionality or limit usage based on shifting campus needs.

    Impossibly simple class registration and marketing software allowing you to reach & register more students, and save time in the process. CourseStorm is pay-as-you-go, with no up-front costs or long-term commitments. Get started today and you can start enrolling students within minutes. No programming skills or integrations required.

    EMPOWER is your complete campus management solution. Synchronize, control and effectively use your school's data with the best software, service and value.

    SnT Education Management System is unique, and fully equipped with facilities which helps the school administration to complete and update important tasks from admission to exit like, student and staff management, maintaining daily Attendance, tracking syllabus etc. It is a complete solution for school administration. The technically advanced software is designed such that it helps in managing school timetable, broadcasting exams results via smart-phone and acts as a bridge for communication between students, teachers and the parents.

    The patented Starfish Enterprise Success Platform can help your institution scale its student support initiatives in a way that enables students to engage more effectively with the campus community and, ultimately, achieve their academic goals.

    Cloud based school management & learning system that connects administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Cutting edge, easy to use, and affordable.

    AS3 is a fully integrated Postsecondary administrative and SIS software solution including admissions, scheduling, grades, attendance, accounts, financial aid, housing, career services, web portals, Title IV support, Tap support and default, contact, library, housing and client management.

    Callista is exclusively focused on student management products for the tertiary education sector, both higher education (HE) and vocational education and training (VET).

    The campusSIS student information system represents over 13 years of online development bringing you the best in today's technology, helping you to get the job done. Student management is a significant part of the academic institutions role in building tomorrows leaders today ... and we are proud to play a part in that achievement for hundred's of thousands of students a day.

    Collēgix® is an enterprise software system that powers the higher education experience by using a common database to integrate on-line self-service for students and faculty while optimizing the performance of office personnel, administration and staff. Offering robust functionality and fully-integrated modules, Collegix can be customized and optimized to efficiently and effectively support the student experience and your institution’s day-to-day operations.

    Creatrix Campus provides a better way to education management with a fully customizable cloud ERP solution for schools and higher education to meet strategic goals.

    The Diamond Student Information System is a market-leading career college student information system that organizes every stage of the administrative life-cycle. It streamlines Recruiting and Onboarding, eases Financial Aid Packaging and Processing, manages Schedules, Attendance, Grades, Internships and Placement.

    Edison is focused on career schools. It is built on the core principles of flexibility, simplicity and empowering the user to get the job done right. Features: 1. Short course registration portal 2. Online application portal 3. Administration portal 4. Instructor portal 5. Student portal Request Demo:

    EDUFAR is an university management system designed for optimizing day to day operations of educational institution including schools, colleges and other training centers.

    Einstein is one of the most flexible and powerful systems for higher education institutions. It was built to help you easily manage your school. 1. Online lead capture & CRM 2. Online application portal 3. Administration portal 4. Instructor portal 5. Student portal Request Demo:

    Fedena is a multipurpose school/college management software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide.

    Maestro SIS is a data-centric platform that empowers educators so they can improve student achievement, with a full feature set to support online, blended, and personalized learning since 2003. Maestro does much more than the job of a Student Information System, incorporating the capabilities of over 10 different platforms in a since, centralized location so student and staff can login with a single set of credentials, see grades, announcements and messages, and Single Sign On to their courses, which may be located in multiple locations.

    Smart School is a comprehensive college/school management system for all educational institutions.

    Aloft makes applications available to students instantly, on demand. For faculty, Aloft provides powerful EdTech tools that flex with the curricula, deliver richer learning experiences, and support real-time student/professor engagement.

    Alokito Software is a school and college management system.

    APL nextED is a comprehensive Faculty Management Solution (FMS) for managing and reporting on all faculty data for tenure and non-tenure faculty.

    CourseCruiser addresses the specific challenges faculty encounter when designing and managing their classes in an online environment.

    CampusGroups helps universities & schools increase campus engagement by providing all the tools to manage groups, promote events, and improve the student experience.

    Cialfo is a university guidance platform for counsellors and students.

    Classcontrol is a completely web-based coaching classes management solution.It handles admission & fees, student performance, inquiries,SMS reminders,biometric attendance and internal chat between teacher and students.If you are looking for a system that is easy to use without needing training or to read a user manual then give Classcontrol a try.

    Classe365 is a unified platform of School management system (SMS), Student Information System (SIS), Learning management system (LMS) and Customer relationship management (CRM). Classe365 supports 100+ languages through both the web application and the mobile application (IOS and Andriod). Classe365 has integrations with Canvas LMS, Google suite for education, MS office, Paypal, Stripe, MYOB, Quickbooks and much more to provide more flexibility to organizations in managing their educational institutions. Thousands of education organizations today use fragmented school management systems and software platforms to manage their administrative and learning activities. Classe365 provides a solution that unifies them all in one simple and powerful platform. Contact Classe365 sales at for a demo session.

    CloudEMS isa subsidiary of the fast growing Software Development and IT Company Cloud Vision Systems based in Pune, provides a whole range of high-quality, cost-effective enterprise resource program software CloudEMS.

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