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    Google Apps for Education is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps schools and classes manage educational material from anywhere on any device. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing educators to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

    A service to determine the originality of texts based on comparisons with their internal database and net-wide searches.

    Infinite Visions is a software solution designed to meet the financial needs — Payroll, Human Resources, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, and Accounts Receivable — in school districts in 30 states across the country.

    Technolutions Slate is a finely-tuned, robust system that enables admissions offices to continuously evolve and advance their programs and processes.

    PowerSchool Analytics is a tool that reduces drop outs and failures, personalizes learning with longitudinal data, increases graduation rates, organizes data in one place, and meets federal reporting requirements with ease.

    The Unicheck tool helps educators, students, writers and all those willing to generate plagiarism-free content to timely spot similarities and prevent accusations of cheating long before you may receive them. The checker has been launched in 2014 by the privately owned European company and has offices in California, USA, Ukraine and Cyprus. The Unicheck tool has already been presented at these international events: IDCEE, 2014 (Kiev, Ukraine); Online Educa, 2014 (Berlin, Germany), EdTech MENA 2

    Bibliotech is the Spotify for textbooks, it provides university students with all the textbooks they need, at any time, on any device, for a small monthly fee.

    Nexis is a comprehensive online news and business research tool.

    MasteryConnect provides formative assessment and competency-based learning solutions to educators around the world. The web-based mobile platform, which includes Socrative, was designed to help teachers measure levels of student understanding in real time, to target students for intervention, and to inform instruction.

    LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning management system.

    Kami is an educational technology application designed to provide educators and students tools to view and edit documents and PDF files..

    Evisions Argos is designed to deliver insights needed in order to make timely, better-informed decisions.

    Banner Finance is a financial management software that enables higher education institutions to access and manage their financial information, automate all financial processes, monitor budget, and grant-related activity.

    PlagiarismCheck is a similarity detection tool. It helps students to develop their writing skills and educators to save time during assessments. PlagiarismCheck is used in both K-12 and Higher ed. The similarity detection mechanism spots not only word-to-word match, but also changes in the sentence structure, synonyms, poor paraphrasing as well as changes from passive to active voice and vice versa. We are able to search though all open resources as well as closed depositories. Moreover, for eve

    Building relationships between schools and communities.

    Perfect Tense is an artificial intelligence powered spelling and grammar checker with an API.

    Versatrans provides school districts and transportation contractors with integrated transportation management solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations. The product suite provides many areas of transportation including routing, planning, activity trip management, fleet maintenance, bus driving training, risk management, GPS vehicle location and products for information and dissemination, not only to district employees, but to the community.

    The ePals Classroom Exchange® is synonymous with the Global Community as described above and available at, an online platform where teachers and students from around the world can connect, communicate, and collaborate.

    Know the right people are in the right place at the right time. Proactively manage employee absences, substitutes, and time and attendance — all in one software system with Frontline Absence & Time. Absence & Substitute Management - Find the right substitute for every vacancy - Manage substitute schedules and stay compliant with the ACA - Benchmark your district’s progress against other districts - Reduce absenteeism and increase employee accountability - Offer online training to prepa

    iClicker offers user-friendly technology that allows instructors to actively engage students in their own learning.

    PeopleAdmin solutions empower streamlined and convenient talent management that seamlessly meets and exceeds employee expectations, while data-driven performance insights position leaders to anticipate and overcome complex talent management challenges.

    Check your paper online for plagiarism

    TalentEd solutions support the entire K-12 employee life cycle with powerful tools and insights that boost efficiency, simplify workflows and enhance decision-making empowering districts to take education to new heights.

    The AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarships, revolutionize donor reporting, and maximize fund utilization. Improve Student Access to Scholarships Revolutionize Donor Reporting Maximize Fund Utilization

    Chalk converts any document into a form that can be signed or filled out online.

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