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Grant management software is used by nonprofit organizations to find and manage grants meant to finance their operations. Nonprofit organizations rely on this type of software to achieve their fundraising goals while reducing time and effort. Grant management software software helps automate processes such as grant writing and submissions. Grant management software also helps users ensure compliance with regulations that apply throughout the entire grant management lifecycle, from pre-award to post-award activities. From a project management perspective, this type of software helps users monitor the necessary activities that occur at different stages of each grant application.

Grant management software usually integrates with nonprofit CRM or fundraising solutions, as well as platforms for online payments.

To qualify for inclusion in the Grant Management category, a product must:

  • Manage grant opportunity pipelines
  • Provide features to assist with grant writing, reviewing, and submission
  • Manage timelines during the grant process
  • Create payment schedules for grants
  • Deliver features for communications with donors
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    Optimize how your organization collects and reviews applications for scholarships, awards, grants and other programs. Choose your best candidates and focus on what truly matters: your mission. Special non-profit pricing is available.

    The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) helps you get started with Salesforce CRM. NPSP is the solution for managing relationships, fundraising, programs, reporting etc and it is fully customizable, so you can track everything that matters to your organization in one place.

    Benevity Goodness Platform is a platform for online workplace giving, volunteering and grant management programs.

    (13)4.7 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Submittable is a simple platform for application management and submission review. Scaleable, affordable, and customizable, our online platform makes it easy to build the process that works for you. Streamline application administration, collaborate easily with your team, and make better decisions, in one secure, centralized location. Our outstanding support department makes setup easy. More than 4,000 organizations streamline their application and submission processes with Submittable.

    NetSuite offers powerful cloud-based solutions for running all aspects of your nonprofit or social enterprise -- all within a single system. NetSuite's modern business platform combines powerful financial management capabilities purpose built to meet the unique needs of nonprofits--such as fund and grant accounting, with core business management solutions—CRM, inventory management, eCommerce and more. Our solutions help organizations of all sizes and types reduce costs, improve performance and achieve operational excellence by removing boundaries so they can focus on their missions, not on managing IT complexity. With NetSuite, nonprofit organizations gain capabilities that enable them to budget to the true cost of mission delivery, ensure accurate financials and stewardship /accountability, gain a holistic and comprehensive view of financial operations and proactively monitor performance to expand impact. Oracle NetSuite Social Impact, our corporate citizenship arm, leverages the company's assets—our people and our products—to amplify the social impact of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world. Through our unique initiatives, including software donations, pro bono volunteer projects and social solutions, we are supporting organizations worldwide to better achieve their missions.

    Award Force
    (30)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Award-winning cloud software for organisers of awards, employee recognition, grants, scholarships and pitch competitions to manage submission, evaluation and award of results, online. Designed for performance and function— it’s fast, secure, and delivers a great experience for all program participants. Award Force is used for: awards management; staff excellence / employee recognition; grant application management; accelerator program intake; incubator program intake; venture or seed capital funding application management; contest management; fellowship application management; higher education entrance; scholarship applications; journal article / paper abstract submission management; student portfolio assessment. Good decisions: Good evaluation leads to good decisions and good outcomes. Entry/application evaluators will love how fast and smooth it is to evaluate applications with Award Force. Save time, save money: Free up your time to focus on making your program the best it can be thanks to reduced admin and support effort. Grow your program: Increase the volume and quality of your entries/applications, and earn more revenue with features designed for outstanding results. Judges are happy: Attract and retain high-calibre judges that love how fast and smooth it is to judge with Award Force. Peace-of-mind: Boost confidence and discard stress, you'll be in good company using our reliable and secure system that performs under pressure. Visibility + control: Deliver the right outcomes time-after-time with flexible configuration options and management tools at your fingertips. You look good: Distinguish your awards with a friendly, intuitive system in a beautiful design that's a joy to use.

    WizeHive Zengine
    (11)4.0 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Discover a better way to manage the apply/review/manage/report lifecycle with WizeHive. Our cloud-based ZengineTM platform streamlines and improves the grant management processes of more than 750 satisfied clients, including leading foundations, associations, corporations, and universities like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, BlackBoard, and Echoing Green. Create approachable, stepped, engaging applications. Give your reviewers personalized portals where they can easily view their assigned applications and complete judging with a helpful side-by-side view and customizable scoring rubric. Harness all the data you collect to manage your full process, keep in touch with constituents, track impact, and continually improve your program.

    GIFTS Alta will transform your grantmaking by making steps in your workflow faster and more efficient, and easier to connect everyone into your grantmaking.

    Instrumentl automates the grants process for nonprofits and academics. Tell Instrumentl about what you’re fundraising for and instantly get matched with personalized funding recommendations for your projects and general operating expenses. Review grant matches from a comprehensive source of funders like private foundations, corporations, federal, state and local governments as well as community foundations. Learn about new grants as soon as they’re announced and manage your process to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and changing funder priorities.

    The AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarships, revolutionize donor reporting, and maximize fund utilization. Improve Student Access to Scholarships Revolutionize Donor Reporting Maximize Fund Utilization

    FIMS is an integrated fund accounting solution tool that also includes grant management and constituent management modules.

    Gifts Online is a comprehensive online grants management solution.

    ZoomGrants provides a robust and intuitive online application management system that is affordable and easy to use. The web-based ZoomGrants system simplifies the process of managing programs, from receiving and reviewing applications to making decisions to gathering post-decision reporting data and invoices from approved applicants. ZoomGrants is a great option for organizations of any size, capturing any kind of applications, and also provides complimentary technical support for all users.

    Common Grant Application is an online scholarship and grant management system that helps receive and manage online scholarship and grant applications

    CyberGrants gives you the most complete and trusted way to maximize the impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts so you can achieve Agile Social Impact. For nearly 20 years, our business has been to provide innovative software and services in the most secure and efficient way. We have hundreds of clients, including over half of the Fortune 100. In the last twelve months alone, we have processed over $6.5 billion and more than 50 million volunteer hours. Nearly one-third of corporate giving is processed using CyberGrants software. We connect the world’s givers of time, money and products to those who can benefit from them most. No matter how complex your needs or programs, CyberGrants is the only technology partner with a proven unified platform that can transform all of your initiatives into genuine impact.

    eCivis is the leading cloud-based grant management system in the nation for state, local and tribal governments. Our innovative solutions address both programmatic and fiscal grant funding requirements throughout the grant lifecycle, helping clients easily overcome the challenges and heavy workload that come with grant acquisition, grant management, subrecipient management and cost allocation. Join our 1,800+ clients, including 40% of the 100 largest cities and counties by population, and see how eCivis can address your grant management needs.

    Evalato (formerly part of the Weemss suite) is a next-gen submission and evaluation platform for awards, grants, applications, call for papers, scholarships, employee recognition and other programs. Designed to save time and effort, Evalato is the to-go solution for every program manager who wants to work smart. The platform covers every step of the awards’ or review program’s cycle: creation of the program, registration and submission processes, evaluation process and analytics. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use from all parties involved: program managers and their team, applicants and jury. Evalato allows you to customize every process and launch your program in just a few minutes, no training or technical skills needed. The platform supports 40+ languages and all 160+ currencies out there and integrates with 1000+ apps and services on the web.

    Fluxx has a mind for technology and a heart for philanthropy. Our secure cloud-based platform makes collaboration, clarity, and organization of data effortless. Your foundation, grantmaking public charity, government agency, or corporation can dramatically shorten your processes and make more strategic decisions with Fluxx. Take your grantmaking to new heights with Fluxxs robust automation, key integrations, and versatile reporting for grants, investments, employee giving, contracts, and more.

    Foundant GLM is a cloud-based grants management solution capable of managing a grantmaking program from the lifetime of the grant process

    COEUS retrieves information on Development Proposals, Institute Proposals and Awards, while a relational module called Medusa charts the connections among all three.

    e-CImpact is a community investment and grant management software solution

    GrantHub is an online grant management solution - where you can organize and manage all your deadlines, applications, follow up reminders, and documents. Save time and increase your grant fundraising success - instead of trying to patch together a mix of tools like spreadsheets, task managers, calendars, and a file storage systems. GrantHub helps you stay organized with a very easy to use solution.

    Grant Manager is a grant management and nonprofit accounting software

    SmarterSelect's totally online solution eliminates paper and the effort spent simply organizing paperwork and information, rather than evaluating the most deserving applicants.

    Streamlyne Research empowers efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of sponsored projects, making it easy for you to glide through your work, so you can get more done in less time.

    Altum Grants Management is a web-based software providing the core workflow, tasks, online forms, contact management and other components supporting the grantmaking process from end to end.

    AmpliFund is designed for managing every stage of the grant lifecycle, from pre-award research and planning to post-award performance and reporting. AmpliFund drives capacity and compliance for nonprofit and public sector organizations, generating additional revenue from both new and existing sources. AmpliFund is designed for managing every stage of the grant lifecycle and is at the forefront of automating grant compliance and data standardization in the public sector. AmpliFund is at the forefront of automating grant compliance and data standardization, enabling government entities to see exactly how funds enter and leave their state, county or municipality. This includes robust sub-recipient management features, allowing for easy monitoring, reporting and auditing of complex grants. AmpliFund utilizes processes designed to maximize effectiveness and implementation of our software - including extensive onboarding, a knowledge center, and API integration.

    eAwards is an electronic grant management system designed to assist funding organizations, research centers and universities in streamlining their research funding administration process.

    GovGrants is a full life-cycle grants management offering for government organizations.

    Grantium is an automated grants management system designed to be flexible, cost-efficient and cloud-based.

    Grantium Grants is a grant management tool that offers solutions for building, delivery and administering all phases of grant programs.

    CiviCore provides cloud-based software solutions for nonprofits and public agencies.

    IT Works is a grant management software for pre and post award grant management

    Open Sky Software is a customized grant management and proposal submission solution

    OpenWater is an all-in-one, online software platform to help your organization collect and review any type of application. Clients use OpenWater to manage Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Abstracts, Scholarships, Prizes, and more.

    Optimy is a modular software that enables you to efficiently manage part or all of your grant, community support or CSI activities, whether it concerns ongoing requests, internal or external calls for projects, research projects, grant applications and internal projects. It is constantly enhanced, based on our users’ and the market feedback. Optimy is modular (you choose and pay only for what you need) can be integrated with any existing system and provides you with a worldwide Customer Experience support.

    Pearl &'s foundation management software is customizable, scalable and designed to work the way you do so that you can streamline your processes, maximize staff power and focus on your mission.

    Versaic is the only online solution for grants management that works precisely the way you want. With our customizable software and extensive expertise, you'll save time, gain insights, and increase your impact.

    Award Force is a cloud software for grantmaking organisations to manage application, evaluation and award of grants, online.

    Transform your scholarship application process with AwardSpring, a powerful, intuitive, and smart scholarship management platform. AwardSpring’s easy-to-use software and outstanding customer support have empowered hundreds of foundations, colleges, and universities to award their scholarships in less time, and with less effort, than ever before. Go beyond awarding to track your entire application cycle, manage all communications, engage donors, and report on your process.

    AwardVision is a nonprofit accounting and financial management software solution

    Blue Wren GRM is a research administration and grant management software module designed for tracking pre and post-award information for organizations with a significant number of sponsored projects.

    Our system is a web-based solution designed to manage the complete life cycle of an organisations grants, awards and funding programmes. It is easy to use, very flexible, provides powerful reporting and business insight and is designed to handle every single stage in your grants management process from application through review to project completion and evaluation.

    Our easy-to-use, web-based Clear Impact Scorecard software helps program managers, grant managers and performance directors collaborate with stakeholders and community partners to simplify data collection, standardize reporting, measure progress and improve performance on a local, regional and national scale to move beyond quantities of people served and demonstrate that communities are actually better off. Clear Impact provides performance management software, training and services to help government agencies, non-profits, communities, and foundations track the performance of their programs, measure the impact of their funding, and report on the progress of their missions to improve the lives of children, families and communities worldwide. Our performance improvement experts work side-by-side with government leaders, executive directors and public sector professionals to establish measurable performance expectations, identify the right data indicators and continuously monitor the progress of programs and partners by implementing the proven Results-Based Accountability framework to deliver long-term, measurable impact.

    Crescendo is an emarketing and planned giving fundraising software for nonprofits.

    EGrAMS is a grant management tool to help strealine grant administration and management

    enQuire is a cloud based SaaS system designed to deliver advanced business process optimisation, streamline community engagement and take the risk out of digital transformation.

    Ready to transform your mission? It's time to modernise how you manage grants, contracts and impact reporting with Enquire!

    Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking is a system designed to offer speed and accuracy of barcodes with a powerful, secure, web-based tracking application.

    FastTrak is a cloud solution for grant management.

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