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Businesses use credit and collections software to ensure customers pay for the products and services delivered by the company. By recovering the amounts due on time, companies can rely on a consistent influx of money to finance their operations. This type of software is used by accounting teams to identify which invoices are overdue, match invoices and payments, reduce processing errors, and manage collection issues such as bad debt (amounts owed by customers that are unlikely to be paid). Accountants also use credit and collections software to manage customer credits to mitigate the risk of not getting paid. This type of software can also be used by collection agencies that recover outstanding payments on behalf of their customers.

Credit and collections software can be delivered as a standalone product or as part of a financial management suite. Standalone credit and collections tools need to integrate with accounting software and ERP systems or with related point solutions such as AR automation software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Credit and Collections category, a product must:

  • Allow users to define customer credit limits and adjust them based on payments history or type of customer
  • Match invoice information such as the amount or the due date with payments
  • Identify upcoming payments due and notify customers by email, phone, or mail
  • Manage overdue payments and apply penalties or overcharges for late payments
  • Monitor payments history and identify customers that are more likely to pay late
  • Analyze discrepancies between invoices and payments and determine what caused them
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    You Need A Budget (YNAB, we call it why-nab when we're in a hurry) teaches your employees a whole new way of thinking about their money.

    The FICO Network is the fast, direct connection to resources that collections and recovery professionals need to save time and effort. It provides a single point of connectivity to service providers to streamline business processes and automate transactions between creditors, collection agencies and attornies, plus access to account information from more than 90 databases and data consolidators

    Tesorio is a cash flow performance platform that collects and organizes the critical factors impacting cash flow, including information from ERP software, bank accounts, and emails. Using machine learning, Tesorio analyzes this data and gives finance teams actionable insights and automated workflows for better managing, predicting, reporting and collecting cash. Tesorio’s intelligent platform includes applications for cash flow forecasting, collections management and automation, spend analysis,

    Anytime Collect automated accounts receivable software puts the entire A/R process on auto-pilot, allowing collectors to save time and focus on building key customer relationships. Users are able to automate email, including attachment of supporting documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and more. Available online bill pay allows customers to pay by clicking an email link and entering through a secure payment portal. Anytime Collect has a prioritized actions list that tells you who needs t

    Chargebacks911 offers chargeback remediations and loss recovery solutions.

    CollBox demystifies the collections process and simplifies collections management with an integrated platform that connects QuickBooks Online with a network of certified and vetted collections agencies.

    Leverage smart automation to control operating costs, streamline collection process and maximize employee efforts

    Debt$Net Prestige provides unparalleled data integrity and security capable of servicing huge data requirements, high user counts, and large capacity operations without the limitations of non SQL server based systems.

    w2bill Dunning is a debt collection software that provides a unified platform for analytical overview of your customers trends and behaviors, allied with configurable sets of actions to mitigate the loss of revenue due to fraud, or negligence. w2bill Dunnin allows a business to set up scenarios suited to your business and your clients, and track their application whenever the customers are at fault.

    myFICO offers credit reporting and monitoring solutions.

    numberz is an analytics driven, secure, online enterprise solution that helps you achieve your collection goals

    Swordfish is not just a debt collection software tool, it is a dynamic business, a team of talented people who want to serve and deliver quality in all aspects.

    From invoice presentment and payment, through to collection and cash application, VersaPay ARC helps companies improve their customer experience and get paid faster. Increase the automation, centralization and visibility of your AR process while providing customers with a class-leading AR experience. ARC enables a self-service portal where customers can access invoices, make payments and collaborate with your team in real-time. Collections task lists are replaced with 150+ intelligent notificati

    Managing corporate accounts can be a pain to manage: credit approval, identity verification, offline invoicing and order consolidation, payment reminders and collections. In short, an Accounts Receivable nightmare. Apruve gives online merchants a turnkey corporate account management service to enable their customers to check out from their store without paying. Instead, they can consolidate multiple monthly orders for end of month invoicing - all automated by Apruve. Merchants manage user accoun

    Analyze your performance in one click for each level of your organization (group, subsidiary, customer portfolio, ...) and identify the areas of performance and action plans needed. Visualize in one click: actual and due outstandings, sales, DSO, aged balance, impact of litigation, top 20 customers late. Collaborate more effectively with other departments with always up-to-date reporting

    Capone, an enterprise debt collection platform, enables collection entities to control, manage and automate the collection processes, delivering a wide range of functionalities and flexibility, with a surprisingly short implementation time.

    Carixa is an end-to-end credit-to-cash system for mid and large corporations that can also be deployed standalone or as a high-performance production bolt on where you need it. Either way, Carixa will enable you to maximize your financial performance.

    IBS Collection and Asset Recovery Manager software simplifies complex delinquency collections processes to help banks and credit unions improve results by operating at lower cost and with less risk.

    Churnback is Stopping Churn, Revenue Loss and Chargebacks by automation. Churnback makes sure your customers pay on time, increasing your revenue through automation and fight back chargebacks by automation and a global collection network.

    intelligent debt collection and litigation software packed with cutting edge features that enable the user to provide a market leading service.

    Cogent automates the collections process across the complete lifecycle, reducing the cost of collecting debt and increasing debt recovery.

    The Collect! cloud based hosted solution is all inclusive; the hardware, the applications, the environment, the backups and the maintenance are all taken care of for you. This substantially lowers the cost of getting started, allows you to pay for what you use in the cloud, and enables you to grow without having to reinvest in additional hardware or reconfigure systems that were not properly sized.

    collectAI offers a digital, AI-based payment and debt collection software platform to manage accounts receivables

    Collection AdvantageSM helps you identify which accounts have the greatest and least recovery potential.

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