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Financial analysis software helps companies monitor the financial performance of their business. This type of software is used to consolidate and compare financial transactions and accounting entries. Accounting departments leverage financial analysis software to ensure the accuracy of accounting data and to track financial KPIs, which can then be used to plan a company’s financial direction for the future. Accountants also use financial analysis software to generate reports and for financial compliance purposes. Finally, managers from other departments can also benefit from utilizing dashboards and reports that provide details on the financial performance of their teams.

Financial analysis solutions should not be confused with corporate performance management software, which is used for sophisticated analysis by large companies and corporations. This type of software integrates with accounting software and ERP systems and is usually delivered as a standalone solution.

To qualify for inclusion in the Financial Analysis category, a product must:

  • Consolidate financial data from multiple systems
  • Include standard accounting metrics and KPIs
  • Provide features to define and manage reports hierarchies
  • Allow users to drill down into the details of any financial entry
  • Generate reports that comply with IFRS and GAAP standards
  • Deliver reports to external users and manage access rights
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    Sisense is the only business analytics software that provides an agile solution for organizations struggling with large and scattered data. The unique In-Chip technology that powers Sisense enables it to crunch huge amounts of disparate data in seconds and join different data sources on the fly when a query is made. Data preparation is automated and simplified, and users can easily explore complex data by asking ad-hoc questions and receiving answers that are always on time and always accurate. The end result: for the first time, businesses can gain real insight and value out of complex data - without IT bottlenecks, an assembly line of different tools, or an army of specialists. Features include: - Data preparation and ETL capabilities - Visual data management environment for managing complex data models - Dozens of stunning forms of data visualization to choose from - Web-based dashboards that can be accessed from any device or email / PDF reports - Ultra-modern GUI designed to direct users towards best practices in data analysis - Statistical and advanced functions for power users

    Fathom provides a suite of in-depth analysis tools and metrics which help you see exactly how well your business is performing. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Fathom seamlessly integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online/Desktop and MYOB; or import financials & non-financials via Excel. Create beautiful reports and dashboards: Whether presenting to a client, reporting to the bank, or updating your management team, you'll always be prepared with Fathom. On-the-fly benchmarking: Fathom helps you easily compare, rank and benchmark your companies, clients or franchisees. Consolidated reporting... made easy: Fathom enables you to group your related companies together to create consolidated reports for an organisation. So, in addition to reporting for an individual company, you can easily track and monitor the performance of a group to which a company belongs. Alert monitoring: Using Fathom you can easily setup alerts for your companies or clients, then monitor when key financial metrics miss targets or exceed critical alert levels... plus much more!

    BusinessRadar is a completely new way of generating financial reports and forecasts for corporate management. Comprehensive plans and accurate forecasts are created in an instant and they are seamlessly connected to actual data. All relevant aspects of financial statement analysis are included; income statement, cash flow and balance sheet. Real time, virtual group elimination technology both for income statement and balance sheet makes BusinessRadar particularly attractive for groups.

    Qvinci's popular financial consolidation product will automatically sync and consolidate financial reports from popular software programs such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Excel for up to 10,000 locations.

    Checkmybooks automatically reviews clients' accounting records for you. It analyses every transaction and then highlights the issues that you'll want to review.

    Sigma Conso Consolidation & Reporting is a unified consolidation and reporting software application. It is browser-based and provides complete data traceability and powerful internal and external reporting functionality.

    Startegy is a business planning and forecasting software for startups and small businesses.

    Learn about how Alluxo makes it easy to create business dashboards and automatic reports.

    A financial data-storytelling solution bringing simplicity in a complex financial reporting world, for all business leaders.

    A powerful, collaborative financial modeling platform with an easy, familiar spreadsheet interface, for all your FP&A needs.

    The first fully automated accounting capture software thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

    Control Panel combines a clearly designed digital dashboard with distinctive income, balance sheet and cash-flow statements to provide a comprehensive management reporting system. It allows managers to measure their monthly performance against budget, forecast and prior periods and quickly ascertain where corrective action is needed. Key performance indicators are flagged with a red, amber, green "traffic light" system to help managers envision the financial performance of their enterprises.

    CXO-Cockpit is a performance reporting platform created by CXO Solutions BV. It is based on pre-built and configurable Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) adapters that connect straight to the multi-dimensional financial data and inherits its hierarchies, structures and metadata, without IT dependence and costs. CXO-Cockpit empowers finance with a centrally governed reporting process for data and commentary that enables compliance, collaboration and faster close.

    Trintech DataFlow eliminates the data acquisition burden facing nearly all organizations by automating the daily retrieval, aggregation and delivery of your financial data. Now, banking, credit card, investment, ACH transactions, armored courier files, and more are all accessible exactly when and how you want them delivered to your organization.

    eCons Direct is a Financial Consolidation, Accounts Consolidation, Consolidation of Accounts, Quarterly Reporting, Annual Reporting, Balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Income statement, Currency Translation Reserve, Minority Interest, Holding Company, Group of Companies, Indian Accounting Standards, AS-11, AS-21, AS-23, AS-27 AS-3

    Collaborative Financial consolidation with statutory and management reporting for groups of companies.

    ExecuReports automates the entire process of monthly financial reporting, enabling you to focus on analysing your business instead of being overwhelmed and inundated with reporting requirements.

    Millennium's FAST Finance Reporting provides decentralized self service financial reporting for all account holders, allowing fully supported, drill down access to all accounts for that user. Reports include relevant, timely information for actuals, commitments and budgets, showing where money is being spent and how it compares to approved budget amounts.

    Financial Statement Analysis is a software application designed for companies who adopt the IFRS and GAAP accounting standards. This provides an in-depth performance evaluation of the business through a screening of the last available financial reports. Upon entering the company's IFRS financial data (from Statement of Financial Position and Income Statement), the system assesses the businessProfitability, Solvency, Capital Structure and Liquidity, generating a financial report complete with ratios, charts, graphs, and comments discussing the company's performance and the related rating score.

    Finario provides the first cloud-based solution to unify capital planning and establish a single source of truth across the investment lifecycle. The world’s leading enterprises use Finario to improve Capex reporting, accelerate decision making and deploy capital strategically to gain an edge in today’s rapidly evolving global marketplace. Finario’s unique application has been designed from the ground up to manage Capex exclusively, in accordance with today’s best practices. With instant access to the latest data and full operational context, leaders can routinely make the right capital investment decisions to drive enterprise-wide growth. Our API makes it easy to integrate with the most common enterprise systems whether on-premise or in the cloud, including ERP, EPM, Project Management and Fixed Assets applications.

    Delivers tremendous benefits to finance teams, including a faster, more accurate financial close.

    Powerful yet easy-to-use, the feature-rich Financial Reporting System enables users to easily design and view a wide range of financial reports with minimal training. Users can view reports with a simple click and then filter the reported information by period, range of period, department and location.

    GIDE Software Suite is (1) an in-memory financial modelling system that combines (2) the versatility and do-it-yourself quality of spreadsheets, with (3) a powerful and error-free calculation engine of expensive tailor-made systems, supporting (4) real-time workgroup collaboration (5), implementable in days.

    ImpactECS is the leading cost and profitability solution to determine product costs, calculate profits, analyze scenarios, build budgets, and report results.

    IndustriusCFO is business intelligence software for business owners, business advisors, and industry researchers.

    Infor F9 dynamically links your general ledger data to Microsoft Excel, and rapidly presents a real-time view of business information with just the push of a button. No exports or manual entries are required, eliminating labor-intensive reporting and giving you more time to analyze data and focus on strategic planning.

    Jirav is a financial reporting and analytics platform designed to simplify the corporate reporting process while also improving the value of reporting.

    joiin is quick, zero-hassle software to consolidate financial and management reports from your QuickBooks and Xero data.

    GL Wand 5 is an Excel-based financial reporting solution for finance professionals using Oracle e-Business Suite, it enables highly efficient and secure financial reporting, shorter month ends, and faster refreshes with ad-hoc inquiry and drill downs.

    Juris Analyst is a financial evaluation system for business that stimulates, evaluates, and forecasts your clients’ financial health and their repayment ability.

    Kognetics is an AI platform that automate knowledge intensive processes involved in financial analysis workflows.

    Automate and streamline your operational process with the HPD LendScape Platform, allowing your business to maximise specialist knowledge within your internal teams.

    LUX Transcend provides access to all enterprise data in one consolidated platform, optimizing multi-source data processing and report generation. Our high-performance solution utilizes enterprise-class architecture, and offers code-free extensibility and secure access. As one of the most technologically advanced platforms on the market, implementation and system migration are transparent and efficient.

    A full-service finance and operations firm specializing in early to late stage startups.

    OpenReporting is a web based, highly scalable, reporting & analytics tool that helps organizations add transparency to their financial information and share it with a very large audience.

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    Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a secure, collaborative, and process driven service for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial, management, and regulatory report packages.

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    Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud includes robust data management capabilities that enable business users to easily map financial and operational data together.

    Orase MDA Services is a data administration management software for monitoring and reconciliation of market data calculations.

    PowerAnalytics is a plug-and-play solution that can be rapidly deployed in just a few days. It is a cost-effective solution that provides robust finance capabilities and faster ROI.

    Quovo account connectivity is the lifeblood of digital finance. The next transformative innovation in your industry likely involves connecting to customer account data. Quovo is a data platform that provides connectivity to financial accounts and is now a part of @Plaid.

    Data visualization for business finances. Instantly.

    FYIsoft's cloud software to Visualize, monitor and anticipate financial analytics.

    An online solution for financial planning, consolidation and reporting, with features for budgets, forecasts, reconciliations, & more.

    ReportFYI financial report writer offers a smart, dynamic design to streamline the report generation process end to end. Ideal for CFOs, accountants, and companies of any size, ReportFYI is secure, web-based, requires zero client-side deployment, and is available 24/7 from anywhere. It integrates with Acumatica, Dynamics GP, Sage 300, Flexi, Epicor, StoneRiver, Dexter + Chaney, Restaurant 365, and more. FYIsoft also offers CloudFYI, their cloud-based financial reporting solution.

    Solution 7 Reporting allows finance professionals to create and publish live management reports, forecasts and financial statements in your tool of choice – Microsoft Excel.

    Sumatia Financials simplifies the process of preparing financial reports, consolidating multiple source systems, and budgeting and re-forecasting.

    Synoptix empowers you to create financial and operational reports with spreadsheet ease of use, and then delivers complete drill down functionality into the detailed data. Synoptix can be implemented to your software system quickly and at a relatively low cost. Once implemented, Synoptix provides real-time data, end-to-end reporting, detailed and summary reports, powerful dashboard functionality, and the ability to pull in every piece of data you need from anywhere in your database.

    TagniFi is a modern financial data platform that uses tagged financial statements to deliver better data at a fraction of the cost of legacy financial data providers. Their Excel plugin gives you the ability to pull any financial data into an Excel model and run it for thousands of companies by changing a ticker symbol. Their API and data feed deliver low-latency financial statement data to your database or application. From fundamentals to footnotes, TagniFi is building a better financial data platform for finance professionals.

    Transform data into consolidated financial information through automated processes to increase the speed and reliability of financial reporting during closing. Talentia Consolidation & Reporting enables the ability to compare and reconcile between management and statutory reporting, consolidate according to any accounting and reporting standards, and analyse information according to legal and internal management structures.