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Companies use budgeting and forecasting software to plan the financial resources they need to support their business activities in the future. This type of software helps companies estimate future revenues and expenses across multiple departments or business entities. Managers and executives use this type of software to create budgets and forecasts for each department. Accountants use budgeting and forecasting solutions to consolidate all departmental budgets to develop an overall company budget, which defines how funds will be allocated to each department. This type of software also empowers accountants to identify possible changes in revenues and expenses, which may impact the profitability of the company.

While most accounting products offer basic budgeting features, companies opt for budgeting and forecasting software when in need of advanced functionality. This type of software requires financial and operational information from tools such as accounting software and ERP systems. For advanced financial performance analytics, budgeting and forecasting software is integrated with corporate performance management software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Budgeting and Forecasting category, a product must:

  • Provide templates for different types of budgets
  • Allow users to create different versions of a budget
  • Maintain budgeting history and use it to develop forecasts
  • Compare revenues and expenses estimates with actuals
  • Consolidate budgets from several departments
  • Use what-if scenarios to forecast possible budget changes
  • Monitor the performance of budgeting processes
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    Prophix Software
    (44)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Your business is evolving. Your systems should evolve too. Achieve your goals more successfully with Prophix’s innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. Improve profitability and minimize risk when you automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters. Budget, plan, consolidate and report automatically. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Prophix supports your future with a platform that flexes to suit your strategic realities, today and tomorrow.

    Budget-management solution that provides real-time budgeting, helping you avoid overspending by understanding and even enforcing budgets before spend is committed.

    (23)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Vena Solutions redefines how medium and large sized companies manage their budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting. Vena combines a centralized database, sophisticated workflow, powerful reporting and advanced analytics with Excel to create acloud-based financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solution. Over 500 of the world’s best companies use Vena to get trusted insights that drive faster, smarter business decisions. Vena is the fastest growing company in its sector and recognized leade

    We provide businesses using Xero, Quickbooks Online or FreeAgent with cash flow forecasts that are more accurate, always up to date and take a fraction of the time to prepare when compared to spreadsheets. Using the direct method of cash flow forecasting (reading all information on bills, invoices and other transactions) we are able to create robust cash flow forecasts that are visual, easy to understand and give a 'real' picture of where a business is going in the short to medium term. The accu

    Idu-Concept is a budgeting, forecasting, and reporting system for midsize to large businesses in a wide variety of industries. In addition to these functions, the system also helps companies track spend, manage their assets and equipment, and more. idu-Concept can be deployed in the cloud and paid as a monthly subscription, or purchased outright and installed on a local server, based on the preference and needs of each business. The Financial Reporting module aims to enhance visibility and pro

    CalendarBudget is web-based online budget tool that runs in your browser or mobile device. It's calendar interface shows your financial activity on the day it actually happened and is designed to be easy to use and to allow you to both TRACK and PLAN your money in the past and future. No complicated system that takes weeks to get used to - just walk up and use!

    Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud is a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that enables organizations of any size to rapidly adopt world-class planning applications, improving forecast accuracy with minimal IT resources.

    Prevero, a Unit4 company, is a leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) provider with over 4,000 customers in 30 countries and an active global partner network. We support the sustainable improvement of decision and controlling processes in companies of all sizes and from all industry sectors. Our solution, not only combines integrated P&L and balance sheet planning, but also multidimensional modelling, all in one product. Prevero offers leading businesses such as Arriva, Automic,

    Yardi Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting allows you to engage in highly effective planning processes by delivering budget projections with increased accuracy and the ability to make quick, accurate, flexible forecasts.

    Centage Planning Maestro
    (12)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Centage Corporation’s Planning Maestro is a cloud-native planning & analytics platform that delivers year-round financial intelligence, transforming how companies budget, forecast and report performance. Centage delivers a level of sophisticated financial intelligence typically only enjoyed by large enterprises, at a price point accessible for small and medium-sized companies. With a direct line-of-sight into the organization’s financial health, Centage’s clients can make faster decisions, r

    The CALUMO Group is a leading provider of Corporate Performance Management solutions for enterprise-wide Business Analytics, Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting offering both software and consultancy. Since 2004, the group has successfully delivered solutions to a wide range of enterprises from not-for-profits and SME's to large listed companies and government organizations. These solutions provide quantifiable benefits and valuable business insights, offering a single platform from which to

    Longview makes performance software for the Now business realities. Hundreds of thousands of business leaders from Global 2000 companies, operating in more than two hundred countries, leverage Longview daily to make strategic and immediate business decisions based on Now business realities. Our performance management software drives the advantage of planning with critical insights into vast and disparate data points. Longview brings budgeting, forecasting, tax reporting, analytics and the fina

    deFacto Planning empowers business managers throughout an organization to take full command of their company’s performance through real-time budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting across all functional areas, including finance, tax, sales, supply chain, operations, and others. Using a single, unified platform, business users within each functional area can build and maintain models of their specific business, then use those models as the basis for integrating their planning activities wi

    FinanceSheets comes with pre-built templates so you can set up your Sales Plan and Expense Budget quickly and start scenario analysis.

    More accurate forecasts mean higher order fill rates and less disruption to your purchasing and/or manufacturing processes. This is especially true for long lead time items.

    Finally Get Control, Expedite, and Streamline the Microsoft Dynamics Fiscal Planning Process with Jet Budgets

    PlanGuru is a tool for budgeting, forecasting, and performance review for small and mid-sized companies, it has a simple, intuitive interface and solid integration with Quickbooks and Excel make implementation and utilization simple for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

    A New Generation of business consolidation, forecasting and reporting software

    Axis Planning provides cloud-based corporate performance management solutions for those who need to manage budgeting, forecasting, and overall planning.

    Biconix is a Performance Management and Business Analytics solution provider specializing in delivering high value planning, reporting, account reconciliation and analytical solutions, from the Office of Finance and throughout the organization.

    Smart Business Budgeting software for small to medium business

    Maintain rolling budgets and monitor performance against fixed budgets at the same time.

    Brixx is a financial planning and forecasting solution for startups, small businesses, and accountants.

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