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Text analysis software, also called text analytics or text mining software, helps users gain insights from both structured and unstructured text data using natural language processing (NLP). Such insights include sentiment analysis, key phrases, language, themes and patterns, and entities, among others. These solutions leverage NLP and machine learning to pull out different insights and provide visual representations of the data for easier interpretation.

Text analysis tools can consume text data from a variety of sources, including emails, phone transcripts, surveys, customer reviews, and other documents. By importing text data from these different sources, businesses are better equipped to understand and analyze customer or employee sentiment, intelligently classify documents, and improve written content. Text analysis software may be used in conjunction with other analytics tools, including big data analytics and business intelligence platforms.

To qualify for the Text Analysis category, a product must:

  • Import text data from a variety of different data sources
  • Use natural language processing to extract insights from the text, including key phrases, language, sentiment, and other patterns
  • Provide visualizations for text data
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    See the big picture fast with NVivo 12 – the most powerful software for gaining richer insights from qualitative and mixed-methods data. Purpose-built software for qualitative and mixed-methods research.

    RapidMiner brings artificial intelligence to the enterprise through an open and extensible data science platform. Built for analytics teams, RapidMiner unifies the entire data science lifecycle from data prep to machine learning to predictive model deployment.

    Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text. Amazon Comprehend identifies the language of the text; extracts key phrases, places, people, brands, or events; understands how positive or negative the text is; and automatically organizes a collection of text files by topic.

    Microsoft Text Analytics API is a suite of text analytics services that offer APIs for sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and topic detection for English text, as well as language detection for 120 languages.

    Derive insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning

    Chattermill is an AI-powered platform that helps companies drive customer loyalty and growth. With Chattermill you can take unstructured customer feedback from a variety of sources and generate clear and actionable insights in real time. Customer Experience employees leverage our platform to identify themes and sentiment in each piece of customer feedback with human-level accuracy. AI-based insights help track how customers feel about their experiences identifying the areas that impact customer

    Apache OpenNLP library is a machine learning based toolkit for the processing of natural language text that supports the common NLP tasks, such as tokenization, sentence segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, named entity extraction, chunking, parsing, and coreference resolution these tasks are usually required to build more advanced text processing services and includes maximum entropy and perceptron based machine learning.

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    Kapiche is an AI-powered text analytics solution for understanding customer and employee feedback at scale, enabling you to make the most impactful decisions for your business. Kapiche is designed to uncover the actionable insights in customer and employee feedback, from both your structured and unstructured data, enabling you to make strategic decisions that have the biggest impact on customer and/or employee satisfaction and overall revenue growth. Regardless of whether the data is from NPS,

    sayint is an AI-based conversational analytics solution, helps you to uncover valuable insights to improve agent performance, enhance customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies.Sayint can analyze both real-time and historical communications across ( Voice , chat , email & Social fields )

    MonkeyLearn is an AI platform that allows you analyze text with Machine Learning to automate business workflows and save hours of manual data processing.

    CATMA (Computer Assisted Textual Markup and Analysis) is a practical and intuitive tool for text researchers. In CATMA users can combine the hermeneutic, undogmatic‚ and the digital, taxonomy based approach to text and corpora's a single researcher, or in real-time collaboration with other team members.

    Thematic analyzes customer feedback to help companies improve NPS, churn, loyalty and other metrics. We pull customer feedback from your existing service, whether it's SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, Medallia, any of the NPS providers, or your internal database. Within hours, we setup a full analysis of common themes in the open-ended questions and free-text fields, quantify the impact on satisfaction, churn and help you prioritize. We also have dashboards and Powerpoint slides already setup to help you

    QDA Miner is an easy-to-use qualitative data analysis software package for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing small and large collections of documents and images. QDA Miner qualitative data analysis tool may be used to analyze interview or focus group transcripts, legal documents, journal articles, speeches, even entire books, as well as drawings, photographs, paintings, and other types of visual documents.

    WordStat is a flexible and easy-to-use text analysis software, whether you need text mining tools for fast extraction of themes and trends, or careful and precise measurement with state-of-the-art quantitative content analysis tools.

    Analyze text data from the web, comment fields, books and other text sources.

    With dozens of powerful text analytics, data science, human coding, and machine-learning features, including instant access to the Gnip PowerTrack 2.0 for Twitter, historical Twitter, and the free Twitter Search API, DiscoverText provides cloud-based software tools to quickly evaluate large amounts of text, survey, and Twitter data.

    Gensim is a Python library that analyze plain-text documents for semantic structure and retrieve semantically similar document.

    Analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts, entities, keywords, categories, relations and semantic roles.

    Anderson Analytics is a market research firm to leverage text analytics and their patent pending SaaS Text Analytics platform OdinText can be used to quickly analyze unstructured data ranging from large scale VoC surveys to customer call center logs/emails or social media data.

    With SAS Contextual Analysis, you can quickly derive insight from your text data by categorizing documents, extracting facts and understanding document sentiment – all from a single interface. You can also define rules without creating a training corpus.

    SAS Sentiment Analysis is a software that automatically rates and classifies opinions expressed in electronic text to quickly understand customers opinion and experiences acrossmultiple chanels.

    The software combines machine-learning methods with a rules-based approach that's essential for understanding the subtle nuances of language and inferring intention.

    Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis API that allows user to gain valuable insights from unstructured text content by extracting categories, topics, themes, facets, and sentiment.

    Advize integrates Voice of the Customer data from across the customer journey to deliver actionable insights and automate personalized customer experiences that drive revenue, reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction.

    Amenity's products transform unstructured data into targeted information and deliver it in elegant formats that are intuitive to use, frictionless to onboard, and designed to best compliment existing workflows. The Amenity Analytics Platform systematically analyzes every earnings call transcripts and SEC filings enabling the ability to spot outliers, identify critical insights, and understand key drivers.

    Ascribe Coder allows researcher coding analysts to code and analyze mass amounts of verbatim comments. Ascribe Coder provides human accuracy, reduces cycle times, increases productivity and lowers costs.

    Quickly uncover key themes and opinions with highly customizable and feature-rich text analysis tool that categorizes large amounts of verbatim comments

    Extract meaning and insight from textual content with ease

    CiceroCoref increases the utility of entity extraction from natural language texts by identifying multiple references to the same entity, even when different expressions used to refer to the same entity are used.

    Clarabridge can help you turn your customer feedback into customer happiness. Our comprehensive customer intelligence platform can help your business understand customer needs, wants, and feelings.

    Conversus.AI™ is the game changer in social listening that puts YOU in control of your data quality. This Machine Learning-as-a-Service Platform is designed for data scientists and general analysts alike to put the immense power of machine learning to work on your social and voice of customer data, allowing for immediate deployment into many leading social listening, management, and business intelligence platforms. Choose your data source to build your own models quickly and efficiently or sele

    Datumbox API offers a large number of off-the-shelf Classifiers and Natural Language Processing services which can be used in a broad spectrum of applications including: Sentiment Analysis, Topic Classification, Language Detection, Subjectivity Analysis, Spam Detection, Reading Assessment, Keyword and Text Extraction and more.

    DragonGlass connectors provide instant connectivity and data extraction capability to a variety of data sources ranging from SaaS platforms like ServiceNow, SalesForce, ZenDesk, Confluence, Jive, Jira, and Google Drive to on premise data sources like SQL databases, file repositories and blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Swirlds. In addition the platform also contains a Web crawler that can be easily configured by an end user to extract web content from any external web site.

    Gavagai Explorer is a tool for qualitative analysis of large amounts of text data such as open-ended survey questions, reviews, or on-line news articles.

    Information Discovery is a leading text analytics and machine learning platform that allows you to get insights in your structured and unstructured data and explore important information in the most flexible way. Information Discovery collects and analyzes all kind of documents, such as patents, research literature, databases, websites, and other enterprise repositories

    Intellexer Categorizer is a semantic tool that automatically classifies documents by content and organizes them within categories that best fit the structure of your company and processes. For example, the categories can be Human Resources, Research and Development, Finance, Customer Feedback, Newsletters, etc.

    Intellexer Clusterizer enables effective organizing, normalizing, linking, and processing of documents, presenting of retrieval results in a more logical, structured, and searchable way. Meanwhile, it can provide information seekers with a means of browsing, and searching information efficiently in a user friendly format to fulfill the user's information need

    Intellexer Linguistic Processor is used to parse the input text and to extract multiple kinds of relations, for example, syntactic (noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectival and adverbial phrases, etc.) and semantic (subject-verb-object; Color, Direction, Degree, Effectiveness, etc.) ones. The output of Linguistic Processor is a semantic tree with certain semantic types of relations assigned to the links between the sentence elements

    Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer successfully identifies not only personal names, names of organizations and geographical locations, but also extracts such entities as positions/occupations, nationalities, dates, ages, durations and names of events. The results of the Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer can be of great value to information end-user industries of all kinds, especially banks, finance companies, publishers and governments.

    Intellexer Preformator extracts plain text and information about the text layout from documents of different formats (doc, pdf, rtf, html, etc.). Also Preformator automatically determines the structure (patent, news or scientific article, review, etc.) of document and its theme (economics, law, sports, etc.).

    Intellexer SDK incorporates natural language processing tools for semantic analysis of unstructured text data

    Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer is a powerful and efficient solution that automatically extracts sentiments (positivity/negativity), opinion objects and emotions (liking, anger, disgust, etc.) from unstructured text information. Besides, Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer can be successfully used for document sentiment classification and review rating prediction tasks

    Intellexer Summarizer receives a source document and passes it to the Intellexer Preformator which extracts plain text (along with text formatting information, headers, links, etc.), detects document structure and language (using Intellexer Language Recognizer). Extracted text is received to the Intellexer Linguistic Processor which provides syntactic and semantic processing. After complete analysis extracted information is passed back to the Intellexer Summarizer for document summary generation

    AI-powered text analytics platform for feedback interpretation - Keatext synthesizes in seconds large volumes of unstructured feedback data from multiple channels (such as open-survey questions, online reviews, chat logs and social media posts) to produce actionable insights delivered on one comprehensive custom dashboard.

    I2E is particularly strong in its ability to answer a wide range of questions, from apparently simple open queries to questions that need advanced linguistic analytics

    Luminoso Analytics applies artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) to accurately analyze text-based data for any industry without lengthy setup time or training. Luminoso Analytics allows clients to easily upload, process, analyze, and visualize batches or streams of unstructured data. Compass can analyze any type text-based data, including open-ended survey responses, call transcripts, chatbot or live chat transcripts, product reviews, articles, emails, and NPS o

    A customer experience management solution that enables you to collect and process customer feedback into actionable insights in an easy and fast manner. The service processes feedback in 60+ languages and provides you with insights instantly after the feedback has been provided. Lumoa's Artificial Intelligence -based solution translates the feedback, categorizes it, assesses the sentiment, and shows you the positive and negative drivers of customer experience instantly.

    MeaningCloud provides software and services for automatic extraction of insights from unstructured information sources.

    A text mining engine that enables knowledge discovery from unstructured and semi-structured data

    NetMiner embed internal Python-based script engine which equipped with the automatic Script Generator for unskilled users. Then the users can operate NetMiner with existing GUI or programmable script language.

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