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Stream analytics software monitors and analyzes integration data in real time. These tools allow users to analyze data in transfer between applications or through APIs. This allows users to analyze both historical events and what’s happening at that exact time. Companies use stream analytics to better understand what data users are retrieving and to monitor endpoints. Users can analyze data being transferred amongst devices like internet of things (IoT) endpoints, such as smart cars, machinery, or home appliances. Many tools contain data visualization components to present and map connected devices. Other common features include competitive analysis and big data analytics. There is some crossover between stream analyics and big data analytics tools, but big data analytics tools aren’t necessarily used specifically to provide real-time information.

To qualify for inclusion in the Stream Analytics category, a product must:

  • Monitor events pertaining to information exchange in real time
  • Alert users of device or network failures using triggers
  • Provide actionable analytical insights
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    Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data such as video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry, so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information.

    Azure Event Hubs is a scalable data streaming platform and event ingestion service, capable of receiving and processing millions of events per second. Event Hubs processes and stores events, data, or telemetry produced by distributed software and devices.

    Azure Stream Analytics is a managed event-processing engine set up real-time analytic computations on streaming data.

    PieSync takes care of syncing your contacts between your favorite cloud apps two-way and in real-time, so you can focus on building your business. Empower your SaaS Stack with tailor-made bridges between cloud-based apps. Our supported apps include: Smartphone: * Google Contacts * iCloud * FullContact * Outlook 365 CRMs: * 1CRM * Daylite * Nutshell * Sugar CRM * Act! 365 * EfficyCRM * OnePage CRM * Teamleader * Act! Premium Cloud * EspoCRM * Odoo 10 * weclapp * Agendor CRM * Freshsales * Office 365 * Vtiger CRM * Agile CRM * GreenRope * Pipedrive * Workbooks * AllClients * Highrise * Pipelinedeals * Zendesk Sell * amoCRM * HubspotCRM * Pipeliner CRM * Zoho CRM * Apptivo * Infusionsoft by Keap * Podio * Batchbook * Insightly * Propeller CRM * bexio * Keap * ProsperWorks * BigContacts * LeadMaster * Rex * Bitrix24 * Less Annoying CRM * Salesflare * Brivity CRM * Livespace * Salesforce * Capsule CRM * Membrain * Salesforce IQ * Clio * Microsoft Dynamics 365 * Salesmate * CompanyHub * NetSuite CRM * SalesSeek * ConnectWise Manage * Nimble * Sellf Marketing apps: * ActiveCampaign * LeadSquared * ActiveDEMAND * MailChimp * ActiveTrail * MailerLite * Autopilot * AWeber . * MailUp * Benchmark * Marketo * BombBomb * Mautic * Campaign Monitor * Microsoft Exchange * Campaigner * SendGrid * Constant Contact * SendinBlue * ConvertFox * Sharpspring * Drip * GetResponse * Dotmailer * Ontraport * Emma * Pardot * HelloDialog * Robly * Hub * TractionNext * Hubspot * Unbounce * Infusionsoft * Wishpond Customer Support: * Clarabridge CX Social * Crisp * Desk * Groove * Freshdesk * Front * Help Scout * Intercom * Kustomer * Mojo Helpdesk * Re:amaze * Teamwork Desk * Zendesk Prospecting: * Facten * LionDesk * MyPhoner * * Outreach * PersistIQ * * SalesLoft * Woodpecker VoIP: * Aircall * PhoneBurner * RingCentral Accounting apps: * Chargebee * Debitoor * Easybill * FreeAgent * FreshBooks * FreshBooks Classic * Invoiced * Invoice Ninja * Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central * Quickbooks * FastBill * Recurly * Sage Live * Sage One * Stripe * Xero * Zoho Books * Zoho Invoice Lead Generation: * Facebook Lead Ads * SurveyMonkey Real Estate: * Contactually * Dotloop * FollowUpBoss * Pipedrive E-commerce: * BigCommerce * Shopify * ShipStation * Vend Project Management: * APROPLAN * ERPNext * Teamwork Projects Data cleaning: * DataValidation FinTech: * FinFolio Scheduling software: * Bookeo * Planyo Event planning: * Eventbrite Fundraising: * Classy Contact Analytics: * Mixpanel Recruiting: * Zoho Recruit Inventory: * Cin7 Main benefits of having your contacts in bi-directional sync between cloud applications: - No more duplicated contacts - Save time spent on data entry - No more import/export of your contacts - Share contacts with your team - Have all your contacts available on your smartphone - Avoid manual errors - Set it and forget it (it takes about 5 min to set up your sync(s)) For more information visit, or reach us at for any questions.

    Amazon Elasticsearch Service makes it easy to deploy, secure, operate, and scale Elasticsearch for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring, and more.

    Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics

    Apache Flink is an open-source stream processing framework for distributed, high-performing, always-available, and accurate data streaming applications.

    See the Value in Your Data. Flexible analytics and visualization platform. Real-time summary and charting of streaming data. Intuitive interface for a variety of users. Instant sharing and embedding of dashboards

    The PI System is an enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and events with tools and features to help you manage your data and more.

    The StreamSets DataOps platform enables companies to build, execute, operate and protect batch and streaming dataflows. The commercial StreamSets Control Hub is the platform's cloud-native control plane through which enterprises design, monitor and manage complex data movement that is executed by multiple Data Collectors.

    Attunity Replicate empowers organizations to accelerate data replication, ingest and streaming across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms.

    IBM Stream Computing analyzes a broad range of streaming data, unstructured text, video, audio, geospatial, sensor, helping organizations spot opportunities and risks and make decisions in real-time.

    Astronomer is a data engineering platform designed to collect, process and unifiy enterprise data, so users can get straight to analytics, data science and insights.

    Convivas ecosystem analytics grant visibility to all parties involved in the video delivery process, removing the burden from the video publisher and sharing the responsibility of providing the best quality of experience possible for the consumer.

    Whether it’s ad-hoc querying, custom reporting, or complex data workflows, the DataBlade platform enables you to do it all in less time and with fewer headaches, completely automated and collaborative right out of the box. Liberate your data from their respective silos and centralize it into a single source of truth.

    Progress DataDirect Open Analytics services supplement embedded analytics with an 'Open Analytics' strategy. Today’s customers need more than just static reports or dashboards – they want to create their own reports and, visualize and interact them. So, ISVs need to provide Open (multi-faceted) support for analytics. With Progress DataDirect Open Analytics services, you can securely expose analytics data via standard SQL (ODBC, JDBC) and REST (OData) for unlimited intelligence. Your customers can run analytics using the tool of their choice such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, MicroStrategy or Salesforce. They can also create advanced analytical models using programming tools such as R, Python, Matlab, SAS or SPSS.

    PubNub Solves the 3 Key Challenges of Building and Scaling Realtime Apps CONNECT Ensuring secure, always-on connections for every device on every network. A broad set of APIs and SDKs ensures every device in the world can create & maintain an always-on connection for realtime communication. DELIVER Omni-directional message delivery in under 0.25 seconds globally, at infinite scale, with fully-synchronized global Points of Presence providing 99.999% uptime SLA. CONTROL Low latency computing brings business logic to the largest realtime apps. Manipulate, filter, and augment data as it routes through the DSN. PubNub Features: -Realtime Pub/Sub Messaging -PubNub Functions -User Presence -Mobile Push Notifications -Security Overview -SDKs Common Use Cases for Realtime Applications: -Chat -IoT Device Control -Realtime Updates -Collaboration -Multiplayer Games Synchronization -Healthcare -WebRTC and VoIP Signaling -Second Screen - Live Polls, Trivia, and Ads -Dating Apps -Cryptocurrency

    Real-Time, streaming Big Data analytics and integration

    Tealium EventStream is a lightweight data collection and delivery solution ideal for mobile, IoT and connected devices— or desktop and web when efficiency is critical.

    TIBCO Spotfire
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    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    TIBCO Spotfire® is Analytics Accelerated, a self-service data visualization platform that speeds individual time to insight and analytics adoptions across the organization. Spotfire helps users quickly and easily generate insights with three new ways to support their analytical preferences: NLQ powered search, AI-driven recommendations, and direct manipulation - all wrapped in a streamlined, beautiful interface. Users can add context with native streaming for integrated analyses of real-time and historical data, best-in-class geoanalytics, and one-click predictive analytics to go beyond basic visualizations and understand the factors driving trends and what will happen next. TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® provides the same business intelligence tools as Spotfire Desktop, with the addition of web authoring. Because it is software-as-a-service, it requires no installation. Spotfire is deployed in companies in financial services, energy, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, government, travel & logistics, healthcare, life sciences and more. _______________________________________________________________________ Albeit ubiquitous, data is one of the most strategic, untapped assets available to businesses today and has the potential to enable informed decision-making, drive innovation, reduce risk, uncover new revenue streams, and grow profitability. Analytics is the key to unlocking your data’s intrinsic value. Today, knowledge workers from all lines of business are under immense pressure to harness that value. Yet creating a responsive, data-driven culture is a considerable challenge for companies of all sizes. Legacy business intelligence solutions rely on historical, stale data forcing knowledge workers to make decisions based on hunches, host their own data silos, or “bring their own” unsupported analytic solutions. These stop-gaps lead to increased risk, missed opportunities, compromised data governance, and security concerns. So how do you enable a responsive, scalable, data-driven organization, without compromising corporate standards? Meet Spotfire. Designed to address a broad range of use cases and skill sets, TIBCO Spotfire satisfies everyone from the individual user to the data scientist by providing the most complete set of analytics unified on a single, scalable centrally-governed platform. Learn more about Spotfire’s analytic capabilities today.

    Log Service (or "Log" for short) is an all-in-one service for log-type data. It helps increase Operations & Management and operational efficiency, as well as build the processing capability to deal with massive logs.

    Analyze and act on high-volume business operations and customer interactions in real-time. Correlate, aggregate and detect patterns across fast-moving data, so you can take the right action at the right time. Read more

    Azure IoT Central brings the Internet of your things to life by connecting your devices, analyzing previously- untapped data, and integrate business systems and transforming your company when you uncover new business models and revenue streams.

    A Single scalable platform to help you collect, analyze & generate actionable insights for your data.

    Corlysis is a platform for storing and visualizing time-series data.

    DataStream brings near real-time middle-mile visibility through customized data logs and aggregated metrics on CDN health, latency, offload, errors, and events. It provides raw logs as well as aggregated metrics through push and pull APIs, for agile and reliable CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous development) DevOps practices for your CDN configurations and digital applications.

    Give traders, quants, and compliance officers the tools to build and deploy their own monitoring and analysis systems without writing a single line of code.

    Eventador ESP simply and quickly paves the way for using distributed log technologies as your enterprise data bus to deliver a secure, unified platform for managing critical streaming data processors. Whether you already have an Apache Kafka deployment or are looking to get started, Eventador’s ESP provides the fully managed Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, connectors, endpoints, observability, and features needed to democratize data throughout the enterprise. By enabling these with the simple push of a button, users aren’t forced into specific streaming configurations. Instead, they build, deploy and update an internal, self-service platform that directly fits their needs. The 24x7x365 expert support means not worrying about massive man hours to update, optimize or troubleshoot your stream processing platform—we work directly with you to ensure that everything is operating smoothly at all times.

    DataDirect Cloud is our powerful hosted connectivity service that provides a single point of universal connectivity for all your data whether in the cloud or on-premises behind a firewall. Connect through a single standard interface—SQL(ODBC, JDBC) or REST(OData).

    relayr Analytics is tailored for industrial use cases. It uses AI to deliver actionable insights where traditional anomaly detection software falls short. It also enables predictive maintenance. is a sensor monitoring and time series analytics platform.

    Sentiance creates user behavior profiles by analyzing sensor data & helps companies deliver personalized context-aware customer engagement

    StreamAnalytix is an enterprise grade, visual, big data analytics platform for unified streaming and batch data processing based on best-of-breed open source technologies. It supports the end-to-end functionality of data ingestion, enrichment, machine learning, action triggers, and visualization. StreamAnalytix offers an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface to build and operationalize big data applications five to ten times faster, across industries, data formats, and use cases.

    Stream API is an open source solution for building scalable newsfeeds. Stream allows you to write backups to an S3 bucket of your choosing which gives you the freedom to move to an in-house solution when you want to. provides a proxy-as-a-service that turns any request-response REST APIs into an event-driven streaming API.

    Designed for data scientists, analysts, and engineers, Talend Data Streams is a free application that makes streaming data integration faster, easier, and more accessible.

    Talend Real-Time Big Data integration generates native code that can be deployed on-premises, in your cloud, or in the Talend-managed cloud, so you can start working with Apache Spark, Spark MLlib, and Spark Streaming today.

    In the emerging digital world, billions of people, systems, and devices will interact in real-time, suggesting new and disruptive competitive advantages. How do you play there? By building distributed, stateful, rule-based event-processing systems, experimenting, learning, and quickly evolving.

    It is the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now more than ever you need to identify opportunities and threats in data generated by billions of devices, systems, and people. TIBCO Cloud, Events is a cloud-native solution for improving business outcomes by detecting key events and moving automated decision-making closer to the edge.

    For results and alerts that enable action in milliseconds, TIBCO Live Datamart performs continuous queries and computations against high-speed streaming data and events. Because you're continually up-to-date on changes, your real-time operations and analytics can leap to the next level.

    TIBCO StreamBase is an industry-leading event processing platform for applying mathematical and relational processing to real-time data streams. It enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy event-driven applications for the automated Fast Data process at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.

    TrueSight Intelligence is a key component of digital enterprise management, providing advanced analytics and machine learning to IT data collected from BMC and third party solutions, in real time.

    Watchwith is an in-program advertising platform for TV networks to monetize programming beyond traditional 30 second commercial breaks.

    WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source, cloud native and lightweight stream processing platform that understands streaming SQL queries in order to capture, analyze, process and act on events in real time. This facilitates real-time streaming analytics and streaming data integration. With the product's powerful streaming SQL, simple deployment, and ability to adapt to changes rapidly, enterprises can go to market faster and achieve greater ROI. Unlike other offerings, it provides a simple two-node deployment for high availability and scales beyond with its distributed deployment to cater to extremely high workloads.