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Cloud directory services software is a modern implementation of identity management and directory solutions delivered through the cloud. These products help companies store information about individual identities and manage their lifecycles. Companies use these tools as they transition away from on-premise or locally operating identity management software. Part of the toolbox for IAM admins and other user access admins, they can be used to build identity systems from scratch or extend existing LDAP services to the cloud. Cloud directory services solutions provide many simple integrations to help expedite identity management operations across different networks and applications.

There is some overlap between cloud directory services and other traditional identity management software in their functionality. But cloud directory services solutions are differentiated by their managed service delivery model and scalability.

To qualify for inclusion in the Cloud Directory Services category, a product must:

  • Facilitate identity lifecycle management
  • Provide functionality for user provisioning and governance
  • Support migration of LDAP services
  • Provide a cloud-based directory service
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    Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that provides a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups and help secure access to applications including Microsoft online services like Office 365 and a world of non-Microsoft SaaS applications.

    Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows people to access applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security policies. It integrates directly with an organization’s existing directories and identity systems, as well as 4,000+ applications. Because Okta runs on an integrated platform, organizations can implement the service quickly at large scale and low total cost. Thousands of cust

    JumpCloud's Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) is the single point of authority to authenticate, authorize, and manage the identities of a business’s employees and the systems and IT resources they need access to. DaaS securely connects employees with systems, applications, and other resources through a single unified cloud-based directory, replacing the need for on premise solutions such as Active Directory® and LDAP. JumpCloud supports all major OS platforms and is designed to control and manage u

    Azure Active Directory for Developers is a cloud identity service that allows developers to securely sign-in any user with a work or school account backed by Microsoft.

    Oracle Identity Management enables organizations to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources, both within and beyond the firewall and into the cloud. The Oracle Identity Management platform delivers scalable solutions for identity governance, access management and directory services.

    AWS Directory Service is a service that setup and run Microsoft Active Directory (AD) in the AWS cloud, or connect AWS resources with an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory and can use it to manage users and groups, provide single sign-on to applications and services, create and apply group policy, domain join Amazon EC2 instances, as well as simplify the deployment and management of cloud-based Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads.

    OneLogin simplifies identity management with secure, one-click access, for employees, customers and partners, through all device types, to all enterprise cloud and on-premises applications. OneLogin enables IT identity policy enforcement, and instantly disables app access for employees who leave or change roles in real time by removing them from Active Directory. Take control over application access, quickly on- and off-board team members, and provide end users with easy access to all their apps

    Amazon Cloud Directory is a managed cloud-native directory service, designed to enable users to build flexible cloud-native directories for organizing hierarchies of data along multiple dimensions.

    The Apache Directory Project provides directory solutions entirely written in Java. These include a directory server, which has been certified as LDAP v3 compliant by the Open Group (ApacheDS), and Eclipse-based directory tools (Apache Directory Studio).

    Red Hat Directory Server is an operating system-independent, network-based registry that lets administrators centrally store user identity and application information.

    ForgeRock provides an identity platform to helps global brands, enterprises and government entities build secure, customer-facing relationships across any app, device or thing, user can use online identities to grow revenue, extend reach and launch new business models, and the company.

    CA Directory is a battle-tested directory server that provides the scalability and reliability needed to support the most demanding applications with minimal infrastructure and personnel resources. The solution’s innovative design enables ultra-high-speed performance as well as transparent load balancing, true multi-master replication and state-based recovery.

    Cloudstar is a leading Microsoft consulting firm with deep expertise in Active Directory. By allowing our Active Directory consultants to implement, fully utilize and maximize the capabilities within Windows Servers, your IT environment will realize improved security, easily manageable user accounts and groups, and increased operational efficiencies.

    IAM Cloud is an identity management and migrations cloud platform that centralises the control, security and implementation of IT within an organisation it has a intelligent identity management, enterprise single sign-on, automated Microsoft licensing, multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, cloud drive mapping, email and Active Directory migrations, full identity integration with MIS like WorkDay and Capita SIMS, session timeout control, enterprise communications, Alumni servi

    Compact launchpad design is based on smartphones. It is intuitive and provides a uniform user experience across various devices.

    NetIQ eDirectory™ is a full-service, secure LDAP directory providing incredible scalability and an agile platform to run your organization's identity infrastructure and multi-platform network services.

    Pointivity® is one of the original end-to-end managed service providers in San Diego for private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.

    Secret Double Octopus is pioneering high-assurance authentication to enable the password-free workplace. Its authentication solutions are built on provably unbreakable cryptography that is highly resistant to common attacks such as phishing, MITM and cracking.

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