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Work instructions software, also called visual work instructions or digital work instructions software, allows users to create and dispense step-by-step instructions for business procedures. While tools like knowledge management software can offer a knowledge base for bullet point facts or information, work instructions solutions enable users to create itemized guides for distinct processes complete with tips, pictures, and even videos.

User guides are universally helpful, but industries that require hands-on, mechanical tasks find even more value in dedicated work instructions platforms. Industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and field service are just a few that benefit the most from visual work instructions; some work instructions providers even offer industry-specific add-ons or solutions that include features that accommodate the needs of their use cases.

Work instructions solutions come bundled with integrations that allow them to be comprehensive knowledge management tools. They can integrate with other knowledge management systems and content management systems so guides can pull relevant information, like documents or pictures, from other repositories if necessary.

To qualify for inclusion in the Work Instructions category, a product must:

  • Create step-by-step user guides and instructions for business-related processes
  • Support version control for user guides
  • Store guides in cloud storage and/or local servers
  • Collect employee feedback concerning guides and procedures
  • Provide multimedia support
  • Be available on desktop and mobile devices
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    StepShot is an efficient desktop software allowing you to automatically create clear and accurate step-by-step documentation, how-to guides, training materials, and publish them in the convenient format (PDF, Word, HTML, etc.) right to your knowledge base (Confluence, Sharepoint, Wordpress, etc.)

    Dozuki is cloud-based documentation software to create and distribute visual work instructions, training documents, and technical writing resources. With templates, photos, videos and text annotations, authoring documentation has never been easier. Dozuki is bringing documentation into the 21st century.

    The REWO platform is the most intuitive knowledge digitalization platform that reduces the time and effort required to create highly engaging visual instructions to seamlessly transfer knowledge in industrial companies. The platform has 3 modules: 1. REWO Virtual - immersive training & worker onboarding 2. REWO Guides - step-by-step visual work instructions 3. REWO Remote - visual remote assistance & inspections

    Create quick and easy electronic instructions with images, videos, and more!

    The ECS Electronic Work Instructions module provides manufacturing information and instructions, which are automatically displayed to the right user through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The module supports certification, procedures, drawings, safety instructions, shift notes and any other type of electronic documents and helps eliminating paper driven production process and time of redundant data entries. Thanks to instant messaging support the module enables delivery of the most important information to the shopfloor in the shortest time.

    AssemblyX Pro is easy to learn and use, where production engineering and quality can quickly and easily author shop floor processes and procedures without the issues of formatting, cut & paste and file bloating. Production engineers can pull together all the relevant objects such as high resolution images & video, bills of materials, visual actions, health & safety for PPE, COSHH and risk assessment, tooling and supporting reference documents such as 2D & 3D CAD.

    The Dokit SaaS platform enables you to create, share and improve step-by-step instructions, user guides and product manuals that fit any screen and device. It only takes a few clicks to create your guides and instructions with our intuitive editing features and predefined templates. Dokit makes it easy to organise and control content: categorisation, tagging, metadata, and workflow validation. Once your guide is complete, it's available on all devices: PCs, smartphones, tablet, and any device that supports PDFs. With Dokit's collaborative features, collect feedback from your users, answer their questions and continuously improve your content.

    Aims to give you a simple system to create, distribute, and update digital work instructions, to help provide your inspectors with simple-to-follow directions.

    Work Instructions are ISO compliant interactive multi-media, providing your company with step by step directions. All Customized Work Instructions are documented to precise process specifications by the Finish Genius Team. Advanced process education will eliminate tribal knowledge. On demand internalized training programs decreases turn-over and cost of training.

    GDOC allows assembly instructions and multimedia content to be assigned to assemblies either at the component level or at the assembly level. Multimedia content including text, pictures, video, documents and links GDOC includes a graphical editor for engineers and a viewer for operations with work instructions centrally stored in the Optel database.

    Plans, records, manages, views and completes any Work Instruction in a consistent and efficient way with a web browser and mobile device.

    Job Element Monitor (JEM) is an easy-to-use, software solution to configure digital work instructions, enforce process control and error proof operations. Utilize for assembly operations, repair stations, equipment maintenance & sterilization, or anywhere process control is critical. Easily connect to machines, tooling and devices while collecting 100% time studies, process data and images down to the task level for extensive review and Andon reporting needs. Increase quality and throughput on the plant floor.

    MasterControl provides Document Control Systems allowing companies to thrive in regulatory environments.

    Onsight Flow helps you transform your paper-based processes into digital work instructions for enterprise-grade wearables, smartphones, or tablets. Your teams can rely on step-by-step instructions or digital forms that include access to relevant content, simplified data capture, and digital sign off procedures.

    Poka is a knowledge management application built for manufacturers. The platform is set up as a digital twin your operations at the plant, production line, workstation and equipment level. QR codes throughout the factory link back to a standardized knowledge base of guides, procedures, and settings. Workers then use Poka to quickly troubleshoot problems, complete training, share important updates and even send out calls for help in the event of an unplanned downtime.

    Proceedix is a Software as a Service-based central platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections in an easy way, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile.

    Visual Work Instructions provide your users with step-by-step instructions for completing inspections. With PSI you can input information about the inspection, upload pictures, videos, pdfs, and other supporting documents to give your employees the knowledge they need to get the job done right. This allows you to keep all of your instructions organized and accessible, so that the entire team is always on the same page about how a process should be completed. You can update this information simply and instantly, helping to mitigate confusion about whether your team has a current version of the instructions.

    Tools for teams to launch complex products to the factory floor

    Sequence Enterprise software is an online shop-floor work-instruction solution that offers full business integration with a company's ERP / PLM solution and deployment of work instructions in a real-time, interactive, paperless model with integration to work orders and other shop floor systems for tracking and tracing.

    It should be effortless to create and use intelligent, effective instructions. Continuously improve the way you work with the new industry standard for instruction software.

    Plant Simulation is a plant, line and process simulation and optimization software. is a SaaS for creating online user manuals and other technical documentation.

    Guide operators through their daily tasks with easy-to-follow paperless instructions so they stay productive, engaged, and accurate.

    VisualFactory is designed, implemented and maintained by a team of lean manufacturing experts at NoMuda a company steeped in the Toyota Production Systems/Lean approach and with 25 years of manufacturing experience.

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