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Microlearning platforms are corporate learning solutions employed by HR and learning and development (L&D) departments. These training solutions provide employees with short bursts of focused educational content that fit into a daily workflow and are accessible on any device. Companies can create their own content or access a pre-existing learning content library that includes a mix of video, flashcards, and performance support resources, to name a few.

Microlearning platforms should not be confused with corporate LMS software or learning experience platform (LEP) software. LEPs and microlearning platforms vary in the problems they help businesses solve solve and their target audiences. LEPs often provide employees with employee-driven, computer- or desk-based educational content. Microlearning platforms, on the other hand, fit into the workflow for desk-based or deskless employees to help improve specific role-based knowledge. Meanwhile, corporate LMS focus on administering, managing, and reporting on corporate training often for compliance purposes. Microlearning platforms integrate with corporate LMS software to help companies enhance the learning experience by incorporating microlearning into the platform.

To qualify for inclusion in the Microlearning Platforms category, a product must:

  • Provide corporate learning solutions that fit into the work day and are accessible on any device, including mobile, point of sale, tablets, or computers
  • Offer content options that include tools for content creation or a pre-existing content library
  • Provide a variety of microlearning content formats such as video, interactive modules, articles, job aids, blog posts, flash cards, gamified activities, practice exercises, and questions
  • Track employees’ performance data so businesses can audit, adjust, and improve training efforts
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    Qstream is the only scientifically proven microlearning platform that quantifiably improves employee behavior. Short, purpose-built challenges and video scenarios reinforce critical information and identify knowledge or skill gaps so managers know who, what and when to coach. Knowledge-intensive industries like life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and technology, and many other organizations operating in highly regulated markets trust Qstream to deliver an engaging, easy-to-use precision learning experience to help companies build high performing teams who innovate and excel. Today Qstream is used by 14 of the top 15 global life sciences companies, as well as leaders in technology, healthcare and financial services.

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    You need your employees to remember to do the things that matter most to your business every day. Axonify has the secret sauce to make those critical behaviors stick. Our platform serves your people focused, bite-sized bursts of information in the way humans learn best, continually adapting to fill their individual knowledge gaps. It weaves in user motivation tools to keep bringing them back. And it’s smart enough to help you clearly see ROI. All of this comes wrapped in an experience that fits right into the workflow—for just 3-5 minutes a day. We call it microlearning, but our customers call it a game changer.

    Grovo is an all-in-one microlearning solution that combines smart, intuitive technology with a world-class microlearning library. We make it easy for organizations of any size to create and deliver actionable, engaging, and relevant learning experiences, right when employees need them. Established in 2010, Grovo helps hundreds of forward-thinking organizations like PepsiCo, InterContinental Hotels Group, Magellan Health, and the National Basketball Association give their employees the skills to perform their best. Headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco, Grovo is backed by some of the world’s leading investors, including Accel Partners and Costanoa Ventures

    EdApp is a microlearning based learning management system (LMS) with an integrated authoring tool, delivery app, rewards & analytics - all designed for today's digital habits on mobile and web. With features such as spaced repetition, gamification and push notifications, we make learning fun and engaging, which in turn helps improve retention and embed knowledge. We care about enabling our clients deliver simpler & smarter workplace learning. This is why we are trusted by many large industry leaders to deliver better learning outcomes. EdApp processes around 30,000 lessons each day to large, multinational enterprises with employees spread across over 30 countries, and has the ability to automatically translate content into over 105 languages.

    Oplift is a digital operations platform for non-desk workers that reduces costs and improves employee performance; through knowledge, compliance and culture. Do MORE for less. It helps you oversee and improve the performance of your entire business. This is achieved by giving you insight, helping you uncover weaknesses and actively working to resolve them through knowledge, compliance and culture. Knowledge - Grow a culture of confidence with a team who are in the know all the time. With notifications, news, comms, microlearning and gamification. Compliance - Get a 100% compliant team, Oplift lets your staff consistently capture data to give you insight into your business to make smarter decisions. Perfect for store audits, staff 1-on-1s, vehicle inspections or daily checklists. Culture - Create a winning culture with a happy and motivated team through 360 feedback, achievements, trophies and quick and easy performance reviews. Get insights across your WHOLE business Everything in Oplift compliments one another rather than working in silos so you get an ENTIRE view of your business, allowing you to see good and bad performance meaning you can act accordingly. Transform your business into an intelligent hub that knows who needs what, when and where. This ensures you run your business rather than your business running you! • 'Best use of technology' and highly recommended for 'best use of training' in employee engagement at the 2017 Engage Awards. • 'Best customer service programme'​ at the 2017 TJ Awards. • 'Overall Winners'​ & 'Technology Project of the Year'​ for the Retail Systems 2016 Awards. • 'App Design Winners'​ for the Design 100 2015 Awards. Customers have achieved results - A 10% boost in customer satisfaction/NPS scores - An 8% boost in employee product knowledge - A 100% compliant team - A 2.2% increase in sales month over month - 99% monthly usage across the ​entire workforce - Reduced the time to do audits and checklists by 80% - 65% of staff play our eLearning​ game in their own time

    LEADx Coach Amanda combines behavioral science, artificial intelligence and expert content to dramatically improve leadership behaviors, employee engagement and productivity.

    Nudge Rewards is a mobile solution that helps frontline teams do great work, everyday. Built on a foundation of behavioral theory and social mechanics, Nudge provides the tools you need to drive action on the frontline and gain real-time insight into your operations. Keep employees engaged and focused on targeted outcomes with bite-sized “Nudges” that reinforce positive behaviours and address performance gaps. Guide decision-making by sourcing feedback, ideas, and best-practices from your frontline and accessing insights that highlight opportunities for improvement. With Nudge, you can maximize the potential of your teams and empower every employee with the information, resources, and incentives they need to succeed.

    HandyTrain is a SaaS based Mobile Training Platform. It’s core offering is a platform that helps organisations to quickly deploy, manage and monitor training content as well as train, assess and evaluate their distributed workforce.

    TalentCards is a microlearning solution that lets you deliver fast and efficient learning on the go. You build content and manage users through an intuitive web interface while learners engage with their training through native iOS and Android mobile apps. Content is distributed through sleek learning cards. You can fill them with bite-sized information using text, image, video, audio, and links. Combine cards into sets to produce topic-specific training. You can activate gamification to promote healthy competition among learners and boost engagement. It also supports simple assessments like multiple choice tests to check knowledge acquisition. TalentCards is ideal for training on safety procedures, compliance, new product knowledge or any other type of training situation that involves bite-sized information.

    Microlearning. Now Unforgettable.

    BrainStorm QuickHelp™ combines content expertise with an intelligent platform—all designed to transform the way users work with technology. Our highly personalized approach to change management gets users and their technology on the same team, preventing frustration, alleviating IT workloads, and helping organizations reach their goals.

    ¿Crees que B-Talent puede ayudar a tus clientes?

    We're rethinking corporate training and communication so that it reflects how we work, where wework and how we consume information. Our vision is to make learning easy and accessible fortoday's workforce.

    ExpandShare is a cloud-based learning management system designed to help businesses and organizations elevate their entire employment lifecycle from onboarding through continual training.

    Fivel Systems innovates the user learning experience by combining​ ​Social Behaviour, Brain Science and Intrinsic Motivation in a unique and effective way. We provide measurable ​business ​outcomes​ that quickens the user's adoption - all at a lower cost than a subscription-based solution​.

    Gnowbe is the engaging yet scalable micro-learning solution to onboard, train and update staff through the smartphone.

    Learner Mobile is a mobile solution designed for forward-thinking people developers.

    We are the industry-leading microlearning solution used to increase the engagement, retention, and effectiveness of learning. Our gamification platform takes your training content and delivers it using micro game-based activities. Bridge the gap between traditional training programs and on-the-job performance. With mLevel, users will be able to revisit information whenever they need and can play the training games as many times as they'd like. They'll get instant feedback on their efforts to learn from their mistakes. Plus, our analytics engine shows real-time data on knowledge gains and gaps.

    Nextpond is a virtual instructor for your team to follow, anywhere and anytime.

    OttoLearn® is your solution for learner engagement, mastery & retention, and rapid content distribution! Improve your KPIs and automate your training by delivering personalized, 2-minute Mastery Moments daily, that will first raise your learners' knowledge and then ensure long-term retention. And best of all, with OttoLearn's Content Studio, you'll be able to create your training content quickly and deploy the new/updated content automatically.

    Mobile-first gamified microlearning platform for communicating, training and engaging a large distributed workforce.

    Don't Deliver Training. Deliver Better Outcomes! q.MINDshare is an adaptive MicroLearning tool specifically designed to disrupt the forgetting curve that follows employee training. That means more employees confidently applying training faster, leading to better and faster performance outcomes. q.MINDshare is cloud-based with app support for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Citrix. count5® was named by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) as one of Georgia's most innovative software companies.

    ShotClasses brings a new approach to learning for the workforce that will supercharge your enterprise learning. It is a platform for continual on-the-job training of all employees, partners and customers, hence complements your existing learning systems that are aligned to providing long running periodic trainings.

    Production and distribution of micro-learning content, having deployed learning to 120 countries across the globe, serving more than 1 million learners in a range of languages.

    Create micro-learning that engages and energizes your teams, customers or consumers with your key training content social, peer-to-peer and fast.

    SpeachMe is a video knowledge transfer and collaboration solution for large globally dispersed enterprises. With SpeachMe, organizations can improve productivity, lower training costs and reduce downtime by enabling workers to create, view and share interactive how-to presentations anywhere and on any device. The Speach is the ideal format for quickly sharing brief video tutorials and digitizing knowledge sharing in any environment. Structured in chapters, Speaches are a maximum of 10 minutes and feature video from a smartphone, tablet or webcam. Speaches combine slides, screen recordings and can be enriched with annotations and quizzes to enhance technical training, new product demonstrations, IT tutorials or internal communications. Speaches can be accessed through a secure and searchable portal or by scanning a QR code in the field. SpeachMe content can also be viewed in a LMS, SharePoint, Slack or any enterprise platform already in place.

    We have designed captivating learning experiences for the most challenging audiences, including elite sales teams, orthopaedic trauma surgeons, and senior executives whose primary concern is their bottom line.

    Verb is an online leadership development platform that delivers whole person development via experiential learning. Our content framework combines traditional business skills with modern topics, like Self-Awareness, Servant Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Empathy and Growth Mindset. Our experiential learning platform integrates microlearning, peer learning, mentorship, feedback, and assessments.