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Mentoring software, also known as corporate mentoring software, provides companies and HR departments with solutions that streamline and manage business mentoring programs. These tools provide administrators and employees alike with tools for facilitating mentorship programs and connecting mentors to mentees. All industries can benefit from these solutions, including corporations, universities, government, and the tech sector, to name a few. Mentoring software helps users design, recruit, match, manage, and measure mentoring initiatives. They typically provide solutions for all kinds of mentoring programs, including one-on-one, coach-driven, or group-based, and often integrate with an organization’s corporate LMS. Mentoring software streamlines employee connections that expand knowledge, increase engagement, and promote inclusion. Some companies use mentoring software to transfer their existing mentoring program into a digital system, while others employ it to help them define or create a mentoring program.

To qualify for inclusion in the Mentoring category, a product must:

  • Streamline mentoring program management
  • Centralize organizations’ mentor program development
  • Provide features such as recruitment, enrollment, and mentor matching
  • Include tools that collect performance metrics

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Results: 41
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    Award-winning employee mentoring software that inspires employee engagement, retention and delivers mentoring ROI. #CustomerLove. Customers LOVE MentorcliQ but, don't take our word for it you can hear it from them in our reviews and in our customer testimonial videos.

    Chronus is the leader in mentoring software. Our configurable platform is powering hundreds of successful mentoring programs for some of the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and professional associations. With unique MatchIQ™ technology, a guided experience for participants, and the most configurable platform in the industry, Chronus enables mentoring programs to efficiently scale and drive more strategic value for organizations worldwide.

    The innovative Everwise Learning Experience platform helps Fortune 1000 customers run more effective L&D programs at enterprise scale, in turn improving talent performance, culture, and retention. Our unique mix of facilitation, content, feedback, and optional AI-powered mentor matching helps organizations support group learning for managers, Women in Leadership program participants, high potentials, and more.

    The next generation of mentoring software. Mentoring made simple and scalable with an enterprise cloud-based solution.

    Mentor specialize in building custom applications designed to help improve personal performance, training, and teaching.

    Optimized for quick response

    Oracle Work Life Solutions Cloud improves productivity and employee engagement by helping employees align their work and personal lives.

    Automate management work with smart tools, focus on mentoring program effectiveness

    A new app that changes the way coaching, mentoring and management happen. We aim to connect people to educate, motivate and inspire others wherever they are.

    Birdly is an expense management and expense report solution for SMBs.

    candena's multi-award winning collaborative learning concept is engineered to nurture human interaction by providing online learning experiences grounded on the pillars of peer-to-peer learning, team work, a problem based approach and mentoring.

    A powerful tool to support and engage clients between sessions

    Everything in one secure space, available anywhere

    We have been coached and have friends that coach.

    Your first client engagement is on us for 30 days

    CoachOrbit provides the feature as single window snapshot of the various aspects of current engagement and at the same time a command centre to manage various modules for Coach and their clients.

    To give everyone the advice and insight they need to create a world that works better together.

    MentorCity offers comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost effective online mentoring software for companies, schools and associations for their member engagement, succession planning, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion strategies. The MentorCity platform saves organizations time and money by minimizing matching responsibilities, allowing program administrator(s) to focus their efforts on building a mentoring culture that achieves exceptional business results.

    MentorCloud is a social learning solution for enterprises to help their employees discover, connect and learn from experts inside their own organization.

    We've been helping organizations implement successful corporate mentoring programs for over 25 years. Decades of experience; innovative e-mentoring software.

    Designed to engage your employees around their career journey at your organization, and strengthen the connection you already have with them

    Mentorink provides an online mentoring platform that enables organizations to start and run smart mentoring activities at scale in a very effective and efficient way.

    MentorLead's fully customizable, cloud-based solution facilitates strategic, meaningful, purposeful involvement and engagement -- and puts measured results at your fingertips.

    Mentorloop is a cloud-based mentoring software platform which enables organisations to match their people into effective mentorships at any scale - saving program coordinators time and improving people outcomes.

    Trusted by business and institutions from all over the world, MentorPitch is the easy and structured way to manage mentoring. MentorPitch is all your mentoring communications and collaborations in one place.

    Mentor Scout is an online mentoring technology that allows you to manage your mentoring programs with tools and reports to keep you on track and organized.

    A digital ecosystem designed for employees to connect across geographies to share wisdom, knowledge and hard won experiences.

    Creating an organic learning environment and making mentoring accessible to all.

    MicroMentor offers organizations and corporations access to a branded customizable online mentoring program. Our cutting edge and thoughtful mentoring technology is coupled with personalized project management, consulting, and support to create a successful mentoring solution.

    ProCareerMentor is an on-demand software as a service (SaaS) solution designed specifically to empower individuals in career transition. Delivered via the Internet and available 24/7/365, ProCareerMentor provides all the functionality needed to facilitate a successful career transition solution.

    Launch, manage, measure, and scale your mentoring programs

    Intrafinity's software services and products enable organizations to get the most value out of their digital content by effectively managing their websites, documents, collaboration, and on-line learning.

    Ten Thousand Coffees helps employees build the internal networks they need to succeed.

    Together makes it simple for companies of all sizes to implement a best-practice workplace mentorship program for their employees. Together is particularly focused on providing an exceptional mentorship experience for employees of professional service and corporate firms. Through deep email and calendar integration Together is able to provide a seamless end-user experience. In particular, the mentorship workflow occurs natively through the employees existing email and calendar clients, removing the need for them to access a dedicated portal.

    Our online platform facilitates and guides high-impact connections, removing obstacles for users and giving program managers the data they need. We focus on five specific hurdles to a successful program: -Mentor and Protege Training. No powerpoints or high costs. Just short videos you can watch any time. -Easy Matching. Just clicking, no typing required. -Higher Engagement. Via deep integration wth email. -Goal Setting. Give the relationship a framework. -Admin visibility. All the data you need.

    Verb is an online leadership development platform that delivers whole person development via experiential learning. Our content framework combines traditional business skills with modern topics, like Self-Awareness, Servant Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Empathy and Growth Mindset. Our experiential learning platform integrates microlearning, peer learning, mentorship, feedback, and assessments.

    Technology-enabled mentoring program. Algorithms match mentees with mentors, reducing bias and accelerating development.

    Wisdom Shares unique combination of hands-on mentoring expertise and proprietary mentoring and matching software makes it easier to manage and measure a high impact mentoring program.

    A high-tech solution for facilitating high-touch mentoring. Features include user-initiated search and matching, intelligent matching, interaction logs, dynamic messaging, comprehensive reporting, configurable authentication and registration workflows, event management, survey tools, and highly flexible user settings.