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Best Inbound Call Tracking Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

    Products classified in the overall Inbound Call Tracking category are similar in many regards and help companies of all sizes solve their business problems. However, medium-sized business features, pricing, setup, and installation differ from businesses of other sizes, which is why we match buyers to the right Medium-Sized Business Inbound Call Tracking to fit their needs. Compare product ratings based on reviews from enterprise users or connect with one of G2's buying advisors to find the right solutions within the Medium-Sized Business Inbound Call Tracking category.

    In addition to qualifying for inclusion in the Inbound Call Tracking Software category, to qualify for inclusion in the Medium-Sized Business Inbound Call Tracking Software category, a product must have at least 10 reviews left by a reviewer from a medium-sized business.

    Top 10 Inbound Call Tracking Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

    • CallRail
    • Invoca
    • RingDNA
    • CallTrackingMetrics
    • DialogTech
    • Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia)
    • Ringostat
    • Truly
    • Infinity Call Tracking
    • ResponseTap

    Compare Medium-Sized Business Inbound Call Tracking Software

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    (695)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Entry Level Price:$45 monthly fee

    CallRail is here to bring complete visibility to the marketers who rely on quality inbound leads to boost success and sustain growth. Our customers live in a results-driven world, and giving them a clear view into their digital marketing efforts is a first priority for CallRail. Often overlooked by other marketing tools or analytics platforms, we see the opportunities in surfacing and connecting data from calls, forms, chat and beyond—helping our customers achieve better outcomes. CallRail’s

    (413)4.5 out of 5

    Invoca’s Active Conversation Intelligence platform enables marketing, sales, customer experience, and eCommerce teams to understand and immediately act on the information consumers share via conversations. Through deep integrations with leading technology platforms, revenue teams can turn conversation data into automated action to enhance every digital touchpoint and human interaction, leading to better experiences, more conversions, and higher revenue. Invoca is trusted by top brands like Dish

    (196)4.5 out of 5

    ringDNA is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses scale revenue growth through AI. The leading choice for Salesforce customers, ringDNA offers a complete solution for sales engagement, sales playbook execution, performance insight, conversation intelligence and much more. Backed by Goldman Sachs, Bryant Stibel and Palisades Growth Capital, ringDNA was named one of the "Best Places to Work" by BuiltinLA and Comparably, as featured in USA Today, and "One of The Best Privately Owned Comp

    (562)4.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Entry Level Price:$39 /month

    CallTrackingMetrics is the only digital platform that uses call tracking intelligence to inform contact center automation—resulting in a more personalized customer experience. Discover which marketing campaigns are generating leads and conversions, and use that data to automate call flows and power your contact center. Unify communications across your entire organization with our phone, text, online form, and chat tools. More than 100,000 users around the globe trust CallTrackingMetrics to manag

    (380)4.3 out of 5

    DialogTech provides the leading AI-driven conversation intelligence platform for marketers at businesses that value inbound phone calls. When consumers call, DialogTech turns those conversations into actionable insights businesses use to improve marketing ROI, increase sales conversions, and deliver more personalized customer experiences, both online and over the phone. Recognized as the leader and pioneer in call analytics since 2007, DialogTech is the trusted conversation intelligence platform

    Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce is #1 for Salesforce AppExchange user reviews, with a 4.9/5 Salesforce AppExchange rating. The solution delivers unmatched Salesforce integration into routing, reporting, and the user experience for Service Cloud and Sales Cloud users. Voice and Salesforce digital channels are seamlessly blended to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels while reducing administrative complexity. Service excellence is delivered through all stages of pre-sa

    Ringostat is a platform of call tracking, telephony, and end-to-end analytics. Ringostat helps optimize marketing, considering ROI, build effective communication with customers, and boost sales. It is the only service of its kind in Eastern Europe to be an official Google Analytics technology partner. The platform includes seven products: call tracking, end-to-end analytics, virtual PBX, a callback widget, Ringostat Smart Phone, Insider, and Messenger. These products each represent one of thre

    (102)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    Unleash the Power of Professional Conversations. Truly is the all-in-one enterprise voice platform bringing rep productivity, global telephony, and realtime conversation intelligence together with one tool. Organizations use Truly to clean up their voice stack. Get more conversations and cleaner data for your team while saving on cost. As the only inbound and outbound voice solution, Sales and IT leaders alike love using Truly. Truly works everywhere, captures all your call data, and maximiz

    (47)4.8 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:£99 per month

    Discover what happened before, during, and after every call, and take real actions to improve marketing and operational efficiencies. Infinity is a world class call intelligence service with granular visitor tracking capabilities. Uncover the exact keyword clicked, webpages visited, and campaign that was engaged with before a call was made. Optimise your marketing tactics by eliminating guesswork about what is generating results. To give you ultimate clarity on the customer journey of every c

    (88)4.5 out of 5

    From a conversation between founders Ross Fobian and Richard Hamnett about the disconnect between online and offline customer journeys, within two years the pair had launched their campaign level tracking project. Heralding many industry firsts, including integration into Google Adwords and Google Analytics, by 2010 their visitor level tracking was live, the business had 100 customers and ResponseTap had joined the Telegraph's Tech Start-Up 100 most promising technology start-ups in Europe. Toda

    (165)4.0 out of 5

    For marketers who need to get the most of their budget, Marchex Marketing Edge delivers an innovative, easy-to-use conversational analytics solution that reveals which marketing campaigns and channels are generating inbound calls and texts, what happened in those conversations, and enables data-driven decisions that improve their digital marketing and maximize their return. Marketing Edge provides personal onboarding and integrates with Sales Edge Rescue, which can be added to enable their sales

    (72)5.0 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$0 per month

    Ringba is the industry-leading inbound call tracking and analytics platform for businesses, call centers and professional pay per call marketers. Get more ROI than any other platform with Ringba's real-time call routing, ping tree for calls and industry leading analytics. All without contracts, minimums, or overages. To learn more, give us a call at (800) 824-5000 or connect with our team at

    (31)4.4 out of 5

    CallSource offers advanced call tracking technologies using real human call analysts, not machine-learning, to collect business intelligence about your customers and the effectiveness of your marketing programs, while also helping to improve call handler performance and brand reputation. CallSource is the premier technology-enabled business performance system that optimizes our clients’ revenue, profit, and brand reputation. CallSource pioneered the call tracking industry and has become the le

    Convirza finds ingenious ways to use customer conversations to deliver remarkable business results. To address the growing demand for intelligence from phone interactions, Convirza’s call analytics and automation platforms help sales, marketing, and customer service analyze and act on calls to generate more revenue and improve customer experience. The company recently released a ground-breaking call marketing optimization platform from its headquarters in Silicon Slopes, Utah. For more informa

    (83)4.4 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Entry Level Price:

    CallFire provides easy-to-use, self-service voice marketing solutions to thousands of businesses across the US & Canada. We specialize in helping local businesses grow and retain their revenue with outreach and engagement services such as IVR, Voice Broadcast and Call Tracking. In addition to serving local businesses, CallFire empowers non-profits, religious groups and other organizations to connect more effectively with their audiences. CallFire is headquartered in Santa Monica, Californi

    (78)4.2 out of 5

    Call Box is the leading provider of phone call tracking and comprehensive phone solutions. The company's innovative software empowers more than 46,000 businesses to Own the Phone by understanding what generates their best phone leads and how their people are handling those leads to achieve optimal call outcomes. Call Box leverages a unique combination of human reviewers and artificial intelligence to provide insight into every call to uncover gaps in phone processes and offer proactive solutions

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    High Performers
    Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia)
    Call Box
    Infinity Call Tracking
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    Learn More About Inbound Call Tracking Software

    What is Inbound Call Tracking Software?

    Inbound call tracking software can be used to solve a variety of business problems that are frequently encountered by marketing teams and sales professionals. Inbound call tracking software attributes incoming phone calls to their sources, enabling businesses to track the sources that are generating the most calls. This is helpful for marketing teams, as these systems provide more insight into the success (or lack of success) of specific advertisements and campaigns. Inbound call tracking software can often provide call routing functionality and interactive voice response systems (IVRs), which help qualify leads and provide detailed reporting to managers.

    Key Benefits of Inbound Call Tracking Software

    • Tracks the sources of incoming phone leads
    • Reports the effectiveness of offline advertising campaigns, as well as online campaigns that lead to offline conversions
    • Develops a fuller picture of how customers are discovering your brand and how they communicate with your company
    • Optimizes conversions to build a stronger, more effective marketing strategy

    Why Use Inbound Call Tracking Software?

    There are a number of businesses where inbound call tracking is an unnecessary consideration. Family-owned retail stores, for instance, may not experience the appropriate call volume to warrant such a solution. If you run a business with a considerable number of inbound calls, especially those related to marketing efforts, these software solutions could potentially deepen your understanding of your audience and lead to improvements across your entire organization, including but not limited to an optimized sales approach and more closed deals.

    In their reviews on G2, users reported call tracking accuracy, budgeting, and reporting and forecasting as three of the most significant business problems solved with inbound call tracking software.

    Call tracking accuracy — Accurately tracking the source of calls is critical for many marketing and sales processes. The quality of prospects and leads is determined, based on the information gathered by inbound call tracking software. Because lead quality accuracy is dependent on the quality of the information stored, the benefits of leveraging inbound call tracking software are clear.

    Reviewers repeatedly reported that inbound call tracking software helps accurately represent where calls originate from, helping marketing and sales teams better track leads and conversions. This also includes automated call routing, call recording, and IVR systems, which all help qualify leads and determine value.

    Budgeting — Determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and advertising efforts can help businesses save money and scale. Knowledge about what is working and not working can greatly assist advertising and marketing teams when allocating ad spend and marketing dollars.

    Users see the value of inbound call tracking from a budgetary perspective, because the software can help show how marketing dollars impact potential prospects and leads. With the reporting insights offered by these tools, companies are able to see the full picture of how offline and online campaigns lead to conversions.

    Reporting and forecasting — Many inbound call tracking tools offer dynamic number insertion (DNI) as a way to make tracking more granular and accurate. This process involves automatically inserting an assigned campaign number into, for example, an active online advertisement or anywhere on a website where a phone number appears. This enables companies to see who has visited their site and at what time.

    Reviewers point to features like DNIs as being helpful for reporting on the source of leads and forecasting the effectiveness of future campaigns. This helps marketers and sales reps home in on the prospects that have high values, which can ultimately lead to higher engagement and sales numbers.

    Other Benefits

    Inbound call tracking software attributes incoming phone calls to their sources, allowing businesses to track these sources. This helps marketing teams, providing more insight into the specific advertisements and campaigns that are successful. In turn, this helps with budgeting ad spend, increasing brand awareness, and qualifying leads.

    Some of the other benefits of inbound call tracking software include:

    • Building a more effective marketing strategy
    • Helping improve ROI and reduce cost-per-lead (CPL)
    • Storing leads in CRM software for easy access
    • Ensuring accuracy and enhancing engagement

    Who Uses Inbound Call Tracking Software?

    Call tracking solution providers often specialize in various telecommunication needs and develop other features and capabilities that users find necessary. These features include call routing, call answering pools, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialers, and call recording. Sales and marketing efforts can be greatly aided by such features. After a campaign, such as an inbound marketing campaign, goes live, a tracking platform can help analyze the resulting customer phone calls, provide detailed tracking data, and monitor the campaign lifecycle to determine ultimate conversion rates and effectiveness of different ads and marketing channels. These analyses can go a long way in refining your company’s overall marketing strategy and help you transfer the best leads to sales team members who can then nurture these relationships and increase revenues.

    Contact centers and customer service agents can also leverage these platforms to complement their contact center infrastructure software and extend the capabilities of the company’s inbound call center. In addition to improving call data and streamlining workflows, users can maintain communication with sales or marketing teams with regard to customer opportunities, feedback, and valuable insights gathered from phone calls.

    Inbound Call Tracking Software Features

    Call tracking solution providers specialize in various telecommunication needs and develop features and capabilities that users may find necessary. These include inbound phone call routing, call answering pools, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialers, and call recording. Investigate how a more robust and automated phone interaction system with customers may benefit your company, then determine which vendors offer the features you need. After you’ve determined the benefits and must-haves, you can figure out whether an inbound call tracking solution is worth the investment. The best way to understand an individual platform’s full capabilities is to visit the vendor’s website and reach out or schedule a demo.

    Below are a few major components you may come across and how they may benefit your business.

    Analytics — The real-time reporting offered by these applications turns everyday phone conversations into wells of information that can benefit your marketing efforts. If a potential customer calls your business in response to one of your ads or calls-to-action (CTA), these platforms will tell you much more than the phone numbers of your phone calls. For example, you can discover whether the potential customer saw your ad on social media or on another source. You can gather location data, referral sources and, over time, insights into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and your phone calls from a variety of angles. Each tool in the category provides a different feature set and may put emphasis on certain analytics over others, so do your research when considering an inbound tracking solution in relation to the specific goals or needs of your team.

    Dynamic number insertion (DNI) — Many call tracking vendors offer DNI as a way to make tracking more granular and accurate. DNI enables companies to capture a visitor’s source even after they have gone to your site to research your company. For this level of accuracy, discuss with vendors whether they offer DNI and how your firm will need to implement it.

    Agency packages — Many marketing agencies relicense call tracking software for their customers, so call tracking vendors usually offer agency packages with group registration rates and centralized customer portals. If you’re looking for software on behalf of an agency, look out for these deals. If you’re an in-house marketer, be wary that some vendors target agencies more than other businesses as potential customers, so you may receive better rates and service from a vendor that has a history with in-house marketing teams.

    Digital advertising integrations — Call tracking is useful for tracking all sorts of disparate conversion sources, from outdoor advertising to flyers, events, and television commercials. However, a common way call tracking is used is determining which online sources are driving offline conversions. For this, an active integration with digital advertising software makes it easy to assign DNI numbers to campaigns and report across all sources and all types of conversion. This may mean tracking against different campaigns, as well as tracking against specific search keywords—the ability to do each will differ from product to product.

    Additional Inbound Call Tracking Features

    Interactive voice response (IVR) — Interactive voice response (IVR) gives callers added convenience for directing their calls, with a menu of options that can be triggered with voice commands in addition to dial pad entry.

    Click-to-call — Click-to-call communications are voice conversations that are initiated via hyperlink or web form. This is particularly prominent on mobile search and mobile advertising efforts. Such conversations need to be tracked efficiently and effectively. Inbound call tracking tools can help facilitate, receive, and analyze click-to-call conversations.